6 Mind-Blowing Accent Wall Designs to Transform your Home or Work

A global pandemic and lockdowns have many people searching for ways to freshen up their home decor this year. Maybe it’s looking at the same walls all day while working from home and living in the same space that has us longing for something new, a transformation into something unique and incredible. Interior design trends for 2022 are proving to be Instagram-worthy looks that you'll want to try in your own house. This year, the design will become more at ease with long-lasting trends, mind-blowing accent walls, a few oldies making a comeback, and timeless classics keeping their ground. 

Luxury dining room with Wheel Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile wall art

Give your space a major makeover with an accent wall like this Wheel Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile to add gorgeous marble and metallic details to a fabulous 

With so much diversity available for decor options, you'll be able to build a home that's not only on-trend but will also stay in style for a long time! The variety of styles allows for our unique likes and wants to be fulfilled, but one new design phenomenon that we are fully on board with are eye-catching accent walls! These 2022 living room, commercial, and home design trends will not disappoint! We've said our goodbyes to safe interior design when primarily white and gray homes ruled the roost in the world of interior design. These tones were, of course, soothing and understated. But now we're ready to step outside our comfort zones and step up our interior design game!

Discover the must-have living room colors in this article, ranging from cheery yellow to earthy olive green. Take a trip back in time with these retro-fabulous mid-century living room ideas nad glamorous Art Deco . It's time to boost your lounge game with organic décor and oh so much more... It's time to embrace your boho side with organic decor and oh so much more...

What Are Statement or Accent walls?

When you take one wall in a room and make it look different from the other three, you've created an accent or feature wall. This can be accomplished in various ways, the most typical of which are tile, paint, wood, and wallpaper. These eye-catching walls can create an unexpected and mind-blowing home decor effect by creating a focal point in your room - it doubles as wall art and design elements all at once. Accent walls in 2022 are all about using new techniques - create a wall mural or feature wall with tile for an unexpected home decor experience  - not to mention a long-lasting and long-wearing material that will add value to your home. 

Living room accent wall with Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile

Add fabulous flair to your living room with a feature wall made of antique glass and marble, like this chic sitting area with our Arrowhead pattern tile.

Today, we have some ideas for mind-blowing accent walls that will no doubt be Insta-worthy home decor, and they’re all created with Tile Club’s wall tiles. You’re going to be blown away. Let’s go!

Add A Fresh New Look With Tile accent walls

1. Art Deco Black Marble And Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile accent wall

The first is an Art Deco-inspired black mosaic accent wall. And it’s gorgeous!! If a dark and moody vibe is your home decor style - think this year’s trend towards dark academia but with a glam twist, you’ll absolutely love this dramatic tile design. Geometric diamond-shaped black tiles create the base for this accent wall but breaking up the marbled black are decorative brass inlay details creating a fan-like design that is straight out of the 1920s. The result? A dramatic accent wall that’s perfect for home decor, office settings, and more. The Art Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic is one of the latest additions to the Tile Club collection! 

Dramatic and luxurious living room with a Art Deco Black Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile fireplace surround

Art Deco Black Marble And Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile Living Room Feature Wall to add dark and moody glamor!

This collection offers three colors for each style, so you can add this fabulous brass inlay fan detail to indoor walls in your choice of black, gray, or white marble!

Glamorous Black and Gold Living Room with a Tile Accent Wall

Also available in white, our Art Deco White Marble and Brass Mosaic adds a striking detail to this bold black and brass lounge area.

2. Tropical Palm Leaves Fireplace Accent Wall

If you’re looking for some unexpected ways to dress up your fireplace with some tropical decor you just found it - Tile Club’s Decor Tropic Pearl Fireplace Tile accent wall! We love the versatility of this palm leaf patterned porcelain tile. They are a beautiful beige/pearl color, come in sheets that are 11.8" x 47.3" and when placed together they create the most beautiful bas-relief tropical pattern. Dress up your fireplace with this stunning tropical wall tile for an instant transformation. You can also create a relaxing and gorgeous ambiance in your bathroom, kitchen, office, or other indoor space. No matter where you use these tropical palm leaf tiles, you’ll create a conversation piece that everyone will love. Take a look at these photos for inspiration to use this dreamy pearl porcelain tile that’s luxurious and earthy. 

Elegant and carthy tropical tile statement fireplace wall to compliment a biophilic living room design with natural elements. 
Wallpaper inspired accent wall in a bathroom with porcelain tiles
You can also create a luxurious tropical bathroom design with this fabulous patterned wall tile!

3. A Luxuriously Stunning White Wheel Deco Marble & Brass accent wall

If glam and luxury are your styles then you’ll love the Wheel White Gray Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile by Tile Club. This gorgeous decorative tile will give a touch of opulence and Art Deco flair to your environment. This one-of-a-kind tile combines Eastern White marble with inlaid brass elements to create a stunning wall art detail and incredible accent wall. When the linking pieces are set side by side, they form a continuous design that adds drama and style.

It's ideal for making a striking accent wall, backsplash, or ornamental wallpaper-inspired design in any room where you want to make a bold statement. Our Wheel Deco White Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tiles will transform your house or business!

Glamorous white and gold bathroom with Tile Club Wheel Deco marble and brass inlay tile

Add an opulent accent wall to your bathroom using the Wheel White Gray Marble and Brass Inlay Mosaic Tile by Tile Club

4. A Sexy & Stylish accent wall That’ll WOW Everyone

This jaw-dropping accent wall is created by using the Tile Club’s Tango Ivory Wave Tile. Create an incredible, awe-inspiring feature wall with a 3D finish that gives a feeling of divine movement. It’s a one-of-a-kind design that combines an appealing, eye-catching design with high-quality, long-lasting material. This ivory porcelain tile has a matte texture and is an attractive choice for any interior design that requires a bold statement. And yes, this is a bold statement for one of the best mind-blowing statement walls

The enticing wave tile design generates a vivid rhythm that can be used to revitalize any space. From decorative details in your living space or kitchen, beautifully dynamic bathrooms and even workspaces can all be transformed with these stunning tiles. These interior tiles become the focal point of your design, whether you want to make a statement and cover the entire room, create a dramatic feature wall or add a catchy textured finish in a strategic spot. The delicate wave texture on this 3D tile is a lovely way to decorate with a minimalist home style. We love it!

Tango Ivory Wave 3D Porcelain Tile accent wall with a gas fireplace

Tango Ivory Wave Fireplace accent wall for a modern living room - installed and styled by a Tile Club client!

5. A Geometric Gray Marble & Brass Accent Wall That WOWS!!

The Geo Deco Gray Marble and Brass Inlay Tile by Tile Club is a geometric ornamental tile that can be used to create an eye-catching feature wall. These decorative wall tiles also serve as artwork, a fantastic kitchen wall tile design behind your stove or sink, or a dramatic bathroom design behind your vanity or in your shower. This one-of-a-kind tile design can also be used on walls in commercial settings! We can picture a lively ambiance with a touch of elegance when this unique style is incorporated into your retail, restaurant, or business location allowing you to make a statement that won’t be missed. 

This abstract geometric tile pattern will look great in antique interiors, modern commercial design, and the 70's resurgence currently sweeping the design world! These Imperial Gray marble tile sheets include etched patterns and brass inlay for a dramatic look in any setting. We love the little explosions of the metallic brass that seem to jump off the wall. It just makes you want to reach out and touch it.

Modern blue and gray living room accent wall with Geo Deco Gray Marble and Brass Inlay Tile

Add flair to your space with these decorative Geo Deco Gray Marble and Brass Inlay Tiles by Tile Club

6. A Floral Mosaic Mural accent wall Made From Tiles

Whoa! Stop the presses! This is the most awe-inspiring tile wall you will ever see! It’s a magical and beautiful explosion of large florals in dramatic, moody colors. A floral accent wall that will simply mesmerize the senses. And hold on, because this is not painted!! Tile Club has an immense array of tiles that have been perfectly placed to create this mosaic masterpiece from tiles. 

When you begin to think of new home decor or ways to transform a space nothing can do it better than a feature wall or accent wall. And we are in love with this tile mosaic flower accent wall, but if florals aren’t your thing a custom mosaic tile accent wall or mural can be any pattern or design. Your inspiration, your idea can become a reality. 

Consider a stunning custom wall mural with precisely arranged mosaic tile that spans the entire length of the wall. Or a custom-designed mosaic tile design as your bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash, with tiles the possibilities are endless..

Custom floral patterned mosaic Tile Wall Mural By Tile Club

Dress up your space with a mind-blowing floral Mosaic Tile accent wall with a custom pattern by our design team!

Home decor in 2022 is taking on a new life. Celebrating all the things that make you, you. We’re seeing more and more unique and truly stunning and creative home decor trends and we absolutely love it. It’s time to transform your home, your space, and your life into the essence of your soul. So, follow your heart and allow the things you love to decorate your home. If that’s beautiful accent walls with wild geometric designs, or sleek and sexy statement walls that drop jaws instantly, glamor and luxury are meant to be enjoyed, and of course simplistic, sophisticated statement walls delight with every turn. 

If you’re ready to embark on transforming a space in your home or work life, decorative tiles and feature walls will help you achieve maximum impact. Let’s start designing your new space today!  

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