Ways To Craft Bohemian Interiors With Tiles

Bohemian chic interiors are one of the most beloved design styles and for good reason – they are quite the enigma. On one hand, these interiors are prone to maximalist ideals with their bold colors and layered textures; on the other hand, they are curated spaces where cataloged decor never goes unnoticed. It’s for this reason that it’s been a mainstay in design. 

Today we take you through boho interiors with tiles that will rock your world and show you the various design iterations of this forever appreciated style.

If there’s one thing that boho interiors deliver in spades it’s the ability to be used across spaces. Whether you’re designing an outdoor patio and grill area or putting together a bedroom, bohemian interiors with tiles will always work. We love the use of our Moroccan White Star Blue Cross Etched Marble Mosaic Tile in this outdoor kitchen. The use of a rattan patio set makes for a spotlight moment that pairs perfectly with the blue and white tile.

What are bohemian interiors?

Laid back, carefree, eclectic. Those are the main three words that will always align with a bohemian interior. These crafty, cool spaces have a sense of artistry written all over them. From mixed materials and textures to bold color palettes, they are decadent displays of maximalism done right. 

The trifecta of bohemian interiors can be seen in this primary bathroom: botanical marble floor tile, bold plant life with natural lighting, and eclectic decor accents. Set against a seafaring backdrop, it’s ideal eye candy for any boho lover. The clawfoot tub with antiqued brass legs and intricate detailing is a decidedly unique touch that makes the space. The brass tones work well against our Floral Dream Bianco Carrara & Thassos Mosaic Tile to deliver a free-spirited-coastal chic bath.

Historically speaking, bohemian interiors came to rise in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s with the hippy movement in America. The use of natural materials and plant life carved the way from the sleek, well-defined spaces of the 1950’s (think, Charles and Ray Eames designs) into more free-flowing, free-spirited interiors that were straight swoon-worthy.

Perfectly stated by the chair of the ASID National Design Board, Kerrie Kelly, the boho style is: “a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. When putting together your boho style space, mixing patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides, and trinkets from your travels is highly encouraged.”

How do you create a bohemian interior?

When it comes to creating an unconventional interior, there are several touchpoints that you should consider. While we always suggest that more is more with this interior style, you can mix and curate what suits your personal tastes best!

Bold, Crisp Colors 

Not an official motto in bohemian interiors with tiles, but it may as well be one is: ‘bolder is better.’ The bolder your color palettes, the more influential your design will be. 

While you may think this space resides in Morocco with one quick glance, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. This stunning design by Jennifer Kizzee is a telltale sign of a boho interior with tiles done right. The prominence of a deep, jewel-tone blue paint color works in tandem with Star And Cross Tiles. The end result is a Moroccan-inspired interior that embodies a hotel set in Marrakech, and handmade seating and bowls that can trick you into thinking they were sourced in local marketplaces. 

While you can use any color scheme that you see fit, there are several that naturally give way to an amazing Moroccan-inspired interior. 

They are sunshine yellows,  emerald greens, ruby reds, deep navy blues, and toasty oranges. 

Green bathroom accent wall with ceramic subway tiles in a herringbone layout

Nothing says bohemian quite like a major color pop does! We’re infatuated with the use of our oceanic blue La Rivieria Quetzal Ceramic Subway Tile as an accent wall behind this bathroom vanity. 

A fluid mix of punchy colors that generate warmth and interest is the best guarantee of creating a truly stunning interior. 

While you may feel nervous about using deeper, richer colors in your space initially, know that you can tone things down as much as you see fit.

You can play around with lighter linens, or contrasting hardware in a space to make a design that’s balanced and not too heavy!

Eclectic Decorative Accents 

The best part about creating a bohemian chic interior that speaks to you? There’s no rules. 

As Homegoods style expert and designer, Beth Diana Smith told HGTV: “One of the many great elements about boho is that there are no rules, it allows you to play with design and inspires you to think outside of the box.

Mixing jewel tones with marble is always a good idea, and this kitchen is a testament to boho interiors done right. Using our Moroccan Green Arabesque Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile as an eclectic backsplash, the mix of textures, colors, and materials serves up a visual treat to guests and homeowners alike.

So when you’re trying to design your space around a chic interior, remember that there are no hard-and-fast rules like some other design styles. You can go all out. This means adding eclectic elements that don’t necessarily have to follow a storyline but just work for you in your space. 

It’s okay to go a little crazy and mix shades of blues with yellows. It’s also okay to use a bold arabesque lantern mosaic backsplash and then use a bold pink floor tile if you desire.

Living room accent wall with Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile

Did someone say high class? Proof that the boho interiors of today are not always one-in-the-same as those of the 1960’s or 1970’s. You can craft an exquisite living room while involving all the eclectic elements a boho-chic design craves. This family room has our Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Tile as a bold accent wall design and a built-in cozy bench of lounging. The natural touches of plant life, and carved wooden coffee table, inject the space with the elements a hippy-infused area craves. 

Maximalism reigns supreme and in the end, for these interiors, it’s all about the person behind the design rather than the design itself. 

Think of them as gypsy lairs; every nook and cranny is filled with mementos of world travels and ushers in a sense of nostalgic wanderlust to guests.

Bohemian Furniture

We love a good rattan, wicker, or cane moment. We’re pretty sure since these are trending homewares, you do, too. So with that, it’s with all the more excitement that these types of materials are the quintessential furniture pieces for boho interiors. 

The goal of bohemian furniture is to be effortlessly chic, not always practical, and earthy at its core. 

Wood look hexagon tile dining room floor with mid century design

When it comes to crafting a bohemian interior, this kitchen hits all the stops. The use of our multi-tonal wood floor tile, Esagona Intarcio Nut Wood Look Porcelain Tile,  alongside plants, and artisan lighting makes for a truly special space. It really hones in on the characteristics of boho life in a visual way. You have natural, sustainable touches and eclectic decorative accents to craft a peculiar and individualistic space. 

You can find inspiration from natural, land-driven elements like wood, bamboo, linen, or silk. Light wood tables, for instance, are exceedingly prominent in boho designs because they lift a space up. 

More so than that, there are wood-look porcelain tiles that can give the same feeling with all the more sustainability (hippy and mama earth approved!)

Spiga Olson Blanco Wood-Look Chevron Floor Tile

This laidback design gets a contemporary facelift in this neutral bedroom haven! Using our Spiga Olson Blanco Wood Look Chevron Porcelain as the floor tile, the space is transformed into a texture-rich and coordinated space. The various tones of brown, beige, tan, and white showcase a newer version of this everlasting trend: bohemian organic. Just as captivating, and just as curated. 

The end goal is to have the furniture be a montage of elements that is texturized, layered, comfortable, and easy on the eyes. Pair a modern sofa with a handmade throw pillow. Use a contemporary porcelain wall tile or large format floor tiles alongside vintage accent rugs. 

Don’t limit your imagination, just let it flow.

Plants, plants, plants

Plants are to boho interiors like milk is to tea. They bring out the flavor and instill a certain je ne sais quoi to the space. These green leafy additions are affordable and easily accessible in creating a relaxed vibe while adding dimension to a room. 

We love how they can provide a two-in-one punch to a kitchen, bathroom, or another key living area by adding a pop of color while also injecting a natural air purification system for hygienic benefits. 

Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Calacatta Marble Color Seen on HGTV Rock the Block Episode Rock the Kitchens

This kitchen with its green cabinetry and floating shelves full of overgrown plants is just amazing. We love the complimentary use of our Recycled Glass Herringone Mosaic in Calcatta Gold Color tile here to tie the color scheme together and make an unforgettable design.

From succulents to cacti, there’s a perfect matchup out there to speak to your Moroccan-styled room, guaranteed. 

Hanging plants are also an excellent bohemian addition in any space, and are a beautiful and fun way to add interest and depth. We know we’re always a fan of the way an oversized fig tree can spruce up the corner of a living room, and pair perfectly with an accent wall tile or fireplace tile.  

For those that want to make a more permanent plant life impact, you can always use our Decor Tropic Pearl Tile, to do so. With a wild jungle flora print, it instantly transforms a space into a jungalow paradise worthy of Pinterest!

Whether you choose to use a simple woven hanging basket with macrame, or  something more ornate and sculptural, like a handmade ceramic pot –the key is to get creative. Feature your personality, add artistic quirks, and you’ll have a great design in no time!

What kind of bohemian interiors exists?

While bohemian interiors relate to an overall design archetype, just like any other interior design style, there are subcategories! Get to know each in more depth below and see which is more in line with your tastes.

Organic Modern Bohemian 

Let’s start with the modernized version of the classic favorite–Organic modern interiors. This 21st century iteration of the timeless trend replaces the usual adventure loving details with minimalist influenced touches instead. 

While organic interiors are aligned with the need for plant life, natural lighting, and some well-curated decor…bold color isn’t on the list of requirements. This makes the newer style of boho interiors the ideal match for those of you who want to blend a contemporary ambiance with a hint of unconventional inspiration.

Patterned Kitchen Backsplash with White And Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

Where other rustic interiors may want to be styled freely, that’s not the case in the more contemporary approach of the design. This modern organic kitchen design effortlessly showcases its beauty. The pairing of our White and Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile with floating shelves to keep precisely chosen dishware and plant life in place is the epitome of the design. Selectively sourced, mindfully placed, flowing.

As covered in our article on organic modern interiors, these areas are a blend of organic minimalist and chic. The approach is to incorporate sleek, defined lines that can build up a storyline in a space. 

This means using decorative touches – from furniture to plant life – in a mindful way. Everything should have a place and every piece added should further accentuate a room  to embolden it and make a splash for years to come.  

Hippy, Free-Spirited Bohemian 

Where would we be without covering the OG of boho interiors? Hippy, free-spirited interiors are what set this style on the map, after all. This technique stemmed from the 1960s hippy movement, and swirled together natural elements, like wood and wicker, with crazy patterns and lush embellishments. 

It was a far cry from the styles of the past, and the only word that could be associated with it was (and still is): maximalism. 

These spaces are not the polished, grandma style of the decade prior;  they are the carefree, flower children of the design world. Think of Stevie Nicks’ Fleetwood Mac era – the hippy interior is full of unexpected tchotchkes sprinkled on bookshelves, Moroccan style backsplash tiles, floral floor tiles, and velvet fabrics. 

When it comes to creating a hippy interior design, you should always think big. Spunky, strong thematic reign superior for these spaces and the more mix-matching you can do, the better. This primary bathroom is an essential capture of the style. The use of various textures, colors, and wooden fixtures just wows. We love the pairing of our Spanish Siesta mosaic tile as a feature wall tile and our navy blue penny round tile in the steam room shower. 

Aside from using a motley of psychedelic colors and empowering metals, this interior is also known for its exotic fabrics. Flat weave, oversized Turkish area rugs with kilim patterns are an essential to give off that vintage vibe. 

Such is the same for the use of floor seating and cushions. Any good hippy inspired lair offers a variety of seating; poufs, ottomans, meditation pillows…all welcomed.  

Jungalow Interiors

Take things a step further and make a rainforest style natural interior with the ever-loved Jungalow look. This design spinoff of hippy chic has one key element, and it takes the stage above all else: plant life. Lots of it. 

Think floor plants, hanging plants, plants in terrariums on tables, and yes, even jungle print wall designs.

Large Carrara Basket Weave Tile with Black Dot Floor

True to the name, this commercial restaurant is a perfect depiction of jungle inspired design. With bold blues coinciding with jungle greens, the earthly impact is evident. While the standout is the palm tree walls and various oversized plants, our Large Carrara Basket Weave Tile With Black Dots creates a fantastic focal point for the eyes. 

The word ‘jungalow’ itself comes from the terms ‘bungalow’ and ‘jungle’ being combined. So, essentially, it’s taking all the cozy comforts of a small, oceanside home and building into it explosions of greenery via plants. 

For those that want to nail this look, all there really is to it, is finding the medley of plants you love, adding lots of natural light to your room, and building up the space from there. 

Mid Century Vintage Design

One of the more refined, and defined versions of a boho home is mid century design. Taking the defined lines and lush touches of midcentury and melding it together with the intention of bohemian, this is the best option for those that like a more vintage, wholesome environment.

Blue and white kitchen with Art Deco accent wall tile with brass inlay

Our Art Deco White Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic creates a truly spectacular showing in this mid century kitchen as a backsplash tile. The use of varying textures, colors, with a more upscale twist, is exactly what this style craves. 

The mid century modern interior is all about balance. That means using core features of boho chic – patterns, texture, color – and making it align with a classier, timeless appeal. 

For this interior style, think brass inlay tiles, gray tone cabinetry, brass hardware and plant life. It is the older, wiser version of the overall umbrella style of bohemian.

Now that you’re an expert on all things bohemian chic, and are more than well equipped to figure out which iteration serves your home the best…Hop over to our tile design look book, and get your creative juices flowing further! After all, spring time is the best time to give your home a nice design refresh!

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