Colorful Marble Tiles for Creative Interiors

In the glamorous world of interior design, marble tiles have always been the reigning start, showering spaces with an aura of timeless charm and refined luxury. 

We've all admired the pristine elegance of Carrara and dreamed of bathing in the opulence of Calacatta Gold. But hold onto your decorative hats because we're about to flip the script! Can marble go beyond just being stunning and venture into the realms of unexpected and fun?

From cheeky pastels that can brighten the gloomiest of days to bold jewel tones, the world of colorful marble tiles is a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to be uncovered. Whether you’re yearning to revamp your kitchen, add a splash of pizzazz to your bathroom, or create an eye-catching feature wall that’ll have your friends gasping in awe, these tiles are your VIP pass to a world of endless possibilities. 

In this whimsical realm, each tile becomes a stroke of a painter’s brush, where luxury meets playfulness, and your imagination becomes the guiding star. 

A Journey Through Our Exquisite Line of Colorful Marble Tiles 

Do you love the allure of classic marble but want to dive deeper into the spectrum of color and creativity natural stone can offer? Check out our captivating array of colored marbles  that redefine elegance and fun.

Warm Salmon Pink Hues of Norwegian Rose Marble Tile

White and pink marble mosaic tile backsplash for a home wet bar with brass open shelves

Savor the taste of luxury with every cocktail you craft in this wet bar crafted with Norwegian Rose Marble Mosaic Tile

In the marble world, where classics reign supreme, one gem stands out like a warm rose in a garden of neutrals. We’re talking about none other than Norwegian Rose Marble, also known as Rosa Norvegia Marble, a captivating natural stone hailing from the quarries of Norway.

White and Pink Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile Backsplash with Copper Fixtures

Spruce up kitchen sink areas with rose marble backsplash tiles like our White and Pink Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tiles.

Norwegian Rose Marble is a true showstopper, gracing any space with pinkish-red hues. Imagine the delicate blush of rose petals, gradually deepening into the rich, velvety tones of fine wine. This colored marble tile takes the color spectrum on a journey from soft, light pink to a deep, sultry burgundy within a single tile.

This Norwegian Rose Marble Mosaic Picket Tile kitchen backsplash can turn daily routines into moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. And don’t forget their resilience; they can handle constant moisture without losing their charm. 

By now, you might have fallen head over heels for the charm of Norwegian Rose Marble tiles - and who can blame you? These rosy wonders have a lot more to offer than meets the eye. 

These colorful marble tiles are no delicate darlings. They can handle the hustle and bustle of high-traffic areas with grace. Whether it’s a busy hallway or an open kitchen, these tiles are up to the task. 

Plus, you can pair the beauty of pink rose marble with Thassos white marble for a fresh white and pink look.

Pink marble scale tile for a Scandinavian living room fireplace design

Norwegian Rose and Thassos Mini Scale Marble Mosaic Tile as a kitchen backsplash adds a touch of glamor while offering practicality. They can withstand heat up to 150F, making them ideal for behind stovetops and fireplace surrounds. 

This tile type is also excellent for shower walls, floors, and kitchen backsplashes. Find these Barbie pink tiles in shapes suitable to your space — from penny round mosaics to pink porcelain subway tiles. There’s definitely something for everyone! 

Your space deserves nothing less than the best; rose marble tiles deliver that in spades. So, whether you’re planning to renovate your home or enhance a commercial space, consider the timeless beauty and lasting quality of these warm pink tiles!

Verdant Shades of Mint Green Marble Tile

Bring home biophilic vibes with Mint Green Marble, a stone that combines pristine magnificence with the verdant beauty of nature. 

Whether you’re creating a serene bathroom sanctuary, a stunning floor, or interior wall art, our Envy Green and Thassos Waterfall Marble Mosaic Tile is perfect for creating polished, refined, and utterly gorgeous designs. 

Renowned for its shifting palette of green hues, this marble imparts a lustrous sheen to any surface.  Dive into the enchanting palette of this colorful marble tile!

Our Envy Green Marble Penny Round Tile is sure to stir envy with its enthralling symphony of green hues, unique veining, and timeless finesse. Paired effortlessly with matte black fixtures in this bathroom wall design, this is luxury redefined. 

The foundation of this light green marble is reminiscent of precious jade, interwoven with captivating dark green veining. Subtle white dappling adds depth and dimension to this mesmerizing tile.

If you want to elevate your kitchen aesthetic, this patterned Envy Green Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic tile floor might suit your fancy. Durable, stylish, and effortlessly chic, they’re the perfect pop of color for this kitchen’s rustic wood aesthetic. 

This marble tile thrives in many environments, from stunning residential floors to captivating commercial spaces. The Mint Green Marble tile collection is your key to design perfection. It’s a natural material that transcends trends and time, a legacy of natural beauty that adds a touch of upscale splendor to any space. 

Stormy Blue Shades of Calacatta Bluette Marble Tile

Combine the luxury of Calacatta Gold with a dash of bold color - that’s what Calacatta Bluette Marble is all about. This marble is hidden within the heart of Carrara, Italy.

Calacatta Bluette Marble Picket Tile bathroom in blue, gray, and white

A paradox of design, Calacatta Bluette Marble Picket Tile evokes the imagery of moody skies yet brings an ethereal and calming aura to this powder room design. 

Much like classic Calacatta combines a creamy white base with veins of dark gray and gold, this beautiful variation has a bold mix of white, gray, and deep blue tones. The dramatic variation of color in each piece is what makes this gorgeous tile so unique! 

Calacatta Bluette Marble’s intricate veining, with its shades of white and blue, makes a gorgeous canvas for our Falling Leaves Calacatta Bluette Marble Mosaic Tile. This beautiful union highlights the beauty of Calacatta Marble.

The colors ebb and flow like waves in the ocean, creating a sense of movement that’s both breathtaking and timeless. 

Just like the other marble tiles in this colorful lineup, Calacatta Bluette Marble Tiles also come in various shapes, contributing to a room's overall depth and character. The interplay of shapes and shades further enriches your design, making it a multi-dimensional showpiece. 

Shades of blue and white marble for a double hexagon tile backsplash for a luxury kitchen

Incorporating Calacatta Bluette Marble tiles into your kitchen introduces an airy and calming feeling that transcends its stormy hues. The marble’s blue and gray shades create a sense of serenity. ,

The moodiness in these tiles make a fabulous debut in a rustic farmhouse home. Be it a kitchen or bath, it would work well against well-worn wooden elements or antiqued decor. If you find a style you love, you can even make it the centerpiece of a room as a feature farmhouse wall tile! 

Dreamy Sky Blue of Blue Celeste Marble Tile

Mined from the illustrious quarries nestled in the Sierra de Córdoba region of Argentina, Blue Celeste Marble showcases exquisite coloration and intricate veining patterns shaped by the distinctive geological conditions of this enchanting locale. 

The walls of this boutique ooze with pure grandeur, with the tranquil, celestial sky-blue hues of our Santorini Blue White Petals Marble Mosaic Tile

As one of the world’s most delicately hued blue marbles, Blue Celeste radiates the allure of a cloudless sky. What makes this colored marble tile truly exceptional is its dazzling sky-blue sparkle, a celestial quality that sets it apart from the classic marble tiles we often encounter.  This marble epitomizes opulence and tranquility, making it hallmark of sophistication of architectural and interior design. 

Blue Celeste, in our Santorini Blue White Floral Marble Mosaic Tile, is a durable natural stone that can withstand the demands of both floors and walls. Its resistance to wear and tear and its longevity ensure that it will maintain its beauty for years to come. 

If you want to add a dash of playfulness to any space, this blue tile comes in delightful mosaic styles to do just that.. Whether you opt for penny rounds, hexagons, chevrons, or other intricate patterns, these colorful marble mosaic tiles bring a sense of fun and charm to your designs. 

Blue and White Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Blue Shaker Cabinets

In the kitchen, where splashes and spills are common, Thassos Octagon with Azul Cielo Squares Marble Mosaic Tile is easy to clean and maintain. It is naturally resistant to stains and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution. 

Blue Celeste Marble Tile effortlessly transitions between floor and wall applications, making it a dynamic choice for interior designs. This colorful marble tile can provide a subtle, upscale touch when used as a kitchen backsplash. Its subtle sparkle can catch and reflect light, creating a shimmering effect that adds depth and dimension to the space. This glimmering tile perfectly complements both light and dark cabinetry and countertop choices. 

If you are designing a coastal interior, Blue Celeste is your definite go-to! Choose any of our mosaic tile formats for a  delightful backsplash tile in your bathroom. Choose the subway tile as the hearth of your home on a living room fireplace. If a seaside escape is in your future, this marble tile type is your best friend. 

White and brass French kitchen style with Tile Club Blue Celeste and Thassos marble flower pattern tile backsplash in blue and white

The kitchen showcased above shows the perfect fusion of function and beauty. Blue Celeste Marble tile brings an air of refinement to the kitchen, transforming it into an epitome of aesthetic splendor. This installation is an absolute celebration of the magic of Blue Celeste, a material that effortlessly infuses any space with charm and elegance. It’s a reminder that every kitchen can be a place of inspiration and enchantment and that the choice of tiles can truly make a space come alive. 

The Beauty of Color Marble Variations

Diverse and distinctive, our colorful marble tile selection is a testament to the geological tapestry that spans the globe, resulting in an awe-inspiring spectrum of colors and patterns. Each marble slab hails from a distinct region, bearing the indelible mark of its origin’s unique geological features. 

The variations in marble are what makes each piece unique and special!

Every color in our vibrant colored marble tiles exhibits a captivating interplay resulting from the ages-long refinement deep within the Earth. This is the secret behind the uniqueness of every tile, where each hue and pattern emerge as nature’s signature. 

We stay faithful to nature’s artistry, refraining from artificial enhancements. The astonishing spectrum of colors is entirely organic, and our only mission is to meticulously and lovingly polish each tile to a radiant sheen, or offer them in a more subtle buffed matte. This way, we deliver not just marble tiles but pieces of art that embody both the majesty of nature’s design and our unwavering dedication to quality. 

Wrapping Up: Colorful Marbles 

Have you found the perfect colorful marble tile for your next design project?  We sure hope so! 

From pinkish hues to vibrant greens, there is an array of colored marble tiles, and  let’s be real…they’re all stunning! Infuse a touch of warmth into your space with the salmon pink embrace of Norwegian Rose marble, elegantly adorning a chic vanity backsplash. Imagine evoking envy and admiration with an intricate mosaic of mint green marble, a verdant masterpiece that graces your entryway floor. Seek serenity in the myriad shades of blue marble, from the dramatic stormy blue shades of Calacatta Bluette to the dreamy sky blue hues of Blue Celeste. The world is your oyster. 

So, if you could sprinkle a little colorful marble magic in your space, where would you put those marble tiles? We’d love to hear your ideas below! And, of course, if you need any design inspiration or help, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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