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9 Tile Bar Ideas for Coffee, Drinks, and More

Right now we could all use a reason to raise a glass in celebration! If you’re missing pre-pandemic meetings with your friends at the local coffee shop or grabbing Friday-night drinks at the bar, we feel you. While socializing in your favorite café or bar is still not the greatest idea for a while, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your caffeine habits or taste for a good drink! These tile bar ideas will open up a whole new world of entertaining at home options, whether you opt for a tiled wet bar backsplash by the pool or choose coffee bar tile you'll love to wake up to!

Chic Dry Bar TIle Backsplash with Pike Peak Thassos White & Bardiglio Marble We’ll toast to this chic dry bar at home with our Pike Peak Thassos White & Bardiglio Marble Mosaic Tile!

From an exclusive home wet bar to a small dry bar or a DIY coffee bar, you can actually create your very own home bar where you can kick back and relax in style. In this post, we have the most popular tile bar ideas to help you create the ultimate bar spot in your home, where you can enjoy your favorite coffees, cocktails, and much more. No need to be out to enjoy a drink when you’ve got the vibes in your own spot and a few easy-to-make recipes!  

Below are the most inspiring tiled bar ideas we’ve gathered to help you dress up your at-home bar, and recreate the experience in your own style.

Check out these 9 Tile Bar Ideas for your Kitchen, Bar, and Beyond!

1. Farmhouse Style Tiles 

You don’t have to live in the countryside to play with a rustic bar design. Natural materials, a neutral palette, and furniture with a weathered feel can totally pull off the rustic style for your own home bar. Choose backsplash tiles in soothing colors with a classic stone look or wood effect to complete the look of your farmhouse style bar! 

Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile is the perfect touch to a farmhouse kitchen coffee bar


The subtle geometric pattern and neutral hues of Nova Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile is the perfect touch to a farmhouse style coffee bar. When you have space above your backsplash, consider adding wood shelving, or install a utensil bar to hang your favorite mugs from the hooks!

Tribeca Blanco Faux Shiplap Tile Planks for a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Bar

We love how Tribeca Blanco planks add a ton of rustic charm and character when installed on a bar front. Add some wooden or wicker accents on the bar, even a touch of greenery to improve the rustic feel of your design. This look mimics the ever-popular shiplap style, making it a perfect accent addition over your in-home bar!

California Casual Kitchen Coffee Bar Geo Square Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

You can even add a little California casual to your kitchen decor with our Geo Square Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile - this mid-century modern coffee bar is the 

2. Coastal Breeze Home Inspiration 

Is the seaside your favorite place to sip your morning coffee? Get a whiff of the sea air with a coastal, Mediterranean look at your own home bar! Combine cooling white tones with soothing blues to bring a relaxing design into your bar area. Bright blue mosaic tiles or a blue and white combo can be the perfect bar backsplash tile to evoke the smells and colors of the Mediterranean. You can also opt for brilliant purples, yellows and deep greens for other Mediterranean feeling tile backsplash designs!

Coastal Home Decor with Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Imagine Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile as a coffee bar tile backsplash enhancing the space with beautiful mosaic wave patterns. We love the idea of starting a day with the relaxing vibes this tile brings to space with the smell of fresh-brewed coffee!

Bloom Micro Mosaic Backsplash for a Home Bar

You can add a Mediterranean finish to your kitchen or lounge with a stunning micro mosaic! Our Bloom tile adds the intricacy of a hand-set marble mosaic pattern without the work - this stunning detail will become a gorgeous focal point to your dry bar or wet bar backsplash!

3. Seriously Shiny 

Basements are a great space for a wet bar or lounge, but the darkest space in your home doesn’t always feel the most inviting. Luckily, you can create a beautiful basement bar that will shine like a star with the Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile! Having a reflective tile backsplash material is a great way to amplify the light in your space 

Coffee Bar Backsplash with Geometric Gold Marble Tiles

A basement bar can be a chance to let loose with out of the box design ideas you may prefer not to use in everyday areas of your home, like the kitchen or living room! This a great opportunity to bring in unique details 

Looking for some minimalism with your glamour? Create an edgy at-home bar with our 3x12 Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Tile as your backsplash - a beautiful way to add depth to an otherwise small and dark bar design. Mirrored glass tile is one of the most significant tile bar backsplash trends on the horizon - it compliments nearly any bar design imaginable!

Mercury Glass Mirror Tile Coffee Bar Backsplash


4. Bring the Dark and Moody Club Home

Moody, dark décor is a great way to add a brooding look to your home or bar decor! Accentuate your bar design with the zellige feel of Mallorca Black ceramic square tiles on the walls, and then pair with crystal accents and brass detailing for a refined vintage space. A dark and moody wet bar combining a ceramic tile backsplash with dark marble countertops and matte black finishes will create a dramatic lounge area if you’re missing a dark wine lounge.

You might want to add some hidden lights underneath your cabinets or around your space when going with dark and moody tiles.

5. Create a DIY Coffee Bar at Home

If you don’t have space in your kitchen for a coffee bar, don’t worry. A home coffee bar is a wonderful DIY project, and just about any extra corner in your house can serve as a coffee bar. All you need is a cabinet with enough surface area – which you’ll be crafting into a DIY coffee bar! When it comes to how to tile a DIY coffee bar, you can even go with easy Peel and Stick tiles that require the minimum cost and effort to finish off the style! Check out our post on ‘How to Peel and Stick Tile for a DIY Remodel’ to find out how easy it is to install one.

Copper Look Picket Tiles with a Peel and Stick BackThis picket tile in a copper look is a stunning - and easy! - way to DIY a coffee bar at home. You can play around with different finishes that are a cinch to apply yourself, including marble hexagon peel and stick tiles or other metallic finishes to this trending picket tile backsplash.

Check out our full collection of Peel and Stick tiles here and check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to install them!


6. Keep it Classic for your Tiled Bar Backsplash

There is no doubt that there’s beauty in simplicity. And the simplest and cleanest styles always come from contemporary spaces, and the below design proves it beautifully. We love the subtle detail that our Oriental Flower Carrara & Wooden Beige Waterjet Mosaic Tile adds to a classic wet bar or butler’s pantry backsplash, creating a timeless design element while adding a hint of pattern to elevate white cabinets and stone countertops. The result is an elegant design that will suit any home aesthetic.

 Oriental Flower Carrara & Wooden Beige Waterjet Mosaic Tile adds to a classic wet bar or butler’s pantry backsplash

If you like a traditional tile pattern, you can’t go wrong with a Moroccan star and cross! This lovely little tiled coffee bar is a classic kitchen upgrade with our etched tiles with a mix and patch pattern in Antique and White.

At Home Coffee Bar with Moroccan Star and Cross Tile


7. Create a Focal Point for your Living Room or Rec Room

Who said you can’t give your home bar the party atmosphere you find in a real bar? A backsplash with a stylish and unique pattern is a great way to dress up your space and draw attention to this entertaining element whether you are adding a wet bar or creating a cozy at-home dry bar. Add some special lighting, set the stereo system, and make sure your shelves are fully stocked with drinks!

Home Tiled Dry Bar with Kasai Carta Kintsugi Porcelain Backsplash

You can use the stunning Kasai Carta Kintsugi porcelain tiles for an indoor dry bar backsplash or even create an outdoor wet bar or poolside drink station! The porcelain tiles have a wood-look finish and stunning ‘Kintsugi’ pattern that mimics the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery to create a unique design. 



8. Retro Home Decor Vibes

Missing the nostalgia of 50’s diners and craving a milkshake?  If you love retro decor and are missing diners and soda fountains, why not bring the retro style home to your bar?

Breakfast Bar Tile with Marble Flower Mosaics

This Carrara & Oriental White Bouquette Marble Mosaic Tile is a fun way to decorate any place in your home, but it makes for an especially creative splash as a breakfast bar backsplash! 

A stylish and playful tile like our Fabrique White Chevron Glass Mosaic Tile can complete the look of your retro style home-bar as a great budget-friendly option! The white glass pattern gives you plenty of room to play with bold accent colors when you choose retro-style decorating!

White Glass Chevron Tile Backsplash for a Coffee Bar


9. Tile Bar Tops and Counters

Believe it or not, tile countertops are trending right now! As an affordable alternative to more expensive countertop materials, and well suited for countertops with less wear and tear, a tiled bar top makes a stylish impression for any type of bar design.

The best materials for a tiled countertop are ones that can stand up to heavy traffic, like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Color Bone Slate Mosaic Tile adds a unique pattern to your countertop! Using a detail like this one an at-home wet bar makes for an easy-to-clean and stunning home accent.

Coffee Bar Tile Counter with Natural Stone

Still looking for the perfect tile for your bar? Check out more options for a stunning backsplash!


Cheers to this fun floral tile pattern that is sure to brighten any room in your home!

Whether you upgrade your kitchen with a simple coffee bar or add a well-stocked basement bar, make sure to give it plenty of style with the right choice of tile! We hope you were inspired by our different tile bar ideas and feel ready to create your own personal spot to sip drinks and hang out at home! After all, we all need to maintain our sanity by finding pleasure in the ‘small things’, right?

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