Tile Design Ideas For Outdoor Fireplaces

It’s finally starting to feel like summer and with Memorial Day right around the corner, what better time to start prepping your backyard for some outdoor fun! One key feature that can really make any backyard hangout great and memorable? An outdoor fireplace. If you’re in the market to make your backyard pop, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re supplying you with a number of gorgeous fireplace tile designs perfect for your gatherings.

Outdoor Living Area Mosaic Wall with Provence Flower Carrara & Wooden Beige Waterjet Mosaic Tile

A summer time oasis featuring an outdoor patio fire pit alongside our Provence Flower Carrara And Wooden Beige marble mosaic tile.

Fireplace tiles come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that fits both your style and budget. Plus, they’re relatively easy to install. So whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or classic and timeless, we’ve got you covered. 


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Before we show you some seriously inspirational designs, let's first review a few key elements that make any outdoor fireplace design perfect for you.


  • Consider the overall design tastes that you're going for with your outdoor fireplace tile design.

Your backyard deserves to be a reflection of who you are! It's easy for the design and style elements in one space to become lost when it begins to expand. So when it comes to honing in on and identifying the right tile design for an outdoor fireplace, there are a few key factors to help you understand what you want most, depending on your personal preferences.

Diamond Chain Marble Mosaic Tile 

Creating a backyard that accommodates your personal tastes is key. That’s why it’s important to consider the overall design first. This beautiful backyard patio has ample greenery, a modern transitional vibe and sleek seating featuring our Diamond Chain Marble Mosaic Tile


  • For the modern design lovers

 If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, consider:

- Using clean lines and geometric shape tiles in your design.

- Opting for darker colors like black or charcoal gray -- glass mosaic tiles can be a wonderful option for this!

- A see-through fireplace so guests can enjoy the flames from all angles -- or even go for a white polished porcelain tile that will reflect the flames beautifully. 

  • For the classically chic at heart

If you’re going for a more classic look because timeless never goes out of style, consider:

- Using traditional materials like stone or brick tile 

- Opting for a recycled subway tile that will be both sustainable and easy to maintain for years to come!

  • For those who are luxury first

 If you're going for a more luxurious look, try out these items:  

- Use marble or granite for a classic yet luxurious look. 

- Consider using brass inlay tiles or even mirrored glass tiles to give the illusion of more space.

  • Embrace the outdoors

These days, many homeowners are choosing to install outdoor hearths to create a cozy gathering spot in their yards. That means you should treat your exterior space similar to your living room or kitchen — think, comfort, and ambiance for friends.

Outdoor kitchen and grill area with Equator Herringbone Polished Mosaic Tile backsplash 

A gorgeous backsplash tile design creates a great jumping off point for this backyard outdoor kitchen design. With a herringbone wall tile curated with our 1x3 Equator Herringbone Polished Mosaic Tile and gray large format floor design on the patio, this stunning design will be perfect for sunny days!


Here are some helpful tips to get your creativity flowing:

First, think about what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create: Are you going for cozy and intimate? Fun and festive? Relaxing and laid-back? The style of your design should reflect that. 

Second, consider the size of your space: A large backyard may be able to accommodate a grand stone tile fireside, while a smaller patio may be better suited for a compact metal fire pit. 

Third and final, make sure to choose a model that is durable and can withstand the elements. Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to extend the enjoyment of your yard well into the autumn months.

  • When choosing a color scheme, it's important to consider the aesthetic of your entire home

After all, your fireplace should enhance and tie everything together, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Ideally, you will want to choose a scheme that complements the exterior of your house. 

Contrast a minimalist black firepit with a floor with flair! Our patterned porcelain terrazzo tiles are a stunning style complement, not to mention strong and heat resistant - perfect for a patio floor.

For example, if you have a traditional-style home with vibrant red brick or weathered stone, you may want to go with earthy neutrals such as a green tile or brown tile

On the other hand, if your home has a contemporary flair with glass or metal accents, bold jewel tones such as deep blue tiles or purple tiles might be the way to go. 

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to expressing your own personal design, so don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different patterns and colors! 

Whether you prefer bold prints or hushed hues, just remember that your fireplace is an expression of yourself – so make sure it reflects who you are!

  • The size of your backyard and lifestyle preferences are important to consider 

When choosing the right size for your new outdoor fire pit, it's important to consider how big or small of a space you have. If you want an inviting and warm feel in front of this feature item then make sure that its relative scale matches up with other elements around them such as tables/seating areas where people can enjoy their time spent outdoors together!

This beautiful backyard featuring our Dover Almond Tile has a modern rustic vibe that's just perfect for medium size spaces. The addition of an inviting fireplace would be ideal in this space, creating more relaxation areas where you can enjoy nature and your family!

If you have a smaller backyard, it is important to think about how big your fireplace will be. The size of the firebox affects not only its output but also what kind and amount of wood needed for cooking purposes.

Why does this matter? Well, the type of wood you use plays into this. Some woods burn hotter and faster than others. If you live in an area with long winters, you may want to choose a wood that burns hot and lasts long. 

Outdoor Living Area with Square Weave Equator & Thassos Polished Mosaic Floor Tile for a Patterned Patio

Complete the look of your outdoor oasis with our Square Weave Equator Thassos Polished Mosaic tile.

You should also consider the type of fuel you want to use. Some people prefer to use wood because it's more natural and environmentally friendly. Others prefer to use gas because it's more convenient and easier to control. No matter what type of outdoor fireplace you choose, be sure to consider fire resistant materials like glass, brick, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Outdoor fireplace tile designs to love

Now that we’ve gone over some important factors to think about before beginning your project, let’s move on to designs to inspire!

Textured Wooden Beige Leaf Marble Mosaic Tile Outdoor Fireplace Accent Wall

When you get to designing, make sure to keep placement in mind. For indoor/outdoor situations, marble tiles like our Textured Wooden Beige Leaf Marble Mosaic Tile shown above are a lovely option to make a space feel luxurious and sophisticated. 

This sleek and modern tile design is perfect for anyone wanting to achieve a minimalist aesthetic. The clean lines and simple color palette create a look that is both stylish and sophisticated. A perfect fusion for an indoor - outdoor design! Imagine gathering around with cocktails on the Fourth of July!

You can never go wrong with the textural depth of a marble basketweave tile. Just take a look at this Tuscan-inspired backyard with our Boulevard Carrara and Beige Mosaic Tile!

This tile design is perfect for anyone who loves a good statement piece. The neutral hue paired with the basketweave pattern is sure to make your fireplace area the center of attention. 

Terrazzo hexagon tiles, like our White and Black Terrazzo Hex, are great options for the home that loves to have a trendy edge. With their sprinkled body, and geometric shape, they are truly transformative for any fireplace design or fire pit hangout. 

A fun terrazzo look floor tile design is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little personality to their backyard. We love how the different colors create a playful and inviting atmosphere!

Skip the real wood, and take a cue from this laid-back Cali cool patio design. Using our Vancouver Miel Outdoor Floor Tile it’s a low maintenance solution for a high style design.

There are plenty of design choices to make when selecting flooring for your home. If you're looking for something a little more subdued, this natural wood look tile design is perfect for you. We love how the simple pattern creates a sense of visual interest without being too overwhelming. The light colors also help to brighten up the space and create a feeling of openness. This tile is also a perfect choice for continuing an indoor space to the outside.

Of course, if you're not a fan of dark tones, you can always go with a lighter color or white wash wood look tiles. Whatever your preference, this is a great option for those who want the look of wood floors without all the maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen and Grilling Area with Bardiglio Octagon With Oriental White Dot Marble Mosaic Tile

The BBQ area is a key one in any home’s yard. So make it count. Using our Bardiglio Octagon with Oriental White Dot Marble Mosaic Tile, this contemporary spot is seamless, strong and definitely grill-ready.

Give your fireplace the star treatment with a unique tile that will make it shine. No matter what size space you're looking to fill, there are different styles for every area!

For example matte finish tiles offer a cool vibe while shiny glass tiles make any room feel glamorous - all without taking up too much space on top-of-the stove range (or anywhere else). We love the way a good BBQ area can transcend design standards when a fireplace is added to it!

Outdoor living area with White Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile floors and Accent Wall

Creating an immediate focal point in this outdoor gathering space, our White Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile is bright, fresh and welcoming. All the markers for a great outdoor tile!

If you're looking to make a stunning statement in your backyard, look no further than this jaw dropping patio design. The smooth white marble and glittering glass combine to create a look that is equal parts elegant and fashion-forward. 

Whether you want to use it for the surround on your fireplace or as a feature wall in your outdoor living space, this tile is sure to make a splash. 

There's never been a better time to upgrade your backyard with one of these stunning tile designs. If you want it to be the talk of the town, there is nothing like an eye-catching masterpiece that will make any space come alive!

Tribeca Aqua Reclaimed Wood Floor for a Rooftop Bar

Create a tropical oasis with our Tribeca Outdoor Floor Tile. This one of a kind tile is the epitome of a scene-setting patio floor option.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of outdoor fireplace tile, it's time to get designing! Whether you're working with a blank slate or updating an existing design, there are plenty of creative possibilities to explore. To get started, browse through our look book to see some stunning examples of the latest trends and styles and while you're at it, be sure to sign up and save on all tiles online!

Then let your imagination run wild and create a one-of-a-kind space that perfectly expresses your vision for your home! 

No matter what you decide, with tile, the possibilities are endless! So go ahead and start dreaming up your masterpiece – this is one design project you won't want to miss out on.

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