Marble Mosaic Tile

Tile Club is proud to have one of the largest collections of marble mosaic tile available online! Filter the Collection by Color, Stone, Project, or Marble Type to find the perfect mosaic pattern for your install!

Mosaic Marble Tiles for Every Room 

Whether you are on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind natural stone wall tile, pure marble white tile, eye-catching marble black tile, or you’re interested in choosing a marble tile by shape, we’re certain you will find the marble mosaic tile styles perfect for your next residential or commercial redesign right here at Tile Club.

Most famously used throughout the ancient world to build iconic structures, marble is still a favorite building material for timeless, classic home and commercial design. Whether it be a classic white marble mosaic floor tile, a modern marble hexagon mosaic tile, or a black marble backsplash for your next kitchen backsplash tile redesign, you can rest assured your home or commercial design will never lack style or visual appeal. Shop today and save 5% on marble mosaic tile when you subscribe to our newsletter!

Marble Mosaic Tile FAQs

Q: How do I install marble mosaic tile? 

A: Installing marble mosaic tile are seasier than you may think. Our tile sheets are mesh-backed to allow some flexibility when creating seamless mosaic tile patterns on your floors and walls. Visit the Tile Club blog for more marble tile installation tips.

Q: How do you cut marble mosaic tile?:

A: Cutting marble tile is the same as cutting any other natural stone. To master How to Cut Tile, we recommend a wet saw with a diamond blade, a snap cutter with a tungsten carbide blade, or a tile nipper if you need to trim the mesh to fit.

Q: What is your marble mosiac tile made of?:

A: We source beautiful marble mosaic tiles from all around the world, offering international marble designs like Calacatta Gold and Bianco Carrara from Italy, Thassos White Marble from Greece, Nero Marquina from Spain, Wooden Grey Marble from China, and many other beautiful stones from around the world. Mosaics come in a single marble or combined to add detail and contrast. Be sure to read the descriptions of our marble mosaic tiles to see which types of stone we use in each project

Q: What kind of marble mosaic tile designs are available?

A: The design options are endless! From Calacatta Gold Penny Round Tile, Bianco Carrara Herringbone Tile patterns, Bardiglio Flower Tile Designs, Thassos and Mother of Pearl Tile, and Marble Wood-Look Tile, there are countless ways to give your interior a personal touch with marble mosaic tile patterns.

Q: Where can you install marble mosaic tile?

A: Thanks to the durability of natural stone, you can install mosaic tile anywhere you’d put traditional marble. Any wall tile we carry can be used as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. However, not all of them are recommended for floor or shower floor use. Always check the Area of Use!

Nevertheless, mosaics approved for floor use are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in residential, retail, or commercial spaces.

Marble Mosaic Tile: Timeless Designs for Every Style

If you’re looking to add a unique pattern to your home, marble mosaic tile is a perfect choice! Choose from some of our favorite designs to make a statement, like black and white Nero Marquina and Thassos Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile to create a bold entryway floor or redecorate your living room fireplace with a creative pattern. Add the beautiful stone veining of Calacatta Gold Basketweave Mosaic Tile, or change the shape to a diamond tile or modern subway tile design.

If you love the beautiful shine of white marble mosaic tile, pair glowing marble mosaic tile with our favorite Mother of Pearl Tile designs in exquisite waterjet designs for floor and wall tile that will add a beautiful and luxurious finish to any minimalist or farmhouse kitchen design.

Shop Tile Club marble mosaic tile , floor, and wall designs today to find your next must-have tile style to bring your space to life.