Gemstone + Geode Inspired Tile

At Tile Club, you’ll find an extraordinary selection of glass tiles designed to take you on an adventure, like our collection of out-of-this-world gemstone and geode tiles. These glass mosaic tiles are sure to stun you and your guests every time you walk into the room.

Whether you want a shower tile that can transport you to another place or a kitchen backsplash tile that’s both captivating and low maintenance, we’re certain you’ll find a glass gemstone or geode tile to suit your needs for your next tile project. Shop today and save 5% when you subscribe to the Tile Club newsletter!

Why Choose Glass Gemstone & Geode Tile?

Glass is one of the most low-maintenance and durable tile materials available today. Not only is glass tile recyclable (and we also carry recycled glass tile), it doesn’t absorb water, resists moisture and stains, and is easy to clean with just a glass cleaner or soap and warm water.

Thanks to its waterproof, moisture resistant properties, glass tile is the preferred choice for water and moisture-prone areas like pools, steam rooms, showers, and bathroom tiles. With glass gemstone flooring or geode wall tile designs, you can add vibrant style to functionality!

The stunning pattern on these polished glass tiles gives the look of geode and gemstone slices with all the durability and long-term wear of glass. The polished finish adds a beautiful accent that will catch the light in any room and help create the intended atmosphere you want your room to portray for you, your family, or your guests.

Use an intricate geode wall tile design like the Agate Crystal Blue Geode Tile for a captivating geode bathroom wall, entryway accent wall, or kitchen backsplash. Incorporate a gemstone tile like the Celestial Sky Lapis Glass Tile or Diamond Black Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile as part of your fireplace design for an upscale feel. Glass pebble mosaic tiles make excellent gemstone flooring in bathrooms, showers, and other moisture-prone areas, and complement more intricate geode or gemstone tile designs well.

Looking for a geode or gemstone tile with lots of subtle character? Then you’ll want to check out the geode-inspired Sea Glass Cloud Grey Mosaic Tile, also available in platinum white, amber, and tile shapes like hexagons and the stunning Louvre Mosaic Tiles.

Shop today to add breathtaking detail to any room in your home or commercial space with one or several gemstone tile designs from Tile Club!

Geode + Gemstone Inspired Glass Tile