Inviting Holiday Home Ideas with Tile Upgrades

Author: Lindsay Fluckiger

Holiday season is a time for celebration and making memories with loved ones. For most of us, that means sharing our home with friends and family, more than any other time of the year. When it comes to prepping for the holidays, you no doubt have your favorite traditions. From gingerbread cookies and homemade greeting cards, we all wait with anticipation as we prepare our homes so they are ready for guests. While we all love preparing our favorite holiday traditions, there is nothing quite as memorable as a well-decorated home that is warm and inviting for all of your special guests.

If you're looking to find the perfect finishing touches or you're working through your shopping list to surprise someone special with a gift card, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for the holidays!

Dark green kitchen cabinets with recycled glass herringbone tile backsplash and neutral wood accents

Deck the halls, and the fireplace, and the range hood this holiday season - and make sure that your interior is welcome to receive guests with a fresh new look like this Recycled Glass herringbone mosaic backsplash that pairs perfectly with festive holiday decor!

Since November starts the countdown to hosting the most festive gatherings of the year, it’s time to evaluate if your space is ready to greet your guests (and Santa!) with comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for kitchen design tricks for stylish family dinners or spectacular living room updates for sipping eggnog around the fireplace, now is the perfect time to complete the home improvement projects you’ve always dreamed of!

Is there a kitchen backsplash renovation you’ve been putting off? Are you sick of your dated fireplace design bringing down your holiday décor game? How about completing that first-floor bathroom project, so this year you can point dinner guests to the powder room without sending them upstairs? Refresh your home for 2022 and complete your list of home projects to get off to a fresh new start.

Christmas is almost here, but there's still plenty of time to improve your home just in time for the holidays. Today we’re talking about in-stock and ready to ship tiles that will make your renovation dreams come to life and create the home for the most memorable gatherings, this holiday and beyond! Grab your hot cocoa and start scrolling now - we have tons of tile ideas to inspire you to create a beautiful home that everyone will want to spend time in, all year round.

Add a Sense of Comfort with Earth Tones 

Are you trying to find the right hues and patterns to refresh your home? Get a head start on your New Year’s remodel project with our 2022 Tile Trend Guide for design styles you’ll certainly want to replicate in your home!

Looking ahead at  2022 design trends, earth tone colors are catching our eye in home décor as they symbolize balance and harmony often seen in the natural world. Expect to see tiles in warm tones overtaking cool neutrals in an effort to design welcoming  interiors and create homes that feel more inviting  than ever. 

The interlocking design and delicate etched details make our Moroccan White Star & Antique Cross Etched Marble Mosaic Tile a fanciful backsplash option for earth-tone kitchen décor. Its natural stone surface creates an organic vibe while the two-toned scheme embodies  extra dimension to impress.

What one place in the house becomes a focal point during the holidays? The kitchen, of course!

If you want to create a stylish kitchen space that also calms your soul, look no further than earth tones for your floors and walls that add extra warmth and coziness to your space. Impress holiday guests with a fancy mosaic backsplash design that also brings a sense of warmth, making your space feel like the comforting heart of the home! Looking to get a little darker in your home’s hub this season? From brown-tinted taupe to peachy shades, pick your favorite hue for an earthy kitchen décor that will feel cozy in your space year round

Large format 10" Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile is a classic  option to make a small space pop with geometric pattern while giving you less grout lines to clean – perfect for busy bathrooms and entryways! 

Is there a guest bathroom project on your list to tackle? Calacatta marble tile floors are a great way to design a high impact space with limited square footage. Natural stone tile in earth tones will infuse a touch of class while creating a greater sense of comfort and cleanliness that every guest will love. 

If you want to give your guests bath-time bliss, why not dress it up with a floor to ceiling marble accent wall? Your bathroom is certain to make them feel like they've wandered into their own luxury hotel making it even harder for them to say goodbye!

The Healing Power of Green Interiors

If neutral home décor isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Earth tones aren’t the only colors catching our attention for the upcoming year. Looking at 2022 colors of the year, nature-inspired greens and dusty blues will skyrocket in popularity as people yearn to bring a sense of peace into their homes. Winter blues got you down? Use the healing colors of nature to create a serene, restful home that will brighten up your day, no matter what's happening outside your window!

Invite the outdoors in with Mallorca Green ceramic tile that evokes the images of a crisp, cool forest. It’s an ideal muted green that helps you connect deeply with nature while enhancing the natural light of your bathroom, year-round!

Benjamin Moore October Mist and Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog paint colors are trending for 2022, and are among our favorites for setting light, airy vibes  with a sophisticated shade of color. We love these soft green tones as the perfect alternatives to typical neutrals – great for adding calm to rooms might to feel too busy and chaotic. “Harmonious and healing, the health-giving message conveyed by sage greens are ideally suited to this time. They enhance our emotional well-being and boost our spiritual health.” says Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. 

Customer Install - Sage Frost Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash with Smoke Gray Painted Vent Hood

You can make a stylish statement with muted green tones while creating a spa-like sensation in the bathroom. This accent wall with Sage Frost Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile is all the evidence you need! 

Looking for a calming alternative to standard white, generic beige, and moody  grays? For those who need a little color to brighten the winter days, dusty green tile is a mood-boosting design element that is sure to cheer you up! You can create a peaceful kitchen décor, or design a Zen-inducing bathroom to relax using soft greens on your walls that maximize light, incorporate a touch of color, and create a soul-soothing décor.

Wallpaper Effects that Impress 

Speaking of 2022 tile trends, there’s a reason why patterned tiles have taken over the hottest modern trends— they are both durable and incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Today’s wall coverings are nothing like the wallpaper from yesteryear  – we can now create the same wallpaper-like impression with patterned tiles for a durable wall covering solution that will withstand moisture and humidity in your mudroom, entryway, kitchen, and even shower!

Kasai Carta Sakura Floral Porcelain Wall Tile for a Walk-in Shower

The larger scale cherry blossom pattern of Kasai Carta Sakura 10x60 Rectified Porcelain Tile is beauty and durability combined together! You can create an oversized wallpaper-like effect with the large format whimsical floral pattern while giving your walls a completely water-resistant solution behind the tub.

Patterns are a small space's best friend - they offer you a chance to show your personality with a minimal investment in time and materials. As an added bonus, they add a decorative detail without cluttering up a small kitchen or a cozy half-bathroom. Ranging from vintage floral patterns to contemporary and geometric motifs, wallpaper-like tiles are ready to turn any bare walls into a stylish centerpiece. Powder rooms and showers are the perfect place for bold colors and patterns that you love but might be too much in a larger space.

Arrowhead Pearl Marble Mosaic Tile Bathroom Install with Marble Countertops

Does having a glass of wine in a white pristine kitchen sound like a recipe for disaster? Not anymore! Create your dream white kitchen or bathroom backsplash with Arrowhead Pearl Marble Mosaic Tile that will add a rich, wallpaper-like detail on your walls without any concerns over durability.

Create perfect gathering spaces for guests to gather without risking easily stained wallpaper near your cooking space or fireplace. Use patterned tiles to add the charm of wallpaper with added durability – from accent walls and kitchen backsplashes to creating a floor design element for entryways, this is a great opportunity to impress.

Baby, It’s Warm Inside!

When the temperature drops outside , we know that it’s time to warm up the interior. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your space feel cozy and inviting wood-look tile is a great way to upgrade your home and create a comforting atmosphere during the holiday season and beyond! From wood-look porcelain hexagon floors for the bathroom to a wooden beige marble backsplash in the kitchen, these tiles are stylish, versatile and best of all: easy to maintain! 

White oak chevron floors with porcelain wood look tiles for a Scandinavian bathroom

Use a white oak chevron floor to turn your bathroom into a cozy retreat even during the coldest part of the year! This porcelain tile creates a cozy cottage feel without the worry of scratches or high maintenance of real hardwood.

Beat the chill outside by adding an extra layer of comfort to living areas, kitchens and bathrooms  with the warm appearance of wood-look tile. You can bring in beautiful neutral colors, spectacular grain patterns and gorgeous textures of real authentic wood without sacrificing function over aesthetics!

Sunny wooden kitchen with Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Blue Wood Color backsplash

 How about the beauty of charming woodlands with a nonporous surface? If you’re a fan of the farmhouse-style design elements, our Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic in Blue Wood Color will provide a double decor wow-factor combining the authenticity of wood with the durability of glass! 

Missingnature like never before? You can finally have that rustic style shower you’ve always loved in the mountain cabin at your last getaway to the countryside! Create the ultimate relaxing getaway in your own home this holiday, designing a rustic yet classy bathroom with wood-look glass tiles. 

Opting for a wood-look glass vanity backsplash will ensure your rustic bathroom feels warm without taking away from the modern feel. Designing a shower with wood-look tiles will give your bath a chic log cabin vibe  and make your home ultra-inviting for guests to enjoy their stay! 

Time to Gather ‘Round the Fire

It’s time to get cozy with the fire this winter. Don't you worry, we have all of your fireplace needs covered! If you’re sick of your dated fireplace mantel bringing down your holiday décor, it’s time to take things to the top. Whether your style is traditional, modern or rustic, we have tile choices to beautify even the most dated fireplace. 

Black Rectified Porcelain Tile

If this fireplace doesn't convince Santa to make a stop at your house, nothing will! We love the modern and luxurious look of our Large format Kasai Notte Kintsugi 10x60 Rectified Porcelain Tile with black wood texture and abstract gold lines that creates an exotic spot for guests to gather around!

Fed up with your  old brick fireplace and want to get a little creative? Welcome the holidays with a dazzling fireplace surround that is sure to impress your family and friends with a creative and elevated pattern. This is the perfect place to introduce different patterns without upstaging everything else in the living room décor. From timeless herringbone patterns to irregular and asymmetrical tile designs, we have a wide selection of mosaic tiles to liven things up and create a cozy spot that that will be sure to turn heads  

California Casual living room with Lexington White Marble Mosaic Tile Fireplace surround and Wood Beam Mantel
Create a piece of art other than just a fireplace to give your guests something to look at! Our Lexington White marble mosaic tile adds a gorgeous detail that can suit any living room style!

From the modern look and appealing color options of glass tiles to the timeless appeal of natural stone, browse fireplace tiles for a quick makeover before the holidays. Pick your favorite color and pattern to set the stage for a perfect romantic vibe for the cozy days ahead!

Create a Glitzy Winter Wonderland 

If you love the magic of a winter snow landscape, consider creating your own winter wonderland at home this holiday.

For those who admire the wintry color palette with a splash of shimmer, shell tiles will transform your home into a glitzy wonderland full of style.Available in contemporary patterns and geometric mosaic designs as well as in classic tile shapes such as diamonds, penny rounds and subways, Mother of Pearl tiles can effortlessly enhance the kitchen, bathrooms or living room with a natural iridescence that can’t be  ignored. 

White and wood kitchen wall tile with shell hexagon mosaics

Mother of Pearl Hexagon Mosaic Tile will add a whisper of fairytale glam to your kitchen while creating a crisp background to display your best gingerbread houses this holiday!

Shell tile is a surpisingly durable and low-maintenance option for backsplashes, accent walls and flooring accents. Whether you want to create a magical snowy scene on a fireplace mantel, or looking to add a touch of Hollywood glam to your bathroom decor, Mother of Pearl mosaic tile is a chic way to make your tile dreams come true. 

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Cabinet Paint and Marble Tile Backsplash

Bring a wintry whimsy to your kitchen with Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile to keep the spirits bright for the holiday season and beyond! The rainbow-like shimmer of mother of pearl will create an inviting appeal that will give everyone the urge to gather around!

With design options that fit styles from modern to classic, mother of pearl tile is the perfect choice to add a year-round touch of glamour and glitz for a fairy-white tile décor. You can design an accent wall around the fireplace that looks like a blanket of snow, or use this pearly white aesthetic in the bathroom to feel relaxed and restored. Shell tiles are perfect for creating  a design that lasts an eternity - time to let your walls display a unique glow, all year long!


The time has come to gather and celebrate, and nothing will make this holiday more memorable than a well-decorated home that feels warm and inviting for your guests. Whether you’ll be gathering with friends and family, or still prefer virtual celebrations instead, your home deserves an upgrade to spread the holiday cheer and show off your creative flair.

Thinking of a kitchen upgrade for an Insta-worthy décor? Trying to get your guest bath ready for the overnight guests? Pick your favorite tile project and get ready to wow your guests for all your get-togethers this holiday and beyond! 

12" x 12" Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile for Fireplace

 Create a cozy glow for your holiday decor with a Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile fireplace surround for a stunning living room look any time of year!

Whichever tile project you choose for your home, we hope this new look brings you happiness and good luck for the year ahead!

 Happy Holidays from Tile Club!

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