How To Achieve The Perfect Farmhouse Feature Wall

The farmhouse design style has become increasingly popular in recent years. This rustic chic aesthetic is often associated with a cozy, homey feel that helps make any space more inviting and comfortable. A great way to transform the look of your home and capture the aesthetic easily is by adding a feature wall that embraces the country home vibe. Today, we’ll go over the appeal of rustic styles, how to achieve the perfect farmhouse accent wall in different areas of your home, and some inspiration to get you started!

When it comes to crafting a farmhouse-style wall, remember, the aesthetic is far-reaching. Ask yourself what type of farmhouse look is most appealing to you. Could it be an Italian farmhouse look? Maybe you go more for a modern farmhouse look? Or, perhaps, it’s a classic, romantic French country style that suits your fancy. Whatever the case, defining the niche will allow you to make a superbly true-to-you interior design.

Why not make a cozy, kitchen nook spotlighted with some impactful tile design? Just take this space above for inspiration. Inside it, you can see how they used Gems Hex Blanco Wood Look porcelain tile on the walls surrounding the eat-in area.  

What is the farmhouse style? 

A prime example of a modern farmhouse style with textural elements and minimalist decor. The use of our Japandi Maple Slat Wall Tile here adds a trending look to the bathroom allowing movement and flow. 

Farmhouse style in interior design is a laid back, comforting aesthetic that often evokes memories of the past. Characterized by natural materials, muted colors and warm accents, cottage decorating has become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek out ways to create an inviting atmosphere at home. At its core, this design trend is all about comfort, simplicity and nature.

The key to achieving the classic farmhouse look is in the details. The use of organic materials like wood and stone, distressed finishes, earthy color palettes and rustic accents bring a sense of nature into the home. Furnishings with comfortable shapes and fabrics provide an inviting atmosphere, while unique pieces of art or decor add a touch of personality.  

With the right combination of materials and textures, anyone can create a vibe-worthy home that has the welcoming atmosphere of this look. Whether it’s adding a vintage rug to an entryway, whitewashing the walls, or using a rustic chandelier to brighten up a living room, or adding a farmhouse tile accent wall, these simple touches make all the difference.  

What to keep in mind when incorporating farmhouse wall designs:

Choose the right tile. 

Choose tiles that are light, airy, and bright as a base. This will allow you to explore additional touches with decor and create a truly unique space. Plus, it allows for a transitional space that’s still on trend. Consider using wood-look, brick, or stone tiles as a focal wall to create a more traditional look. 

Add in some textured accents.

Try adding rustic-inspired hardware to cabinets and doors that will provide additional texture and interest. The right furniture pieces can also add farmhouse vibes to the room, while still keeping it modern and timeless.  A great option? Our Lake White ceramic subway tile. While it may seem simple, it has a handmade look and spectacular glaze that can liven any space up!

Aim for natural elements.

Go for natural materials like wood look porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles  to capture the essence of country living. In doing so, you can create a aesthetically pleasing space. 

Fusion is allowed.

Don’t forget to add in some fusion design elements into your decor, but don’t go overboard — a few key items can make a big impact. For instance, maybe you like a coastal farmhouse. You can achieve that with the right accent tile and accessories. We highly recommend our very own Pure White Mother of Pearl Herringbone mosaic tile as an option. It has a luxurious appeal that can create an upscale ambiance to your coastal farmhouse home.

Seek out variety.

Finally, have fun with the decor and experiment with different forms like marble look porcelain tiles from our Emporio stone look backsplash, or patterns and colors to create an inviting atmosphere! After all, perfectly imperfect is farmhouse decor’s motto. 

At the end of the day, your farmhouse style should reflect your personality and make you feel at home — so don’t be afraid to try something new! With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to designing a stunning rusic modern wall that will serve as the centerpiece of any room.  

Now for some inspiration, farmhouse walls throughout your home.

From accent walls in the kitchen to a feature wall in the living room, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this style into your home. These walls provide a unique way to add texture and dimension to any space while still remaining warm and inviting. They can also be used as a focal point that helps bring the entire design together. With so many different ways to create a feature wall, there are endless possibilities when it comes to farmhouse style. With some careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a beautiful space that truly embodies the rustic charm of farmhouse style.

Farmhouse accent wall living room

Tile is a great way to add an interesting and eye-catching cottage accent wall in your living room. Whether you choose classic subway tile or opt for more rustic, textured tiles such as terracotta, stone, or wood lookalikes, adding just one accent wall can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

What's more, there are different ways to use tile for a farmhouse wall from fireplace facade to the backdrop wall for your television in your living room.

Fireplace Facing: A fireplace can be the focal point of any living room, and with a farmhouse-style tile accent wall it can be even more impressive. Update your brick or stone fireplace by installing charming porcelain tiles or stone tiles to give it an updated rustic look.

There's something special about traditional fireplaces with their centuries-old appeal and aesthetic. Marble tiles or beautiful glass tile patterns (Selo Hexagon mosaic above) can give you that look while providing all the warmth of a classic stone hearth. Sitting around it and listening to the sound of crackling fire will soon envelop you in a feeling of being safely cocooned in your very own regal retreat. Your fireplace mantle also provides plenty of opportunity for decoration. Whether you choose to place succulents on it, artwork, or farmhouse approved candle holders, they'll add the perfect finishing touch to your farmhouse wall accent.

TV Backdrop Wall: Transform your plain television backdrop wall into an beautifying feature with a beautiful tile mosaic. Create a pattern using a mixed mosaic tile or wood lookalike tiles for added texture and dimension. You can also use classic white subway tiles to create a simple yet elegant look.

Feature Wall: Showcase your rustic style by turning an ordinary wall into a breathtaking feature wall with wood-look tiles. Choose from distressed and weathered planks, chevron patterns, or herringbone to get the perfect look that will be sure to transform your living room. You can also use terrazzo tiles for an even more artistic touch. Finally, complete your feature wall by adding a few accents. 

Farmhouse wall in the dining room 

This accent wall in the dining room has many benefits; it can create an inviting atmosphere that's perfect for entertaining family and friends, it can be used to show off beautiful artwork or photos, and it can be a great way to add texture and color to the more traditional room. 

This rustic modern chic dining room wall is simply stunning! The brick look tiles are truly breathtaking - from the various hues that create a dimensional and striking look, to their ability to make an undeniable impact in any kind of home. This wall could be your own special touch piece in your farmhouse-inspired abode. Just imagine how beautiful it would be when friends and family come together over a wonderful meal! It's the perfect backdrop for countless memorable moments.

You can use tile with a bold pattern or opt for wood-look tile paneling if you prefer something more rustic. Hang some statement pieces of art above the wall, like an antique mirror or an eye-catching wall hanging. Or, add some mood lighting for the perfect finishing touch. If you want to really make a splash, tie all of these elements together, and you'll have a beautiful and unique tiled wall that ties everything together. 

Farmhouse kitchen accent wall ideas.

If there ever was a place to master the accent tiling game, it is in the kitchen. Using tile as a centerpiece can do wonders for your home’s most-precious room. From backsplash tile design to actual wall creations, there’s much to do. We love accent walls in the kitchen because they can be as simple or as complex as you like. 

How incredible is this rustic kitchen accent wall with heat-resistant wood-look hexagon tiles? Not only does it add texture and interest, but it also ties together the whole area. Just another great idea for your kitchen accent wall courtesy of mosaic tile versatility. Whether you use ceramic or porcelain mosaic tile, there are tons of options in terms of style and design that can match any room's aesthetic!

When crafting the interior make sure to consider the colors you want to use and then decide which tiles would best fit the room’s look. Go for a muted palette with some white or gray accents or go all out with a dramatic geometric pattern in country hues. No matter the way you go, we’re sure the farmhouse-inspired tiled accent walls are sure to make your kitchen stand out.

Oversized, rustic feel hexagon porcelain tiles create a balanced atmosphere in this kitchen. We love the way they look slightly worn, giving off the feeling of a well-lived space (even when they are brand new). If you’re seeking to add a slightly more country feel to your kitchen’s walls, then trust us, you’ll want to check out our Retro Blanco Hex Whitewashed Porcelain Tiles when you start designing your space.

A little pink, a little texture, and a whole lot of impact. This contrasting and color-popping kitchen exudes unique, farmhouse vibes. Let’s just be honest: We are all about it! Look at the way our Norwegian Rose Marble Mosaic Tile creates a literal splash on the backsplash/accent wall in the kitchen. It works in a seamless way with the white lacquer cabinetry and blue kitchen island. Just marvelous!

Wrapping up feature walls with a farmhouse aesthetic.

A feature wall is an excellent way to upgrade any living space, as it adds a unique touch of rustic beauty and artistry that will bring your room to life. The combination of distressed and weathered planks, chevron patterns, herringbone tile, or terrazzo tiles allows you to create the perfect look that is sure to impress your friends and family. With a few accents and some creativity, you can easily turn your ordinary wall into an extraordinary feature wall. So choose a feature wall today and show off your great style!

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