Glass TIle Moldings & Trims

Your home or commercial project isn’t a done deal until the tile trim finishing touches are applied! Decorative tile trim is the cherry on top and offers a polished and completed look. If you’re unsure how to incorporate tile trim pieces into your decor, read up on how to choose the right tile trim molding from our blog. 

Our collection of glass pencil tile compliments our stunning selection of both frosted and polished glass subway tile. Spruce up that standing shower, add a decorative wall trim to your clawfoot bathtub backsplash, or even create a unique geometric shower niche! So many tile edging options all in one place for your convenience. One of our favorite ways to use glass tile molding is to create a decorative tile border to really give that added touch. Sure, you could leave your backsplash or shower niche as is, but why not take the extra mile and add a subtle yet defined trim? You’re already putting so much thought and care into your design, why not make it as perfect as possible!

Whether you gravitate towards wood look tile, tile that has fabric-like accents, shimmery stardust glass tile trim, or the simplicity of monochromatic tile, we have the perfect molding for you! For example, our Stardust Blue Pencil Glass Molding pairs beautifully with its matching subway tile - a great choice for someone who wants that pop of color and texture, without being too flashy and over the top. Just the right amount of pizzazz! If you’re going for that rustic farmhouse look, may we suggest our Wooden Glass Pencil Liner with matching wood look glass subway mosaic tile. Beautifully resembles the classic wood look décor, but with the long lasting durability of glass. We also carry the same design in blue wood color, and it’s one of our very most popular designs. Add some rustic charm to your interior design! 

If you enjoy the simple elegance of frosted glass tile, our Glacier Collection offers a variety of single color options and glossy alternatives. Rich grays, blues, and seafoam greens that resemble the peacefulness and calm of the ocean to create a serene aesthetic. 

Tile moldings and trims are not only the final step in your tile design, they also serve to help avoid creating unsightly sharp, unfinished edges and corners. Beautiful and functional! So, get crafty and start planning your next bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel and don’t forget the glass tile trim!