Textured Tile Design Ideas to add Dimension to your Home

Home design has been straying away from the traditional for years, and homeowners have never been more empowered to decorate in unconventional ways and with different materials. Enter textured tiles - these dimensional designs have been around for centuries but today, they are being utilized in home design in new and unique ways!

From modern 3D tiles to classic etched patterns, natural wood grain to subtle fiber details, there are so many ways to add texture with tiles! 

Our best-selling Japandi Slat Wall tile is a great choice for a Scandinavian-style spa bathroom without the worry of warping real wood!

Textured tile is particularly popular due to its affordability, durability, and many colors, styles, and textures. Textured tile can be a great way to bring interest and character to your home. Whether you’re tackling a small DIY project or taking on a complete redesign, there are plenty of ways to use textured tiles around the house. Once armed with this information, all that will be left is choosing the right grout color for your tiles!

What are the benefits of textured tiles?

Unlike their smooth counterparts, using materials with dimension and texture can offer many benefits! Tiles approved for floor use add additional grip, which can be a great safety feature in wet areas like bathrooms, mudrooms, and business entryways. 

Materials like wood-look tiles like mimic the slight grooves and gain in natural wood planks, offering a superb grip underfoot with the durability benefits of porcelain or marble. 

Dimensional tiles are also a great choice for accent walls! They can add a unique element to your space, whether you are planning a home remodel or designing a commercial build. 

Our Geometric Copper tile is a fun example of a 3D tile that truly pops! The metallic finish and bold shape of this porcelain tile is a true statement piece.

More than a Backsplash: Textured Tile in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start with textured tiles! Beyond the traditional backsplash, you can use them to add character around counters and islands or on walls for an unexpected touch. Try using individual tiles in unique patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look that adds texture and interest.

The unique thread-like design on our Chambray tiles adds a fun fiber-like textile that gives this fresh kitchen a gorgeous backsplash detail!

Are you considering city life? Then odds are you’ll be working with limited design space. A textured tile feature wall in the kitchen will draw the eye and can complete the room without eating up any valuable square footage.

Neutral Blanco Guiza is a fun and modern design that gives your backsplash depth and dimension without taking up extra space in your apartment or condo!

Add Extra Grip to Wet Floors

These Wooden Beige marble honeycomb tiles are a great choice for a slip-resistant shower floor!

Your hallway is perfect for adding texture and character with textured tile. From eye-catching mosaic tiles to large-format tiles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Mosaics can be used on walls and floors or as an accent piece within your hallway for a unique look. Large-format tiles can also be used to cover the entire length of your hallway, creating a grand entrance.

Prevent Slips & Falls in Outdoor Spaces

Thanks to the durability and versatility of textured tile, its uses go beyond the walls of your home. Textured tile is ideal for outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and pool areas. The slip resistance of textured tiles will help prevent slips or falls, making them an excellent option for wet areas. Textured tiles can even be used to upgrade your pool deck or patio while still providing plenty of grip in those slippery spots.

The flecks in our Terrazzo porcelain tiles add subtle grip in wet areas like this fun Mid-Century swimming pool surround!

Dimensional Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces can be a focal point in any home, so why not make yours stand out with textured tile? When most people are asked to picture a fireplace, it's likely surrounded by bricks or natural-looking stone. But with the variety in home architectural styles, home design, and personal tastes, the traditional and centuries-old fireplace design should be optional.

These Moroccan Star and Cross tiles have a beautiful etched pattern that gives their surface a subtle raised detail. 

Textured tiles are excellent for fireplace surrounds because they help bring the space to life, bringing color and vibrancy not traditionally seen surrounding fireplaces. Choose from glossy glass mosaics, marble, or wood-look porcelain tiles to create an eye-catching look.

In the Bedroom: Tile as a Headboard

Another unique way to use textured tile is as a headboard! This can be especially useful in smaller bedrooms, where you may not have the space for an actual headboard.

Etched Marble Subway Tile is a gorgeous alternative to a natural wood headboard! It’s easy to maintain and offers long-lasting beauty.

Designing your own textured tile headboard on a bedroom wall enables a level of freedom and creativity not possible with traditional headboards. Textured tiles can help bring a soft, warm look to the bedroom that will last for years and years.

Add Texture to Your Home

Textured tile can be a great way to add interest and character to any room in your home. The possibilities are endless, from hallways to outdoor spaces, fireplaces, and bedrooms. With so many options available, you’ll surely find the perfect way to bring dimension into your home. Check out some of our top collections to get you started!

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