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Light Bathroom with Retro Blanco Hex Whitewashed Porcelain Tile Floor

Looking for charming modern rustic bathroom floor tile ideas? Paired with natural wood, soft metals, and neutral, organic tones, this Retro Blanco Hex Whitewashed Porcelain Tile floor is definitely a contender!

Casual and simple by design, today’s most beloved rustic interiors highlight the beauty found in imperfection, relying heavily on wood and textured accents, soft metal finishes, and organic, earthy colors that aren’t always celebrated in modern homes. If you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your next bathroom remodel, consider this collection of bathroom tile ideas as your yellow brick road to your nature-inspired bathroom retreat!

Read on to learn how you can incorporate your favorite organic looks into your next bathroom remodel with today’s best bathroom tiles.

With the look of raw wood but the durability of a traditional porcelain tile, our Gems Fume Shanghai porcelain tile is the perfect choice for every wall and floor in your bathroom and shower. You can even pair it with your choice of natural accents to make it a one-of-a-kind shower!

Key Features of Rustic Design

Love the look of rustic interiors? You can thank America’s earliest settlers for that! The raw, simple, and unrefined looks we love today are inspired by 19th-century homesteads crafted to meet life’s basic needs and with the locally sourced materials they were lucky enough to find, and why today’s staple rustic designs contain a combination of these materials (with a few upgrades here and there, of course).

To achieve a truly rugged look, there are several key features to consider adding to your design plan:

  • Rugged, Natural Materials- Stone, tile, wood, and greenery
  • Rich, Earthy & Organic Colors - Raw/weathered wood tones, rich/earthy accent colors like tans, blues, greens, grays, and reds
  • Imperfect & Textured Accents - Brick, stone, or zellige tile, aged metals like copper, bronze.
  • Décor- Animal fur, hides & antlers, oriental and accent rugs with simple motifs.

Black tile wall modern bathroom

With wood-toned cabinets, a stunning textured soaking tub, and our Ionic Steel Rectified Porcelain Tile, this contemporary bathroom design is a worthy contender for any upscale home.

For a soft yet sophisticated bathroom design idea, why not take Tile Club’s Tribeca Mixed Plank Wall Tile for a spin? Its muted white, beige, and gray tones are perfect as a bathroom backsplash and shower walls in your cozy cabin retreat!

Combined with your most beloved modern amenities (we’re looking at you, soaking tub), you'll quickly be on your way to a bathroom remodel that makes your home sweet home all the more welcoming.

mallorca blue glazed ceramic subway tile vintage bathroom wall

If you love the look of a textured tile for bathroom walls, you’ll fall head over heels with this Mallorca Blue Ceramic Subway Tile, a perfectly imperfect ceramic tile to mimic the look of traditional handcrafted zellige tile popular in modern rustic design.

Tile: The Best Choice For Rustic Bathrooms

Sustainable, long-lasting, and highly durable, tile is one of the best bathroom building materials for any design goal.

Wood Look Porcelain Tile for a Scandinavian Bathroom

Enjoy all of the benefits of a wood floor without the maintenance hassle with a wood-look Gems Bianco Porcelain Tile from Tile Club. Try this open concept earthy bathroom idea with this or one of our other wood-look tiles to find the perfect wood-tone for your taste.

Unlike traditional wood flooring that becomes damaged when overexposed to water, moisture, and humidity, floor tile materials like porcelain and glass are impervious to water and moisture. What’s more, porcelain tile and glass tile can be imitated to look like wood (and other rugged materials like metal and stone), which means you won’t have to sacrifice your dream design to accommodate practicality. 

Wood-look tiles also come in countless color and shape variations that make it simple to weave modern or contemporary design elements into your nature-inspired bathroom. They are easy to wash, are pet-friendly, and won’t make you wince with worry every time someone steps out of the shower or tub dripping water all over the place.

If you love the look of textured tile with perfectly imperfect characteristics, ceramic tile and marble tile are two other tile materials worth adding to your mountain-inspired bathroom idea list.

Create a rustic backsplash or tub surround with zellige style mallorca gray tile from Tile ClubBig on texture? Tile Club’s collection of zellige-inspired ceramic tiles, like this Mallorca Grey Ceramic Square Tile, puts texture at the top of your list for tile backsplashes and shower walls. Choose from other neutral and organic colors like green, white, and shades of blue. Just search  Mallorca and La Riviera ceramic tiles to find the right fit for your vintage-inspired bathroom design!

Since many porcelain, ceramic, marble, and glass tiles are also approved for use as shower tile and bathroom backsplash tile, achieving a consistent design throughout your powder room or en-suite master bath is effortless. 

Now onto the fun! Let’s take a look at some of today’s most beloved rustic bathroom tile ideas so you can find the inspiration you need to design the relaxingly rugged space of your dreams.

Rustic Bathroom Tile Ideas By Area

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Whether you’re living in the suburbs or a house off the beaten path, your bathroom floors need to be able to keep up with whatever your pets, family, or shoes have planned for that day, all while looking “Magnifique!” Here are some of our favorite cabin-look bathroom floor tile ideas to help drum up inspiration for your next remodel.

Who doesn’t love a chevron floor design? We certainly do, and we love how this Spiga Olson Blanco Wood-Look Chevron Porcelain Tile combines the best of rugged and modern design to bring it to you!

White and Neutral Bathroom with Plaza Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile Slip Resistant Floors and Shiplap Walls

Love a natural bathroom design, but not sure if you’ll always want to keep it that way? Have your cake and eat it too with a neutral and versatile Plaza Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile from Tile Club!

This Penny Eastern White and Wooden Beige Marble Tile is another example of how different tile materials can be used to mimic the look of wood. Add this gorgeous nature-inspired bathroom floor tile idea to your list of contenders!

Rustic Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Adorning your shower with organic-inspired wall and floor tile is a simple way to sustain your overall aesthetic. Plus, today’s best shower tile materials, like glass, porcelain, and even some marble, come in a variety of looks that fit effortlessly into your design plan. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is settling on just one…or two!

This stunning bathroom shower tile idea features Tile Club’s Recycled Glass Subway Mosaic Tile in a Blue Wood Color and the Tribeca Blanco Whitewashed Wood Look Tile for a truly earthy look we love. Paired with natural wood accents and greenery, it’s the perfect example of how versatile interior design can be if you pair the right materials together.

For a one-of-a-kind shower tile idea, consider combining two different rustic tiles together in one space, as we did here with our Gems Bianco Shanghai Porcelain Tile and the Blue Wooden Glass Hexagon Mosaic Tile!

Rustic Bathroom Tile Ideas For Walls

Just like your floors, bathroom walls are subject to taking a beating from dirty hands, water and product splatters, and all that steam from your days-end shower. Do yourself a favor and skip the periodic paint touch-ups, potential mold, or musty smell from walls that have seen too much humidity with a bathroom wall tile that can stand up to all of that–and more.

Spa style bathroom with natural wood look floors and marble subway tile walls
Achieve a clean-cut vintage design like this incredible bathroom above using Tile Club’s Wooden Beige Beveled Marble Tile. We love how this neutral shower tile idea flows effortlessly into the rest of the bathroom, making this unique space more open and inviting.

Modern organic bathroom with gray and metallic hexagon glass tiles with a live edge wood countertop

Dress up your bathroom walls while complementing your natural wood features with Tile Club’s Saturn Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile, a crowd favorite for modern woodsy bathroom design.

Chevron patterned marble bathroom wall tile

Combined with a stunning wood double vanity, a neutral floor, fresh flowers, and simple accents, this Sand Valley Herringbone Marble Mosaic Tile is nothing short of a perfectly neutral textured tile for your modern rustic design style.

Bathroom with Glacier Ash Gray 3X6" Polished Glass Tile backsplash

If a dark and daring design is what you’re after for your bathroom remodel, then this Glacier Ash Gray Polished Glass Tile is the perfect tile for your backsplash, accent wall, shower wall, or all three!

Pearl White Hexagon glass mosaic tile backsplash for a downstairs powder room

We love glass tile in a bathroom, and this Pearl White Weaved Hexagon Glass Tile backsplash is no exception! We love how effortlessly it pairs with the wood vanity, marbled sink bowl, and golden brass accents for a refined style suitable for your nature-inspired modern powder room.

Modern White & Gold Bathroom with White And Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Wall

Bring nature into your home with this White and Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile! Bursting with sustainability and functionality, this recycled glass mosaic tile is the perfect way to incorporate a love for the outdoors even when you’re not out there exploring. Add more natural details like wood countertops, your favorite greenery, and a gorgeous accent rug to really dress up your design!

Build The Rustic Bathroom of Your Dreams with Tile Club!

No matter what rustic bathroom ideas bring you the most excitement for your next renovation project, Tile Club makes it simple to shop for today’s most sought-after natural and organic tile styles to achieve the interior design looks you love for every nook and cranny of your home. Browse and shop Tile Club today to find the tile options designed to make your visions come to life, or visit the Tile Club Blog for more tile style and inspiration! 

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