How To Achieve An Organic Modern Interior Home

Organic modern interiors continue to be a stand-out design trend in 2022. With their natural beauty stealing the hearts of anyone perusing Pinterest, there’s little wonder why: They are swoon-worthy! That’s why today, we’re breaking down the core tips for securing an organic modern interior; from the colors to consider to the appropriate tiles to use…We’re dishing it all.

Elevate your kitchen with a tile range good in Calacatta Gold Marble bricks

Our Calacatta Gold & Thassos Brick Tile creates a perfect organic modern aesthetic in this open floor plan kitchen. The navy-colored kitchen cabinetry adds depth and delight to contrast the wood-accented floating shelves and marble subway tile backsplash. A simply beautiful representation of this design trend done right! We’re completely obsessed with it, and its details. 

 So, how do you create this design trend? As BHG puts it: The organic modern home “hinges on the juxtaposition between rustic elements and contemporary touches, which creates a refined blend of textures and a layered, unfussy look.”

With that, let’s dive in and explore the top tips to get the look!

Organic Modern Design Tips  

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Use a minimalistic approach

First and foremost: intentionality is key in creating the ultimate organic modern design. There needs to be a delicate balance between the furniture, décor, and yes, the tile you source. If you cram your space with one too many items, or don’t define the placement of these items, the result will be less welcoming which defeats the purpose of creating a natural vibe. 

Acorn Mahogany Hardwood Floor Tile

Porcelain wood look plank style tile flooring is a beautiful option when it comes to elevating your space. The warmth of this Acorn Mahogany porcelain tile is just what this room needs to add a cozy, organic aesthetic.

With that in consideration, aim to be mindful in the setup of your space. Using soft furnishings can help create a warm, cozy aesthetic . Think curved chairs, chunky throw blankets, and natural wood look floor tiles in soothing tones. Our Spiga Olson Blanco floor tile is a great addition to organic interiors for two key reasons: it has a neutral tone necessary for the design style, and has a beautiful chevron tile pattern perfect for crafting a visually interesting space. Check out how it redefines the organic bathroom interior below! The low maintenance porcelain is a great option for high traffic areas like the bedroom, while the tones play off the design’s overall laid back, minimalist feel.

Consider using wood look tiles in bathrooms to bring in a touch of rustic coziness this design style craves. Alternatively you can use a whitewashed wood look tile to make an equally impressive impact.  The goal is the mindful placement of tile; whether with floor tile, wall tile or anything in between. 

On par with an organic minimalist interior design approach is the use of sleek, defined lines. Whether it’s to better define the space itself or build up its design storyline, the goal is to use furniture and decorative pieces that can accentuate  a space and really bring life to it. Organic interiors, when crafted correctly, have longevity that will eb and flow with other trends in years to come.

Recycled Glass 2.75" Hexagon Mosaic In Calacatta Marble Color | 10.2" x 11.7"

This modern bathroom with our Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic tile shows the way thoughtfulness can craft a covetable look. The feature wall tile design in this bathroom has a unique touch thanks to the marble-look glass tiles and carefully curated  selection of well-defined furniture.

Aim for natural, soothing touches

At the core of organic contemporary interior design lies a sense of refreshment; it is, after all, taking the beloved mid century  modern design and easing it into the 2022  standard. This element of rejuvenation and renewal can be felt in almost every space that is decorated with an organic modern look . Whether that’s using something as natural as plant life (hello, biophilic interiors!), or as sustainable l as a recycled glass wood look tile, the result is the same: pure, simplistic style.

Wood look hexagon tile dining room floor with mid century design

Our Esagona Intarcio Nut Wood Look tile adds a captivating touch to this family dining room with its honeycomb pattern! The realistic wood graining on these wood porcelain tiles adds warmth and beauty to the organic modern interior. Aside from providing a natural touch, these dimensional hexagon floor tiles work seamlessly with the greenery and wood accented furniture.

Using natural wood look tiles within an organic modern space will never fail. They can be dressed up easily to fit the space; whether they are adorning a backsplash tile design, curating a floor tile design or mastering the art of a feature wall tile design—the versatility is endless. Our Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic in Wood Color is a perfect choice for organic modern décor, with its  exquisite durability and low maintenance façade. Made from a sustainable material, recycled glass, it definitely supports the organic storyline perfectly. Use as a shower tile, backsplash tile or fireplace tile to create a nature-inspired interior style . 

Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic In Wood Color bathroom backsplash

Recycled glass tiles can help add definition and delight to any organic modern interior with their natural shading and dimension. We just love the fact they are both sustainable and chic! A win-win for your design and the planet.

Where would we be without mentioning the use of natural materials like jute, rattan, or wicker? These materials are primed for organic modern-style homes, and we’re all for them! They can work perfectly inside almost any design. Whether it’s rattan light shades in a kitchen design or a wicker chair added to a living room–the result is flawless.

Calacatta Gold Marble Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash with hanging Woven Pendant Lights

We’re superfans of the way the rattan lampshades dance above the bold blue kitchen island in this modern organic interior design. The marble Calacatta gold tile backsplash works to make a more sophisticated impact on the overall look and complements the golden tones of the exposed wood beams perfectly.

Organized Kitchen Pantry with Wood Look Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Using recycled herringbone glass tiles or even traditional glass tiles with a chevron lay pattern can warrant a beautiful result in a modern organic mudroom design. The use of blues with neutrals is fitting for this style. Pair with wicker baskets and you just hit both function and style on  the first try!

When in doubt, use textures 

If there’s one thing that organic modern interior design styles crave more than natural touches, it’s textures. We’re talking about a unique variety of textures that will stand out and draw the eye in . The beauty of textures is that there are seemingly endless ways to incorporate them into a space. Whether it’s a bathroom design, living room design or mudroom design, there are boundless possibilities to incorporate unique textures into your interior design  storyline. You can find textural touches in 3D porcelain tiles for floors or hexagon marble tiles for backsplashes, for instance, to give off a covetable result. 

Arched Coffee Nook with Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash and Floating Wood Shelves

Our Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile showcases just the way a texture touch goes a long way in an organic modern interior. The honed surface and natural veining gives it a more-than-meets the eye design that wows. The hexagon shape is playful and adds visual interest in this organic modern style kitchen while the texture itself works against the smooth wood of the floating shelves. Truly incredible!

There are plenty of geometric tiles and textured tiles to choose from which makes it easy as pie  to add this modern organic home design element into your space. Using a textured marble tile with a wood look can score you big in a modern interior. Our marble hexagon mosaic tiles  are a great option for this design. The way the shape of the marble and organic variations work together create a contrast that’s welcoming and refreshing. Thanks to the marble tile’s intrinsic durability, with a little TLC and maintenance, it can find a home as a fireplace tile, backsplash tile, or even an outdoor pool tile (after all, who said you can’t take the organic minimalist interior design…to the exterior? We sure didn’t!)

Etched gator marble mosaic tile

Taking a walk on the wild side, this entryway wall tile is statement making in a texture approved way within this modern organic interior. The Carrara Gator Etched Subway Marble Tile makes a seriously far-out statement that adds a balancing touch against the rustic wooden bench and botanical accents. 

The best way to bring a sense of organic modern design into your home is with the use of animal print tiles. These styles will instantly lift any space and give it an au natural vibe, making them perfect for those looking towards more natural décor options! What’s more, while it may seem a little  wild, the truth is the textured marble or porcelain material with its naturally neutral palette offsets the print perfectly. The result is a gorgeously textured design fit for this 2022 tile trend! What’s more, we have a large selection of animal patterned,  bold marble subway tiles to choose from. 

Modern living room with a fireplace accent wall with Black Gator Etched Subway Marble Tiles

Our Gator Etched tiles come in a variety of colors to fit your design needs. Create a stunning fireplace surround with beautiful animal print marble tiles!

You can create a moment of drama as a feature wall in a modern organic home design with a black gator print subway tile made from Eastern Black marble; or, you can make for a rustic yet stylish kitchen backsplash tile design with our Wooden Gray Etched Gator Print tile. Trust us, no matter the subway tile material you choose, the result will be magnificent.  

Crisp whites are your friends 

All  white tile interiors are nothing new but they get a true glow up when it comes to  modern interiors and are a go-to design style as well for natural, minimalistic designs . While you can definitely create impact with bold subway tiles or multicolored recycled glass tiles, the truth is, you can also embrace a timeless classic such as  white tile and still be on trend. Since organic interiors crave natural light and open spaces, it goes without saying that white tiles find their true home in such spaces. Crisp  white tile, especially high gloss polished white wall tiles, are a sure-fire way to enliven a space. Think white subway tile backsplash in your kitchen or white mosaic glass tiles creating the perfect sanctuary in a primary bathroom design. 

Zellige White Ceramic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash
White subway tiles are a definitive element of organic modern décor. As seen in this beautiful nature-inspired kitchen design, our La Riviera Blanc ceramic subway tile is the perfect complement to the light wood countertop and floating shelf. 

Plus, playing off the all-white interior in a new, chic way will result in the ability to have a design that lasts throughout the years. A white ceramic subway tile is the ultimate classic; a staple in interior design much like a white t-shirt is in fashion. While your interior tastes may shift, the beauty of crisp white wall tiles or floor tiles is that they can shift with you. That makes them a very economical choice! 

But, aside from just being overall chic and chameleon-like, white in organic modern interiors provides a great clean slate to build off from. The green in plants accent white in a truly seamless way, and wood shelving looks satisfyingly beautiful against the color, too. So whether you’re adding white shower tiles into a bathroom to create a 2022 approved wet room, or using white glass tiles for a fireplace design, you won’t regret it.

Lustrous, low maintenance, and durable, our Mallorca White ceramic subway tile is a prime choice for an organic modern kitchen. Plus, you can create a totally  true-to-your-space subway tile lay pattern to make it far from cookie cutter. Try laying a chevron backsplash tile pattern or a contemporary vertically stacked subway tile lay pattern with it! 

Handmade is the way to go

There really is no wrong way to go when it comes to incorporating handmade pieces into your  modern interior design. These spaces are meant to be bespoke, with every detail intentional and placement perfected to create a crisp, clean design. Consider adding ceramic tiles behind the bathroom vanity or enliven a kitchen with gorgeous hand crafted  tiles for a backsplash design that stuns. Then, build on the handmade storyline with nifty decorative items; like, a vase that’s been in the family for years or a handcrafted wooden cutting board. As mentioned above, intentionality is key, and nothing quite goes with that as seamlessly as handmade details do!

Fixer to Fabulous airy white kitchen with Mallroca White square ceramic tiles

Our Mallorca White Ceramic 4X4 tile makes for a beautiful, handmade statement in this light and bright modern organic kitchen design. Using the shimmery, white ceramic backsplash tiles to create an overall serene and welcoming atmosphere, its handmade detailing is incredible. We love the way the off-white kitchen island and matching kitchen cabinetry flow in the space to let the biophilic inspired plants really spruce the space up with life!

While there are mountains of options to choose from when it comes to handmade look tile or handcrafted tile, one that will always be a chic option are Zellige style subway tiles. These tiles have become truly beloved in the past few years, and for  good reason; they have a textured surface and luxurious jewel-like shimmer that captures the eye. As such, their glazed appearance makes for a unique handmade touch in an organic style home.  

mallorca blue glazed ceramic subway tile vintage bathroom wall
Organic doesn't have to mean all white! Consider adding a subtle splash of color with our Mallorca Blue ceramic subway tile to tie in colors of the ocean to your bathroom design.


What’s more, the Zellige style ceramic tile gets their handcrafted look from the way they are made. The process is quite an artisan and as a result, makes for a truly individual  appeal. To make these tiles, a tile craftsman molds the tile from clay then bakes them in the sun, then before firing the tiles, they are painted with a beautiful glaze, and sent to the kiln to be finished. So, if your space craves a little storytelling, these tiles are a perfect fit!

Take for example how lovely this tile from our Mallorca Zellige tile collection is in the steam room shower below. The square ceramic tiles create a monochromatic design that’s both fresh and delicate. The perfect mixture for an elegant shower for you and your guests alike! After all, showers are a great place to unwind, and having one with a sanctuary appeal is a definite yes in our book!

Our Mallorca Green 4x4 Ceramic Tile is just spectacular in this shower design! Showing off how beautiful, timeless, and chic zellige handmade tiles can be in a space, it’s definitely a charmer!

With the spring and summer right around the corner, the time has never been better to incorporate a fresh, updated design into your home. Thanks to the natural beauty of the organic modern design trend, it is the perfect chance to unleash some of the design’s elements into your home. As the seasons shift, trees turn green, flowers bloom, and the skies are painted a magnificent blue, make sure that your home emulates these changes! 

Want to be inspired even further? Be sure to check out our tile lookbook for more gorgeous tile installations to save for your home updates! You can also sign up and save on tiles by subscribing to our free newsletter.

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