Metallic Decor Ideas in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Steel

Nothing says luxury quite like a little sparkle! Add a glamorous finish to your space with these metal wall decor ideas. Are you more vintage with an Art Deco-inspired brass inlay, or dazzling with a bold gold glass mosaic? Industrial with a stainless steel backsplash or a textured porcelain detail? Check out some of our favorite ways to add a shine to your decor with these metal tile ideas!

White marble Art Deco fan tiles with a shining brass inlay add style and sophistication that you just can't beat!

Why choose metallic decor for your interior design?

When it comes to choosing decor within your home, there are endless possibilities for your style. Sure, matte black fixtures add a modern edge, and all-white decor can promote a minimalist interior; however, if you want to add a sparkling statement, metallic decor accents can add a unique design!

When styled correctly they can  take a space from drab to fab with a simple touch! That’s extremely important for small budget interiors with big impact. 

Metal wall decor can transform your space with style!

What are the pros and cons of metallic tiles?

If you love the golden adornments of metal decor without the commitment of traditional tile, our Black and Gold Hexagon Vinyl Peel and Stick can be a match made in decor heaven. With its easy removable surface, you can give any powder room wall or entryway wall a stylish touch. Plus, the black and gold scheme provides an elegant and modern look that will spruce up any dreary space. Whether you're looking for a quick update or a complete renovation, our brushed metal and vinyl peel-and-stick tiles are the perfect solution.

First, let’s address the pros: 

Metal-like tiles can add a touch of luxury to any space, and they can also be surprisingly practical. For example, decorative designs are heat-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. What’s more, shimmering materials can also be highly durable, so they can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear. And because they come in a wide range of colors and styles, metal look tiles can be used to create both classic and contemporary looks. 

Our White Frost Diamond Mosaic is a great example of what metal wall decor can do for a space. This bathroom's feature wall design is stunning with its dimension and focus, thanks to the arrow pattern with its shimmering chrome accents. The reflective surface helps to brighten the room and create the illusion of more space.

Now, let’s review some of the cons that you should keep in mind when choosing metal wall decor.

Depending on the metallic design you choose, costs can be a con. You should always consider your budget before purchasing tiles for this very reason. Porcelain will be more cost-effective than a brass inlay marble tile.

Aside from cost, it’s also worth considering where you plan to place your tile. Glass is universal and can work as backsplashes or floor designs; however, brass is wall-only and not always compatible with water (so, showers won’t be a match!).

What are the types of metallic tiles you can choose from?

Who doesn’t love variety when it comes to decorating your interior? Surely not us! The use of polished tiles can enriche your environment and allow for a medley of options to cater to your unique personality as well as decor preferences. Below we outline some of the most common metal-look tiles on the market – from gold to copper – to inspire your project!

Gold tiles 

Gold tiles are an elegant and luxurious option for flooring, backsplashes, and accent walls. They are durable and easy to care for, and they add a touch of luxury to any space. However, some true gold materials can also be very expensive, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase.  

Metallic decor can add a touch of elegance to any design, and our Glossy Gold Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile is a perfect depiction. The above shower gets a boost of elegance thanks to the addition on the walls. Whether you're looking for a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, gold hex tiles are sure to add beauty and elegance to your home. 

Brass inlay and marble tiles 

Nothing quite spells luxury like a marble-and-gold-brass tile does. After all, it fuses two of the classiest materials together for a timeless, swanky style. We love the way that brass can pair extremely well with Nero Marquina or Carrara marbles. The balance of contrasts in this metal wall decor allows for a naturally scintillating result that will have all guests idolizing your design; be it on a powder room backsplash, fireplace in your living room, or mudroom entryway wall.

Our Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Mosaic is a prime example of how marble and gold pair beautifully. The polished marble is luxurious and refined, while the brass adds a touch of warmth and elegance. This tile is perfect for creating a stunning backsplash or accent wall, and it's sure to make any interior feel like a royal retreat.

Copper Accents

Copper details have the warmth of gold while adding a different vibe. Still extraordinary and a lovely addition to any space as an option; they do, however, have a more industrial appeal than their golden counterparts. These tiles are great for urban interiors that want a statement piece or rustic rooms with a more contemporary feeling. With a variety of shapes and styles, there’s a perfect fit for nearly any space.

Mixed copper mosaic tiles 

Mosaic tiles are a beautiful way to get the most out of a copper-infused design. Why? They have a mixed material appeal. Whether thrown together with glass mosaic chips or porcelain, the color schemes flow naturally with excitement and variety. 

Feminine and refined, this guest bathroom stuns with our Geological Mosaic Tile. It combines glass, natural stone, and metallic accents for a prominent display that's not overwhelming. The tile is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect choice for a busy bathroom. 

Dimensional copper tiles 

3D tiles are riveting to say the least. They can amplify any space and create a central point of focus for your decor. When it comes to metallic dimensional wall accents, like copper, the result is doubly impressive. 

When it comes to making a statement in your home, it’s hard to beat a bold, 3D metal tile. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your primary bathroom or make a splash in your kitchen, our Ionic Decor Code is the perfect way to do it. This bathroom by  Sage & Tima Designs with photos by Doug Stevens of Snap Happy Photos adds dimensional detail with a 3D backsplash.

Decorative copper tiles 

For those who love all things shiny and new, decorative copper tiles can add extra special touch on your home. Kitchens and bathrooms can come alive with vibrant colors and exciting shapes when you use these eye-catching materials. The luster of copper is sure to reflect light in a captivating way, drawing attention to the areas of your home that you want to highlight the most. Whether you choose simple geometric tiles or something more whimsical, this type of wall decor is sure to make a statement.  

Stunning isn’t it? The beauty of decorative copper tiles is on full display in this elegant bathroom. The Ionic Copper Decor shimmers with style as an accent design with a starburst pattern!

Stainless Steel tiles 

Stainless steel tiles are an elegant and timeless choice for home decor. With their reflective surface, these decorative mosaics can help to brighten any space. They also have a unique ability to change appearance in different lighting conditions, adding interest and dimension to a room. Can be suitable for both traditional and contemporary design styles. Whether used as accent pieces or as the primary material for a project steel tiles are sure to add beauty and sophistication to any home!

Stainless steel penny round tiles 

Penny tiles are stylish and sleek options for any interior. So, what happens when you pair this traditional style with a shimmery twist? Magic! Well, only sort of. The truth is that using a lustrous  finish on penny round tile makes for a fun, modernized look on a timeless classic. Therefore, you get longevity and beauty in one hit!

Every little detail counts in a kitchen, and that includes the backsplash. Stainless steel penny rounds in this kitchen are just gorgeous. They catch the light and add a bit of sparkle to the room. 

Stainless steel pebble mosaic tiles

Looking for a bit of the organic interior design trend for 2023 with a modern edge? You can get just that with a pebble mosaic tile made with stainless steel. Durable yet scintillating in appearance, steel will shine (literally) in any space they are placed. Use them in a wet bar at home or as a backsplash in a powder room. There’s no wrong way to style them when you’re looking to add a pop to your design.. 

Who wouldn't want a home wet bar complemented by a statement metal decor? This wet bar makes anyone who does (like us!) jealous. Using our Stainless Steel Pebble Mosaic as a backsplash, it adds a creative focal point.

Silver Decor

Silver tiles are a popular choice for home décor, due to their low cost and easy maintenance. However, silver can also be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, too. Hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms…It’s a flexible decor option for homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive way to update your home décor or need a durable material for an industrial application, silver tiles may be the perfect choice!

Silver picket tiles 

Picket tiles are a balance of sophistication and fun with their elongated hexagonal shapes. You can style these in myriad ways and still get the same outcome: sheer elegance. We love the way the picket shape can spruce up a backsplash and add a light-loving touch to a bathroom. Plus, many times, these designs come in matte and glossy versions which allows for an added sense of visual interest alongside a dimensional feeling!

Varied and fun, silver picket tiles like our Ceramic Palisades, are a great option for decor. They can spruce up any space and are a great breakaway from gray or white backsplashes.

Silver diamond tiles

Another option for silver wall decor? Diamond mosaic tiles. These beauties are shimmering, light loving, and thanks to their glass material – durable. If you’re looking for a perfect palette for kitchen pantries, fireplaces, or showers, these are the wall accents for you!

A diamond is design’s best friend…Or so we say! This space is proof that silver diamond mosaics can really make a beautiful addition to a home’s kitchen backsplash. We love the sparkling backsplash against the dark-tone cabinetry. So sophisticated and chic!

Decorating with metal accents is a great way to add interest and variety to your home's design. Whether you choose to use tiles, or other finishes like sink fixtures or lamps, incorporating this material into your decor can add both visual interest and a sense of luxury. Tiles are particularly well-suited to backsplashes and fireplaces, where they can add both shimmer and texture. 

When used sparingly, shining metallic accents can give your home an elegant, polished look. We hope this article gave you some inspiration for using metal wall decor within your next home design!

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