Agate Geode Tiles and Crystal Decorating Ideas

We love a good trend as much as the next interior design lover, and it’s no secret that agate geode crystal designs have become this season’s must-have item! They have taken over decor trends from wall art, mural designs, unique coffee table pieces and mantel decor! 

This creative design trend has been popping up all over our favorite designer’s latest projects, showcasing a way to infuse interiors with color and joyful details that we could all use in our lives right now!

Coastal Farmhouse Living Room with a Midnight Blue and Quartz Geode Glass Tiled Fireplace Surround

How serene is this elegant living room with a touch of geode decor! We love the organic element this tiled fireplace adds to a coastal beach house- the Midnight Blue and Quartz Geode Glass Tile surround brings in the dreamy blue details of the nautical decor and accents the crisp shiplap walls!

Loving the look of statement agate and geode gemstone interior ideas and ready to bring them to your own home? Luckily we have many more in store to inspire your next home decor obsession! 

Ways to Decorate with Agate Geode Decor

Rock Crystal and Geode Home Decor


Better Homes and Gardens demonstrated the delightful look of scattering rock crystals on accent tables as s beautiful home design element! This eclectic home decor detail is what sparked the trend to shift from rock collectors to adding natural gemstone finishes to any surface you can imagine! 

Celestial Sky Lapis Glass Tile absolutely glows with brushed gold shower fixtures and a classic marble bench!

We love the heavenly finish of our 3" x 12" Celestial Sky Lapis Glass Tile in a horizontal stack subway tile pattern - the linear tile pattern and clean layout helps the lapis lazuli pattern on the tiles take center stage! The rich natural gemstone blue absolutely glows with brushed gold shower fixtures and a classic marble bench!

Even if your home decor tastes run to the timeless and classic in high-use areas of your home - for example, a marble subway tile kitchen backsplash is more your speed - you can still enjoy adding a creative finish to your home in areas used for entertaining! We covered the many ways you can tile a bar backsplash or install a wet bar to make at-home entertaining as inviting as going out, and we loved the idea of using our 3" x 12" Blue Gemstone Agate Glass Tile as a stunning bar backsplash! The rich blue agate geode slice pattern ties in perfectly with the Classic Blue cabinets and classic nickel fixtures - not to mention how well it pairs with a bottle of rosé!

Blue Gemstone Agate Glass Tile as a stunning wet bar backsplash with Classic Blue cabinets and classic nickel fixtures and rosé!

Loving this bar inspiration? You can add even more geode details to your at-home bar! You can dress up an afternoon or end of week cocktail with agate cheese board trays for a fun way to elevate a Friday evening! Agate geode slice coasters and place cards have become the must-have item for the latest intimate weddings or socially distant gatherings, or they’re a great way to add a personal touch to your coffee table like these fun monogrammed geode gift ideas from Anthropologie!

Geode CoasterGeode Crystal Cheese Board

Agate and crystal decor pair beautifully with another one of our current favorite trends- geometric details! These stunning gemstone-inspired designs are a wonderful fit to pair with modern gold geometric details like sunburst mirrors or  metallic candleholders. This resin geode table on Etsy combines both trends to create a stunning piece of home decor!

Gold Geometric Resign Geode Table

It’s a great way to add a fun little detail to your home, but what about as a building material? Using geode and gemstone details in your home decor is a stunning way to add natural sparkle and unique design, but you’re mostly limited to using them as decorative items and colorful dust catchers.

There’s a very good reason the gemstone wall art that has become so popular lately usually includes prints or resin - actual geode crystal slices are very thin and brittle. As beautiful as they are, they don’t make for very good building materials. 

We wanted to combine the best of both options - the dazzle of crystal geode designs and agate decor, and the durability of some of our favorite tiles! These crystal geode patterned tiles combine the sheen and wide range of installation options of polished glass, while adding the creativity of agate slices! 

Adding Agate Geode Crystal Details to your Walls

Since glass tiles are easy to clean and extremely durable, that means you can design with geode details anywhere you can install tiles! These polished glass subway tiles have a wide range of areas of use, giving you the option to add an agate crystal look to your kitchen backsplash, floor, shower wall, tiled fireplace surround, and so many other areas! 

Rather than worrying about keeping delicate crystals from breaking or smudging, you can simply wipe down these glass tiles with regular tile cleaner or Windex and keep their shine intact! 

This absolute haven of a bathroom where the free standing bathtub is set against a wall treatment of our 3" x 12" Agate Crystal Blue Geode Glass Tile

The organic pattern of gemstone slices adds a soothing detail anywhere you choose to install it - making this the perfect way to add a creative finish to your bathroom! Enhance the at-home spa experience by installing these beautiful agate features to your vanity backspash, shower wall, or tub surround - like this absolute haven of a bathroom where the free standing bathtub is set against a wall treatment of our 3" x 12" Agate Crystal Blue Geode Glass Tile!

Agate and Shale Glass Tile brings in natural stone detailing with the look of crushed rock

If the look of blue lace agate isn’t your thing, there’s a great natural option as well! The Agate and Shale Glass Tile brings in natural stone detailing with the look of crushed rock! This is a great way to embrace the geode trend and play off neutral home decor at the same time! 


JSE Interior Designs took Instagram by storm with this incredible geode shower wall that made a stunning splash in interior designer circles! 

Custom Resin Geode Shower Wall

We love the creative details these fresh new designs can bring to your home - the classic pattern of a subway tile layout gets a fresh new look, and you get the ability to add geode patterns anywhere you’d install a glass tile! Even if you’re not quite ready to go for a large-scale feature wall or revamp your entire shower with sparkling crystal gem details, you can play with a tiled trim or accent niche that can instantly make your home feel fresh and redesigned!

Where would you add a lovely geode detail in your home? Let us know in the comments and check out our full collection of Agate and Geode Crystal Tiles!

BITA NAZARIAN 06/12/2021

I’m looking for the geode slab for a bathroom remodel. Where can I buy it

Tile Club
Tile Club 10/05/2021

Hi Brenda, there are a few showers shown – one with our Celestial Sky Glass Tile with a gemstone pattern printed on glass tiles – you can find it here:
And another is a custom resin shower wall designed by JSE Interior Designs!

We hope that helps!

Brenda 10/05/2021

I am so in love with this shower wall and would like to know what product was used here so I can investigate this for my new master bath.

Thanks in advance.


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