Mediterranean Home Decor Ideas to Bring Home

Step into European sophistication with Mediterranean-inspired home designs. Pulling inspiration from the likes of Portugal, France, and Italy, you can create a luxurious living space with delicate detailing that is sure to please both you and your guests alike. 

The muted yet bright hues evoke reminiscent feelings of warm summer days in some of Europe's most breathtaking regions and add both charm and comfort to any room. If you're looking to bring a piece of the Mediterranean dream into your home, look no further! We've got all the ideas and tips you'll need right here in today’s blog post. Read on and travel to the coastal territories with us!

A fabulous example of a modern Mediterranean home with chic blue and white patterned accent tiles. Santorini may be in the Aegean Sea, but our Grecian mosaic tile collection are perfect for this architectural style!

What are Mediterranean-style homes?

Mediterranean-style homes are a unique architectural choice that blend together the convenience of modern amenities with classic designs. Not only do they provide stunning aesthetic charm, but they also use natural materials to help create a more energy-efficient living space. These homes typically feature curved balconies, bright interior stucco walls, warm-colored exteriors, and terracotta tiled roofs. 

These rustic yet luxurious designs make them popular in both coastal areas and inland locations alike, while their soft curves enrich any neighborhood. Whether you're looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence, this type of architecture can give your property timeless beauty and ease of maintenance for years to come.

How do you create a Mediterranean interior design for your home? 

Rustic chic and simple, you can craft a Euro-chic design for your home with simple elements like handmade-style ceramic tiles (like our Lake White) and pottery.

Creating this interior design for your home can be an inspiring and unique way to add structure and charm. Begin by identifying key elements from the culture or region, such as vibrant colors, curves, arches, and rustic textures. Once you have an idea of the core components you'd like to include, start looking for furniture pieces that will fit the look; these could include wrought iron tables, hand-painted armoires, dark wood chairs and benches, or patterned tile floors. For added detail, accessorize with items such as colorful rugs or fabrics draped on the walls, decorative pottery pieces, ornate lamps and lanterns, and sun icons. With careful attention to detail and aesthetic appeal, it won't take long before your dream chic home is brought to life!

Let’s take a trip to the Mediterranean for some inspiration!

This global region is considered one of the most culturally influential parts of the world. Filled with breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and vibrant cities each overflowing with their own unique styles and culture, it's no wonder why so many are inspired to bring those characteristics into their homes. There's something for everyone here, from the classic old-world style in Spain to the timeless elegance of Italy and on to the inviting tiled streets of Portugal. 

Let's go on a journey through these remarkable places and explore how we can make our living space just as unique and special by taking inspiration from all these coastal countries!

Looking Good in Greece 

If you’ve ever found yourself perusing reels centered on the beauty of Greece, it’s okay, you’re not alone. The architecture that defines the entire island is just breathtaking and the various shades of white against the clear, blue waters is striking. 

That’s why, with Greek-inspired home interiors, it’s important to keep these things in mind. When designing with Grecian-inspired interiors, try to incorporate natural elements like furniture made out of cane or wood along with vibrant colors like yellow or blue. Furthermore, white components are essential because the combination of the pure hue and the inspired reflection from the sea will give your spaces an oh-so-remarkable finish.

This curbless shower with a patterned accent tile is just the *chef’s kiss* for a Grecian Mediterranean home. The lofty whites, airy blues, and open floor plan makes it easy, breathable and fun. A great testament to the island itself using our Morroccan Blue Star & White floor tile.  

Stop off for prime design in Portugal 

A coffee break in Lisbon? Perhaps a stroll on the beach in Cascais? Portugal is a destination for Mediterranean lovers that want culture, style, and undeniable beauty. So, what elements of this country can you emulate in your home to make it a marvel? 

Well, first off: Portuguese-inspired interiors bring an earthy and understated look to any home. With its very distinctive color palette, the hues of brown, beige, and terracotta blend together to create a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. 

Often seen with handmade tiling or wallpaper featuring quirky patterns and designs, Portuguese-inspired homes bring a strong air of culture to the room. Furniture pieces made of wicker or straw can help reinforce this style as it adds texture and rustic touches that are synonymous with the country’s aesthetic. If you love a sense of peace with a pop of fashion, Portuguese interiors are your ticket. 

When it comes to home style, Portugal is known for its funky tile patterns. Don’t be afraid to reach for the most maximalist of designs to curate a kitchen, like the one above, in your very own space. Using our Tex Grey Hexagon Pattern Natural Wall Tile, this kitchen backsplash comes alive…with good taste. 

Grab sizzling style from Spain 

Spain is known for its vibrant colors, whimsical tastes, and bold food moments. That’s why this country’s Mediterranean flair is perfect for those of you who crave color, excitement, and uniqueness in your home. 

Spanish-inspired interiors can bring a lush and romantic atmosphere to any home. Imagine the detail of intricately carved headboards, the luxury of ornate paintings, and the comfort of stylish textiles in hues reminiscent of the Spanish countryside. A unique style that draws on architectural features like striking arches, vaulted ceilings, and elaborately tiled floors full of vibrant colors.  With such an array of rich details, a home with Spanish-inspired interiors is sure to be as inviting as it is beautiful.

Ole! This home’s intricate, colorful, and playful style is right on par with Spanish inspiration. It has it all: bold pattern mosaic tiles, pops of color, and rustic elements. A truly exciting sight to see! We love the way this homeowner used our Spanish Siesta Mosaic Tile as the backsplash design – It really fit the room.

Marble romance of Italy 

Italian-inspired interiors bring an elevated sense of style and comfort to any home. With vibrant colors, timeless marble, and soft textures, these accent pieces are perfect for adding an extra level of cozy sophistication. Furniture is often chosen with careful consideration taken to detail, as items such as traditional chaises, elaborate sterling silver trinkets, and ornate clocks are all unmistakably Italian in their approach to beauty. Additionally, slow-made, handcrafted items find comfort in an Italian space.

Marble is the way to any Italian’s heart…Well, that and pasta! This covetable luxury home’s space is a prime example of Italian style in all its glory. It’s vibrant, it’s international, and it all works together cohesively. The real star of this show? This stunning stormy gray Bardiglio Marble tile wall!

Take it les-affaires in France’s countryside

French-inspired interiors make a cozy, comfortable, and elegant addition to any home. Whether you're looking for stately country flair or chic sophistication, there are plenty of ways to incorporate French design within your living space. For example, classic patchwork quilts and vintage wooden furniture bring nostalgic charm; fleur-de-lis pieces add a regal touch; and creative lighting solutions like hanging chandeliers emulate the luxurious interior style of the French Riviera.

Each piece can be thoughtfully arranged creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and entertaining. With its storybook beauty and effortless style, French designed interiors add timeless appeal to your home no matter the type of aesthetic you prefer.

Just say “oui!’ to a French inspired design. These chic, understated interiors create a timelessness that will never go out of style. Whether you want to be a bit glamorous and channel the high fashion of Paree or tone it down with more of the French countryside, the design world is your oyster. This kitchen beholds the treasure that is French design with a shabby chic oven hood, victorian inspired stove and our very own stylish Bloom Micro Mosaic Backsplash Tile

Explore the sands of Egypt

Egyptian inspired interiors are a beautiful, opulent way to bring ancient styles into the home. Think Cleopatra and luxurious elements that wow!

A great way to introduce these elements is through textiles, like richly patterned area rugs, gold mosaic tiles,  or tapestries featuring hieroglyphics and vivid colors. Employing ornate furnishings and accents can also bring a sense of charm. Accessories featuring figures from Egyptian culture, such as sphinx sculptures, papyruses, pharaohs and gods, can be used as eye-catching focal points. 

Complementing these accessories with smaller touches such as natural stone vessels in gold and copper greatly enhance this design aesthetic. When coordinated with warm lighting fixtures, you can emulate the dusty desert sun inside, and create an unmistakable oasis of vibrancy laced with history in any dwelling.

This Egyptian-inspired bathroom is pulling out all the stops and it looks absolutely chic! The gold mosaic tile as an accent wall gives off a luxurious and bold air that speaks to its desert living roots. Furthering on this theme, an eye-catching Egyptian-style mirror and chairs complete the perfect subtle yet captivating look. It's definitely going to be popular for those looking for renovation inspiration.

Finally, take a Mediterranean chic moment from Morocco 

Moroccan interior design is a great way to bring a sense of exotic luxury into your home. Incorporating colors and patterns inspired by this North African country, as well as elements of its iconic architecture, your space can be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and serenity. 

With everything from delicate carvings and filigree work to vibrant mosaics, lanterns, and poufs, creating a Moroccan-inspired space requires time and effort but rewards with an unforgettable atmosphere. A few strategically placed items can easily evoke the desired ambiance – all that's left is for you to experience the calming aura and enjoy being transported to another distant corner of the globe in the comfort of your own home.

Pure, Moroccan delight! There’s nothing that’s not swoon-worthy in this updated Arabesque tile pattern! Our Santorini Medallion tiles add an updated Moroccan flair to this stylish living room floor.

Wrapping up Mediterranean homes 

When it comes to designing a Mediterranean home, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Taking inspiration from various cultures around the region and merging different styles together can bring life to any living space. Whether your style is modern, beachy, or rustic, selecting pieces of furniture and decor that remind you of your favorite country can help create an atmosphere that reflects your passions for the area. No matter which direction you take when creating your home vision, keep in mind the beauty of each country and its uniqueness that can bring instant character and charm to any abode.

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