Coordinating Bathroom Fixtures and Tile Pairings

How do I coordinate bathroom fixtures with my tile choices?  This is a question we hear frequently.

With dozens of decor details and functional elements to choose from, we know that the process of remodeling your bathroom can be intimidating. Considering your bathroom fixture finishes and tile choices side by side is a great way to get a feel for the bathroom design as a whole!

When you consider the relationship between your tiles and fixtures, it makes it easier to create a bathroom that satisfies both your aesthetic and practical needs. Choosing finishes and tiles that coordinate with each other can make the rest of your design process much easier!

We’re taking a look at some of the best ways to pair bathroom fixtures and tile so follow along!

Airy White and Silver Bathroom with Marble Tile and Brushed Champagne Bronze Fixtures

Our Milan Silver Lantern Waterjet Mosaic Tile kept this bathroom design light and airy as a vanity backsplash paired with white cabinetry and champagne bronze fixtures!

Bathroom Fixtures You Should Focus On 

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, the most visible design trends are seen in hardware and small fixtures such as the faucets, showerheads, mirrors, towel rings, sconces, and so on. The finish you select for these fixtures makes all the difference in the ambiance of your bathroom. 

With the wide variety of bathroom fixtures finishes available, it can be difficult to know which one will go well with the tile you choose. We’ll go over some of the most popular finishes for these bathroom fixtures and accessories to help you coordinate them with your bathroom tile!

Classic Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

Bright metallic finishes have always been a favorite of homeowners, and chrome is at the top of the list! Chrome bathroom fixtures not only come with an affordable price tag, but they also offer a timeless appeal that goes well with any style of tile design. Think of chrome as the little black dress of bathroom fixtures – a finish that never goes out of style! 

Chrome fixtures add a cohesive look to a traditional style bath and also have the flexibility to complement more contemporary style tiles in bathroom designs. If you’re seeking a crisp, classic look, don’t shy away from a gray, white and silver palette when pairing your tiles with chrome fixtures. Opt for white tiles around chrome fixtures for an extra touch of shine! 

Pearl Flower White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile with Chrome Fixtures

Chrome fixtures work great with a touch of glamour. For smaller bathrooms, imagine Pearl Flower White Marble & Mother of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tiles coordinating beautifully with shiny chrome fixtures, and adding a luxurious look that keeps the space cheery and bright. 

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Ionic Decor Code Steel 3D Porcelain Tile Feature Wall and Chrome Fixtures

Chrome fixtures can look great in a contemporary setting when paired with a white vessel sink and an edgy backsplash design – such as this bathroom where the chrome bathroom faucet echoes the modern design traits of our Ionic Décor Code Steel 3d Porcelain Tile.



Elegant Gold Accents

From faucets and showerheads to shower drains and lighting, gold is a sure way to add a designer touch that’s sure to wow! When it comes to choosing a motif for your bathroom design, gold is a perfect choice that works with almost any tile color scheme. 

Using gold bathroom fixtures is certainly a much bolder choice than silver tones that tend to blend in with white marble tiles. Gold, on the other hand, is a choice that stands out next to classic white marble tiles - their combination is a match made in heaven!

A popular look: an all-white bathroom with chic gold accents! The results can be subtle with just hints of gold, or spectacular as you see here with our Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile paired with contemporary gold fixtures for a white freestanding tub.

Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile with Matching Gold Fixtures and a Freestanding Tub

The Latest Bathroom Design Trend - Champagne Bronze

Today’s bathroom fixtures bear no resemblance to the old brassy polished metals found in grandma’s house. Instead of old-fashioned brass with classic green undertones, expect to see warmer fixtures with soft gold tones – such as the new champagne bronze! Use champagne bronze fixtures to complement contemporary style tiles as well as to update a classic bathroom with traditional tile design. 

Blue and White Style with Pearl Chic White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile and Champagne Bronze Bathroom Fixtures

This classic blue and white bathroom is elevated by the gloss of Pearl Chic White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile - pairing the shine of shell with champagne bronze fixtures adds a warm accent to the crisp cabinet paint and white countertop!

Champagne Bronze fixtures look great when paired with cream tiles such as the way you see here with our Sea Glass Louvre Platinum White Mosaic Tiles. When used together, don’t they just add a welcoming vibe to this Victorian-style bathroom? The warm tones in the glass tile complement the champagne bronze vanity, soap basket, and faucets to perfection, creating a warm and welcoming space that is full of light!

Champagne Bronze Fixtures and Vanity with Ocean Glass Louvre Platinum White Mosaic Tile

Oil Rubbed Bronze is a Bathroom Fixture Classic

For a more traditional look and feel, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures are the way to go. If you’re going with a more traditional aesthetic with your bathroom tile,  this dark bronze finish offers you a nice, stylish alternative to chrome and nickel.

Natural Bathroom Design with Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixtures and Dover Almond Deco Porcelain Tile

Style oil-rubbed bronze bathroom fixtures to complement a muted color porcelain tile  - such as our Dover Almond Deco - the result is a welcoming and upscale finish to your bathroom!

Oil rubbed finish gives your home an Old World or Tuscan style. We love the complementing warm tones when paired with a wood-look tile, like our Wooden Grey Fan Marble Mosaic Tile. Adding in a third design element, like the green crackle glass vessel sink, is a great way to tie additional design elements into your bathroom design!

Wooden Grey Fan Marble Mosaic Tile with Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Fixtures

Brushed Nickel Fixture Designs

From contemporary design to vintage Victorian aesthetics, the soft finish of nickel fixtures can pair with any bathroom style! From faucets to mirrors, sconces to countertop decor, nickel finished details are timeless and versatile designs that can be used with either dark or light-colored tile surrounds. 

Minimalist Modern Bathroom with Brushed Nickel Fixtures and Neutral Blanco Soho 3D TIles

With a warmer tone compared to chrome, brushed nickel gives a more traditional, homey antique look. They can be used to complement a unique modern design like our Neutral Blanco Soho porcelain tile - the brushed nickel faucet adds to the minimalist design of the floating countertop. 

You can also pair it with more retro designs, like this mid-century modern bathroom with our pink La Riviera Rose square ceramic tiles! The warm wood countertop and white porcelain vessel sinks tie in beautifully with the brushed nickel faucets and bathroom lighting fixtures to keep the styling cohesive.

Pink Backsplash Design with Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures and La Riviera Rose Ceramic Tile

You Can’t Go Wrong with Rose Gold

Creativity has no boundaries one rose gold finishes entered our designs! Rose gold is a relatively new home decor color that evokes warmth and brilliance, with a balance between luster and allure. Include rose gold bathroom fixtures and accessories like faucets, mirrors, lights, towel bars, and more for a beautiful and modern glam look in a bathroom. Elevate the look of your bathroom by coordinating marble accents with rose gold fixtures for a more sophisticated edge!

Zellige Black Tile and Rose Gold Bathroom Fixtures

You can also keep the look more modern by pairing it with the zellige finish of our Mallorca black tiles - this rose gold faucet and mirror frame adds sophisticated style while the rest of the details are stark and minimalist!

Modern meets Matte Black

One of the most up-and-coming finishes to hit the market is matte black! These bathroom fixtures create a sharp yet sophisticated look in your bathroom, and best of all, they are stain and spot resistant. When it comes to coordinating with tiles, matte black bathroom details can be paired with an array of hues. There isn’t a better way to create a minimalistic but stylish bathroom than by using a matte black faucet. 

Minimalist Bathroom with Matte Black Fixtures and Tango Ivory Wave Wall Tiles

See how the matte black fixtures create a graphic pop against the Tango Ivory Wave walls? The overall effect is sleek and modern, with the allure of textured finishes and modern decor to make this small powder room feel beautifully styled without sacrificing space.

Mix and match your fixtures!

As the bathroom is the place that typically has more plumbing fixtures than any other room in the house, we understand that perfectly matching the style, finish and brand can be a bit of a hassle! Luckily, the mixed metal trend is a growing force when it comes to home decor. You can implement this eclectic idea in the bathroom when choosing fixtures that perfectly coordinate with your tiles!

To pull off this trend, it’s recommended to stay consistent with things like the material of your bathtub, sink, and toilet - think white porcelain for all. Stick with the same finish and style for your plumbing fixtures, including faucets, showerheads, and drains.

Once you choose those utility pieces, feel free to bring the variety with your hardware, mirrors, lighting, hooks and bars! Today's style is all about a curated, eclectic feel, and you have a chance to play with the decor that gives your bathroom personality!

Mixed Metal Bathroom Finishes in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper

This rubbed bronze faucet and copper pedestal bowl pair effortlessly with our Gold Bouquet Marble Tile to create a mixed metal palette that feels cohesive despite the different finishes used! The warm tones throughout add consistency - pair these colorful details with potted plants for a pop of greenery and bring in colorful accent decor to keep the feeling warm and fun!

It’s your space, so don’t feel confined to any so-called rules of design! Our team is always happy to help with styling and design decisions if you want to know what to pair with any of our Bathroom Tile options!

Which one is your favorite combination? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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