This or That: Tile Edition | How to Choose Tile Colorways

Author: Lindsay Fluckiger

Ready to play this or that with some of our favorite tile colorways? After all, when it comes to tile, the color and design variations are endless - which means there’s always an ongoing choice between this style or that tile. It’s one of the inherently beautiful components of the tile world; versatility at its finest. We're diving in to tile colorways and how a single change can impact the whole feel of your design. So read on and let us know which one you'd pick in the comments!

Ready to play? Let’s go!

White kitchen cabinets with Santa Barbara Dappled Green Star and Decorative Cross backsplash

Why not both? Pairing our Santa Barbara solid green star tilеs and dеcorativе cross tilеs together creates an eye-catching backsplash over the stove, while the tone-on-tone green star and cross tiles under the cabinets adds a more subtle detail.

What are Tile Colorways?

Tile colorways aren’t just about different colors; they’re about flipping the script on your design with unique materials and styles. Take a particular pattern or design, say, a stunning mosaic. If it’s decked out in marble, it gives off posh and regal vibes, exuding an air of sophistication. Accent that same mosaic pattern with a chic shell touch, and suddenly, it has a fresh, coastal interior aesthetic , hinting at beachside daydreams and breezy Sunday afternoons. See what we mean? Same tile, two different design styles. 

Check out how much a subtle change can flip the script on these gorgeous interior design ideas!

This or That: Which Tile Would You Choose?

This or That: Roman Flower Marble Mosaic Tiles

Our Roman Flower Marble Mosaic Tiles are a perennial favorite with our designers and our customers - not to mention our team! These floral patterned marble mosaics have been so popular we keep rolling out new versions with new colors. Each of the mosaics in this collection contain intricate designs that speak volumes without saying a word. The different marble colors make a huge impact on the feel of this beautifully patterned mosaic.

Let’s start with the Roman Flower Blue Celeste Marble Mosaic Tile. The addition of Blue Celeste stones to the white Thassos marble gives it a light and airy design. A perfect match for a kitchen backsplash in a modern farmhouse home like this one!

Next up, let’s explore the beauty of Roman Flower Bardiglio & Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile. Made from Bardiglio and Bianco Carrara marbles, this mosaic tile, while the same pattern as above, is cooler and less contrasting. The gray and white marbles are a bit more flexible for most interiors – it can find itself work just as well in a rustic country kitchen as it would in an upscale powder room. 

As a result, The floral marble  tile fits right in with traditional, transitional, or contemporary styles. You can use  it to add a touch of refinement to your kitchen backsplash or as a stunning accent wall in a bathroom. 

Lastly, we have the Roman Flower Wooden Beige and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile. Talk about a change up! Quite easy to sell our point on tile variations when you go from luxe white marbles to a wood look marble in one fell swoop! Adding in Wooden Gray marble gives it an earthy feeling that easily suits a country, farmhouse, or boho chic interior. 

What’s more, it can instantly give your space a grounded ambiance. The wood look mosaic can be a great option as a fireplace surround in a rustic-inspired living room or as a statement backsplash tile in a bathroom.

This or That: Emporio Onyx Look Tiles

Most of us can’t afford walls covered in semi-precious gemstones - but what if they just looked like it? That’s where our Emporio Onyx tiles come in! These gorgeous porcelain tiles mimic the look of natural stones and jewels, while offering the long-wearing durability of porcelain tiles (and a pretty great price point, to boot).

Meet the captivating Emporio Black Onyx large-format wall and floor tile - a tile that’s not just fancy; it’s downright enigmatic. With its dark and mysterious allure, it’s a match made in design heaven for those leaning toward Modern Gothic or Industrial Chic styles. 

The swirling charcoal gray surface? It’s not just dramatic; it’s practically singing a ballad of boldness! Just imagine it in a contemporary kitchen, making a statement that’s impossible to ignore.  It captures the look of a city space - versatile and urban-sleek. 

On the other hand, the Emporio Green Onyx tile has a contemporary bohemian charm. It’s like the missing piece in a puzzle for those who adore maximalist design styles. With its fresh and vibrant appeal, it’s the kind of tile that can add a pop of eclectic finesse to boutique hotels for exceptional entryways. The rich green color is incredibly on-trend for interiors, especially when paired with warm copper accents.

And now, let’s take a moment to soak in the charm of the Emporio Blue Onyx Porcelain Tile. Giving off stormy ocean blues,  it is a perfect fit for Coastal or Nautical design styles. 

It makes a fantastic faux marble tile flooring option for an upscale seaside home. As seen in  the kitchen space showcased above, the Emporio Blue Onyx tile encapsulates the essence of coastal living, transforming any area into a sanctuary reminiscent of a seaside retreat. 

This or That: Octagon and Square Mosaic

Next up in the spotlight: Our Octagon and Square Mosaics. While there are 6 beautiful colorways in this collection, we’re spotlighting some of our favorites for you.

First in line is the Envy Green Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile. If tranquility had a color, it’d be this earthy delight. Thassos and Mint Green marbles  join forces to create an atmosphere that’s as refreshing as a crisp morning in the countryside. 

Is vibrant green not your cup of tea? Opt for the clean, timeless look of Calacatta Gold Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile. The blend of Calacatta Gold and Thassos crafts a sanctuary where simplicity reigns supreme. It’s the interior design equivalent of a crisp, designer white shirt - perpetually fashionable and effortlessly stylish. 

Lastly, an all white design marvel: Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile. The beauty of this all white marble and shell mosaic tile is beyond words. It’s a tile that defines pure sophistication and leaves an indelible mark on any space with its breathtaking visual impact. As the defining feature in this modern farmhouse kitchen, it instantly elevates an ordinary space to opulent heights by the sheer presence of these tiles.

This or That: Mirror Glass Subway Tile

Step into the world of Mirror Glass Subway Tiles, where your designs get a dazzling upgrade. These tiles are like little pieces of sunshine that bring in sparkle and light, making any space feel alive. 

Crafted from high-quality glass, our 3x12 Beveled Clear Mirror Glass Subway Tile is no ordinary addition. Its reflective surface throws light back and forth, making small areas or rooms with limited natural light feel more spacious. These tiles trick the eye into making the room feel bigger and brighter.  Say goodbye to dull walls and hello to a design that radiates style and practicality in one beautiful package. 

Embrace a touch of nostalgia with the 3x12 Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile, a drop-dead gorgeous choice for those seeking a vintage-inspired design. Its weathered and aged appearance exudes a unique character, adding a distinct personality to any space. See the difference between it and its counterpart? Same tile, different finish for a whole new feeling!

Flawlessly complementing design styles that celebrate rustic or shabby-chic aesthetics, this tile is a delightful decorative addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen. Infusing a hint of yesteryear’s flair, this tile promises to bring a timeless, classic vibe to your interior design. 

This or That: Santorini Retro Star 

Bring home Palm Springs vibes with Santorini Retro Star tiles. These tiles redefine versatility, proving how subtle nuances in design can create captivating aesthetics. 

Santorini Retro Star Gray tile boasts a chic gray hue and retro-inspired pattern that majestically blends vintage aesthetics with a modern twist. The combination of Tunis Dark Gray and Light Gray marble gives it a subtle tone-on-tone look for a mid-century modern bathroom accent wall.

Want something black and white? The enchanting Santorini Retro Star White tile is a gem that marries the Eastern Black marble retro star pattern against a pristine backdrop of Dolomite white tone. A star performer both in residential and commercial spaces, this tile will make your designs stand out in the most extraordinary way possible.  In homes, picture it as the statement feature in a luxurious bathroom or as a charming accent in a classic kitchen. In commercial spaces, watch it steal the show as a mesmerizing focal point, beckoning attention in chic boutiques or as a classy addition in upscale restaurants.

Santorini Retro Star Black tile takes this design to an even more bold conclusion. The retro star pattern with Black wood marble and Calacatta Gold adds a dramatic flair to any setting. Ideal for those leaning towards a contemporary and edgy aesthetic, envision this tile igniting a modern living room as a captivating accent wall or creating a bold statement as a kitchen backsplash

This or That: Santorini Laurel Mosaic

Experience the breathtaking intricacy of Santorini White Shell Laurel tile, uniting the ethereal beauty of white marble with the iridescent luminosity of shells. Tailored for spaces that embrace the classics, the Santorini White Shell Laurel tile is breathtaking. Its gem-like details evoke a sense of depth and character, casting a spell of enduring beauty as a glamorous accent wall detail.

Give that pattern a dark twist! Our Santorini Black and Brass Laurеl tilе takes the same pattern but uses Nero Marquina, Calacatta Gold, and brushed brass to add a glam metallic accent to this gorgeous design. The bold black marble and touches of brass are a beautiful complement to an Art Deco design.

Collection 6: Mini-Scale Marble Mosaic Tiles

Staying truе to its namе,  Envy Grееn Marblе and Shеll Mini-Scalе Marblе Mosaic Tilе is bound to makе еvеryonе who sees it turn grееn with еnvy.  It’s thе go-to shadе for thosе craving that gеm-inspirеd,  rich grееn vibе. And thе scalе dеsign? It's not just a dеtail; it's a hеad-turnеr that brings tеxturе and trеndinеss to thе party. 

Amp up thе romancе in your spacе with Norwеgian Rosе Thassos Mini-Scalе tilе! It switches the Mint Green marble and shell for white Thassos and naturally pink Norwegian Rose  Usе it as thе focal point in a vintagе-inspirеd bathroom or as an еlеgantly charming accеnt in a drеamy living spacе as a warm and inviting fireplace surround. 

Fееling worn out from a hеctic day? Divе into thе calming еnfold of soft bluе tilеs to lift your spirits.  Our Azul Ciеlo Thassos And Carrara Mini Scalе Marblе Mosaic Tilе brings a rеlaxеd vibе that’ll transform your spacе into an oasis of calm.  With its gеntlе huе,  this tilе doesn’t just еnhancе your dеsign projеcts; it brings an instant dosе of peace to your lifе.  

This tilе is just what you need to craft a drеamy,  calming bathroom oasis or turn your kitchеn into a laid-back cooking zonе.  Imaginе sinking into a warm bath surroundеd by its sеrеnе allurе or whipping up your favorite dishеs with a backdrop that makеs еvеry cooking momеnt a dеlight.  This tilе isn't just for looks; it's a mood-sеttеr,  crеating thе pеrfеct atmosphеrе for your daily routinеs.  

Choose the Perfect Tile Colorway for Your Space

Selecting the perfect tiles for your space can be an exciting yet challenging task. With so many variations and design styles to consider, it's essential to find tiles that align with your vision and personal taste. 

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your tile selection process. Remember, embrace the natural variations and individuality of tiles as they elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary.  Ready to find the right fit for your home or project? Explore our tiles today.

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