Shape | Pebble Tiles

Tile Club is the best place to buy pebble tiles online! Adding a natural finish to interior and exterior spaces has never been easier than with Tile Club’s pebble mosaic tile! Our gorgeous selection of uniquely shaped pebble floor tiles and wall tiles are made from glass, marble, and metal, giving you the versatile pebble tile styling options no matter what your design aesthetic may be.

From various blue tiles to clean white tiles and timeless black tiles, Tile Club has the best selection of tiles to transform the look and feel of any space. Subscribe to our newsletter to start receiving 5% off your orders of pebble tiles!

Where to Install Pebble Tiles

We’re not sure what you’ll love more, how easy our mesh-mounted pebble mosaic tiles are to install, or the variety of places you can safely install them! Before you fall in love with a particular pebble tile, it’s important to note what materials make great pebble floor tiles and what pebble mosaic tile is best suited for wall use. 

Glass Pebble Tiles

Glass tiles are an incredibly versatile tile material that can be safely installed as floor tile, wall tile, shower tile, pool tile, and bathroom tile. Our selection of glass blue pebble tiles look incredible as pebble tile shower floors and pebble tile bathrooms to pebble floor tiles in your pool. Just take a look at our Diamond Aqua Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile to see for yourself!

Marble Pebble Tiles

If a natural stone pebble tile is what you’re after, consider marble tile! Many marble pebble mosaic tiles can be installed as indoor and outdoor tiles on shower walls and floors and make an excellent choice if you want a white pebble tile that can withstand traffic and weather. The River Pebbles Carrara & Thassos Marble Tile is a crisp white pebble tile designed to transform any space! For best results, do not install marble tile where standing water is likely to occur.

If wood-look tile is more your thing, you can get the best of both worlds with our Pebble Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile! Crafted from polished gray marble, this natural stone tile mimics the look of wood throughout the pebble mosaic design for a picture-perfect finish you’ll be proud to showcase. 

Metal Pebble Tiles

Unlike glass and stone tile, metal tile should be used indoors only as an accent wall, bathroom, or kitchen backsplash tile. Never install pebble tile shower floors. 

The timeless pattern of our Stainless Steel Penny Pebble Mosaic Tile will give you the modern twist you need for your next kitchen backsplash or shower wall renovation. Or, enjoy the classic look of pebble tile with a futuristic look with Tile Club’s Stainless Steel Pebble Metal Mosaic Tile. This is a great choice for pebble tile shower walls or as a captivating accent wall in any room in your home or commercial space!

Tile Styles & Inspiration

When it comes to finding the best tile and tile inspiration for your next home or commercial renovation, Tile Club has what you’re looking for. From our Top 5 Home Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2021 to Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Outside Living Upgrades, we’ve got the knowledge and know-how to help you choose the most stunning tile for every project in any space. Shop today to discover what tiles are waiting for you!