Hot Tub Tile Design Ideas for an Outdoor Escape

Taking the time to design a backyard hot tub can help you create the ultimate paradise in your backyard! Whether your spa is nestled by your swimming pool or perched at the end of the deck at your vacation home, using the best outdoor tile design ideas can take your experience to the next level. Everything from the materials to the patterns can make a difference. These backyard design tips and hot tub tile ideas are sure to help you create the oasis you've been dreaming of.

Outdoor tile hot tub with snowy winter views

Upgrade your pool with a hot tub you can enjoy in any season - how cozy does this snowy spa look? Glass mosaic pool tile adds a jeweled detail that will look gorgeous year round.

How to Choose the Right Size For Your Backyard Hot Tub

There's nothing worse than spending weeks designing and building your dream backyard Jacuzzi, only to find out it's too small or too large for your space. To perfectly create a backyard retreat, make sure you take accurate measurements of your backyard before selecting a hot tub size.

Tile hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Find the right one for you by evaluating your wants and needs.

The smallest spa models usually seat two people, but a few one-person models are on the market, too. These tiny spas are great if you're working with a small space, like a townhouse patio or a condo balcony. Don't underestimate the power of placing a jacuzzi in a small space. Whether it's your full-time residence or a rental home, a soaking tub is an easy way to make your property more attractive.

These serene blue mosaic glass tiles tie the pool and hot tub together for a gorgeous backyard lounging experience.

If you plan on using your tub for social gatherings or parties, choose a size that comfortably fits all of your guests. The largest standard sizes can seat seven or eight people.

When measuring, remember to consider how you want to design the space around it. To make sure you're getting the most visual appeal from your patio and hot tub tiles, you'll need to factor in the extra space required for those features to shine.

6 Backyard Hot Tub Design Ideas

Design Your Hot Tub to Compliment Your Pool

If you have a backyard pool, your spa design should take that feature into account. One popular design trend is to tile the area around your hot tub to match your pool tile design. This creates a cohesive look and feel between the two spaces.

If your whirlpool  is attached to your pool, you can create a stylish delineation between the spaces by adding waterline tile. These tiles are typically placed three to six inches above your pool's waterline. They create a stylish accent by complimenting your existing pool tiles.

Tile the outside of your built-in Jacuzzi for a seamless look that gives your yard a resort vibe!

Playing with colors can also make your Jacuzzi stand out from your swimming pool. Matching your hot tub tile colors to your pool colors offers a cohesive look, while choosing contrasting colors can add visual interest.

Just like when choosing pool tiles, you should generally select smaller tiles. Small tiles hold up better in foot-trafficked areas because they can better distribute the weight across their surface area, whereas larger tiles are more likely to break under pressure.

Incorporate Your Hot Tub With Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, you can design your hot tub to be a part of that space. This is a great way to entertain guests and enjoy your backyard spa  to the fullest.

One design trend is to design a tile whirpool with the same material as the backsplash behind your grill or outdoor stove top. This creates a seamless look and feel between the two spaces.

Outdoor kitchen and grill area with herringbone backsplash tilesOutdoor kitchen tiles are chosen for durability and ease of maintenance - making them perfect for a pool deck or spa surround.

Your outdoor kitchen tiles can have a significant impact on your outdoor hot tub flooring options. You need to find outdoor tiles with a resistant surface to work well with your kitchen and your soaking tub.

Porcelain tiles are a great choice for outdoor kitchen and hot tub areas because they won't absorb water or food and drink spills from the kitchen. While bare tile can become slippery when wet, adding a matte finish will help make it more slip-resistant.

Natural stone can be a good choice, too, but it's important to seal it properly to prevent damage. Some types of stone flooring can be slicker than others, so make sure you choose a style that's textured and grippy.

Merge With Your Tile Hot Tub With Your Bathroom

If you have an indoor bathroom adjacent to your yard, you can design your backyard pool and spa area  to flow seamlessly with that space. This is a popular trend for people who want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Imagine the luxury and convenience of having an outdoor hot tub right outside your bathroom patio door. On nice nights, leaving the doors open between your bathroom and Jacuzzi area makes it feel like your home is part of nature.

Built-in hot tub with subway tiles
Capture jungalow style with a built-in hot tub surrounded by subway tiles and potted plants!

To make this happen, you'll want to use similar materials inside and outside. That might mean using the same tile or color scheme on your bathroom floors and walls as you do around your hot tub. If you have a walk-in shower, consider extending that same tile into your backyard. You can also consider removing your shower door for a truly open and unobstructed floor plan.

This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's also functional. By using the same materials, you can create a waterproof barrier between your indoor-outdoor bathroom — no need to towel off before going inside.

Inside the bathroom, you can use a different style of tiles to break up the space and create visual interest. Larger subway tiles offer a clean, modern look, while mosaic tiles create a pop of color and personality.

Create a Secret Garden In Your Backyard

If you're looking for a truly unique tile hot tub design, consider hiding it away in a secluded spot in your backyard. This is the perfect solution if you have a lush garden and want extra privacy around your outdoor sauna.

Of course, you'll want to have as many natural materials as possible to complete the look. Boulders, stone walls, and greenery can all help create the feeling that your hot tub is part of nature. Wooden accents on your tub and flooring can create a warm, natural aesthetic. Unfortunately, wood doesn't always hold up well to the elements.

Extend a rustic patio around your built-in pool and spa with porcelain wood-look tiles that won't get damaged by water or chlorine.

That's where using wood-look tile comes in. Wood-look tile is a great alternative to hardwood flooring because you can get the rustic look of wood without having to worry about it warping or rotting over time. There are many different types of wood-look tile available, so you can find the perfect hues for your garden hideaway.

Another advantage of wood tiles is that you can also incorporate more intricate patterns and designs. Wood tiles come in traditional plank patterns, but they can also be cut in fun shapes for striking designs.

Match Your Tub With Your Views

There's nothing like having a hot tub at your vacation house. Whether you're in the mountains or by the beach, a hot soak is a perfect way to relax after a long day of exploring

If you love your vacation views, why not incorporate them into your tile design? You can use large format tiles with detailed scenes to mimic your surroundings.

Wood-look tiles are a great way to tie a pool deck into your backyard without having to replace warped or water-damaged wood deck planks.

For example, if you have a stunning ocean view, opt for wood tiles with bluish hues or a stylish rustic-chic look that matches your farmhouse-style beach home.

Looking for the perfect flooring for the Jacuzzi at your ski retreat? Blue squares can look create the impression of a sheet of ice surrounding your spa. Similarly, all-white octagon or hexagon tiles look like fresh snowflakes.

Go For an Indoor Aesthetic Outdoors

Designing an outdoor hot tub doesn't mean you have to abandon indoor design strategies. Using tiles and accessories that mimic inside areas can make your backyard feel like a hotel resort.

For this design strategy, start by looking at tile patterns that use clearly defined lines and geometric shapes. Darker colors will also give your outdoor area a luxurious, indoor feel.

Add Bali vacation vibes to your backyard with this mosaic-tiled soaking tub!

The accessories you add will be crucial, too. Avoid furniture made from outdoorsy materials like wicker or plastic. Instead, look for items like teak patio furniture or metal bistro sets.

Warm up With an Outdoor Fireplace

This design is perfect for backyard relaxation on chilly nights. Light the backyard fireplace for the perfect ambiance, then dip in the steamy tub. When it's time to get out, the roaring fire will help you hang on to your warmth.

Your tile choices will be crucial for creating a cohesive look. Consider using tiles that match or complement the stone of your fireplace. There are many great tile designs for backyard fireplaces.

If you want a more timeless aesthetic, try large format tiles like marble or granite. Using natural stone or brick tile results in a more traditional look. Once you've decided on the tiles for your outdoor firepit, you can start experimenting with hot tub flooring options.

Choose the Best Hot Tub Tile Design Ideas

Using the right tiles can elevate your backyard design and create a luxurious space for you to relax. When selecting tile for your pool or spa, it’s important to consider both the aesthetics and functionality of the material. If you’re looking to really make a statement with your backyard retreat, consider incorporating your Jacuzzi with your outdoor kitchen or bathroom. Or, if you want to keep things private, try creating a secret oasis behind some strategically placed plants. No matter what style you go for, be sure to pick materials that are durable and easy to clean so you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about upkeep. Are you ready to start planning your tile hot tub?

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