2023 Bathroom Design Trends to Upgrade Your Routine

Moving into 2023, there is an increased focus on both decorative and functional renovation—particularly toward bathroom design where homeowners now devote considerable planning to guarantee themselves a pleasant space that has transformative power. And based on what we’ve seen so far, bathroom trends for the coming year are intended to add a comfortable quality and all-out luxury to a room rooted in function. 

From bold colors to luxurious finishes, bathroom trends for the coming year are championing out-of-the-box ideas that are sure to turn any space into something spectacular. This Blue Deco Brick Glass Mosaic Tile exemplifies what many of us are looking forward to... new, exciting decorative touches!

Check out these 2023 Bathroom Design Trends

Whether you’re looking to bring calm and tranquility for a soothing bathtime routine or go all-out with striking features that inject a sense of individuality, these seasonal updates work brilliantly with a range of design styles and with various bathroom sizes. And while we can all embrace trends for the curated insights they offer, your bathroom design scheme should be built to stand the test of time. 

That said, if you’re embarking on refreshing your home, these 2023 bathroom trends promise to have enduring appeal and we hope they inspire you to flex your creativity.

Invest in high-quality, low-maintenance materials

In our quest to create comfortable spaces dedicated to escape and relaxation, quality has taken a front-running role when it comes to selecting the perfect home materials and fixtures. 2023 is shaping up to be the year of turning our bathrooms into a high-end haven.

Luxe bathroom walls look absolutely gorgeous given the Calacatta Gold Polished Marble treatment and it's perfectly suited to areas where water splashes are likely. 

From indulgent soaking tubs to rainshower heads that exude a spa-like feel, homeowners expect to pay more to have the quality they need in a place they can retreat and take moments to themselves. Beyond being visually pleasing, opting for materials that are easy to care for is one of the best ways to create functionality in a well-designed bathroom. 

Large-format tiles like the Ionic White Decor Impact Rectified Porcelain deliver a streamlined look that instantly raises your bathroom décor standards. On a practical level, the tile is easier to maintain! 

Tile will continue to have its moment in 2023 as an effective foundational material. Fulfilling both stylistic and functional purposes, quality tiles can create a welcoming environment that’s built to last. Expect to see large-format porcelain reinforce its position as one of the most sought-after materials. Carefully chosen linen and textile accessories perfectly complement the right combination of materials to further ensure the warmth of the room.

Create the ultimate spa-like modern retreat

We know… the spa-inspired bathroom has been an enduring trend for quite some time, but forget everything you might think you know. The new era of spa-like bathrooms is brimming with designs that will bolster self-care at the beginning and end of your day.

Creating a spa-like atmosphere doesn’t mean sticking to an all-white bathroom scheme. Moody hues, dark finishes like the Obsidian Black Herringbone Glass Tile, and rustic elements can add sheer bliss to a restful space. 

Modern spa-like bathrooms that evoke an indulgent high-end experience are both stylish and functional. Expect to see the use of luxurious materials like glass tiles and unlacquered brass, high-gloss sculptural tubs, well-appointed faucets and sinks, heated floors and towel bars, wood vanities complemented by custom-cut mirrors, and soothing color palettes that provide an upscale feel. 

Great natural lighting is a hugely important feature in setting a spa-inspired ambiance, so the emergence of large windows and skylights will be a big thing in the coming year. 

A mix of the old and the new

While creating intriguing designs that are a treat for the eyes has been making its way into more and more homes, we’ll see this even more in the coming year—but with a twist. Now, it's all about weaving a mix of traditional mainstays and contemporary elements to craft a curated and well-rounded atmosphere.

What’s especially interesting about mixing the old and new is you can incorporate fixtures and fittings of different styles into the same space and the intrinsic beauty of each piece will shine individually.

To enjoy the best of both worlds, think timeless silhouettes and modern materials! Simply start by incorporating modern floor tiles to set the scheme, then layer in vintage furnishings like an antique vanity credenza and a traditional gold chandelier. Alternatively, Art Deco-inspired tiles can complement sleek, modern features perfectly, creating a lust-worthy look that is certain to outlive the trend.

Add a generous dose of marble glam

Modern bathrooms packed with glamour are right on trend at the moment. Marble has been gracing homes for ages and shows no sign of slowing down. Be on the lookout for it across powder rooms and ensuite bathroom walls and floors. 

The hunger for more color and pattern has seen particularly strong growth of vividly colorful and richly veined stone-look tiles that bring a sense of movement and grandeur to bathroom surfaces. 

The heavily veined and saturated marble is a hard-to-ignore trend, with many leaning toward a dramatic interpretation of the style. The Emporio Baroque Clay 24x48 Tile is ready to make a bold statement!

Thanks to its luxurious aesthetics and robust properties, floor-to-ceiling marble looks are full of exuberance and add a touch of decadence. With so many tile sizes and shapes to choose from, it's easy to lean into this magical trend and make it truly You. Extraordinarily beautiful marble with heavy vein quality paired with rich wood finishes, metallic accents, and a dose of statement lighting adds the perfect flourish to bathroom design. 

This Emporio Calacatta Gold Matte large-format Tile is an especially clean and versatile choice that borders on luxury without the hassle of the upkeep. 

If you prefer not to invest in floor-to-ceiling colored marble but still create a grand feel, the same aesthetic can be found in marble-effect tiles like our Emporio collection. You’ll love how marble-look porcelain offers a sense of luxury with a low price tag and even lower maintenance!

The return of bold and vibrant color 

Crisp whites, warm beiges, and cool grays will always hold strong—but bold and punchy hues have been creeping back into bathroom interiors and we are pleased to see this trend finally go come back! The new colorful designs aren’t anything like ’70s bathrooms—instead, they embrace a fresher, modern vibe that's sure to give dull mornings a lift. 

Our Celestial Sky Lapis Glass Tile adds a bold and striking detail that’s sure to make a lasting impression. Keeping the rest of the room white allows its heavenly blue color to truly have its moment!

No matter your design style, it only takes a few key features to give an uninspired space an elevated touch. A bold-colored bathtub surround, shower wall, or backsplash tile, for example, is an expressive and confident way to bring fresh energy into a primarily neutral color story. From petite powder rooms to sprawling master baths, you can go in so many directions without overloading the space and still inject plenty of character with colorful tiles and cabinetry.

An emphasis on vertical lines

Striking the perfect harmony between gorgeous and contemporary, the unique shape of our Palisades Navy Picket Ceramic Tile adds a fun spin to a classic subway tile. 

We’ll admit, our penchant for classic subway tiles is bucking in favor of turning them on their head—literally! In fact, the vertically stacked tile aesthetic is set to gather real momentum in 2023, proving a worthy challenger to the ubiquitous subway shape—and ready to adorn our backsplashes and walls. By stacking tile, an undeniable sense of contemporary emerges—it has a strong graphic feel and creates an illusion of height.

Statement tiling with striking patterns

Striking patterns have been coming into their own in the home of late, and our desire to explore brave and eye-catching designs makes it hard to live without them. Large-scale murals and tiles with more graphic lines are stepping into the bathroom in a big way. 

Our Bloom Micro Mosaic Tile is proof that bathrooms need not only look practical but a splash of intricate pattern can lend a sense of movement and dynamism to the scheme of things!

If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone with unconventional tile styles, focus on one feature to create visual interest while the rest of the room remains a bit subservient. Whether that’s creating an eye-catching floor with bold hexagon tiles or using intricate mosaics to make your ensuite walk-in shower the focal of the room, tiles provide numerous ways to take your space from standard to standout with a good dose of pattern and color. 

Make big impressions with onyx surfaces

The Emporio Pink Onyx Gemstone Porcelain Tile is guaranteed to cause a big decor splash!

For anyone who appreciates a bathroom that is bang-on-trend, this one is for you. With its beautiful veined patterns, intricate colors, and uniquely translucent appearance, onyx stone adds an “otherworldly” appearance that elevates any setting from mundane to luxurious. To draw focus to an onyx accent feature, complement it with fittings in muted wood tones and glass.

Add stylistic flair with statement lighting

The right lighting envelops the room with a warm glow while making a style statement. Here, our White Carrara Marble Herringbone Tile allows all the other design elements to stand out without deeming its shine. 

If your bathroom lighting isn’t giving the ambiance you crave, it's because it's not quite living up to its design potential. The 2023 bathroom shows a wholehearted embrace of flair and warmth with statement lighting. On a practical level, spotlights are a popular choice—but why not hang a sputnik chandelier to make the room the most flattering? 

Or with a simple backsplash tile detail on your vanity wall, adding an unexpected statement with sparkly metallic scones makes for the perfect task and decorative lighting. Do keep in mind that the right statement lighting has an aesthetic quality and is equally functional. 

Subtle details can be super luxe

Updating all subtle details in the bathroom instantly adds a note of sophistication! All these stunning luxe elements really come together to sit pretty against Bianco Carrara Marble Subway Tile.

An elegant and sumptuous bathroom epitomizes bringing in elements that really speak to your unique sense of style. Upgrading small details will continue the thread of luxe and this means something different to everyone. From replacing old faucets, showerheads, and hardware to investing in a luxurious tile, these updates can quickly make your space even more special. 

A new take on terrazzo treatment

Granted, Calacatta Marble & Terrazzo Kaleidoscope Star Marble Mosaic Tile (a combination of calacatta marble and terrazzo) will add depth and timeless quality to any bathroom setting!

2023 is the time that age-old favorite terrazzo really steps into the spotlight, sitting alongside marble and onyx as the sought-after look of the moment. This fascinating material has been reimagined for the contemporary bathroom with many fabulous design elements. Remember that terrazzo blends multiple shades in a single material, so it can easily set the tone for crafting a décor scheme that is as refreshing as it is dramatic. Warm-toned terrazzo basin here, terrazzo accent wall there—this uplifting trend offers lots of room for interpretation.

Authentic and timeless wooden bathroom details

There’s no doubt that the popularity of natural material has firmly hold in the interior design world, and, of course, the continued interest in wood flooring and walls through homes, including bathrooms. What’s also evident and perhaps the reason why homeowners love wood is its authentic and timeless allure. 

Easy to lay and even easier to maintain, our shiplap-inspired Japandi white tiles make it possible to bring a stunning look and feel to the bathroom.

But real timber isn’t the best material for wet areas, so wood-look porcelain tiles are an obvious go-to. Aside from their exceptional durability and hardworking properties, they offer a textural finish that allows you to recreate the tactility factor provided by the real thing. 

As we sit on the brink of a new year, there are plenty of bathroom trends to look forward to. Certainly, these décor insights will inspire us to rethink our design approach. And as always, tiles are a perennial favorite for bathrooms small and big—and Tile Club offers a wide selection to help make your décor aspirations a reality. 

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