7 Trendy 21st Century Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most-used places in your house, even if you don’t cook as much as you feel you should. That is why minimalizing or simplifying this area is one of the best household decisions you can make! Looking for awesome minimalist kitchen tile ideas to complement your new cooking area? We’re here to help! 

To get the best use of your minimalist kitchen, we’ve compiled seven different ideas for tiled kitchens to make cooking even more enjoyable! We’re sharing some of our favorite inspiration to create a clean and modern cooking space, as well as tips on how to achieve that stylistic nirvana for yourself!


1. Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas to Add Contrast

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Black and White Penny Round Marble Tile Backsplash

There is a reason why designers choose tiles for a backsplash over other materials. The variety of sizes, colors, and patterns that tiles offer can really bring out the contrasting beauty of your kitchen, as you can see with this modern penny round design!

Our Bardiglio Carrara Penny Rounds Polished Marble Mosaic brings out the fusion of grey and white round marble tiles to add depth and texture to your minimalist kitchen while keeping your counters free of cluttering decor. The industrial style of the Edison bulbs is a great choice for the mix of light and dark tones in the tiles, and we love that the colors are picked up in the counters and cabinets to keep the look sleek and modern.


2. Add a Rustic Look

Retro Inspired Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas with a Hexagon Backsplash and Open Shelves

If you prefer a minimalist kitchen with a geometric vibe, you’re in luck! It’s possible to keep things simple and still add a patterned detail to your walls.

For example, Double Hex Carrara Bardiglio Marble Mosaic tile is a top designer's pick for creating a minimalist modern kitchen. The black and white shades will add a layer of depth to your kitchen backsplash. We love how this retro-inspired design uses black to contrast the whiteness of the counters and cabinets to bring out the gorgeous detail of the backsplash. Open shelving has become a must-have kitchen trend, and can really help elevate the look of a minimalist kitchen!


3. Minimalist Kitchen Tile For a Tessellated Look

Modern Gray Minimalist Kitchen Tile with Diamond  Pattern Backsplash

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a backsplash tile for your kitchen is the wide range of designs you can choose from —people who like playing with patterns for their interior will always prefer tiles over anything else!

Are you a fan of the tessellated mosaic look but want to marry it with a minimalist kitchen aesthetic? There’s no option better than this Equator Diamond Square Mosaic tile! This kind of tile is frequently featured in designers' favorite backsplash ideas, and it's not hard to see why!

The unique diamond shape of the tile works well with most minimalist kitchens, while the white and gray shades simplify the mix of shapes. It is almost as if this tile was designed to accent minimalist style trends!

Using a diamond shaped tile is a great way to grab attention while keeping the rest of your decor minimal. There’s no better alternative if you want to make your backsplash design the centerpiece of your kitchen! Pick up the shades of gray in the tiles with stainless steel appliances, counters, and range hood and your look will feel cohesive while accurately capturing the minimalist aesthetic.


4. For a Groovy Look

Metallic and Marble Mosaic Minimalist Kitchen Tile Backsplash


We know what you’re thinking -  how does a groovy pattern fit in with the minimalist kitchen trend? We had our doubts until we saw how well it works as an accent to a spacious white kitchen! 

Using our Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Mosaic as a kitchen backsplash tile adds a metallic touch to a simple white background. The result is a designer-looking minimalist kitchen backsplash that adds subtle detail to clean and modular cabinetry and countertop materials.

Keep the look cohesive by sticking with metallic accents for your sink hardware, countertop accents, and range hood - you can’t go wrong with copper or brass to add a warm detail to your kitchen!


5. Minimalist Tile Ideas For a Simple Ceramic Look

White Ceramic Square Kitchen Tiles for a Zellige Effect with Minimalist Design

Classic ceramic tiles never go out of style!  Even 21st century kitchen tile trends continue to embrace this timeless option - in fact, the Zellige style is currently an interior designer must-have. Whether you fancy a lavish kitchen with a lot of gadgets or you’re going for the minimalist style, ceramic tiles are a great go-to choice.

No need to look further than our Mallorca White tiles! They come in square and subway tiles with a hand-finished appearance to give your kitchen that old school look with a modern touch. 

The best part of using Mallorca ceramic tiles in your minimalist kitchen is that they create a clean and elegant canvas for any kitchen style you go for! 


5. 21st Century Bohemian Style

Industrial Kitchen Decor with a Peaked Marble Tile Design

Pike Peak Thassos White Bardiglio Marble Mosaic tile is the way to go if you want to add a modern bohemian finish to your kitchen! Add simple white cabinetry and a butcher block or concrete countertop to style this patterned marble mosaic tile.

Adding dimension to your backsplash creates the look of a highly detailed kitchen design without necessitating lots of clutter on the counters. As a bonus, the neutral color scheme will go perfectly with any details you want to add!


6. For a Light and Bright Minimalist Look

Airy Blue and White Kitchen with Minimalist Scandi Style

Want to keep it simple and chic? Thassos Diagonal Square And Azul Cielo Dots Marble Mosaic tile is a designer's special exquisitely made for minimalist kitchen looks. 

It’s light, clean, and creates a calming pattern that adds detail and depth with subtle style.

Wooden cookware and light blue cabinet paint pair beautifully with the backsplash design, but this tile will blend in with each and every kind of kitchen. This kind of design is in high demand thanks to the recent wave of minimalist kitchen trends!


Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

The drive to organize and clutter up our kitchens is real! Every single day, we're flooded with ads and inspiration for the latest cookware and must-have gadgets. We feel the necessity to keep piling up our drawers and cabinets with more stuff – even if we have zero room to spare. It’s easy to convince yourself you’ll become a world class chef if you just have that pasta roller, but how often do you actually think you’ll use it?

Making the commitment to a clutter-free kitchen can help streamline the way you cook, and you will be able to pull off that minimalist kitchen inspiration that looks so inviting on Instagram!

7 Trendy 21st Century Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas

Ahhh, that decluttered cooktop is bliss, as is is our Selo Hexagon Carrara & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile backsplash

Get ready to clear off those countertops and ruthlessly organize those cabinets! We’re going to dive into ways to achieve these clean, streamlined looks and create a kitchen that you’ll actually enjoy using.


Get Rid of the Microwave

Yes, you may find yourself initially balking at this tip! You may be thinking, "Get rid of my microwave? I may as well dump my refrigerator!" Hear us out! Skipping the microwave is a great way to clear up counter or wall space if you’re streamlining your kitchen.

Besides, your stovetop, toaster, or oven can do everything that your microwave does! Not only do they have similar functionality, but as a bonus, your food tastes better. Don't believe us? Look it up - it’s a fact - or so the internet tells us!

Microwaves might heat your meals quicker than a toaster oven or stovetop, but they can also rob your food of flavor and quality. By sacrificing your microwave, you'll undoubtedly be inspired to cook more and eat less pre-packaged, processed food. So, better tasting food with fewer preservatives - sign us up!

Try cooking without your microwave for a few weeks, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to exist without it. You’ll be ready for microwave-free meals in no time!

You Don't Need That Many Knives

If you're like most people, you have approximately twenty knives stored in a butcher block on your counter and in your kitchen drawers. Despite keeping all those cutting tools close at hand, you probably use 3 of them, at most (admit it, you know we’re right). Storing less frequently used knives out of sight is a great way to clear up counter and drawer space and reduce clutter.

Unless you're in culinary school, you don't need more knives. On the contrary, you need better blades. Invest in a high-quality chef's knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife, and you can tuck away the others to see if you really need them. After six months, if you haven’t found yourself reaching for that paring knife set Aunt Susan gave you for your wedding, you can donate the rest!

Declutter your Knives to Attain a Trendy 21st Century Minimalist Kitchen Style

Streamline and invest in just the knife essentials - professional chef style!

Keep Your Dishware Simple

Most people don't need to have thirty plates cluttering up their cabinets or four different kinds of wine glasses for everyday use (and if you do use all of those on the regular, we’re free this weekend). If you regularly cycle through the same bowls and plates and leave the rest in the cupboard, it might be time to comb through your china closet and make some changes. We're not suggesting you throw out your grandmother's china! Find a safe place to store the special occasion dishes, and only keep the everyday use set at hand to free up cupboard space.

The truth is, you really only need dishes for as many people as there are in your family -  at best that’s 2-3 glasses, plates, or bowls per person. Take your time to figure out which dishes you don't use and plan to clean up and pack off the rest.

Minimalist Kitchen Must Haves to Streamline Your Life

Make your place settings count!


No Extra Gadgets

It's time to learn the contrast between must-have kitchen gadgets and extravagant ones!

While a vegetable peeler comes in handy, a garlic press's value is debatable depending on how much you cook. Why would one ever need an avocado slicer, when a dull knife does the trick just fine? 

The more technologically superior our world becomes, the more high-tech kitchen gadgets seem to be popping up everywhere. We do get the urge to indulge, but there is severe pressure to own a KitchenAid mixer that we’ll maybe use twice a year. 

When it seems like everyone on social media has an egg separator, you have to curb the instinct that you’re somehow missing out (you can accomplish the same technique by using the shells, after all). Many of the gadgets and devices in our kitchens may seem like a great idea at the time, but never even see the light of day.

When it comes to gadgets and devices, remember that simple is best, and quality matters more than novelty.

7 Trendy 21st Century Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas

Be honest, how often do you use...whatever this is?

Boil Down On Your Cookware

We all have that friend or family member with an insanely-equipped kitchen that looks like it should be featured on a Food Network cooking show. But, the chances are, they're not using half that stuff! Those hanging copper pots might look nice, but do they actually use half of them?

The truth is, there really aren’t as many must-have kitchen items as you think. Having a good option for cutting boards is nice, but do you really need one in every size, shape, and color?

While most of us have assembled an army of various pots and pans, there are only a few essential items that you really need. A cast-iron pan, a Dutch oven, one large stockpot, a couple of frying pans, and a sauce pot are the real essentials that you’ll use if you want to use your kitchen regularly.

If You Buy It, You Have to Store It

Your ability to store everything can make or break a minimalist kitchen. Once you've gotten rid of all the useless junk that's been packed into your kitchen for years, it's time to decide how to store the items you’re keeping. It's time to get creative!

This is the fun part! Sort through your spices and make sure nothing has expired (it’s more likely than you think). Next build a spice rack that clearly displays labels to everything you use to cook regularly is right at hand. Then, go through your pantry and store items in smooth glass canisters to make it easier to find staples like pasta, flour, sugar, and so on.

All right, you’ve done the work and streamlined your kitchenwares! 

7 Trendy 21st Century Minimalist Kitchen Tile Ideas

Want to pull off the open shelving trend? Downsizing your cookware is key!

Now, it’s time to indulge in some of the trendy kitchen tile ideas of the 21st century that are shaping the looks of minimalist kitchens all over the world!

Already interested in making your kitchen minimalist? We understand that you might have some questions in your mind. We are trying to answer in the FAQ section. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Minimalist Kitchen Design

Q: What are the benefits of minimizing my kitchen items and cookware?

A: Unless you’re a gourmet cook who makes souffles on a regular basis, chances are that you only use about ⅓ of the items already in your kitchen. The KonMari method by Marie Kondo believes that organizing can change your life, cutting down on unneeded clutter and finding greater enjoyment in the items we do use regularly. Since kitchens are already the heart of the home and a place we spend a significant portion of every day, it makes sense that we’d get greater use and happiness out of a kitchen that’s easy to navigate and only filled with items you actually use! Suddenly cooking becomes less stressful because you don’t have to dig through a drawer to find just the right size measuring cup while trying to saute chicken breasts, and cleaning up is less of a chore because you’re not trying to cram 18 drinking glasses into the dishwasher all at once.

Q: Can I still have a minimalist kitchen if I’m not very organized?

A: Of course! The benefit of minimalizing your life is that there is less to organize! Once you’ve done the work to separate out your must-have items from the gimmicky gadgets, you’ll realize there’s less work to cooking and cleaning up your streamlined kitchen. Fewer pots and pans means fewer items to put away (not to mention fewer lids to store), just like improved storage options make it easier to find the paprika instead of confusing it with the cayenne pepper. Embracing a minimalist lifestyle (in your kitchen, anyway) might just make it easier to stay organized than you thought possible!

Q: What if I really do use all of my kitchen gadgets?

A: The point of a minimalist lifestyle isn’t to eliminate items that you find useful - if you’re using your variety of cast iron skillets every few months or you can’t imagine living without your Le Creuset dutch oven (hit us up with your favorite recipes!), it makes sense to keep those items. Won’t it be more enjoyable to use them if you don’t have to dig in your cabinets around the InstantPot you only used once after impulse buying it at Costco? We’re talking about streamlining items that only take up space, collect dust, and decrease your love of cooking because the kitchen is a mess.

What do you think of our minimalist kitchen tile ideas? Let us know in the comments! 

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