Patterned Tile Designs for a Decorative Home

Nothing beats a patterned tile if you’re looking to make your design stand out with a dramatic look! Tiles with an inlaid pattern, from natural stone to ceramic and porcelain, can be laid almost anywhere to complement or contrast your décor, as well as to divide one room from another. Thanks to the vast range of styles available - from Moroccan inspired motifs to elegant geometric shapes to delicate florals - you have ultimate freedom of choice when it comes to tiling statement walls, backsplashes and eye-catching patterned floors!

The blue wood pattern of this recycled glass tile in a herringbone mosaic pattern adds a decorative detail to white farmhouse kitchen

While we have an ever-growing collection of decorative tiles and patterned designs, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks for inspiration to help you with your intended design direction. These ideas may be just what you need to make a fresh new statement - so, let’s explore the world of tile patterns together!

Unlike creating a patterned layout with plain tiles - like a classic subway tile laid in a running bond or in a herringbone configuration - we’re examining beautiful designs that used a decorative tile to do the heavy lifting of the design!

Patterned Porcelain Tile -

Decorative wall tiles in geometric blue shapes for a creative interior

Decorative wall tiles in geometric blue shapes for a creative interior!

Whether you love the look of wood paneling, flower patterns, natural stone, or brick - there’s sure to be a decorative porcelain tile that can achieve the look you love! Extremely strong as well as lightweight, they can be installed as beautiful wall coverings for a water-resistant wallpaper alternative, a gorgeous and scratch-resistant floor with the most stunning design, or even an outdoor patio that is sure to make your backyard pop! 

Decorative Glass Tile -

Kitchen with decorative glass tiles with a marbled pattern in a hexagon mosaic

Decorative glass tiles with a marbled pattern in a hexagon mosaic add movement to minimalist kitchens

There are endless options to add a patterned glass tile design to your home! Sheet-backed glass mosaic tiles make it easy to add creative patterns in matte or polished glass, in a wide array of colors and sizes! They’re a cinch to install even for first time tilers. Use these versatile and tile designs anywhere you want to add color and shine - they’re perfect to add a decorative tile backsplash to a minimalist kitchen, give your shower a decorative flair, or so many more applications!

Patterned Marble Tiles - 

Decorative marble tiles give this blue and white kitchen a patterned backsplash

Decorative marble tiles give this blue and white kitchen a patterned backsplash

Luxurious, creative, and eye-catching - these decorative marble tiles easily fill all of those roles! Whether you love the gleam of white marble and shell mosaic, want to create a black and white marble checkerboard floor pattern, or want to marry the luxury of a marble shower with the personality of a patterned tile - these designs have you covered!

Monochrome Geometric Patterned Tiles

If your favorite color is black or white, why decorate with anything else? You can easily create a patterned décor statement with a monochromatic aesthetic– there are still plenty of options to spruce up your space with tiles even when the whole room is in black and white! 

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Porcelain Patterned Floor Tiles

Although mono means ‘one’, this approach to color doesn’t apply to patterns! Instead of creating an overly matchy look on all surfaces, why not consider adding black and white patterned floor tiles to break up the monotony of a low key color scheme, and bring this harmonious look to a whole new level? Take the bathroom on the left as an example –bright white walls and clean lines set the stage for an explosion of pattern with geometric Taco Melange Black tiles on the floor. Do you see how the monochrome geometric patterned tile adds flair without taking away from the overall tranquil appeal and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic? 

Geometric porcelain tiles can create dramatic dimensional designs on the floor that flow perfectly in any size monochromatic room - from spacious bathrooms to small laundry rooms to narrow hallways. Should a spacious room feel too cold and bland with a monochrome scheme, elevate the understated ambience with a large geometric pattern under your feet! 

Black and white patterned floor tiles for a marble entryway

Do you have limited square footage instead? Amp up the coziness in a small space by layering smaller geometric patterns on the floor, just like how our Nero Marquina and Thassos White Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile in this rectangular hallway creates an upscale rug effect. Lastly, stay with solid colors elsewhere to make the space feel bigger than it actually is! 

Geometric Black and White Patterned Glass Tile Backsplash for a Modern Kitchen

This black and white pattern for a glass mosaic decorative tile backsplash is dazzling as the focal point of a minimalist kitchen! See how easy it is to install this decorative tile with our mosaic tile sheets!


White Kitchen Design with Flair from Decorative Tiles

Okay, we love white-on-white kitchens as much as Instagram, but there’s just something about the dimension that a patterned floor can bring to a room filled with white furnishings! As the versatility of a plain white blank canvas gives you more freedom to add your own personal flair, why not add patterned floor tiles - not only are they an instant decorative element, they can make a room feel cleaner in an instant by not spotlighting every minor splash or spill. After all, who likes the everyday cleaning to maintain a white kitchen floor, anyway?

Patterned marble tiles are classic, stylish, and comfortable – there’s no better way to add a glimmer of interest to a white kitchen than decorating with this luxe stone on your floors and walls. Waterjet marble patterned tiles can jazz up the floors with a luxury design look while minimizing the appearance of dirt on the surface – enjoy the clean look in a predominantly white kitchen without worrying about the mess! 

Encaustic Tiles in Marble for a Decorative Kitchen Floor Design

Our Grey Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile as a decorative floor tile in this kitchen is the perfect counterpoint to pristine white cabinets and countertops. It provides a grounding effect, tying in the luxe black and gold of the La Cornue stove in more subtle shades of gray. Give this pattern a go if you’re searching to enrich your modern or contemporary style kitchen with a luxe sparkle under the feet! Once you introduce additional colors with your patterned kitchen tiles, pick similar tones for the hardware, fixtures or small accessories to achieve an impressive look! 

Dress up a white kitchen backsplash with decorative marble tiles and shell inserts

If you prefer the look of all white tile, jazz it up a little bit by introducing depth and shine! White marble tile with Mother of Pearl accents can keep the white kitchen aesthetic intact while adding beautiful texture with a decorative tile backsplash to give your interior a creative twist!

Blooming Bathrooms with Flower Tiles

Everybody loves the feeling of spring, but some of us wish it bloomed all year-round! What if we told you that you could see budding branches and blooming flowers in your private space, where you take a relaxing shower or warm bath to de-stress? Your room only needs a touch of flower-patterned backsplash tile to put you in touch with nature - you can add a few branches of flowers here and there, or go with a fully bloomed statement wall to give yourself a breezy bathroom experience every day!

Sakura Bathroom Design with Flower Patterned Porcelain Tiles

Our Sakura floral-pattern porcelain tiles take root in traditional Japanese art and showcase an elegant flower pattern on a wooden texture – like this gallery-worthy display on this bare bathroom wall with the floral print of Kasai Carta Sakura Rectified Porcelain Tiles! No granny-floral décor with these tiles– the large format patterned tile adds a unique flair to modern and contemporary style bathrooms with just the right amount of floral detail!  

Our Sakura-inspired patterned porcelain tiles can be used in steam rooms and bathrooms – not only are they mildew, moisture, and heat resistant but also create a non-slippery surface that’s a great addition to your shower pan or walls! For those who love florals, but don't want to evoke a vintage aesthetic, these flower tiles will set the tone for a blooming bathroom in the most modern way!

Scandinavian Flair with a Patterned Tile Detail

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ll know that Scandinavian design is having a moment now. Simple, clean but cheerful, this look embodies minimalism with just the right amount of style. Whether you’re into this Nordic aesthetic or have your own minimalist taste, check out patterned porcelain floor tiles that are centered around functionality with understated elegance!

Chevron Patterned Wood Floor Tiles

The plank design of these Chevron Tiles make it easy to replicate this beautiful flooring pattern! Simply lay the Spiga Olson pieces side by side without having to create the pattern on your own and you have a decorative floor tile design that will last!

While there’s beauty in simplicity, the Scandinavian look can easily feel cold and uninviting. For a bright flooring option that exudes a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your home, a chevron patterned porcelain floor tiles such as our Spiga Olson Blanco brings a fashionable white-washed look without feeling cold or dull. The perfect alternative for white oak hardwood floors without their tendency to scratch or susceptibility to swell in the damp, these wood look floor tiles deliver a cozy feel with a fresh take on the traditional wood-look. Minimalist lovers, rejoice!  

The best part of these patterned porcelain floor tiles? It’s so easy to create the zigzag pattern without creating it from scratch! 

Art Deco Inspired Patterned Tiles for a Vintage Touch

If there’s one trend that can completely transform a space, it’s none other than the iconic ‘Art Deco’ aesthetic that adds geometric patterns with tons of visual drama and details! Characterized with simple shapes paired with plenty of glamour and shine, Art Deco inspired tiles are sure to bring the exuberance of the 1920’s to your 2021 space! 

Upgrade from Plain Subway Tiles with these Art Deco Inspired Patterned Tiles

What if we told you that we actually have subway tiles that exude levels of luxury in an Art Deco style? 

If you’re ready to upgrade from plain subways to ones with a playful geometric design, why not try Blue Deco Brick Glass Mosaic Tile, and show off an artfully irregular pattern on your walls? When you’re ready to show ‘more is more’, infuse your space with a patterned backsplash tile that carries an undeniably modern appearance in these frosted glass and gleaming metallic details! 

Now you know how a subway tile could really set your space apart! To create a cohesive look, stick to the same color palette as the glass and chrome metallic finishes throughout the kitchen or bathroom to create a charming and cohesive look..

Vintage Luxe Bathroom Vanity Wall Decor with Gold Decorative Tiles

If you prefer your metallic tiles with the warm tones of gold, this gorgeous Art Deco-inspired bathroom vanity has you covered! The Golden Arrow marble mosaic tile is a cinch to install and create this statement wall anywhere in your home!

Trending - the Encaustic Tile Look

Whether you prefer bold graphic patterns, intricate motifs or minimalist designs, there’s no denying that encaustic tile is a trend on the rise! Reminiscent of age-old tile that’s been used in Europe for centuries, these cement tiles are enjoying a revival with endless colors, patterns and styles that are popping up everywhere on Instagram! You’ll notice their beautiful patterns right away, but what if we told you that encaustic tiles wear down more quickly than other tiles, and have less resistance to stains?

Trending - Encaustic Cement Tiles and the Marble Alternative

That’s where our patterned marble tiles come into play and offers you the best of both worlds – we have patterned waterjet marble tiles that create the look of encaustic tile patterns for those who would prefer less effort to maintain. You can always count on our White Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile for a similar encaustic tile look and create that Instagram-worthy backsplash or floor you’ve been eyeing to create in your home, with the sustainability and quality of natural stone as an added bonus! 

You can also add a gorgeous decorative tile design with an etched stone! Our Gold Bouquet marble tile combines an etched flower pattern with a modern take on classic florals with a metallic gold finish. The white marble and gold combination is a gorgeous addition to any space, while the luxurious metallic finish and fun succulent-and-flower inspired design instantly elevates your stylish bathroom vanity into an Old Hollywood starlet’s makeup mirror, or your plain kitchen cabinets into the perfect accent finish.

Modern Bohemian Interior Style with Decorative Marble and Gold Flower Pattern Tiles

Lively Laundry Room Designs

Doing laundry may be the world’s most boring chore, but it doesn’t need to be done in a boring room! In fact, a few design tweaks with decorative tiles can turn the mud room or utility space into an appealing environment, that will make it easier to tackle laundry without having to bring it back and forth across the house! Oh, and this is also a great chance to try patterns you’re afraid to use in other rooms – don’t be afraid to have some fun with patterns and interesting tile designs! 

Blue and White Farmhouse Mud Room with a Decorative Tile Backsplash

It’s so easy to trick the eye and add a sense of grandeur when decorating with white patterned tiles all the way to the ceiling – such as in this airy blue and white farmhouse laundry room where the entire wall is tiled with  Triangular Hexagon in Bianco Dolomiti Leyte Blue and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile in a distinctive hexagon pattern. Replacing the outdated flooring and adding a patterned backsplash tile in lighter tones is a surefire way to lend a fresh look to a laundry room that’s surprisingly eye-catching! You wouldn’t close the door to admire this lively laundry room, would you?

Retro Patterns for a Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

Yearning for the years of retro 60’s and 70’s style with Mid-Century modern style? It’s easier than ever to bring that fun and playful aesthetic into your home, without sacrificing modern amenities! 

Cubist 3D Tile Pattern for a Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen

You can add a playful 3D effect to your walls for the perfect 70’s style with this cubist mosaic tile - it’s a real trip! The earth tones colors and natural textures of the wood look marble tile are also classic hallmarks of the 1970’s decorating trends.

Colorful Home Bar with Agate and Geode Patterned Glass Tiles

Give your rumpus room a modern glow up with this groovy bar! The geode slice pattern and agate crystal designs on this inkjet-printed backing to our classic glass tiles has a fabulous bohemian effect with the perfect pop of bright jewel-tone color! 

Patterned Tile Designs for Traditional Homes

You can absolutely upgrade your traditional home design with a stunning patterned tile while keeping the classic charm of your original surroundings! Whether you’re looking for a kitchen refresh, or finally getting around to overhauling that downstairs half-bath, adding a stylish patterned tile can be a beautiful - and durable - solution to totally redecorating. 

Our favorite picks for a fresh design that complements traditional décor?

Traditional Home Design with Elegant Decorative Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The wood look marble of this Oriental Flower Carrara & Wooden Beige Waterjet Mosaic Tile wet bar backsplash is a beautiful way to introduce a patterned design element into a neutral home! The combination of a Carrara marble woven flower design with the wooden gray marble surrounding is impactful without overwhelming classic white cabinet paint and warm stone countertops.

Moroccan Tile Meets Traditional Home with a Patterned Marble Tile Backsplash

A Moroccan tile design is another hallmark of classic interiors - like the star and cross pattern on this traditional kitchen backsplash design! The taupe and cream colors in our already-mixed Moroccan White Star & Antique Cross Etched Marble mosaic tile 

Affordable Flair for the DIY Lover

What if you could also add a patterned tile wall on your own for less money? When you’re looking for a more affordable option to add some creative flair to a room - whether to replace an unsightly backsplash or to add tiles over a painted wall – any wall is an excellent canvas for your DIY peel and stick tile project! Let these modern tile patterns create a bold design feature that’s affordable, appealing and so simple to install. 

Rose Gold Bathroom with Decorative Peel and Stick Picket Tiles

Get the look of a high-end metallic wallpaper with Copper Look Picket Peel and Stick Tile in an elongated hexagon pattern that’s suitable for indoor walls where you want to create an industrial modern look. While this pattern adds a modern punch, the warm metallic details of copper is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen tile backsplash, modern bathroom wall or steampunk interior style anywhere you can think of! 

White and Gold Decorative Wall Tiles you can Peel and Stick

You can also make your bathroom wall treatment feel instantly high end with the white marble look and metallic detailing on our White and Gold Stack Peel and Stick Tile. The luxury vinyl and aluminum material is on adhesive backing sheets, making it easy to replicate this patterned wall tile with ease and little tiling experience!

If you can dress up a wall for significantly less with a DIY project, why not give it a try with some peel-and-stick tiles?


Sage Green Frosted Glass Decorative Tile Backsplash

From traditional to edgy patterns, there are a broad range of patterned tile ideas that create an inviting room, allowing for a bold touch of creativity in any design. Mosaic tile patterns already come mounted on mesh-backed sheets to help with the installation process become easier without creating patterns from scratch too! From a decorative floor tile to keep walls clean and minimal, a patterned tile on your fireplace surround, or a creative glass pattern to make your powder room feel more spacious, there are endless options to give your home a creative touch! Whether you choose to allow your patterns to take center stage, or use them to complement the overall palette rather than competing with it, these tiles inject any design with a sense of luxury and drama!

Do you need help to curate the perfect design with your favorite pattern? Contact our design team so that we can assist you in your next design project! 

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