Floor Tile Design For Entryways and Halls

Your entryway is of the most hardwearing spaces in your home and the first space you see when you walk through the door. Not only does your entryway need to be functional and offer easy organization, but it must also withstand whatever life throws its way–especially the floors. That’s what makes this next list of floor tile designs for hallways and entryways so great!

Read on to learn why floor tile is the best choice for entryways and halls, and to see our favorite entrance hall tile ideas for spaces ranging from barely-there to grand entries and every size in between.

Prepare to be amazed every time you step foot in your entryway with this striking Calacatta Blue White Marble Stellar Diamond mosaic tile from Tile Club.

What Type of Tile Works Best For Entryways & Hallways?

The first to-do item on your list of entryway tile ideas is choosing a floor tile that can (and will) withstand years of use. You want a tile that offers an unwavering style, of course, but it should also be one that can welcome your lifestyle with open arms–kids, guests, pets, dirt, and all life brings with the changing seasons. For all of these reasons and more, we highly recommend porcelain tile and marble tile. Here is a little about both and why we love them for entryway floors.

Porcelain Floor Tile

Porcelain tile is a solid and durable tile highly resistant to scratching, frost, and damage. It’s impervious to water and a sustainable building material that can be manipulated to look like wood or more expensive tile materials like marble, which is an attractive feature if natural marble tile is out of your budget. Porcelain tile is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, making it a top choice for hectic households.

No list of entryway tile ideas is complete without a few porcelain tile options. These hardy tiles are ideal for busy entryways requiring unwavering durability and one-of-a-kind style, all while mimicking the look of other floor materials, as seen here in this Spiga Olson Gris Wood Look Porcelain Tile.

Marble Floor Tile

Marble stone is a timeless building material that shines in natural beauty and durability. With no two marble tiles ever the same, it’s easy to create a truly unique look that won’t fade in style over the decades. As for durability, marble tile is a hardworking water-resistant stone that’s in it for the long haul. 

It’s worth noting that marble tile can require more maintenance, especially in very busy households. Since marble tile can be stained, it’s best to protect marble floors with a quality marble sealant and avoid standing water whenever possible.

 Approved for use on high traffic walls and floors, this Calacatta Gold large format hexagon marble tile shows off the natural beauty and rarity each marble stone can effortlessly add to your tiled entryway.

Choose What's True to You vs. What’s Trending

After choosing the best tile material for your space, it’s time to settle on a style. Regardless of which tile material you choose, picking a quality tile that speaks to your style and what you love most in home design will always make you happier in the end than going with what’s in vogue at the moment. By choosing a tile design that matches your authentic taste and style, you’ll have no regrets later down the road. 

So, which style will it be? Let’s look at several tried-and-true entrance hall tile ideas to see what options make the best fit for your foyer.

7 Tiled Entryway Ideas To Consider For Your Next Renovation

Opt-In for an Eye-Catching Pattern

If you’re on the hunt for entry or hallway tile ideas that will help hide the evidence of regular foot traffic, patterned tile designs and geometric layouts may be worth your consideration. 

Eye-catching Mediterranean or Moroccan-inspired tile, or your favorite geometric patterns can easily mask surface debris while setting the tone for your entryway. Here are some of our favorite looks spanning several design styles, proving that timeless style comes in many different forms.

Bursting with dimension and interest, this Melange Blue Porcelain Tile is a modern entrance hall tile idea you can take to the floor or walls, depending on your ideal look.

This is a geometrically-pleasing, non-slippery tile option for high traffic commercial and residential areas.

For an unapologetically beautiful Mediterranean-inspired tile bursting with Grecian charm, look no further than Tile Club’s Moroccan Blue Star & White Cross Etched Marble Mosaic Tile.

Bring a bright focal point to your entryway design with Tile Club’s Floral Eternity White Carrara & Bardiglio Waterjet Mosaic Tile. This gorgeous tile bodes well on gently used residential homes and areas where standing water is not a regular occurrence.

Mask daily messes with a dark and bold pattern, all without sacrificing style with Tile Club's Nero Marquina and Thassos White marble mosaic tile.

This subtle yet stunning Arches Wooden Beige & Bardiglio Marble Tile entryway complements this entryway hall without being overdone. If you need hallway tile ideas for high traffic areas, this is a worthy contender!

Seen in traditional, modern, and contemporary homes, checkerboard floors like this gorgeous entryway tile design by West of Main Design create dimension and interest that can be turned up or toned down to best complement your space, as detailed in these 7 Creative Tile Designs for Checkerboard Home Decor. Achieve a similar look with Tile Club’s Bianco Carrara Honed Marble Tile and Thassos White Honed Marble Tile.

Add A Personal Touch with Custom & Penny Round Mosaic Tile

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right fit for your space, especially if you have a specific idea in mind. In this case, custom mosaic or penny round tile is the way to go. 

We love the look of penny rounds with personalized inlaid messages like those shown below for mid-century-inspired spaces. Penny rounds come in endless color variations, with small hexagon tile options available if you want to switch things up.

This custom tile entryway design by Ashley Burnett is just one of many examples of how you can use penny round tiles to personalize your entryway. 

If you were thinking of something completely custom that will steal the show and express to guests just what they can expect when they walk through your home, our custom mosaic tile service can help bring the entryway tile idea of your dreams to life–and to your floors.

Looking to jazz up your hotel lobby or entryway? Consider a custom mosaic tile design by Tile Club’s team of artists!

Add striking detail to your hall and entryway floors with a custom mosaic tile design with help from Tile Club.

Let your wildest entrance hall tile ideas come to life when you create a custom mosaic tile design with Tile Club!

Keep It Natural with a Wood-Look Tile

Wood is a classic flooring option that works in practically any design theme, but it’s not always the best for busy spaces. Wood flooring can easily be damaged from pets and excessive wear and need refinishing to maintain a like-new look. Plus it can warp over time with excessive water and moisture exposure.

Porcelain and marble wood-look tile offer all of the advantages of traditional wood with added durability and low maintenance needs. Wood-look tile is available in several unique patterns that make it simple to add a modern, organic flair to your entryway. What’s more, wood-look tile can be used throughout your entire home to achieve a cohesive flow and works for entryways big and small. Keep scrolling to see what we mean!

If keeping with tradition is more your style, this Kasai Fumo Wood Look rectified porcelain tile is sure to please. Aside from its gorgeous honed gray color, its long-wearing finish and slip-resistant qualities make it a perfect neutral flooring option for high-traffic homes and commercial spaces.

Mimic the texture and color of white wood planks sans the sanding and refinishing years down the road with Tile Club’s Gems Bianco White Wood Look Porcelain Tile, a worthy addition to any traditional or modern entrance hall tile ideas list. 

A modern take on a traditional floor material, this Fan Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile’s scalloped finish and fish scale pattern adds a creative design element sure to please every time you lay eyes on it.

Who said wood look tile had to be boring? This Retro Blanco Hex White Washed porcelain tile is a fun twist on traditional wood plank flooring and boasts all of the benefits of visual texture, durability, and one of time’s most prized patterns. How can you go wrong?

Another gorgeous wood-look marble floor option for high traffic areas like the kitchen is our Selo Hex Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile.

Marvel at Classic White Marble

Around here, we can’t get enough marble. If you feel the same way, you might consider adding a classic marble floor tile to your list of tiled entryway ideas.

Simple, yes. Boring? Impossible. Tile Club’s dazzling White Sparkle Waterjet Marble geometric tile is a crisp, clean, classic floor tile design for halls, walls, and entryways alike. You can’t go wrong with a classic white marble!

Small but mighty, this 10 Inch Thassos White Marble Hexagon Tile offers a delicate patterned white marble design that will make your space stand out while standing the test of time and ever-changing design styles.

Mimic Marble with Porcelain Tiles

Love the look of marble, but not sure it’s the best option for your budget or young household? Have your cake and eat it too with a standard size or large format porcelain tile! This is an excellent move for households that want to maintain a timeless aesthetic without paying the price for natural marble, or being on the hook for potentially high-maintenance needs in the busy season of life.

Mimic the look of your favorite marble tile with the Varana Blanco Stone Look White Porcelain Tile, approved for light traffic floors, walls, and your list of budget-friendly sophisticated entryway tile ideas.

Our Emporio Polished Calacatta Marble Porcelain Tile offers all of the beauty of true marble tile with the capable versatility of porcelain, all wrapped up in fun hexagon tile shape sure to wow your guests.

Small Entryway Tile Ideas

Looking for entry or hallway tile ideas for small spaces? Designing a small entryway sounds simple, but sometimes a lack of space can make for a more challenging design idea. Coupled with smart use of space, these next small entryway tile ideas can make a big difference in the look and feel of your size-challenged space.

When making your list of entryway or entrance hall tile ideas, it’s essential to focus on scale. You’ll want to consider small-scale tile designs that won’t look out of place or too overpowering in smaller areas. Another option is to continue the flooring from the next room into the entryway to make the space feel less cramped (or replace it all for a cohesive look). A neutral or wood-look tile is a great option here!

Here are some other examples of small-scale entryway tile ideas that won’t compromise your overall design plan.

At a small size of 1”x3” per piece, this Herringbone Wooden Beige Polished Marble Mosaic Tile is a small-scale neutral tile option ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

Even small spaces are no match for penny rounds! Even if you’re cramped, you can create a unique and stylish entryway and hallway floor that’s every bit beautiful as an open floor plan design, much like Tim Barber Architects did in this Southern California revival style farmhouse.

With little space to spare, small-scale neutral tile helps make a big impression without requiring extra square footage. Just think of how this gorgeous River Pebbles Carrara & Thassos Marble Tile would look in your space!

Don’t Forget The Walls!

Sure, your floors work hard, but what about the walls? Rather than worrying about touch-up paint every few months to hide scuffs and marks, you can opt-in for a tiled wall that only requires a wipe down here and there. 

Additionally, a textured wall tile can help large spaces feel more welcome, or add necessary detail to spaces lacking in size and opportunity to make a statement. Entryway walls are also the perfect opportunity to put peel and stick tile to work. Here are some of our favorite hallway tile ideas for walls.

Take a trip to the wild side of home design while keeping your aesthetic intact with the Carrara Gator Etched Subway Tile, a tiled entryway idea for hard working walls or floors.

For walls craving an artistic touch, the Teardrops Wooden Beige & Athens Gray Marble Mosaic Waterjet Tile is a show-stopping entryway or hallway tile idea to make your walls pop. Paired with a natural floor and your favorite accent pieces, you might find yourself spending more time in your entryway than you need to!

Designed with a timeless floral pattern, this Gold Bouquet Marble TiIe is a stunningly elegant entryway tile idea that can freshen up even the busiest entryway and hallway walls.


Quickly transform the look and feel of your entryway walls and halls with this Carrara Hexagon Marble Peel and Stick Tile.

Design the Tiled Entryway of Your Dreams with Tile Club

No matter what tiled entryway ideas and dreams you hope to achieve, Tile Club makes it simple to find today’s best selection of modern takes and timeless classics, all in one place. Shop Tile Club today to find the best tile for your entryway makeover, or contact our knowledgeable customer care team for personalized recommendations for your space, big or small. Then head over to the Tile Club blog to discover more tile-inspired looks for every corner of your home or commercial space!

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