Discover the Top 2022 Kitchen Trends with Stylish Tile Ideas

Let’s face it -  today’s kitchen isn’t just about food. It’s not even about gathering or dining. Once predominately used for cooking, 2022 kitchen trends are designed to meet so many needs. The list is fairly extensive - from being a homeschool space or working station to a zoom background for business meetings or virtual happy hours - proving that kitchens have become the home's new command center. Acting as the most versatile room in our home, it’s no wonder that investing in our kitchen’s design has become more important than ever. 

Blue and White French Country kitchen with a bold blue backsplash with Tile Club La Riviera Blue Reef

 Colorful kitchens are trending for 2022, like these gorgeous glossy blue La Riviera square ceramic tiles for a bold backsplash!

From a design perspective, 2022 kitchen design trends are built on the momentum created through last year’s trends with a focus on increasing the effectiveness of this hardworking hub, while making it more inviting, comfortable and a true reflection of who we are. If you're planning a kitchen project for next year, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the bandwagon with the newest kitchen trends 2022 will bring! 

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With a multitude of choices for different colors, shapes and patterns, tiles offer both style and function to take multi-faceted kitchens to the next level. From stylish pantry solutions and earth-friendly designs to creative pops of color to personalize the “heart of our home”, below are the hottest kitchen design trends you should look out for in 2022!

Dress Up your Kitchen Zones

As the boundaries continue to blur between our kitchens, living rooms and working spaces, 2022 designs will be focused around creating ‘zones’ to make multifunctional kitchens look more efficient and organized. Be it the backdrop for a stylish desk area, well-styled coffee bar station, or a cozy reading nook, a tile backsplash design is a chic solution to separate different areas while bringing personality to each zone within the kitchen space. 

Arched Coffee Nook with Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash and Floating Wood Shelves

Using our Textured Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile as the backsplash for a neutral kitchen, this well-designed coffee station will make your morning experience feel just as fancy and special as in an upscale café.

As the work-from-home trend continues, so will the coffee-from-home trend!

In fact, built-in coffee stations make it easier for you to enjoy your daily cup of joe without the need to swing by Starbucks every morning! No matter the style and size of your space, a tiled backsplash design can personalize the coffee zone within the kitchen layout, while creating a coffee shop experience to elevate your morning routines!

Dark Grey Recycled Glass Basket Weave Mosaic Tile Wall Backsplash

 This kitchen workstation is a great example of a kitchen zone dedicated to school or work during the day. Converting an area of your kitchen countertop into a working area, like this white and gray kitchen with Recycled Glass tile, is a great way to maximise the use of your space while working from home or distance learning.

If your new normal means working from home in the kitchen space, it’s the perfect time to dress up your decor. In fact, nothing kills productivity like staring at a blank wall all day! Kitchen office spaces are only getting more stylish, and tile is the perfect decor element to make your workspace become more functional and charming, while giving the working area a sense of separation from the rest of the space.

Add a Luxe Detail with Metallic Kitchen Accents

While the cooler tones in nickel and stainless steel have been on the scene for a while, the warmer hues of copper and brass are absolutely on trend for the kitchens in 2022. Get ready to see kitchen remodels that call for a warmer touch using brass and copper details for a truly refreshing, breathtaking aesthetic. Warm metallic colors are also very versatile in that they can be used with an aged patina to suit industrial interiors, as well as to breathe luxury into classic or modern design settings.

Metallic Copper Backsplash Tiles for a Retro Kitchen

There are a multitude of different ways in which to incorporate warm metals into your kitchen decor, but these mosaic tiles are sure to be the ultimate showstopper for the kitchen of your dreams! With its stunning luxe look and warm sheen, our Copper Sticks Metal Mosaic Tile in the photo above is enough to take just about any kitchen design up a notch or three! The reflective qualities of copper combined with an eye-catching geometric pattern is a great way to amplify the feeling of light and sophistication in your next kitchen remodeling project.

Gold Brass Mosaic Tile

A quick way to make an understated kitchen stand out? 

A white kitchen backsplash with metallic accents is an easy way to add layers of intrigue and character while breaking the monotony of an everything-coordinated-kitchen. Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Mosaic Tile in the backsplash design above works as a truly gorgeous design element to enhance the sleek neutral kitchen design with luxe brass details, without losing the crisp and clean finish of white Calacatta marble. 

How to Organize your Kitchen with Style

If there's anything we've found solace in the past two years, it's reorganizing our most highly trafficked spaces—our kitchens! As we’re looking for more ways to beautifully organize our kitchens, dedicated pantry designs are leading the way in the coming year. Built-in, butler’s style or walk-in - a pantry space can become a real gem within the kitchen with a stylish tile design, and make the space feel like part of the home rather than just a food storage area!

Kitchen Organization Ideas with Pantry for Farmstand Kitchen Style

Time to give walk-in pantries another chance to shine and create rooms worth spending time in! With a punch of classic penny round pattern using our Cream Penny Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile, this statement wall is the ultimate luxurious upgrade to the walk-in pantry space above. We love how the tiled wall takes the room to new heights while the earth-infused palette blends in as an extension of the neutral kitchen. 

Black and natural wood kitchen pantry

This walk-in pantry by interior designer Bathome looks like it came to life straight off your Pinterest board! Natural wood and copper accents are both on trend for a modern take on rustic interiors, and we love the handmade look of the black subway tiles to complement the dramatic tones.

Like what you see? Our Mallorca Black glossy ceramic tiles can make your design dreams become a reality, and make your pantry walls feel just as lovely and luxe!

Recycled Glass Tiles for the Eco-Conscious Home

There’s still a growing desire for long-lasting products in design with more homeowners turning to materials that embrace purpose and sustainability. While the demand for ecological and natural materials is still high, recycled glass tile is hot news in kitchens right now — a trend that is set to continue into next year as well! 

Modern farmhouse kitchen pantry with wood look hexagon tiles in recycled glass

Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic in Blue Wood Color brings the natural aesthetic of wood with a non-porous surface to any kitchen space, providing the best of both worlds for an ethically-styled kitchen!

Recycled glass tiles are not only a design trend, but a new sustainable niche in home remodeling for customers seeking environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on style. With their unmatched durability, cleanliness and aesthetic qualities, recycled glass tiles are ready to turn any kitchen space into an earth-friendly sanctuary you’ll be proud of! 

White and blue kitchen with a black and copper French range and Blue Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash

Our Blue Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile brings a lustrous appeal that adds shine and depth to kitchen backsplashes - it merges eco-friendly design, function and beauty, all in one material! 

You can make a “green” mark in the kitchen while dressing up your backsplash area with this low-maintenance, easy to clean material. These decorative glass tiles are a beautiful and sustainable choice for your stove backsplash design that can easily handle all the spills and splatters even in the busiest cooking spaces. 

Bring in Natural Elements

The trend for using bold and dark colors in the kitchen has been around for some time but there will be an expansion in the shades of forest greens and navy blues as top ranking colors in 2022. Blue and green cabinet colors will support the movement toward shades that echo our desire to be close to nature, while enhancing the relaxed and comfortable look that will continue to dominate our kitchens in the next year.

Topaz Marbled Glass Hexagon Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash in Blue, White, and Gray

Expect to see the comforting color palette in the cabinets expand to our walls with pops of serene blue and green tile designs. We love the way our Topaz Marbled Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile enhances the soothing and grounding character of sleek blue cabinetry in the kitchen design above, while giving the room a sophisticated flair with its unique gemstone look.

Green and white kitchen with trending cabinet paint colors
When your cabinets feature the vibrant shades of blue or green, a classy white marble or ceramic backsplash design can ground the space and bring an ambiance of upscale luxury. We can envision our white subway tiles as the perfect contrast  to deep green cabinetry such as in this kitchen designed by DevolKitchens.

Evoking a sense of tranquility, peace and renewal, we will continue to see warm olive and forest greens (like 2022’s Colors of the Year) as a way to bring balance and stability to busy kitchens. As deep green cabinets bring a touch of luxe to the space, these darker tones are also the perfect foil for classy white marble floors and backsplash designs to make the kitchens stand out with sophistication.

Porcelain wood look kitchen flooring tile

If you're all-in on hardwood floors, you can have your natural beauty and practicality too! We love the ease of maintenance you get with wood-look porcelain floor tiles, like these nut-brown tiles that are both water and scratch-resistant so they retain their charm without refinishing or buffing!

Open Shelves Adds Dimension

Though we see a fair share of swoon-worthy cabinets in deep greens and blues, design trends also point to a rise in open shelving in the kitchens. The desire for streamlined, clutter-free kitchens brings the trend for open shelving units as one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update our kitchens with style. Offering functional storage and the opportunity to infuse the space with personality, this style is proof that even a functional storage solution can be statement-making!

Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic tile backsplash with open shelves and neutral cabinet paint

This kitchen design takes corner cabinets out of the equation and brings a gorgeous floral motif using our Calacatta Gold Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile as a durable alternative to patterned wallpaper, making this tiny kitchen feel open and full of dimension!

Open shelving is not only a great way to open up a small kitchen, but also a chance to design a counter-to-ceiling tile wall to display gorgeous patterns for mesmerizing visual effects. If you’re concerned about your dishes being on full display, you can also choose a corner spot for the open shelf style as an alternative to corner cabinets that can be hard to reach. 

Elevate your kitchen with a tile range good in Calacatta Gold Marble bricks

Sometimes just a single shelf is also enough to add interest without detracting away from the rest of the space. In this kitchen, the single open shelving draws the eye up, making the cooking area look and feel much larger than it actually is. Calacatta Gold & Thassos Bricks Mosaic Tile creates the real statement in the room and is both practical and visually pleasing. 

Unexpected Pops of Color

In the search to be authentic, the introduction of bolder pops of color is something that we will see more in kitchen designs in 2022. Although that doesn’t mean white kitchens are out, it does mean that kitchens will use unexpected color pops that bring some of our own personality into the kitchen. With a shift from sleek, streamlined kitchens, it’s all about creating rooms that feel unique and lived in!

Our multicolor Moroccan Green Arabesque Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile creates an instant facelift, giving the backsplash area depth and a plenty of expression in this kitchen design. A tiled backsplash can be an easy way to upgrade the kitchen that needs a pop of color, and create a look that is layered, interesting and definitely tailored.

If you don’t want to commit to color on your walls or cabinets, try limiting the bright hues to one section - such as a coffee bar, stove area or pantry design. Take inspiration from this kitchen that benefits from the unexpected pops of color behind the range. Colorful penny round tiles are refreshing and can energize the whole kitchen while working as an effortless way to add some punch even to the most basic backsplash design.

Say Hello to Bold Textured Backsplashes

Matchy-matchy is over! While texture may have been something we're used to having in our living rooms and bedrooms, we're starting to see tactile materials seep into kitchens more than ever. You wouldn’t want your living room to look like you just walked into a showroom, so why should your kitchen be any different? 

Expect to see sleek and glossy surfaces replaced with matte and textured finishes that convey the appearance of more organic materials. Designers are turning to mixed materials, such as marble and glass mix tiles and more textured finishes, to break things up and create a lived-in look in the kitchens. 2022 will be the year for more expressive tactile materials such as tiles with metallic and rough finishes to tie our designs together through character and individuality.

White and silver kitchen with etched marble arabesque backsplash tile and brushed nickel hood range

While marble adds a soothing depth to any kitchen, textured tiles are trending to avoid the monotony of entirely white and gray kitchen designs. The proof is our etched Arabesque marble tile in the kitchen design above - it draws us to the surface detail on the backsplash design and adds variance of depth to the otherwise neutral space. 

Black Vinyl Peel and Stick Subway Tile Kitchen Wall

Our Black Vinyl Peel and Stick Subway Tile is a sophisticated and dramatic choice for homeowners looking for an easy and inexpensive solution for their kitchen upgrade! 

There’s no doubt that what we use our kitchens for has changed. As 2022 continues to be the year for our kitchens playing their hybrid role, now is the best time to invest in a kitchen design that is warm and welcoming with staying power. If you’ve decided to invest in a small or major kitchen reno, keep these fresh tile ideas in mind as we kick off the new year!

Thinking about how you can use these ideas in your next kitchen remodel? Reach out to us - we can’t wait to help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of!

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