Style | Modern Tile

Modern interior design is known for its clean lines, sober palette, as well as streamlined and crisp details. Sleek modern tiles—like porcelain, ceramic, and marble—are a go-to surface finish in the world of minimalist interiors. Our exquisite selection of contemporary tiles may seem like out-of-the-box choices, but they create a show-stopping look in your space!

Using Tiles for Modern Home Decor

Modern tiles capture the essence of high style that is not to be underestimated. They can effortlessly enliven your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, or living spaces with color, pattern, and texture. From crisp white to light gray, ivory, navy, or black, tiles transform your interior or exterior.

We recommend pairing industrial tiles with warm decorative elements for a cozy and welcoming vibe. For example, contemporary tiles make a perfect combination with dark wood tones and metallic accents to warm up the atmosphere. 

There are many different ways to decorate a trending kitchen- eclectic and vibrant, rustic and warm, breezy and coastal, or unexpectedly luxurious. Designing a modern kitchen with character and charm can make preparing a meal a real pleasure. 

Wall and floor tiles are a surefire way to give your kitchen a fresh edge with linear movement and sophisticated colors. Modern porcelain floor tiles are incredibly sturdy, durable, scratch- and dirt-resistant, easy to care for. These low-maintenance materials are the perfect finish for a hardworking space. Whether you fancy a traditional square or rectangle pattern or are ready to make a striking statement with an eye-catching hexagon shape under your feet, the right modern floor tile design can take your space to newer heights. 

If you prefer a more subtle look, opt for neutral floor or backsplash tiles and keep furnishings and accessories in solid, muted shades so as not to compete with the tile. Lay your backsplash tile all the way to the ceiling to add depth and height for greater impact! Neutral tiles look equally stunning paired with dark metallic elements for a kitchen space that feels expansive and fresh.

Pairing Modern and Classic Decor

Subway tile has  been regarded as a thing of beauty in bathroom design for centuries, and today, it is still a desirable style that is long-lasting and breathtakingly gorgeous, but with a modern twist. Often installed as wall tile, it’s a fantastic addition that lends the appearance and feel of pure luxury.  Whether you’re going for a subdued color palette or hints of drama, your kitchen will be unforgettable with stacked subway tile. 

Classic white subway tile with beveled edges is fresh and trendy and can soften up a stark setting. They are the perfect finish for shower surrounds to add radiance and light, and can withstand splashing and wiping. Better still, metallic or mirror-like modern shower tiles can elevate any space that’s deserving of a fresh and new look. They enhance the natural light coming into the room with their delicate reflection, creating an illusion of even greater space. 

Used outdoors, large-format tiles can easily personalize any environment while adding style and intrigue. A stone effect tile is perfect to accentuate an outdoor living space, while a concrete effect tile adds industrial flair. Construct a garden accent wall in a textured pattern or create an unexpected patio design with modern floor tiles. Likewise, monochromatic pool tiles with a clean aesthetic help create an atmosphere that is both sleek and laid-back.

Explore our great selection of modern tiles that come in a variety of styles to reflect your distinct taste and express your creativity. All you have to do is select the tile design that best suits your aesthetic vibe, for a space brimming with flair!