How to Choose Shower Tile: 4 Helpful Tips

Looking to give your bathroom a refresh and not sure where to start? We're sharing 4 simple tips on how to choose shower tile that will create your dream bathroom! 

Blue Pearl Herringbone Mosaic Tile

Add a beautiful patterned detail with Blue Pearl Herringbone Mosaic Tile on your shower walls!

Taking a shower may seem like a quick and simple activity, but showers are actually more than just a necessary routine. In fact, studies show that more than sixty-percent spend their time in the shower singing and daydreaming while they are under the gentle spray.

To create the perfect relaxing atmosphere, choosing the right tiles is really the most important part of the shower remodeling process. Your tile design not only reflects your style but must have the right functionality to make your life easier – and safer!

Here are some ideas that will spark your imagination and help you choose the right shower tile for your next bathroom project!

1. What Is Your Shower Tile Style?

Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile

Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile adds light and shine to open up an enclosed shower stall

You decided to spruce up your old shower, but don’t know where to start? If you are looking for new bathroom shower tile ideas, the first step is to consider the design of your entire bathroom. You may go with a modern, contemporary, traditional, or coastal theme depending on your personal taste for your dream bathroom.

From vanities to lighting and fixtures, this desired overall style will help you determine your shower tile selection. You can consider using ocean blues and sandy tones to create the soothing color scheme of a coastal style bathroom, whereas sleek and geometric shower wall tiles are more suitable for modern bathrooms. So, what is your style?

Find some inspiration with our post detailing 8 Dream Bathroom Styles!

2. Safety First When it Comes to Choosing Shower Tile

Since bathrooms are filled with water and moisture, falls are more common thank you might think. Did you know that every year, the NY Times estimates that 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom? The most hazardous bathroom activities for all ages are bathing, showering, and getting out of the shower, so choosing a non-slip shower floor tile makes a lot of sense. To minimize these risks, a few simple tips can guide you through your shower tile selection process before any aesthetic preferences are considered.

Choosing the Right Size: When it comes to shower floors, tile size really does matter. It is generally recommended to go with small mosaic designs as they have a greater amount of grout between the tiles and create better grip opportunities for your feet. Large tiles are naturally more slippery; however, if really desired, it is advised to look for special non-slippery options that provide more friction when you step onto wet flooring.

Here are a couple of examples of smaller mosaic tile shower floors to give you an idea of the ideal sizing!

Choosing the Right Material: When it comes to slip resistance, glass is probably not the route to take. Unless tiles are extremely small, glass surfaces tend to be the riskiest option when the shower floor gets wet. Instead, natural stone tiles in a honed finish, and ceramic or porcelain tiles with slip-resistant options are recommended for a safer shower experience. 

Wooden Beige Curved Basket Weave Marble Mosaic Tile

Wooden Beige Curved Basket Weave Marble Mosaic Tile is a great, non-slip tile flooring option with both grip and style!

Pro Tip:  Check the 'Area of Use' in our product descriptions to see if the specific design is recommended for a tile shower floor or not.

3. How Much Do You Hate Cleaning your Shower Tiles?

You know that keeping your shower clean and shiny requires a lot of elbow grease. Are you ok with lots of grout cleaning or do you want to keep scrubbing to a minimum? Keep in mind, grout is where mold is most often found and if you’re tired of cleaning dirt, you’re lucky that a few simple tips can help you.

Nero Marquina And Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile

Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile are a fun and stylish tile floor option that pairs well with dark grout.

Consider Tile Size: Even though smaller is better for shower floors, your wall tiles don’t necessarily need to be small or anti-slip. You can opt for a subway tile shower wall, a playful arabesque pattern, or almost any style! You can even go as large as you wish with your shower wall tile selection. The larger the tile, the fewer the grout seam lines that you'll have to keep clean! Keep on mind that polished and non-textured wall tiles will also make your life easier when it comes to cleaning.

Go with a darker grout: We can see soap and mold getting soaking into the grout, darkening its color over time. To make dirt less visible and hide potential discoloration, opting for a darker colored grout might be a great idea too.

4. Add Some Creativity to your Shower Wall Tiles

Finally, it's worth remembering that a little creativity goes a long way, even in the bathroom. There is no reason to stick with the same tile inside the entire shower. Instead, why not add some visual interest with variety of tiles, accents, niches or even a shower bench?

A shower niche patterned with a mosaic tile wall can be absolutely stunning and become the highlight of your bathroom. Niches effectively organize your bath essentials and they’re much cleaner than wire racks. Even when space is limited, they don’t take up any room in your shower.

Sparkly Spheras Glass And Stone Tiles

Add a seamless niche with an accent wall tile like Sparkly Spheras Glass And Stone.

Adding borders along your shower wall can give an additional sense of touch for your bathroom experience. Whether it be a horizontal line or vertical showerhead design, decorative borders can be designed with lighter or darker accent tiles to make a big style statement in your shower. Add a finishing touch with a striking border design!

Hipster Lines Mosaic Tile

These double striped with Hipster Lines Mosaic Tile add texture and metallic shine!

Another possibility is covering one entire wall with a different decorative tile. If the rest of your bathroom has a neutral color scheme, adding a pop of color is a terrific way to wake up a boring bathroom. A completely different colored accent wall will completely transform your space more than you can imagine.

Emerald Hexagon Glass Mosaic for a Colorful Shower Tile Accent


Go for a pop of color with Emerald Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile - pairing this beautiful green tile with classic neutrals amplifies the power of color!

If you have a nice walk-in shower, you might also consider adding a shower bench. Besides giving a nice place to rest your bath essentials, a bench will also give your bathroom a spa-like vibe. With the warm water relieving your joints, why don’t you have a seat and stay a while?

Bloom Micro Mosaic Tile

An accent wall with Bloom Micro Mosaic Tile creates a Mediterranean style, especially when paired with marble and gold fixtures

Choosing shower tile can involve much more consideration than just picking a style that you like. With hundreds of stunning options and functional needs to bear in mind, make sure it meets your needs not only in the near future but also in years to come.

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