How to Protect and Maintain Tile Floors

Sure, you love your tile floors, but do you LOVE them enough to protect and maintain them for the long haul? To keep your tile floor happy and gorgeous, it doesn’t require much from you other than giving it a little attention and care. Luckily, tile isn’t as high maintenance as other types of flooring like wood.

However, as with any relationship, you get what you give, so make sure to apply the advice below, and you and your tile floor will joyously cohabitate for a lifetime. 

Do Your Daily Due Diligence

Daily living can wreak havoc on floors of any type. From dirty pet paws to coffee cup overflow, it’s inevitable there’ll be messes needing clean up in every room from the entry to the back door. To keep your tile floor looking spiffy and safe from damage, you must keep it free from dirt and grime as it happens. A mild soap and water mixture work well when using a damp cloth to clean up spills and light dirt. To avoid damage from pet claws, be sure to keep your pet’s nails clipped as well.

Vacuum or Dust Mop Regularly

Be proactive in keeping your tile protected from abrasive particles, including dust, debris, and sand, by committing to a weekly vacuuming or dust mopping schedule. Most vacuums come with a hard floor setting, although dust mopping can be easier on your floors. Try to avoid using a stiff broom on the tile as it can scratch and mar it.

Deep Clean

Commit to deep cleaning of your tile every few months to keep it in tip-top shape. Pay more attention to cleaning the grout during these times by using a mild non-abrasive cleaner and a soft brush. If not covered with floor coverings, high traffic areas may need more care and deep cleaning more often. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that will damage tile, including bleach, ammonia, and scouring agents.

Lay Area Rugs & Door Mats

The entry, back door, kitchen, hallways, and living rooms are high traffic areas where tile floors can take a beating. To alleviate the stress on your tile, place doormats and area rugs in these areas. Not only will they enhance your flooring, but they will also add softness underfoot. Ideally, you’ll want to add a rug pad under any floor coverings to protect your tile even further.

Pad Furniture Feet

Sliding furniture on tile is sure to damage it and grout beyond repair. To prevent this, add cushy feet pads under all your furniture. Your tile and furniture will thank you. Furniture pads can be purchased in both round and square types from your local hardware or superstore.

Seal that Grout

While maintaining works wonders after installation, it is imperative that you proactively seal your grout before use. Don’t focus your attention entirely on your tile, that grout needs sealing to keep it from deteriorating. Grout and tile sealant isn’t permanent and will need to be reapplied every few months, especially in high traffic areas where grout wear and tear are most prevalent. Tile and grout will need to be deep cleaned and completely dry before sealing.

Repair & Re-grout

If you find yourself with a broken tile or crumbling grout, address the damage immediately to avoid further damage to nearby tiles and grout. If you aren’t into DIY, a professional flooring expert can save the day and your tile.

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

No matter what type of tile floors you have, with a little love, protection, and maintenance, your tile will enhance your home for a lifetime.  

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