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3 Advantages of Porcelain Wood Look Tile vs. Hardwood Flooring

Despite all the timeless beauty that hardwood flooring has to offer, you may be wondering why homeowners are shifting towards porcelain tile flooring. Wood look porcelain tiles are one of the most attractive flooring options and the best alternative to hardwood floors and engineered hardwood. But how good are they?

You’ve come to the right place if you have questions! Here is a quick look at the 3 biggest advantages of porcelain wood look tiles vs. hardwood flooring that can help you learn more and decide whether to opt for wood look tile or not.

Esagona Intarcio Nut Wood Look Tile

Esagona Intarcio Nut Wood Look Tile

#1) Make Life Easier For Yourself

You’ve got enough going on. Why add floor maintenance on top of it all? As lifestyles get busier, we all look for alternatives to make our basic routines easier and more convenient. Durability and maintenance are surely the most important factors to consider while choosing flooring, especially in a home with kids, pets, and heavy traffic.  

Tribeca Miel Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Tribeca Miel Wood Look Tile

There is no doubt that wood look porcelain tiles offer easier solutions to homeowners in terms of maintenance and durability. Porcelain tile is gaining in popularity over hardwood due to the fact that it is easier to maintain in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Wood look porcelain tiles can be suitable in almost every area of your home, without the worry of mold and bacteria.

Hardwood floors on the other hand require a little more work. They need to be protected against spills and water, and don’t forget your pets’ nails! They also need to be sanded and refinished to increase their lifetime. However, wood look porcelain tiles will give you ease of mind being scratch and water resistant, with easier replacement options than hardwood tiles for active households.

With wood look porcelain tiles, you can achieve the same floor texture without the hassle of wood floors. Worry-free vs. high maintenance, which one would be your choice?

#2) Eye-Catching Designs

We all know that hardwood comes in various shades of brown. But what about different shapes and sizes? Hardwood floors come with limited design options, but the variety in porcelain wood look tiles is absolutely incredible and offers a major advantage!

A wide range of grain options are available with porcelain tiles whereas hardwood has vibrant colors, but usually at a higher price. Let your creative juices flow with tile! Use any preferred color and pattern with tile, then customize to fit to your personality and aesthetic. Try something different with white porcelain wood look flooring seen below:

Spiga Olson Blanco Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Spiga Olson Blanco Wood Look Tile

Besides the common plank shape, you can get wood look flooring in larger rectangles, squares, and hexagons with porcelain tiles. The wide variety of shapes offered by porcelain tiles allows you to imagine possibilities of eye-catching designs normally not achievable with hardwood. 

Taco Melange Black Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Taco Melange Black Wood Look Tile

Variety in size allows you to lay your tiles in different patterns, such as chevron and herringbone, so that you can create unique designs through installation. From contemporary to rustic, porcelain guarantees that you find a choice to meet your specific style needs.

#3) More Value for the Money

Wood look tile offers more for less. Thanks to modern technology, porcelain tiles are produced in such a huge variety that you may get the same exact exotic hardwood color in various sizes, in a more durable material. Porcelain tiles can basically last for decades. Easily pay off the initial investment over time!



Vancouver Gris Wood Look Porcelain Tile Flooring

Vancouver Gris Wood Look Tile

Don't forget that buying real hardwood flooring is a large investment for any project compared to other types of flooring like tile. While the investment is great, the cost to maintain and refinish hardwood floors can be pricey. However, porcelain tile is a worry-free, one-time investment that doesn’t have recurring costs to maintain the same beauty.

Ready to get wood look flooring? Have a look at our floor tile collections to see more and choose your wood look tiles for long lasting floors.

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