Which of these 5 Interior Design Styles is Right for You?

Interior design comes with countless types of decorative styles to choose from, very so often distinct and sometimes with only the subtlest of differences. Finding the right interior design style for your space is a great way to infuse your home with your personality, creating a living space that is uplifting every time you step in the door. Each style presents its own flavor, finish and experience that ensure you achieve visual perfection with a lot less hassle. 

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021

This airy white and blue kitchen combines a Thassos Marble Mini Arabesque Mosaic Tile with a reclaimed barn wood range hood to seamlessly blend elegance with rustic style. The natural wood cutting boards and potted herbs add even more country charm.

With so many interior design style ideas floating around online, in magazines, and on every social media feed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to narrow down your home to-do list. Therefore, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of this year’s popular ones in order to identify the perfect style for your space and ambitions with confidence. 

Looking for a design style that’s perfect for your space but not sure where to start? Discover our rundown of what you need to know about this year’s most popular interior design styles; from French country and modern farmhouse to California casual and Scandinavian aesthetics. 

California Casual Home Design

If your design goal is an interior style that’s heavily influenced by “go with the flow” sensibility, California casual is your best bet!  In recent years, this minimalist-yet-cozy aesthetic has become a hit - it’s loved by more than just those who live by the beach, and it’s easy to see why…

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - California Casual Living Room by Amber Interiors

In this living room designed by Amber Interiors, the bright white walls act as the perfect backdrop for furnishings in warm neutrals and wood tones. 

Design studios such as Amber Interiors showcase this cozy style in all its comfortable glory. California casual interiors invite you to relax, put your feet up, and stay a while! The style is undeniably cool, deceptively simple, and yet never uncomfortably modern. However, lack of consideration for key elements can lead to an interior finish that lacks dimension and depth. 

California Casual Bathroom with Wood Look Marble, Rattan, Iron Fixtures, and a Claw Foot Standing Tub

Mixing natural stone, rattan baskets, iron fixtures, and a wooden vanity gives this California casual bathroom a trending touch. A textured marble mosaic floor and white shiplap wall adds to the airy feeling of this stunning space.

Laid-back, curated, and hinging on a lifestyle that merges the indoors with the outdoors, California casual design style infuses soft, neutral tones on both wall surfaces and furnishings; comfortable and cozy furniture in easy to live with fabrics…nothing with tufting, nailheads or any ornate detailing; as well as leather accents and woods that are washed, bleached and distressed with a whole lot of texture. 

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - California Casual Living Room Design

While California casual interiors are grounded in neutrals, consider bringing in different textures for extra depth and dynamic dimension. Here, our Textured Wooden Beige Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile teamed with wood beams and flooring, as well as woven and metallic accents are all you need for a striking interior that’s full of life. 

If you want to style a California casual home, here's what you need to consider:

  • Introduce furniture pieces and accessories with contrasting shapes. Bring in statement pieces in a variety of shapes to anchor the rooms’ focus — for example, rectangular occasional tables and a curvy sofa beautifully layered with a mix of square and cylindrical throw cushions. The contrast between furniture and accessories add visual interest and energy to the scheme of things. 
  • White walls, light wood tones and a mix of neutrals. White wall surfaces and white upholstery make for a great canvas if you’re looking to bring in neutral soft furnishings. Opt for contrasting warm and cool neutrals for a color scheme that’s rooted in relaxation. To polish things off, bring in light wood tones to provide a natural and authentic feel. Think a bright white backdrop, an off-white sofa grouped with fabrics in soft neutrals, light woods, and natural fiber tones.
  • Layer natural textures and patterns for extra dimension. To conjure up the understated elegance that’s often found in California casual interior settings, layering different patterns and textures lends so much visual weight and depth, especially to a style that’s often enveloped in soft and muted colors. Everything from a textured mosaic wall and woven rattan or wicker pieces to wool throws and a striped rug makes any room feel full of life even with little variation in color. 

Modern Farmhouse Interiors

Recognized for its sense of personality, character, and a relaxed spirit that’s warm and inviting without a hint of pretension, modern farmhouse design style is all the rage this season. The design style suitably balances the natural characteristics of rustic country charm peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements reflective of today’s times. 

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The Ryan Haus is our modern farmhouse idol for her ability to blend color and charm! This blue bathroom is painted in Polaris Blue by Benjamin Moore to add depth to the white zellige tile backsplash and acacia wood mirror frames. Wall mounted brass hardware and rustic wood details are all part of the modern farmhouse charm!

Unlike country décor style, which often tends to lean towards kitschy, modern farmhouse homes retain a certain level of sophistication by keeping furnishings and accessories to a minimum. To put a fresh spin to this interior style, bring in elements that feel good to you while remaining thoroughly modern in spirit.

Organic and natural materials are the foundation for a modern farmhouse interior, while comfort and casual living characterize the style’s context. A neutral color scheme, a mix of comfortable furniture made from salvaged material such as reclaimed wood, exposed brick work, wrought iron accents, and vintage accessories are the hallmark of this natural yet refined style. Reclaimed barn wood and rustic hardware are a hallmark that sets this style apart from the more sleek California Casual and upscale French Country.

Modern Ranch Kitchen with Marble Brick Backsplash

You see bricks everywhere in modern farmhouse design, but this marble brick backsplash and tiled range hood adds sophistication to a ranch-style kitchen!

A vibrant mix of the old and the new keeps everything interesting and on-trend. For example, source a mix of industrial-inspired metal light fixtures for a modern farmhouse kitchen decor counterbalanced by sleek white marble countertops with a matching backsplash, and a large farm sink with weathered faucets. By sticking with simple sophistication, there are endless extras you can use to highlight beautiful modern farmhouse design in one of your most used rooms.

As mentioned previously, the modern farmhouse aesthetic is worlds away from traditional country style. If you prescribe to this look, you might want to consider the following:

Warm tones, a farmhouse sink, and a patterned Calacatta Gold Chevron marble tile backsplash

Warm tones, a farmhouse sink, and a patterned Calacatta Gold Chevron marble tile backsplash - these are the hallmarks of a good modern farmhouse kitchen that won’t immediately age out of a trend.

  • Start with a base of warm and cool neutrals —layer in varying shades of off-white, gray, cream and sage. Team these colors with natural wood tones - preferably salvaged woods that have some imperfections (scratches, nicks and knots) to add to the authenticity of the look. 
  • While soft neutrals are the bread and butter of this style, consider adding pops of color: dark green, deep blue, grey, black and navy all work well in creating a contemporary version that steers you away from going too classic rural.
  • Incorporate a variety of textures for visual weight and depth. A combination of wood, metal, natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, sisal, and chenille will keep your space from looking flat. 
  • Connect the indoors with the outdoors with organic materials: wooden floors, rattan chairs, and stone tiles add dynamic dimension and evoke a warm and timeless feel. 

French Country Homes

Inspired predominantly by the perfectly imperfect aesthetic, French Country design is as popular as ever. Whether you are in the middle of Los Angeles or somewhere in New York, this is one style that “takes you there” …right in the heart of Provence.  

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - French Country Cottage Kitchen

With French country comes a whole lot of charm and character. We love how French Country Cottage created this gorgeous home in Southern California! The Carrara marble subway tiles add subtle texture to the wood and marble-topped baker’s table and open cottage-style cabinetry.

What’s especially intriguing about French Country design style is its effortless nature. Unlike Baroque French décor which often highlights extremely ornate, opulent, and over-the-top furnishing, French Country interiors lean towards traditional elements that are far more relaxed and subdued, while remaining inherently elegant.

White and Gold French Country Kitchen Design Ideas

A Calacatta Gold Arabesque backsplash adds to the romance of brass fixtures, spindle back white farmhouse chairs, and a curved white range hood in this stunning example of a French Country kitchen!

A neutral color scheme and aspects of nature such as silvered and white washed wood and stone are the style’s most notable features. Pops of warm colors like yellow, red, green, and blue are used to accent and add character — while darker colors such as blacks and greys take up minimal space.

To add the signature soft, feminine, and refined elegance of French Country homes, the style plays with its touches of botanical themes in art, fabric, wallpaper, and accessories. Plaids, checks, stripes, and one of the most common, toile, are all used to add color and undeniable charm. Colors are subtle, with layered tones, rather than a bold color palette with contrast. Detailed tiles like our Impressionist-inspired Gilded Age porcelain are a gorgeous way to elevate your accent walls.

To add a graceful feel to a room, French Country style is big on curvy furniture and cabinetry that embody elegant clean lines and sturdy wooden construction, such as a carved Louis XVI chair made out of a wooden frame and an upholstered plush cushion with a low sheen finish.

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - Blue and White Marble French Country Laundry Room

Kara Miller Interiors brought the South of France to Florida with this gorgeous blue and white French Country laundry room that blended the perfect blue cabinet paint - Smoke 2122-40 by Benjamin Moore - with a counter-to-ceiling Carrara subway tile backsplash over the white granite counters.

Accessories blend old with new, so don’t be afraid to bring in vintage or found objects. Juxtaposing modern buys with antique finds; think gold clocks and mirrors, crystal chandeliers, blue and white porcelain plates, teamed with woven baskets, modern vases, and colorful ceramics add so much depth and personality. 

Scandinavian Interiors

Characterized by easy living, functionality and a penchant for all things natural, Scandinavian home design is popular worldwide. As one of the most sought-after styles, this casually elegant aesthetic can be easily attained to create a delightful space. 

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 -  Scandinavian Interiors

Looking to live in inviting and comfortable settings? Scandinavian design style is all about keeping it simple and cozy. Our Spiga Olson Blanco Wood-Look Chevron Porcelain Tile does just that — paired beautifully with white walls, soft neutral hues, and sufficient natural light to keep things airy and bright. 

Scandinavian interior design style highlights lots of natural materials including leather and wood (usually pale to medium and typically ashy), used in conjunction with whitewashed walls, neutral hues of grays, whites, browns, and blacks, and breezy furniture arrangements for a clean and soothing effect.

Minimalist Scandinavian Bathroom with a Touch of Pearl Glam

A little wood, a lot of glam! The Arrowhead Pearl tile backsplash balances out the light and wood details in this Scandi minimalist bathroom to perfection.

Seating is slim-lined with full upholstery usually being limited to low-profile sofas with little ornamentation or decorative features. Throws and pillows that have simple geometric prints can be incorporated for texture and subtle color.

Dark and Moody Modern Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian Homes is our go-to for inspiration on this stunning Nordic style and its latest iterations.

Because most Scandinavian countries experience extremely cold temperatures, the use of warm textiles is highly influential in achieving this style. Wool, sheepskins, or mohair are some of the common materials that lend a cozy, warm, and inviting ambience to any Scandinavian living space.

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - Scandinavian Homes

Johanna Wiemann styles stunning Scandi homes that can inspire wherever you live!

To nail Scandinavian design style, the key attributes to remember include:

  • A muted neutral color palette to keep things light, airy, and pure. 
  • Furniture pieces with a modern touch and smooth and rounded edges should be evident.
  • Natural lighting is a big YES in Scandinavian homes; hence window treatments must be kept to a bare minimum.
  • The use of soft textures will add depth while exuding a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Wood and lots of wood… plus leather, rattan, and organic fabrics are a must for a more lived-in and authentically pleasing vibe. 
  • Keep things simple and functional, from furnishings to accessories. Less clutter means a more spacious and brighter interior space.

With their shared penchant for neutrals, natural texture, and airy interiors, it may feel like there’s a fine line between California Casual, Modern Farmhouse, French Country, and Scandinavian home style. Let’s venture off the beaten path a little with a rising home style star that is totally unique this year!

Dark and Moody Interior Aesthetic

If you spent any time at the start of the year looking at interior trends online, we’re pretty sure that you’ve come across dark and moody aesthetics. There is something magical about this design style, which, currently is best described as “enigmatic and sophisticated”

The Top 5 Interior Design Styles for 2021 - Dark and Moody

This Black and Gold Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile creates a little mystery that’s perfect for dark and moody aesthetics. The richness of depth and character is sure to add a wow factor to this eye-catching interior aesthetic. 

Refreshing and brilliantly uncomplicated white and neutral interiors have been an industry favorite, but this year we’re seeing a real change in the air. Designers seem to be dipping their brushes into inkier and shadowy hues, creating more cozy environments with dark walls and furnishings that feel unexpectedly embracing. 

To get in on the trend, be ready and willing to take your interiors to the dark side. In terms of a sound color palette, all dark colors are on the table: navy blue, emerald green, deep rusty red, dark violet, charcoal gray, as well as dark wood tones. What’s especially great about moody home hues is that even some rich shades of blue, orange or yellow will feel at home in a room full of drama.

Utah architectural designers the Fox Group channeled Old World interiors with this luxuriously appointed blue and gold drawing room

Utah architectural designers the Fox Group channeled Old World interiors with this luxuriously appointed blue and gold drawing room! How fabulous is that deep blue paint picked up the pattern on the upholstered chairs. The glossy black piano deepens the moody tones, while metallic brass accents and a gleaming crystal chandelier bounce back natural light to chase away the shadows.

However, it’s crucial to pay careful attention to lighting, composition, and contrast in order for a dark interior to feel comfortable and accessible, rather than heavy and overbearing. To attain perfect contrast, bring in striking statement pieces that pop against dark walls or base furnishings. For instance, if your bathroom walls are dark, a boldly tiled surface is sure to stand out — and your favorite art piece will effortlessly come in the spotlight in the living room.

Kitchen with bold blue cabinet paint with brass bistro shelves and marble subway tiles

Ashli Mizell, Inc. knew exactly how to combine this bold blue cabinet paint with brass bistro shelves and marble subway tiles to create a gorgeously cohesive look with a moody aesthetic.

Do not hesitate to experiment with different textures and finishes, such as marble, leather, velvet, or any natural material. Sleek pieces in a mirror finish, metallic and glass are all paramount as they look incredible against a dark background.  

This navy blue kitchen and dark wood floors with antique rugs meets its counterpoint in white walls and reflective matte silver glass backsplash tile

Blanc Marine Intérieurs knows creating a moody home without feeling overly dark is all about balance - this navy blue kitchen and dark wood floors with antique rugs meets its counterpoint in white walls and reflective matte silver glass backsplash tile for a seamless line from the chrome range.

Dark hues already add depth and vibrancy, it’s therefore best to keep the use of patterns to a minimum. However, allow yourself to play around with various fabrics and textiles to put together a dynamic and interesting look that’s full of life and would be described as more than simply “dark”. After all, the dark and moody design style is one of endless adventure!

No matter which of these stunning interior design styles is right for your home makeover, there are so many stunning ways to mix and match your favorite details to create a space that feels perfectly you! If you’re still thirsting for more interior inspiration, check out the Tile Club Lookbook to browse by room and find your home aesthetic!

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