Penny Tiles - a Retro Interior Design Staple is Back

It’s exciting to watch interior design trends evolve and change, opening up possibilities of decorating in new and innovative ways. But one other exciting thing, while looking through the emerging trends, is to spot returning styles that look familiar and warm, just like when you’re reconnecting with an old friend. We’re talking about penny tiletoday - a design staple of the early 1900s that is coming back into the spotlight again! 

With its uncanny ability to take you back in time, these coin-like shapes make charming tile floors, backsplashes, accent wall designs and more. What’s more, round tiles can harmonize with nearly every home decor style for a space that looks comforting and not intimidating. 

Neutral bathroom with glass penny tile backsplash and sage green vanity cabinets

A little vintage, a little modern… Our Agate Glass Mosaic Tile merges the timeless shape with a sleek glass finish to create this vanity wall that’s full of character and functional in the modern world.

Penny tile carries a certain retro vibe thanks to the small format - most designs are around an inch in diameter or less. Made of ceramic, glass, or porcelain originally, today’s pennies come in a variety of materials including metal, shell, and even fine marble. New designs allow these dynamic little tiles to carry not only a nostalgic feel but also make a modern style statement when used throughout the home!

Whether you’d like to create a vintage home that takes you on a trip back in time, or want to enhance your home’s individuality in a sleek, modern world, penny tile flooring and walls are always an impactful decor choice. So, are you ready to give pennies a try? 

Scroll through to discover the best ways to give your home a fresh new look thanks to a blast from the past with these round mosaic tiles! 

Once a Classic, Always a Classic 

 White Kitchen with White Pearl Penny Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Wall

Our White Pearl Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile is a breathtaking example of how sophisticated this classic trend can be. The reflective white palette maximizes small spaces while the glass finish makes your room feel luxe and elegant.

If you want to add a fresh touch to your home but you don’t want to make big structural changes, adding interesting design details can break up the sameness of your interiors. White penny round mosaic tiles will help you do just that, creating a timeless look that always feels clean and fresh - perfect for minimalist design ideas in your next bathroom tile renovation or kitchen backsplash upgrade!

Butler's Pantry Kitchen Backsplash with Ice Cold Penny Round White Glass Bianco Carrara Tiles

For a soft texture and instant sophistication, try a mix of glass and marble in soft white tones such as our Ice Cold Round Glass Bianco Carrara Tiles in the pantry design above. We're in love with this simple rounded white tile that strikes a beautiful balance between classic and modern styles. The combimation will give your space visual interest while still feeling minimal enough for uncluttered and pared-back aesthetics

Glamorous Gray 

glossy silver penny round porcelain tile wet bar backsplash

Our Metallic Silver Buttons Porcelain Round Tile as a full-height bar backsplash is proof that when it comes to metallic penny tiles, embracing a the-more-the-merrier mentality can really pay off. This striking tile wall hints at modern and glamor styles in all the right ways! 

Looking to add a more contemporary twist with petite tiles? The traditional look of pennies will take on a completely modern flare with a gray or metallic palette. As a contemporary deviation from the classic, this fresh option is a throwback to traditional retro design with a more modern aesthetic. Just like white materials, penny rounds with a gray palette can convey a sense of calm especially when allowed to dominate the walls or entire backsplash area, creating a monochromatic backdrop but with more depth and visual interest than traditional black or white. 

Gray penny round tile bathroom flooring

To create an atmosphere of contrast, pairing gray penny tile floors with white grout will highlight the shape of the tiles and create a visual delight! United by lighter colors on the wall tiles and furniture, our Dark Gray Round Tile is a slip-resistant flooring choice that’s perfect for wet room ideas such as the bathroom design above. They’re also a perennial choice for shower floors thanks to the grip provided by the small round tiles.

Sail Away with Blue Tiles

Cobalt Blue Glass Brick Tile for a cozy farm style kitchen

There's nothing like open shelving and a blue glass tile backsplash to give your kitchen a breezy and coastal feel. Case in point— this kitchen with natural wood cabinets, white countertops, and our Sky Blue Round Glass Tile hits the right notes of a sea-inspired interior and a touch of retro-modern appeal. 

If adding a little maritime magic to your home is on your list of to-do’s, then blue tiles is your ticket! The blue penny round theme offers you a unique, fun look for the aquatic bathroom or modern coastal kitchen design you’re dreaming of. From teal to turquoise and cobalt blue tones, blue round mosaics are perfect for making the ocean and the sandy beaches a part of your home. Adding a navy blue and white combination is a classic way to add nautical flair to your space, while more vibrant shades can create a tropical getaway at home!

Turn your home bar into an island paradise inspired by blue-green ocean waters.

Our Teal Buttons Porcelain Round Tile is proof that blue pennies can add color to an otherwise neutral space without detracting from the rest of the room's decor. Paying homage to the nostalgic feel of penny rounds, blue pennies can be used to further modernize the space while giving it extra depth and dimension.

Mixed, Matched and Perfectly Coordinated 

11.3" x 12.3" Carrara Marble Penny Round Tiles

A cool blend of contrasting white and gray tones in our Bardiglio & Carrara Rounds Polished Marble Mosaic Tile can infuse the space with a dynamic feel while letting you stay within a neutral palette. 

Say goodbye to the plain designs of the past and hello to a mix of colors!

A two-toned color palette will give your penny tile floors and backsplashes a dynamic look if you’re struggling to decide on different colors. This also makes it possible to carve an impressive juxtaposition with muted neutral colors and create a graphic illusion. You can kick it up a notch by covering the entire backsplash or flooring area with round tiles to inspire your next show-stopping interior design project! 

Create stripes or lines by placing sheets of mesh-backed mosaic tiles next to each other for an easy installation like this modern kitchen floor with two-tone tiles!

Grey & White Kitchen with Cream Penny Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash

We like the way our Cream Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile tones down bright kitchen decor and adds warmth with a blend of white and beige hues, which beautifully coordinate with earth-toned accessories and the light wood shelf in this pantry.  Choose penny mosaics that use variations of gray, white and beige to not outshine the other elements you want to show off. If your goal is to create a more dramatic two tone effect, opt for black and white mosaics instead, which will also help enhance depth in a more confined space. 

Vintage Rustic 

Do you love rustic decor as much as we do? Vintage-inspired Noce Travertine Beige Large Round Tile allows you to get a cozy wood-look shower as in the bathroom design above. 

Speaking of neutrals, there’s something comfortable and charming about the marriage of penny rounds and rustic decor that we’re completely drawn to. These wood-look tiles let you combine the vintage appeal of round mosaics with the relaxed and easy feel of wood-look tiles. If you have a rustic kitchen that needs a tile upgrade, or a bathroom tile project to recreate with a farmhouse style, wood-look tiles help you create cozy rooms with a relaxed and organic vibe. 

Penny Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

These mosaic tiles help you design spaces with a lived in and no fuss atmosphere that perfectly suits from a cozy farmhouse to modern and contemporary looks. Our Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile is an example of a natural and durable backsplash and provides you with a warm and cozy feeling. The authentic color variation on the marble mosaic tile embraces organic and abstract imperfections of natural stone for a unique take on rustic interior design.

Happy Vintage Style

Orange penny round tile pantry wall

You can get creative with a penny tile wall even in a small pantry! We love how our Orange Buttons Porcelain Round Tile uplifts the mood when you enter the tiny walk-in pantry area, creating a space that screams fresh! The white and orange color scheme is as refreshing as a creamsicle on a hot day, making it fun to organize and declutter your kitchen storage.

Looking to get away from plain and boring walls? Why not add a quick upgrade with penny tiles in a cheerful palette? Brightly colored tiles can create a unique focal point in any room that gives an instant vibrant and customized feel. Whether you choose to style an eclectic living room design or pull off a unique shower in a modern-looking bathroom space, a bright circular design will add life to an otherwise quiet room. 

Yellow penny tile wall entryway

The beauty of yellow penny tiles is how it creates a throwback feel in a modern and exciting way, such as in this case with our Yellow Buttons Porcelain Round Tile.  With a color that is reminiscent of summer all year long, a yellow wall design creates a vivacious backdrop for any home while making it feel cheerful and welcoming. To make an edgy statement under your feet, a vibrant gold tile floor will instantly amp up the drama factor in your home. 

Worth Every Penny 

This stunningly unexpected accent wall with our Red Buttons Porcelain Round Tile makes a bold statement in the bathroom with a vibrant, bold corner that speaks for itself.

Never underestimate the power that penny tiles can have in a room. Sometimes more is simply more, and for those who gravitate toward an out-of-the-box design that makes a noticeable impact, round tiles can be beautiful and unexpected all at once. Designing a vibrant accent wall with colorful mosaics is one way to make a big statement without a ton of additional effort.

Multicolor circle tile kitchen wall backsplash

What’s the first thing that the eye goes to in this kitchen design above? You guessed right- it’s the Mixed Color Bubble Mosaic Tile backsplash! Swapping out an outdated backsplash for a more distinctive one can give any white kitchen a quick and noticeable style makeover. Alternatively, a penny tile floor design with an unexpected design is a great opportunity to go a little wilder with your room décor that will always get a “wow” reaction.

How about keeping the mood light in your space while adding a touch ‘50s vibe? Pink Buttons Porcelain Round Tile will help you do just that. We like this design that makes the sweetness stand out by pairing it with pink furniture that adds to the vintage vibe

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: penny tile floors bring both heritage and cheer to a space. With a vast range of round tile designs available in our Penny Round Tile Collection, you don't need a time machine to enjoy this aesthetic.

You can find floor and wall tiles that tie the vintage aura of the past with the innovative materials and colors that today's homeowners want, including glass, metallic natural stone finishes. 

The versatility of these coin-shaped tiles allows you to use them in spaces that range from minimalist kitchen backsplashes to penny tile floors for colorful kids' bathrooms. 

So, tell us, have you already started to think about a round tile design in your own home?

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