Glass Tiles

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Welcome to the wonderful world of glass tile! Browse our selection, including mosaics to create a light-reflecting backsplash that adds an instant lift to your kitchen design, glass subway tiles for a colorful shower wall, or even tiles for a sustainable building material that is highly durable and beautiful at once! Choose polished or frosted matte finishes to personalize your space. It's so easy to create a mood with these designs, from a soothing blue wall for a coastal bathroom, fresh green glass shower to energize you in the morning, or elegant white kitchen backsplash that can be easily wiped down to clean!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I install glass tiles?

A: Glass is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in a wide range of installation locations! It's a great choice for indoor wall coverings, backsplashes, shower walls, or fireplace facings! The easy to clean surface makes them a natural choice for areas that can be splashed and splattered. For example, a kitchen backsplash, shower tile, or bathroom vanity wall. We also carry options for outdoor projects and pool use.

Q: What types of glass tiles are there? 

A: Tile Club carries a wide selection, including polished and frosted finishes for either a shiny or matte look. We also carry poured glass tiles for an elegant hand crafted effect, recycled glass tiles that are a beautiful and sustainable building material, glass subway tiles, and artistic glass mosaic tilesYou can finish off your project with matching trim tiles including pencil liners.

Q: What are the benefits of glass tile?

A: Our huge collection suits any interior style, from luxurious Venetian glass to coastal sea glass bathrooms! Glass backsplashes and show tiles are a great choice because they're an easy material to wipe clean! 

Q: How should you cut glass tile? 

A:  We recommending cutting them with a wet saw fitted with a diamond blade. You can use a glass cutter for thinner pieces.

Q: How should you clean glass tiles?

A: They're easy to keep clean! You can safely use window cleaners like Windex. We recommend using non-abrasive cleaners and pads to avoid scratching the surface - newspaper is a surprisingly good glass cleaner!

We love the hand poured look of our Sea Glass for a coastal farmhouse bathroom vanity! These swirling designs add a unique texture and beautiful cloud-like shine. They come in a range of soft colors like Platinum white, Ocean blue, Amber, and Gray. Choose from glass mosaic tiles in hexagons, cloud-shapes, subway tile, and our best-selling lantern Louvre tile for a stunning bathroom wall tile with an ethereal finish!

Glass Tiles for Backsplash, Fireplaces, Bathrooms, or Anywhere!

Love the gloss of a glass subway tile backsplash? You can find them by the box, perfect for creating a glass subway shower wall, creating a running bond pattern for an easy to clean kitchen backsplash wall, or tile a minimalist fireplace surround! Our glass subway tiles are available in any color, from icy white, colorful jewel tones, or natural neutrals. We also offer a selection of eclectic designs in our art deco glass tile and agate geode slice pattern collection! Choose from glossy or frosted glass to get the perfect finish for your glass subway tile backsplash, wall tile or any other project!

They're perfect for a walk-in shower that is beautiful and easy to clean! Picture an ice-white hexagon shower floor, gold penny rounds for a flashy shower niche, or wood look recycled material for a rustic look! Round off sharp edges and give your shelf designs and shower bench a finishing touch with our matching trim and molding options!

We can take it a step further with glass pool tile! Mosaic designs increases the sparkle of sunlight hitting the water. The rich color can amp up the Caribbean blue, retro aqua, or luminous white look of your spa. Square mosaics are slip resistant, easy to clean, and low-maintenance. They're a win-win for a backyard pool when you just want to have fun and relax!

Creative Glass Tile Designs

There are so many ways you can add creative details to glass, from swirling hand-poured designs, fabric patterned backing for a textured glass finish, wood-look recycled glass, marble patterns, or metallic designs that up the sparkle factor! Our Diamond Glass pebble collection creates the look of cut gems for a dazzling bathroom wall, or pearly white brick mosaics with the sheen of shell. 

Glass tile is an extremely durable building material, and is suited for a wide range of interior and exterior applications! Check the Area of Use for each design to see where it can be installed in your home, outdoor area, business, restaurant, or store!