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Browse our collections of unique tile designs by your next project? Looking for the perfect subway tile for a modern kitchen backsplash? Planning a master bathroom remodel and need to know where to start for floor and shower tiles? We've got you covered! Browse products ideally suited to each area with our collections below!

Not sure where to start searching for the perfect tile? Let's start with where you want to install new tiles! Every design and material has a different area of use where tile can safely be installed for the best long term wear and maintenance. Picking the right tile for your project is key to ensuring your tiles keep their original beauty and usefulness for years to come! Use the project buttons above to select the location where you'd like to install new tile . Kitchen tiles are usually installed as a backsplash, behind the stove and over the cabinets. You want a tile that can be easily wiped clean from cooking messes, and is heat resistant to use around appliances. You will also find our selection of kitchen floor tiles that can be installed for residential use. Bathroom tiles should be able to withstand wet locations, as well as provide slip-resistant flooring in areas that are prone to splashes and puddles. In our Bathroom tile section, you'll find all designs that can be installed as bathroom wall and floor tiles, vanity backsplashes, and tiles approved for shower use. Looking for living room tiles? You might want to find gorgeous new floors for your home, or design a new fireplace facing for your living room focal point. You'll find tiles for wine bars, accent walls, and more in our living room tile section! Flooring tiles have all been approved for either residential or high use foot traffic. They include wood look porcelain tiles for a hardwood alternative, beautiful marble tiles in large format field tiles and decorative mosaic floor patterns. Browse outdoor tiles to find weather resistant options for exterior tiles! From siding on your home, new patio and decking planks, balcony floor and wall tiles, and even  garden pavers, you'll find all tiles rated for outdoor use.. If you're specifically looking for tile to install in your shower - these less porous tiles in glass, ceramic, porcelain ,and natural stone are the best choice for enclosed wet areas. Find a selection of slip-resistant tiles approved for shower floor use by checking the Area of Use section to make sure they're going to provide enough grip. If you're looking for something totally unique, check out our gallery of custom tile artwork, mosaics and more! These beautiful works of tile art can be made as a completely unique accent to your home, or a branding piece for your business. We also carry tiles for commercial use! From restaurant designs, retail stores, hotels and hospitality venues, office buildings and commercial pools - you'll find a huge selection of tiles for high traffic use available at volume.