The Homeowner's Guide to Designing with Wood-Look Tile

Boasting the earthy character and charm of real timber, wood-look tile is a timeless flooring option! This always-trending design allows homeowners to customize the look and feel of their homes. It simulates the classic appeal of traditional hardwood to create true authenticity underfoot—with the added durability and dependability of tile flooring. So whether you love the look of natural materials but want a sustainable alternative, or prefer a budget-friendly option when the cost of lumber continues to skyrocket, these wood effect tiles are a must-have for new builds or renovations!

Tile Club’s newest offerings are inspired by Scandinavian interiors and Japanese minimalism - yet made in Spain! These Japandi porcelain tiles come in a variety of shades of natural wood to make it easy to create a Nordic escape in your own space!

High-performance tiles can add dimension to virtually any room of your home, including spaces that aren’t traditionally wood-friendly like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Because it impeccably mirrors the graining and organic-looking coloring of many types of hardwood, it makes it easy to create a look that complements your unique taste: from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional interiors. 

Having established itself as a new favorite in the flooring industry, wood-look tile offers a low-maintenance, sophisticated finish with plenty of benefits and very few drawbacks. If you’re contemplating a flooring upgrade, our complete guide covers everything you need to know about this durable and stunning material. 

What is Wood-Look Tile Made of?

You might have heard of “wood grain tile” “faux wood tile” or “wood plank tile” and wonder what it means. These names refer to the same product! These materials are environmentally-friendly flooring and wall treatments that have been specially designed to look like traditional lumber without cutting down any trees.

The earthy, authentic charm of King White Oak proves that you can attain a cozy and sophisticated vibe, even in a bathroom setting. The long planks further accentuate the look and feel of real wood for a water-resistant shiplap wall!

To create a realistic grain, tile manufacturers have perfected the art of high-grade printing that accurately mimics the rich color and unique patterns of different flooring types. The surface texture of these tiles can also mimic hewn or engineered hardwood for extra authenticity - not to mention grip underfoot in wet areas!

In order to provide a more realistic appearance, wood effect tiles can be found in singular planks of varying widths and lengths as well as traditional tile sizes like hexagons. This tile style also comes in different variations—and more recently, the popularity of porcelain has shot up due to exceptional durability. 

If you’re on the lookout for a surface finish that will beautifully reflect natural light then our Silver Wooden Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile is a brilliant style choice for you!

Porcelain, Marble, and Glass Wood-Look Tile 

Whether used to cover shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, or anything in between—wood-look tiles are sure to make a natural statement you can enjoy for years. With the variety of unmatched patterns and practical properties of porcelain, it's easy to see why it’s becoming a go-to flooring option. 

The many styles offered mean you can craft a look that complements your unique taste. Our Esagona Intarcio Silver is sure to give any room an effortlessly elegant and natural ambiance.

As the materials seamlessly transition from one to the other, the performance capabilities of porcelain mean you have a wall and floor covering that’s durable, waterproof, scratch resistant, low maintenance, easy on the environment, hardwearing to high-foot traffic, and can be used with underfloor heating. Can you find the drawback, because honestly, we can’t!

Furthermore, you can enjoy the timeless charm of environmentally-friendly recycled glass. Wood-look glass tiles bring extra flair and eco-friendly touch to any space while enduring the greater benefits of glass tile. For instance, subway glass tiles with grain designs can significantly contribute to a sustainable home without compromising aesthetic quality.         

Whichever style you lean toward, our Blue Herringbone Recycled Glass tile showcases just how versatile wood-look materials are. We bet you’ll love how this tile boosting a geometric herringbone pattern can be laid in any room of the house! 

Known for its superior style, marble with a natural grain offers any setting a stylish and practical finish. Similar to porcelain and glass, marble tile delivers a quality design that highlights the warmth and comfort of real timber combined with the resistance of stone.

Our Roman Flower pattern combines the elegance of stone with a rustic chic style. This white kitchen is a gorgeous place to add a country backsplash for cozy effect!

Natural Colors and Patterns

Wood-look tiles are scene-stealers! Interesting colors, details, and applications play a prominent part in adding intrigue to a room— and create a lasting statement in a home’s design. Herringbone, hexagon, diamond, and a variation of intricate mosaics have found a place in both classic and contemporary interiors. Our Kasai tiles celebrate Japanese traditions and craftsmanship with gorgeously detailed designs in black, white, and gray.

The use of our Kasai Carta Sakura Porcelain Tile creates seamless flow from the wall to the bathroom floor. The reclaimed white wood finish and delicate cherry blossom pattern add a charming feel that heightens the inviting warmth of this bathroom.  

Additionally, an extensive collection of colors—ranging from light and dark gray tones to sandy brown shades—makes it impossible to know it is not real. Wood-look tiles also allow for experimentation with mixing different colors to achieve a dynamic finish while maintaining a warm atmosphere throughout the space. 

Advantages of Wood-Look Tile

As you may have guessed, the enhanced longevity of porcelain means that there are a variety of aesthetic and practical benefits to choosing alternative tiles. Provided they are installed correctly, these designs can last you for years. Below are a few good reasons to choose tiles for your upcoming renovation: 

  • Outstanding performance
  • Thanks to sophisticated manufacturing processes, wood-look flooring is constructed with performance and durability in mind, making it the perfect modern tiling option that can stand the test of nearly anything. In contrast to real lumber, matte anti-slip tiles can be laid in areas exposed to water exposure, including kitchens, entryways, bathrooms, and even showers. 

    On top of that, high-firing technology makes porcelain tiles scratch-proof, fire-resistant, easy to clean, and strong enough for heavy foot traffic.

    Chevron Porcelain Tile is an easy and gorgeous way to add a patterned floor design to this California casual living room.

  • Variety of styles
  • Offering a vast selection of colors, sizes, textures, and unique shapes, wood effect tile is a brilliant surface finish for endless design opportunities. Whether you have an eye for sleek and polished floors or a rustic and natural look, you won’t be disappointed with the many different styles on offer to elevate the look and feel of your space. 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • When it comes to going green, wood-look tile is superior to other types of flooring. You'll be delighted to learn that choosing tiles for your home enhances its eco-credentials. Most porcelain is made from natural clay which doesn’t drain precious natural resources or emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These designs can make your home a greener and more sustainable space!

  • An option for outside
  • These natural designs give exterior spaces incredible practicality in appearance and performance. Wood porcelain tile possesses the strength to weather the elements. Whether you live in extremely hot areas or experience freezing temperatures, rest assured that this flooring choice is designed to endure every outdoor factor.  

    Where to use Wood-Look Tile

    Love the look of shiplap? What about a long-wearing wood wall treatment without any maintenance? This white wall treatment adds gorgeous detail to a contemporary bedroom design with our Japandi White tiles in a vertical layout.

    On the whole, wood porcelain is typically light and thin, which makes it a fantastic pick for eye-catching walls and traditional-with-a-twist floors. Its versatility opens up a world of style possibilities and material combinations. With nature-inspired variation from plank to plank, wood effect tiles are primed to add texture and charm to every room—from the hallway to the kitchen to the living room. 

    When used as flooring, you can choose to dress each room with a distinctive style or create continuous flow throughout the house. To brighten up the smallest and darkest of spaces, lighter color flooring can help capture all those stray rays and expand the perceived size of the room. 

    If you’re looking for a way to add pizzazz to the living, the fireplace is always a great place to start! We absolutely love how the Kasai Notte Kintsugi makes for a striking fireplace surround. Its black burned wood texture and abstract and gold lines instantly draw the eye. A surefire way to create lasting impression!

    On the other hand, if you want to inject some character with a more dramatic statement, you can choose heavily patterned, strong-grain wood effect tiles to bring attention to the floor. With added versatility in terms of color and texture, as well as clever pattern ideas such as herringbone or basket weave, wood look tile infuses so much dimension to bathroom floors, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and outdoor settings. 

    How To Maintain Your Wood-Look Tile

    Because the twice-fired surface of wood effect tile is impenetrable to odors and chemicals, caring for porcelain flooring is simple and low-maintenance. We recommend running a vacuum with an “auto” setting or a static broom over your floor to remove dust and dirt—and mopping with water and pH-balanced soap if it needs extra care. Easily clean up spills with a warm, damp cloth!

    FAQ About Wood Look Tiles

    The latest digital printing technology has made finding a tile option that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications easier. We especially love how the Vancouver Natural Wood Look Porcelain Tile allows you to follow the same design style that your interiors receive, and, in turn, keep a uniform aesthetic between two transitional spaces. 

  • Are wood-look tiles durable?
  • Lumber tile is incredibly durable and long-lasting—which makes it a brilliant flooring choice for high-traffic areas. As mentioned, your flooring won’t require the lengthy sanding, staining, and sealing process after installation.

  • Are wood-look tiles waterproof?
  • Wood-look porcelain tile is waterproof provided all surfaces are laid correctly. Being more water-resistant than other materials makes it ideal for kitchens, mudrooms, bathrooms, and outdoors. 

  • Do wood-look tiles fade or scratch?
  • Installing this flooring type guarantees a surface finish that’s difficult to scratch from daily use. What’s more, it is one of the most resilient floors that’s unlikely to fade or discolor when exposed to direct sunlight and will maintain its beauty for years to come.

  • How realistic are wood-look tiles?
  • Using state-of-the-art machinery, these tiles have been expertly designed to simulate the beauty and character of natural materials. This higher-quality printing delivers realistic knot and grain details, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. The benefits are incredibly high, since they won’t warp and swell from time and water, unlike the real thing. No need to refinish to replace over time!

  • Does wood-look tile require grout?
  • Grouting is necessary for the installation of these tile materials. Grout joints between large-format plank tiles are essential to allow some flex room for houses to settle over time.

    Whether you’re planning a new low maintenance flooring upgrade or planning out an all-new build, there are endless options for rustic floors without getting sticker shock from lumber prices! Browse our chic naturally inspired tiles to find the perfect style for your home or workspace!

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