The Mosaic Tile Picks for Interior Design Trends

The new year is here, and so are the top mosaic tile picks! These beautiful styles made a splash by making it easier than ever to introduce stunning patterned tiles into your home décor, and we are so excited to see where 2021 interior design trends will take them!

From marvelous marble mosaics inspired by ancient Greece to the geometric designs of the Art Deco era, our gorgeous line of fresh and new tile pays homage to the best design trends of yesteryear. 

Without further ado, here are our top mosaic tile picks! 

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Blue Glass Mosaic Tile Bathroom Wall with Modern Brass Fixtures

Make a splash into a sea of blue mosaic tile for your pool with this gorgeous vanity backsplash! Our Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tiles adds the gleam of sea glass with the elegant swirls of poured glass! 

Creating a flow throughout your home with the right tile has never been easier than with glass mosaic tiles. The versatility of glass mosaics range from pool to the shower to a one-of-a-kind backsplash or accent wall! Glass mosaic bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles will stand the test of time and brave the elements for a tile option that’s as functional as it is beautiful. 

Our newest glass mosaic tile releases cover every type of design, from vintage-inspired patterns reminiscent of Golden Age New York to create a luxurious bathroom vanity backsplash, colorful yet minimalist glass patterns that are ideal for a low maintenance shower wall designs, and unique alternatives to classic patterns like hexagon and diamond glass tiles that add character to your interior!

Black Herringbone Glass Mosaic Tile Bathtub Surround Wall

Create the modern bathroom tile wall of your dreams with Tile Club’s Obsidian Black Herringbone Glass Tile.

One of the main benefits of glass mosaics is the endless option of colors - think swirling sea glass blue mosaic tiles, glossy gold with a metallic shimmer, romantic pink glass tiles to add warmth and charm - the sky's the limit when you are looking for mosaic tiles by color!

Marble Mosaic Tiles 

With the durability of natural stone internationally sourced from places like Greece, Spain, and Italy, we’re confident everyone can find a marble mosaic tile that speaks to their design interests, whether it be classic, contemporary, luxury, or unconventional.

Marble mosaic tiles can range from the simple, like a Carrara penny round tile, to the incredible intricate, like our micro mosaic patterns that evoke antique Grecian patterns or the beautiful handcrafted tile designs in Ancient Rome. The beauty of mosaic tiles is that the time-consuming design work is already done for you!

Like the rest of our mosaic collection, marble mosaic tiles are backed by thin, flexible mesh sheets. This allows the beautiful patterns to be created by our tile artisans, with each sheet ready to lay with the pattern already in place. Mosaic tile sheets are designed to interlock, making it simple to create a seamless pattern across your entire shower wall, or to use as a decorative tile inset, like a backsplash medallion over the kitchen stove.

Finding the perfect Patterned Tile is easier than ever with Marble Mosaic Tile Designs

Laying a micro mosaic pattern is a lot easier than you think, thanks to the mesh backing! It also pairs beautifully with field tiles, like this Mediterranean inspired shower design combining our Bloom Micro Mosaic Tile with marble subway tile shower walls for a beautiful combination!

Dark & Light Marble Mosaics

Fall in love with the Bardiglio Marble mosaic tile colors in cloud gray and white

A grey and white color scheme with Bardiglio marble tiles in a hexagon pattern will add fusion and depth to your sleek and modern minimalist kitchen or bath design. 

Balance dark and light for a moody space with beautiful black and white themed marble mosaic tiles. The classic design of the Nero Marquina Basketweave With White Dots, for instance, is the perfect way to create a stunning vanity backsplash or wall accent in your home or office. Take it low with a bold and daring black marble mosaic floor tile with the incredible Nero Marquina Hexagon Tiles.

Black and White Penny Tile with a Marble Mosaic Tile Modern Kitchen BacksplashThe Bardiglio Carrara Penny Rounds Polished Marble Mosaic makes it easy to add contrast to your walls. The mix of marbles in the classic penny round pattern adds a play of color to a traditional design!

Stunning White Marble Mosaic Tiles

White kitchens will never go out of style - but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fresh ways to style them! We’re loving the way these white marble tiles combine the gorgeous look of gleaming white stone with shell, glass, and brass accents to create captivating tile options for any space. This is the most gorgeous way to capture the current trend towards light and bright interiors, with surfaces that reflect natural light in the most relaxing - and flattering - way!

Add Pattern to a White Marble Kitchen with Thassos and Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

Combining the timeless look of white Thassos marble and shiny shell pieces, the Square Rombus Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile offers a geometric design perfect for spaces of any size.

White marble tiles are synonymous with elegance and luxury, making them a classic choice for beautiful interiors. Anyone obsessed with the luxury farmhouse trend will easily find a favorite in our sugar white Thassos marble tiles with accents of gleaming Mother of Pearl shell. The combination is an instant  winner, with an iridescent finish that will capture the light and your imagination in any installation! These designs are perfect for a white marble mosaic backsplash that will illuminate your kitchen and add a graceful detail to your walls.

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity with a Geometric Shell and White Marble Mosaic Backsplash

Even geometric patterns like our Arrowhead Pearl Marble Mosaics take on a romantic feeling when created in white marble and shell designs. The subtle take on a patterned wall design introduces detail and movement without creating a busy look that fights with other elements like marble slab countertops and natural wood vanity cabinets.

Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaics

Bohemian Bathroom with Calacatta Gold Marble Backsplash Tile

Incorporate the gorgeous look of the highly sought after Calacata gold in your next renovation project with Tile Club’s Diamond & Hex Calacatta Gold Marble pattern.

Calacatta Gold Marble mosaics continue to be a major kitchen and bath design trend, offering a seamless look for backsplashes, waterfall islands, accent walls, and more. This gorgeous Italian marble is a designer’s dream for good reason! Not only does it feature a strong natural variation in the marbling pattern, but it complements the current trend towards organic textures and natural colors - the white marble base is swirled with veins of gray and warm gold to create that quintessential marbled richness.

Upscale Country Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

It’s stunning in large-scale field tiles or subway tiles, but we love the uniqueness that Calacatta marble mosaics can add, blending the beautiful stone veining with intricate patterns like our selection of Calacatta arabesque marble tiles, herringbone patterns, chevrons, diamonds, and more! They’re a gorgeous pick for a marble mosaic tile backsplash in your kitchen, especially when paired with marble or granite countertops to bring out the natural beauty in the stones!

Custom Mosaic Mural Artwork

Custom Artwork for Walls and Floors with Mosaic Tile Designs

Why not capture the spirit of change with custom tile mosaic artwork from Tile Club?

Add a unique touch to your home or commercial design with custom mosaic artwork from Tile Club. With our simple design process, you’ll be able to request custom pieces like pool murals, mosaic rugs, or medallions ideal for company logos, anniversary gifts, or as home décor. Browse our gallery to see the incredible pieces we can create for you.

Luxury Bathroom Design with Custom Mosaic Tile Wall Art

We take pride in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can reflect your current interior style, or set the tone for the rest of your home or business design! There’s no piece too small, from custom logo or monogram medallions that can be installed on walls or floors among large scale tiles, or installations as large as a lobby floor, or full-size swimming pool!

Metal Mosaics

Metal Mosaic Tiles with Aluminum and Vinyl for a DIY Peel and Stick Backsplash

Enjoy geometrics and metallics in one fell swoop with Tile Club’s Gold & Beige Hexagon Peel & Stick Tile.

Give your home the rich and luxurious pick-me-up it (and you) deserve with a metal mosaic tile. From stainless steel penny round tiles to the gorgeous pattern of the Copper Sticks add movement and dynamics to bring life to any space. For lightweight tiles perfect for a DIY mosaic tile backsplash makeover check out our peel and stick tiles

Metal mosaics are a gorgeous way to add modern or industrial flair to your home - or just the shine of metallic details! Whether you like the factory loft look of stainless steel, the warmth of copper, or the luxury of brass, adding a metallic shine to your home is a lot easier with a metal mosaic pattern!

Marble and Brass Metal Mosaic Design for a Mid Century Modern Kitchen Backsplash Tile

A creative mosaic pattern like our Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Tile can add gorgeous shine, texture, and detail that is a work of art in itself!

Mosaic Floor Tiles

Why should walls get to have all the fun? You can instantly elevate your room by adding creative mosaic floor tiles to complement any style of interior décor! Whether you opt for a patterned tile in your entryway to make a statement as soon as you enter the house, or you want to install a mosaic tile bathroom floor to combine beautiful design with a slip-resistant surface, you have lots of gorgeous options for new flooring designs!

Blue and White Marble Mosaic Floor Tiles for a Mediterranean Entryway

Coming home will feel like stepping into a Mediterranean villa on vacation every time you walk into this blue and white entryway with marble mosaic floor tiles! Our interlocking Moroccan Blue Star & White Cross Etched Marble mosaics combine a traditional tiling style with beautiful patterns to create an awe-inspiring foyer floor!

Mosaic tile floors are a great option for areas prone to water or damp. The smaller scale tiles and abundance of grout lines provide natural grip - reducing the chance of slips or falls in places like the bathroom, mudroom, or shower. 

A charming and practical farmhouse mudroom design with our Sand Valley & Thassos mosaic floor tiles

You can create a charming and practical farmhouse mudroom design with our Sand Valley & Thassos interlocking tiles - they’re the perfect blend of rustic and stylish!

Mix & Match Tile Designs to Create a Custom Mosaic Pattern

Mix & Match Tile Designs to Create a Custom Mosaic Pattern for a White Ceramic Backsplash Medallion

This combination of Chateau White Square Ceramic Tile centered around a Chateau White Sprig Ceramic Tile proves you don’t have to decide one one tile style for gorgeous results.

Not only is mixing and matching totally acceptable, we encourage it! Our line of White Chateau ceramic mosaic tiles are proof enough that mixing and matching colors and textures yield spectacular results. Many of our Mother of Pearl mosaics are infused with materials like glass and marble to deliver unique and captivating patterns you’ll love to show off. 

Creative Commercial Tile Designs

Restaurant Design for an Upscale Bistro with a Statement Glass Mosaic Tile Wall

Turn heads with dramatically shaped vintage Gray Deco Fan Glass Mosaic Tiles from Tile Club.

The beauty and style of mosaic tiles isn’t just limited to residential interiors and exteriors! Our collection includes commercial tiles rated for high traffic flooring use, as well as a huge selection of mosaic wall tiles that can be used to add gorgeous flair to a new coffee shop, restaurant, or boutique hotel! If you’re looking to create gorgeous bathrooms for a retail space or hospitality venue, you’ll find the perfect tiles to stand up to long-term and high traffic use.

How to Enjoy your Mosaic Tiles for Years to Come -

These intricate and creative patterned tiles have a ton of benefits when you treat them right! Here are some resources to make sure you enjoy your beautiful designs!

  • If you’re new to tiling, and you want to make sure you use the right tools and installation process for sheets of mesh-backed tiles, check out our Tips for Installing Mosaic Tiles

  • To properly care for your installation, we always recommend using the best tile sealer for your material.

No matter where your inspiration comes from, be sure to let it shine with the globally inspired tile from Tile Club. Here, you’ll find the perfect tile you need for your renovations at home or in the office!

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