Shape | Scale Tile

The fish scale tile pattern is one of the most whimsical tile shapes you can add to your residential or commercial design. Whether you want to add mermaid scale tiles for a guaranteed seaworthy style or prefer the look of a wooden fish scale tile bathroom for a truly unique shower tile style you can marvel at for years to come, Tile Club has the blue, silver, gray, marble, wood-look and white fish scale mosaic tiles you’ve got to see. 

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Decorative Glass Fish Scale Mosaic Tile

Incorporating the classic look of the Art Deco era into your home or commercial design has never been more beautiful or durable than with Tile Club’s deco fan glass fish scale mosaic tile. As one of the most versatile and low-maintenance tile materials today, glass tile is a perfect choice for any kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom wall, or accent wall tile. Available in gray, silver, and blue, the Deco Fan Fish Scale Mosaic Tile is the perfect fish scale tile backsplash option for adding artful vintage glamour to your interior design layout. Don’t be afraid to add this fish scale tile backsplash to your fireplace surround, bathroom accent wall, or as an incredible fish scale tile shower wall.

If vintage Art Deco designs aren't the right fit for your design look, check out our selection of sea glass tiles! Combining the unique artisan beauty of these hand-poured style styles with a scale pattern creates a gorgeous look for a coastal kitchen, nautical bathroom design, or seaside cottage fireplace surround! Choose from white, gray, or blue to add the perfect sea glass touch to your walls!

Marble Fish Scale Mosaic Tile

As one of the oldest building materials still used today, marble tile radiates a beauty and timelessness that is hard to compete with. At Tile Club, we have marble fish scale mosaic tile options with their own stunning and unique looks. The Azul Cielo Thassos and Carrara Mini Scale Marble Mosaic Tile is our number one choice for those looking to add a white fish scale tile shower, backsplash, or bathroom design to their home. This mermaid scale tile features soft scalloped curves and a beautiful blend of soft blues and whites just noticeable enough to grab your attention without demanding it.

If a wood-look tile is more your thing, we’ve got the best wooden beige marble fish scale mosaic tile for you. The Fan Wooden Beige Tile offers a natural, wood-like finish safe for use in steam rooms, shower walls and floors, and indoor and outdoor spaces. You won’t believe how much the natural marble pattern resembles hardwood and how well the soft scallop design complements the color and texture for a truly impressive fish scale tile for your next renovation project.

Mother of Pearl White Fish Scale Tile

Nothing comes closer to a mermaid scale tile than Tile Club’s White Fish Scale Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tile. Crafted from natural shell and safe for residential shower walls and floors, this stunning mermaid scale tile’s naturally opalescent shimmer will have you feeling like a mermaid yourself any time you step into your shower.

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