KBIS 2022 Design Trends for Kitchens and Baths: What to Expect

As we begin to plan ahead for the coming year, it's important to consider the latest design trends that will be influencing home improvement projects. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is always a great source of information on what's hot in the world of home design, and this year's show did not disappoint! Here are some of the top trends we can expect to see in homes across the country in 2022.

Blue and White French Country kitchen with a bold blue backsplash with Tile Club La Riviera Blue Reef

Color Trends For 2022

Greens will lead the charge as bold accent colors gain in prominence to complement traditional whites and off-whites. Blues will also continue to be popular, with a focus on softer shades and hues.  Yellows and oranges will also be seen, but likely with a little more restraint; they’ll work well as accent colors. Neutrals will still be popular and will continue to evolve, with a focus on warmer tones that provide a sense of comfort.

Green kitchen design with zellige tiles

We are gaga for green with this stunning kitchen design by Jean Stoffer Design. Create this gorgeous look with our zellige style ceramic tiles!

Metallic finishes are also predicted to make a comeback in 2022, particularly in the kitchen. We can also expect to see a lot of colorful cabinetry, especially in kitchens. Bright blues, greens and oranges will be popular choices, as well as more daring combinations like black and pink or navy and gold.

Lighting Fixtures and Light Bulbs

Statement lighting fixtures will continue to be popular in 2022, with a focus on unique designs, interesting shapes and sizes. Smart light bulbs are also gaining in popularity for their convenience factor; you can turn the lights on and off remotely or program them according to your schedule! Also expect more LED options for lighting fixtures, as this energy-efficient technology continues to grow in popularity.

Stunning light fixture by Lindsey Adelman

Breathtaking statement lighting by Lindsey Adelman courtesy bspoke.net

Natural light is becoming more popular with larger high-performance windows and doors for outdoor access, as people continue to build outside living, dining, and cooking spaces.

Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel is still the go-to choice for kitchen appliances, but black stainless steel is gaining ground as a popular alternative due to its sleek look.  French door fridges will continue to be popular, along with induction ranges and built-in wall ovens. We can also expect to see more homeowners buying appliances for specific purposes; think a dedicated wine fridge or coffee station. More homeowners are seeking energy efficiency by choosing induction cooktops or climate-controlled wine cellars, and smart appliances that can be controlled remotely are also gaining in popularity.

Wine Storage and bar with Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic In Wood Color tiles on the walls

 Wine bars are all the rage for home design, and we love how our recycled glass hexagon tile pairs beautifully with this trend.

The kitchen is still the most important room in the house as far as home improvement projects go, and we can expect to see a lot of exciting trends in this space over the next few years. Keep an eye out for these trends when planning your own kitchen renovation!

Materials and Finishes

Waterjet mosaic floor tiles with a grand pattern

 Tile Club's Roman Crossroads white waterjet tile is a gorgeous example of how large format tile can enhance your space!

Practicality is still important! Consumers want products that look great but can also stand up to everyday life, so expect an increasing demand for materials like ceramic tile and quartz countertops in kitchens and baths. We can expect to see a lot of natural materials and finishes in kitchens and baths in 2022. Woods like oak, walnut and maple will continue to be popular, as will marble, granite and quartz countertops. We will see more brushed and matte finishes in black, stainless, nickel, and pewter for this coming year.

Beautiful wood look King White Shiplap porcelain tile paired with our Retro Cendra tile flooring is what dreams are made of in this bathroom tile design!

This year, textured walls, patterned tiles, and flooring materials will continue to rise. Textured tiles will be especially popular in bathrooms and kitchens since they may provide traction while wet feet and hands are avoided. Larger format tiling is anticipated to increase in popularity as well due to it's minimal use of grout.

Technology Trends For 2022

Smart home technologies are under the microscope, with tech-savvy millennials leading the charge. Voice-activated lighting and devices that control water temperature, entertainment, and communication are among the top trends in this space. We'll see some common design elements like larger shower heads that provide an overhead rainwater-like experience but also offer massage capabilities such as pulsating jets at specific areas on your body from head-to-toe. 

Other options include digital controls which allow users to adjust water pressure settings according to temperature preference without ever having to touch anything. For bathrooms, touchpads to control water temperature and lighting, as well as digital shower heads that offer an array of functions like music streaming or voice recognition for hands-free usage.

Kohler Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet Tone Collection

Kohler's gorgeous touchless kitchen faucets will take your kitchen to a whole other level! Be sure to check out their Tone collection for a quick kitchen upgrade.

We can expect to see a lot more high-tech gadgets in the kitchen, too; think smart refrigerators with built-in cameras so you can check what’s inside from anywhere via your smartphone! We might even start seeing things like faucets controlled by voice command or ovens that automatically adjust their heat settings based on food types being cooked (hello future!).

Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding it, integrated technology's usage in kitchens and bathrooms remains low. Only 30% of kitchen and 21% of bathroom renovations include integrated technology at present. Many homeowners are also looking for ways that they can incorporate wellness features into their designs - think steam showers, in-floor heating, and even aromatherapy. Smart technology has long been a sought-after integration into homes, and it will continue to grow in popularity among customers.

Rain Shower with Glossy Gold Shower Tile in Hexagon Glass

Considering installing a touchless rainfall showerhead? Be sure to give your walkin shower a total makeover with our Glossy Gold Hexagon glass tile!

Because Covid-19 highlighted high-contact surface areas, people began using hands-free and voice-activated technology to limit the spread of illnesses. In fact, touchless technologies have emerged as the standout heroes within the kitchen and home technology industry. Appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves are now being designed with this in mind. While voice-activated personal assistants were once popular only among early adopters of new technology, they have since become mainstream and even more widely used due to people's concerns about the outbreak of the pandemic.

Sustainability In Design Is Key

Homeowners are looking to connect with nature in their home, and organic design elements provide that connection. Expect to see more natural materials like wood, stone, and copper being used in kitchen and bathroom designs in the coming year. These materials help to create a warm and inviting space that feels like a true extension of the homeowners' personal style.

Recycled glass, bamboo, cork, and wool are all becoming more popular choices as homeowners look for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.


Natural materials and finishes such as stone, wood, and tile give a warm and inviting feeling that is perfect for either the kitchen or bathroom. With sustainability being one of the key trends at KBIS 2022, it's safe to say that going green isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Desire for space that is multi-functional

This entryway from JM Woodworks checks off all the boxes for a multifunctional space with extra storage and cabinetry.

Multi-functional spaces are trending in 2022 as homeowners look to create more efficient living areas. Kitchens are becoming a more open concept with islands that double as dining tables or homework stations. Home offices are being merged with kitchens and laundry rooms to save space, and even bedrooms are being designed with multi-purpose features like built-in closets that can also be used as storage for toys or games. We're also seeing a resurgence of popularity for the mudroom, which is perfect for those who want to keep their main living area clutter free. Multi-functional spaces allow homeowners to maximize their available square footage and create a more functional living environment.

Living room accent wall with Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile

This beautiful space combines outdoor living with indoor aesthetics for a multifunctional space. Our beautiful Antique Arrowhead glass mosaic tile creates a sense of luxury and spaciousness as a feature wall.

We're seeing a lot of dual-purpose cabinetry and furniture in both kitchens and baths that allow people to use the same space for different activities. Both kitchens and baths have become more multi-functional over time, but this trend is really starting to show up in bathroom design as well.

The kitchen continues its transformation from a purely functional place where meals are prepared into an entertainment hub -- sometimes even doubling as dining rooms or offices! The modern kitchen has evolved over time by making it possible for families who live together but work apart (in different shifts) to eat meals together again through technology such as video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Arched Coffee Nook with Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash and Floating Wood Shelves

Adding a coffee or wine bar to your kitchen space is an excellent way to enhance your living area. Our Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon marble mosaic tile fits the bill in this bright design.

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