These Stone Slab Design Dupes are Perfect for your Interior!

When it comes to interior design trends, bigger is better! We’re talking stone slabs of course - seamless backsplashes, waterfall islands, and expanses of gorgeous open flooring. The downside to these epic cuts of material? The price tag, of course! But now there’s an upside to anyone who loves this oversized trend - slab tile designs!

Large-format tiles are perfect for creating an eye-catching floor or wall design with the look of stone but at a fraction of the price point. These non-traditional slab tiles come in designs that mimic the look of marble, quartzite, or granite (and even fun designs like precious gems!). Add in the durability and stain resistance of porcelain - these tiles are a no-brainer design choice.

These dynamic Baroque Blue slab tiles demonstrate how large format slab tiles can turn an ordinary living space into majestic! Not only do boldly sized tiles grab anyone’s attention, but the exquisite stone pattern adds to a luxurious interior. 

Decorating with large stone-look tiles is a lot like decorating your home with artwork. Each tile carries the allure of natural stone with a focus on veins and striations. Do you love the look of authentic stone but don’t want to pay the premium price for a Calacatta marble slab backsplash? Like the luxury look of seamless stone flooring but concerned about water resistance? We’ve got you covered. 

Join us as we show our favorite design ideas with slab tiles for richly layered and fascinating interiors that will last for decades!

PRO TILE TIP: Want to recreate a truly seamless look for a stone slab dupe? Use tone-on-tone grout that matches your tiles to camoflauge connecting lines!

Read on, enjoy, and get inspired!

Earthy and Natural 

Are you drawn to hues that are gentle and easy on the eye? If yes, you’ll love the serene feeling these earthy stone slab tiles bring to your home. Adding an organic vibe to any space, these porcelain tiles are a high-performance, stain-resistant alternative to natural stone slabs. Create a flowing look on your backsplash areas with reduced visual interruption to achieve a luxury look that is totally unmatched. 

The seamless appeal of a counter-to-ceiling backsplash design with slab tiles is sure to drop jaws! Our Emporio Earth White stone look tile in this bathroom is a welcome alternative for traditional stone thanks to its stain and water-resistant surface and minimal grout joints. There’s no need to worry about staining or watermarks on your kitchen or bathroom wall coverings. The ease of cleaning makes porcelain tile a highly preferred choice for high-traffic areas as you can just wipe it clean!

At-Home Art Gallery

Want to create an interior that feels like an art gallery? 

Matching your floor and wall coverings with a dramatic stone slab tile is one way to fill your space with artistic flair. If you pick a slab tile design with lots of variation or movement, use it as the most dramatic piece across the entire space. Whether in your residential or commercial space, the fluid look of these stone-look tiles will instantly make your space feel like a getaway!

Emporio Calacatta Blue creates love at first sight in this luxury bathroom! The giant slab tiles bring strong visual interest while protecting the walls and floors against moisture and spills. Plus, using a strong statement piece like this blue-veined marble-look tile means there is no need to fill the room with a bunch of furniture.

These slab tiles will give your space elegance, and depth in no time.

Infinitely Black

Are you into a more artsy and bold feel? Black slab tiles create interiors that embody drama and sophistication. Black stone slab tiles can also work great for dividing an open floor plan such as a kitchen, living room, or dining room while giving the eyes relief from grout lines. A large scale black tile design creates a deep and seamless backdrop while pulling the different areas together, lending a slightly contemporary feel to the room.

This kitchen featuring our Emporio Black Onyx porcelain tile illustrates perfectly how black slab tiles can turn the space into a contemporary work of art. Used as a full-height slab backsplash and on the back side of a kitchen island, these stone-look tiles make a spectacular statement thanks to their uninterrupted veining details. Finally, contrasting them with warm wooden floors lets the homeowner balance the moody and masculine feel of this character-rich kitchen design. 

Our Slatestone black porcelain tiles are another gorgeous example of a dramatic stone slab wall accent. These bold designs create an accent wall that can draw the eye while partitioning off a space in style.

So, are you ready to make a bold move with black slab tiles?

When Less is More

Using stone slab tiles is not all about creating big, bold visuals to stimulate the senses. That’s not always the case. Large format tiles with a light palette and subtle veining can lend to a decor that is focused on simplicity and functionality. In other words, slab tiles can work in a minimalist design and still bring a ton of character to your space, while feeling warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical.

Your laundry room is a space to clean and refresh clothes so it should look clean and fresh as well. What’s more, this room should have flooring that withstands high levels of moisture to help maintain a clean, pleasant, and organized space. The design above is proof that a new slab tile flooring might be just what you need. Our Emporio Iceland Quartzite celebrates the aesthetics of stone with a focus on durability so that you can enjoy both the beauty and practical qualities of your space on a whole new level!

No need to dress up your space with a lot of clutter when the floors are this fabulous! Our Gilded Age blue porcelain tiles combine an dreamy Impressionist-inspired backgrounds with gold brushstroke details for a stunning effect on floors and walls. These large-format square tiles reduce grout lines, keeping the room airy and spacious!

Retro Modern 

Want to rock a modern style with a hint of retro flair? The pastel colors of the 50s along with the modern feel of large format tiles are a winning combination!

If you're looking to incorporate some color but want something fresh and fun, these pink slab stone tiles are an exciting detail! Using the same tile on the floor and wall of a small area is key to creating a unified look and visually expanding your room. 

Think about how different the room would look with much smaller pink mosaic tiles! The beautiful veining of the Emporio Pink Onyx 24x48 marble-look tiles distracts from the compact size of this walk-in shower for an extra modern look. When accentuated by a glass enclosure, they run seamlessly into the vanity area to create a more open feel in a small bathroom

Perfectly Imperfect

While most slab tile designs feature a smooth or glossy finish, you can try a variety of different tile finishes to help bring a varying sense of texture into the space. In addition to paintings or artwork, you can consider a statement wall with textured stone look tiles that instantly add depth to the room. Even small bits of texture can help add much-needed visual weight and balance to your interiors.

No argument here: the sumptuous slab stone tile creates a compelling energy in this dining room area that is hard to ignore! Our Varana Morengo Decor directly takes on the role of artwork in this corner, and fills in the plain gray walls. Remember that you don’t need to fill up your house to make it appear complete, sometimes all you need is texture for nailing that layered look!

Emporio Green Onyx tiles add sophistication and stunning style to this boutique space, creating an eye-catching visual brand for a commercial design.

With increased interest in seamless and visually expansive interiors, the traditional role of tiles is being redefined. Among the best ways to achieve this ‘bigger is better’ approach in interior design is using stone slab tiles. Larger tile surfaces with fewer grout joints add elegance to any wall or flooring project while helping to expand your space. 

What do you think about slab tiles?

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