How to Style Neutral Home Décor filled with Personality

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to color in interior design, and choices can range from safe neutrals to the boldest hues. We can’t deny the power of color when it comes to defining a room’s character, but there are also a lot of good reasons to stick with a neutral color scheme for your home. Contrary to popular belief, neutral homes do not limit homeowners‘ tastes or color palettes – in fact, it’s easier to incorporate pops of color into a neutral décor in any style, from ultra-modern to minimalist, traditional, and many more!

Stylish neutral interiors have become the must-have trend - you’ll see creative decorating ideas all over your feed or the latest magazine spreads, but how do you bring that oh-so-cozy look home? Stylish and welcoming neutral homes are more attainable than ever with these styling tips to add depth and detail to a palette of beige, taupe, cream, and ivory!

Custom kitchen with quartz countertops, and brass pendant lights with our Roman Flower Wooden Beige marble mosaic tile backsplash

The warm tones in this neutral kitchen by Carmelin Design & Build combined custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, and brass pendant lights with our Roman Flower Wooden Beige marble mosaic tile backsplash for the perfect white and warm taupe interior! 

Some may think of gray or white as the only option for neutral hues, but the truth is that there’s actually an abundance of neutral colors from which to choose. A variety of neutral home colors offer a blank canvas for your own mark, where your personal tastes can come to the forefront and allow you to show off all your cool design choices! The best part? You can easily change the accent colors in neutral interiors through the accessories and furnishings, without sacrificing the overall elegance and comforting feel of the neutral tones.

In other words, you can bring life to a neutral room while playing it safe with a timeless background! 

Greige Master Bathroom with Soothing Neutral Paint and Floor Tiles

This spa-like master bathroom achieves the perfect calm environment thanks to greige painted walls and a Sand Valley And Thassos Wave Marble Mosaic Tile floor that picks up the neutral shades while providing a slip-proof floor around the free-standing bathtub.

Whether you prefer neutral hues to remain in the background or love when they take the center st age, neutral wall and floor tiles can be the perfect canvas for a home that’s clean and welcoming. From creating a timeless white statement wall to an earth-toned shower tile or wood-look porcelain flooring, neutral tiles provide a solid foundation for decorating no matter what your style is! 

What Defines a Neutral Color?

You may be wondering what colors are considered ‘neutral’ in interior design, so first, let’s go a little deeper into the world of neutrality to discover our color options!

We know that choosing neutral tiles can become confusing and challenging, as there’s quite a bit of debate about how to define a “neutral” color. While most refer to the shades of black, brown, white, or gray as neutrals, we can also consider beige, ivory, taupe, or even muted shades of green, for example. To make things simpler, neutrals are generally considered to be those that don’t show up on the color wheel

Neutral Kitchen Floor Tile in a Classic Basketweave Pattern

A classic basket weave tile pattern for a neutral kitchen floor ties in shades of white, beige, and natural wood.

It’s important to note that the first four neutrals mentioned above don’t have any hue undertones, but there’s always a color hiding beneath all other neutral colors. Those neutrals will be considered either warm or cool depending on their undertones - you may want to make sure different undertones play nicely together in your overall décor depending on the kind of mood you want to achieve.

Create a welcoming environment in your kitchen with patterned neutral backsplash tilesNeutrals with warm undertones tend to create an atmosphere that’s cozy or energetic while cool undertones often appear fresh and soothing. Grace your walls with the sweet combination of both with this white and beige marble backsplash tile to balance out both warm and cool elements in a room!

How to mix patterns in a neutral boho farmhouse bedroom

This cozy neutral bedroom by She Gave It a Go combined multiple patterns - a bohemian antique rug, a paisley floral quilt, and striped pillow cases - in layered shades of taupe, tan, and creamy off-white. Pattern mixing can be a delicate balance, but the unified colors in these different designs create a beautifully cohesive - and totally Insta-worthy - bedroom!

Take a closer look at different color families for undertone identification on Behr's Guide to Neutrals to master decorating your home in neutral tones!

Are Neutral Homes Boring? Think again!

We believe that neutral color palettes have gotten a bad reputation, accused of being bland and boring. In fact, neutral home colors are anything but ‘blah’ - rather they’re a must for the savvy home designers that love keeping their options open! Here’s a little primer on why neutrals are forever favorites for simply beautiful designs!

Neutral Interiors Create a Soothing Atmosphere 

Bright colors may express a more energetic vibe, but neutral tones can create a steady, quiet, and soothing atmosphere. These tones can make your space feel even more open and welcoming. On top of that, neutrals articulate sophisticated modern style, giving your home a timeless appeal that fleeting trends just can’t capture!!

Contemporary Bathroom with a Floating Vanity and Recycled Glass Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Worried about neutral tiles looking too bland?  Pick out areas of the room - such as behind the vanity in a bathroom design - to color block in darker shades, and use several neutral tones or interesting patterns, just like in Recycled Glass 2” Hexagon Mosaic in Calacatta Marble Color for this statement wall,  to creates a smart yet totally chilled out space! 

Neutral Homes Include Having Fun with Textures

Neutral tones offer another benefit: You can have fun with textures without worrying about a room looking too busy. In fact, the key to rocking muted tones is to keep things interesting with texture! If your walls or floors are decorated in subdued tones, you can easily add variety with the textures of your furnishings: add in nubby knits, fuzzy rugs, woven accessories, and even some hints of metallic. Don’t forget that more is more when it comes to texture in neutral interiors! 

Neutral Scandi Bathroom Style with Light Wood Counters and Green Zellige Tiles

If there’s no vibrant color in your room, why not create interest with textured tiles? The Mallorca Green 4x4 backsplash tile for a minimalist bathroom design lets the luxurious texture turn the room into a dynamic one rather than flat or mundane! Pair with blond wood vanity or countertops to create a Scandinavian bathroom design that prioritizes natural colors and textures!

Neutrals Are The Perfect Blank Canvas for your Decorating Style

You want a unique interior that speaks to your personality, so you think a neutral home decor wouldn’t work for you, right? Wrong!

Neutral colors play the background very well and allow to bring in vibrant colors with the use of an accent wall, furniture, and other accessories. As your style may change over time, it’s a simple solution to switch out accessories to create an entirely different vibe in the room – such as with cushions, throws, rugs, or statement furniture pieces!

White and Tan Patterned Marble Tiles add Detail to a Neutral Bathroom

The blend of beige and white in this Crema Marfil marble mosaic tile creates the perfect neutral backsplash to design a kitchen or bathroom with your unique personal taste – textiles, fixtures or any other décor elements can easily and inexpensively be updated to evolve with the latest trends!

Think of neutral color tiles as an investment that never grows old, as it allows you to change your accents whenever you need a different look! 

Design Favorites for Neutral Homes

Future-Proof the Floors 

No matter the decade, no matter the furnishing style, there’s none more classic than wood look flooring for neutral homes with a clean and authentic background! From ultra-modern to antique style homes in a muted color scheme, the organic look of wood-look floor tile designs never loses its appeal throughout the years. Besides, it’s a breeze to clean tiles compared to real hardwood, not to mention the durability that comes with all the qualities you love about porcelain, including a stain and moisture-prone surface for long-lasting kitchen and bathroom designs!

Wood Look Floor Tiles add Warmth to a Contemporary Neutral Kitchen

The heavily wooded setting of this kitchen provides a warm and natural connection with the rest of the house, thanks to Tribeca Miel wood look tile flooring that ties in all the neutral elements in décor. Wood-look tile in warm undertones adds a welcoming dimension to this clutter-free kitchen while complementing everything from flat white cabinets to pale countertops and plank wood shelves for a timeless and cohesive look.  

Neutral Kitchen Design Ideas with a Tiled Vent Hood over the Stove

Pick up natural neutrals in wood cabinets and islands with a wood look marble backsplash and tiled stove hood like this Wooden Beige Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile.

Design Tip: Choose the same color for the kitchen backsplash that mimics the flooring but doesn’t match entirely, and create a seamless space with visual interest!

Interiors that are Fresh as Spring

Are you a huge fan of both neutral and natural homes? Instead of searching for home décor stores for accessories, bring the outdoors in with tiles to achieve a permanent and nature-inspired effect. Reinvigorate your walls with tiles in a soothing color palette and fresh floral or leaf patterns that promote positive feelings and a refreshing look even in the cold winter months!

Leaf Pattern Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash for a French Country Kitchen

Layering different shades of white and beige with White and Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile creates a restful and nature-inspired aesthetic with a touch of contemporary feel. Without the mix of warm and cold neutral tones of this backsplash tile, both the white cabinetry and stone-looking countertops may have felt a little too strict. Don’t you think? 

Design Tip: Complete the look with wicker baskets on your countertops to corral the clutter, or showcase a rattan serving tray to add a vintage outdoor style into your indoor space!

Welcome The King of Neutral Colors for Home Décor

gray, the go-to neutral of the past decade has enjoyed its longstanding appeal in many parts of homes because it offers such a relaxing vibe that’s easy to live with! Cool or warm, dark or light, gray tiles add a calm elegance and sits happily in modern or traditional décor schemes alike.  From floor to backsplash, within the shower, or bordering the bathtub, gray tiles elevate a room to a new standard of fine living!

Zellige Tile Backsplash with Light Gray Ceramic for a Neutral Farmhouse Kitchen

From soft dove gray that’s a small step away from white to the dark slate gray, this color never overwhelms the greater picture. The same gray-toned tiles also don’t have to go floor-to-ceiling. This kitchen, for example, features gray ceramic Mallorca tiles in a mid-toned backdrop that offset the dark gray concrete walls above. Playing with the nuances of the same color through space adds to the modern look and prevents the color from feeling too grab! 

Design Tip: Prefer some extra warmth? Brass fixtures, lighting, or cabinet hardware can add a dose of warm glamour to a gray kitchen or bathroom that’s still easy on the eye!

Pack a Punch of Pattern in Neutral Interiors!

Patterns can preserve and strengthen the neutral color scheme in interior design – decorating with patterned tiles can lead the way in unexpected directions while also ensuring that your home remains timeless over the years as your style and needs change. If you’re not too happy with using bright accent colors, but also trying to beat the visual monotony of neutral color scheme, try out some patterned tiles instead. From florals for a feminine vibe to animal prints for an eclectic feel, just think about what patterns will fit into your room’s theme! 

Earthy Neutral Living Room Decor with a Wood Mantelpiece and Textured Marble Hexagon Fireplace Surround

Sometimes all you need is a bit of pattern to pack a punch, and that’s exactly what this fireplace design did with its hexagon-patterned surface! These honeycomb marble hexagon mosaics feature various shades of gray that give depth to the neutral living room with a wood-look tile appeal that helps connect the space with a sense of nature. 

Design Tip: Neutral home colors allow high-quality furniture and the architecture of a room to come alive and be noticed – perfect to give your beautiful high beam ceilings a bigger share of the spotlight, just like in this design! 

Add a pop of White to your Neutral Interior

You might think of white only as a background for more exciting shades, but white tones actually look great as a pop of color too! By using dollops of white, or creating an entire surface with white tones, you can add more drama to gray and beige tones, break up dark colors and soften the bold decor. White tiles can stand alone as a statement wall, backsplash design, or flooring to accentuate darker neutrals and keep a room from feeling boring.

Modern Bohemian Bathroom with Warm Neutrals and Wood Countertops

The neutral bathroom above features solid wood countertops and accessories as the colorful accents to Wavy Hex Calacatta Gold & Thassos Mosaic Tile – adding a single wall in white tones is a powerful tool for adding a sense of contrast while bringing any unique pattern to the center of the room. 

Design Tip: Use solid furniture and accessories with clean lines to break up a busy tiled wall so that the overall effect isn’t overwhelming. The solid brown frame on this patterned tile wall is also a great way to create a visual resting spot!  

Modern Interiors Not Your Thing?

If modern aesthetics aren't your style, turn the tide on traditional and create a classically neutral décor using shades of beige with vintage or antique patterns. Marble mosaic tiles with old-world patterns create an ornamental design feature for your classic shower or kitchen backsplash, lending a timeless elegance derived from historical influences.

Warm Marble Arabesque Tiles for a French Country Bathroom

Cozy and soothing, stimulating and energetic – depending on the lighting and the neighboring palette, rich beige tones of the Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile offer a walk of sensations compared to colder neutrals – perfect to complement classic to traditional homes with a neutral color base! Whether you have carved corbels on your kitchen cabinetry or bathroom sconces in an antique brass finish, beige marble tiles create a balanced yet ostentatious background for your furnishings and accessories to stand out!

Design Tip: Tiles in warmer tones complement your perfect beige home décor on the quiet side, but in combination with white trim or white furniture, they can also acquire a more modern appeal!

Neutral Kitchen with White Cabinets and Warm Marble Hexagon Patterned Floor

This white and neutral kitchen combines two patterns - a hexagon floor tile and herringbone backsplash design - that both utilize the same type of stone. The tones in our Wooden gray marble tiles like Selo Hex Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile and the matching Herringbone Mosaic tile created a unifying effect when paired together on walls and floors! Adding in a crisp white kitchen cabinet paint and a natural stone countertop that echoes the backslash and floors creates a stunning airy place to cook!

As subtle as they are sophisticated, spaces swathed in neutral tones can have a calming influence on all who enter them. Neutral tiles offer a safe middle ground where everyone is pleased, allowing to create rooms with a great foundation for any decorating style!

Contrary to popular belief,  neutral interiors can have very interesting design features achieved by using risky vibrant colors in furniture and accessories against a neutral background. As the neutral base ensures a cozy first impression, it’s a suitable backdrop for any idea of furniture or decoration you may have in mind!

Any way you spin it, neutral colors are the go-to choice for homeowners who prefer minimal drama and a lot of allure! 

Which of these design ideas would you be using to create your dream neutral space? We’d like to know your favorite designs - share with us below!

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