Curbless Shower Designs for a Spa Bathroom at Home

Skip the bath, and hop in the shower. If that’s not your current motto for a mid-day or end-of-day soak, it’s likely about to be. Why? Doorless walk-in showers are becoming all the rage. The commonality between them? An at-home spa experience that has no bathtub. Today, we go over what this trend is, the benefits of the curbless shower movement, and some doorless design ideas to kickstart your inspiration. 

Tile Club’s Japandi Natural Slat Wall Tile is the perfect way to get that Scandinavian spa look without worrying about water warping or damaging natural wood.

What is a home spa bathroom? 

Our Diamonds Carrara White Bardiglio Marble Tiles create a harmonious flow in this upscale design. Proof that you can create an immensely captivating space of your very own in no time! 

A pleasure, a delight, a respite from the stressors of everyday life. On a more serious note: a way to get a little slice of the spa world within the confines of your home. 

Home spa bathrooms are the latest trend in interior design, offering a luxurious experience right in the comfort of your own home. Instead of doors and curtains to separate wet and dry areas, doorless showers – also known as frameless showers or walk-in showers - have become an eye-catching feature.

These curbless shower areas rely on adjusting angles and drainage to prevent water from spilling onto your floor. Advancements like rainfall shower heads are also key to keeping water where you want it. Adding heated floors and smart controls allows you to enjoy the perfect environment for relaxation all year round; whether you’re looking to get energized for the day ahead or refresh after a busy one, there’s nothing quite like a session in a home spa bathroom haven!

When it comes to designing a modern home spa bathroom, there are countless options to make the space truly unique. From bold floor tiles that create a captivating visual experience for anyone who enters, to cleverly incorporated decorative elements, spa-inspired bathrooms offers serenity for homeowners.

Take for example this home; the designer used a glossy subway tile on the walls and a patterned Star and Cross floor tile that is instantly eye-catching. With minimal accents, this look is functional but beautiful  - perfect for both relaxation and energizing for the day ahead!

What are some of the benefits of curbless showers?  

Homeowners choosing tiles for a new shower often debate the merits of walk-in stalls compared to traditional tub combos. Fortunately, there are ample benefits to choosing a walk-in shower — from saving space to creating an impressive visual design aesthetic. 

Space savvy! Just look at how this home amplifies its floor space by foregoing a bathtub for a doorless shower design. The glass pane’s brass border matches and attenuates the other elements, like the pearly peach squares glass mosaic wall tiles,  in the design fantastically.

Say hello to more space for the design of your dreams.

Walk-in showers are an ideal choice for anyone with a small bathroom that needs renovation. Not only do they take up much less space than tubs, they also offer a higher level of luxury. With the extra room from not having to fit a bulky bathtub, you have more options when it comes to furnishing and decorating your bathroom – you’ll be able to pick out new furniture, shelves, and accessories that add even more style and elegance to the area. 

No matter your age, accessibility is key.

Having a curbless shower is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to spruce up their bathroom without all the fuss. Not only do they look incredibly stylish, but they also provide a safer experience, as they are more easily stepped into and eliminate the risk of slipping on ledges or curbs.

Tired? Take a seat, stylishly. 

Not only can they be a source of comfort while showering, the features that come with these benches can take the experience even further. With engraving designs, storage cubbies and streams from multiple shower heads, you'll feel like you're visiting a personal spa every time you step in! Who wouldn't love that? 

Unlike tubs, showers without doors can be as niche or expansive as a homeowner would like. That can be seen in this home’s bathroom filled with our own handmade ceramic tile, the La Riviera Lavanda Ceramic Subway Tile. The central point is the tile design itself, which leads into a nook where the shower resides. Imagine how much visual space a tub would take up?!

Creates a sense of openness 

By having frameless glass doors, you get the best of both worlds—an elegant look without occupying too much physical space. People looking to maximize their bathroom space without sacrificing style should definitely consider this type of design, as it brings together form and function in perfect harmony. Plus, you can customize it to fit your precise needs; what’s not to love?

Low maintenance as can be!

Lastly, spa like showers require far less maintenance than traditional bathrooms, too! You don't have to worry about water or steam leaking out or dripping on the floor. This makes it easy to keep your bathroom free from mold or mildew buildup due to excessive moisture, saving you time and energy in cleaning up after every shower. Plus, since there is no extra hardware involved, these showers are also simpler to clean since dirt and grime don’t get trapped in any nooks or crannies.

Spa bathrooms with open showers are a growing trend centered around self-care and sustainability. Using a variety of tiles, like these wood-look hexagon ones, can achieve the look perfectly.

Sold on the curbless shower trend? Let us get some inspiration going!  

When it comes to crafting the perfect routine aesthetic, you’ll need to make sure you have one key component down: the tile! After all, with no door, or tub, the star becomes your wall and floors. That means, choosing your ideal shower wall and floor tile is key. No pressure (or should we say water pressure)… because we have you covered.

This design uses Azul Cielo Thassos and Carrara 1” Hexagon Marble tiles as an accent to craft a truly eye-catching yet balanced space. The small chip size and grout lines provide grip underfoot as you move from the shower area to the bathroom, even with puddles.

For those that are a fan of Greek-inspired interiors, you’re bound to love this inspirational design. The walk in shower seen above gives life to the bathroom with its balanced blue and white color scheme. The blue and white marble floor tile and matching shower niche tile works perfectly with the traditional white subway tile. It’s effortless, and a fit for those craving a Mediterranean appeal. 

This industrial inspired home spa bathroom gets a facelift with our very own Ionic Impact White Tile

Craving something a bit more contemporary? Why not shower in a futuristic way and take a cue from this oversized, luxury design then. This room is made from a mixture of industrial chic floor and wall tiles. The seamless look is sleek and sophisticated. We love the use of the doorless shower to create a sense of openness. Plus, the decorative metallic accent tile within the shower really ties things together nicely. 

Two is better than one! This walk in shower utilizes our Pichetto Pearl Gloss Ceramic Tiles on the shower wall and a distinctly contrasting dark gray square tile on the floors. 

Contrast lovers, this bathroom inspiration is for you! The spa-like bathroom above may be small, but it sure has character. The dark gray cement look floor tiles give the room a sense of depth. The high gloss picket wall tiles give a reflective edge that adds a sense of spaciousness. Together, it’s a traditional modern look that will last for years to come.

Can it get more spa-like than some natural, wood-look tiles? This design argues it does not by using our Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic tiles

If you’re a fan of wood accents in the home, this modern bathroom design has something truly special that you can’t ignore. The wood look hexagon tile decor instantly creates a warm and inviting atmosphere within the home, giving off some serious natural vibes that will sweep anyone off their feet. Its fresh and modern presence is sure to leave the home’s family and friends absolutely floored, without fail becoming the talk of the town. Wood look tiles are a great way to make your bathroom a relaxing yet impactful spot!

Gray tones meet marbled delights in this bathroom featuring our Mallorca Gray Ceramic tile in the doorless shower design. 

Monochrome done right! From the luxury of the marble floors to the stylish ceramic wall tiles, this bathroom is an absolute showstopper! Although it's based on a single hue, gray tones, the medley of materials make it anything but boring. The emphasis on texture brings out the beauty of the space, while its simplicity and calming effect creates a wonderful sense of balance. Ultimately, this bathroom succeeds in becoming both functional and beautiful – a room we'd definitely love to hang out in!

Metallic designs create a sense of immediate luxury and such is the case in this bathroom featuring our Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile.

Gold accents may seem like something that's too bold for a spa-like bathroom, but this interior proves everyone wrong. Ditch the classic clawfoot tub and embrace the luxe of the moment: double rain shower head and gold mosaic tiles! Together these modern touches create an oasis of relaxation that adds a touch of glam to your shower routine. 

Rustically beautiful, this space uses our Gilded Age White Natural Mosaic Tile on the floors to craft a neutral look. 

If you're looking for a way to give your bathroom an elegant and rustic touch, this unique walk in shower design is an absolute must save for inspiration. The combination of the subtle off-white tiling used on the floor and gold flecked hex tiles on the walls provides the perfect blend of modern chic meets old-style charm that adds character to any bathroom. With some thoughtful planning, you can definitely replicate the look and there's no doubt that it's sure to add a "real wow" factor to your home.  

French farmhouse vibes reign supreme in this space featuring the Bardiglio & White Marble Curved Basket Weave Marble Mosaic floor tile.

 French farmhouse is the perfect style to combine with a spa-like bathroom. Whether you're going for a more traditional look or something more modern, this design style will make your space feel warm and cozy. Take for example the design above: the combination of marble flooring with an old fashioned paned glass door and weathered wooden vanity creates an inviting atmosphere that will give you an instant sense of relaxation. Not to mention, it's a beautiful design choice that will look great for years to come!

In the end, sprucing up your bathroom in 2023 doesn't get any better than renovating it to a luxurious doorless, walk-in shower space. Not only are these showers beautiful to look at and provide a spa-like atmosphere for relaxation, but they also come with many surprising benefits –  from easier cleaning to improved accessibility. 

Whether you want the classic, timeless look or strive to create an innovative, modern bathroom oasis, the possibilities that come with such a shower style are endless! If you're looking to upgrade your home this year, consider the refreshment that comes with creating a luxurious spa retreat right in your own bathroom. You won’t regret it! 

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