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The 21st Century Homemaker – Our Favorite DIY Instagram Designers

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When you think of the term influencer, it’s more than likely you get a flash of fashionable women posing with their latest outfit on; it’s less likely that you think of a woman posing with power tools and single-handedly renovating their home. The latter is exactly what the newest influencers look like thanks to the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels. Women are redefining the term ‘homemaker’ into something, well, literal and empowering.

We're inspired by women designers and builders like House of Jade

We love working with creative and talented women builders and designers, like House of Jade!

They’ve got 'baby girls in one arm , power tools in the other ' as Hunters of Happiness writes in her bio.' These DIY Instagrammers and TikTokers have gone from sharing projects with friends and family to making DIY home renovation their full time job. 

These modern-day inspirations fill our feeds and show us that it is possible to infiltrate the boy’s club of home improvement. In honor of Women’s History Month, it felt only natural for us to spotlight some of the amazing renovators who inspire us and fill our feeds with creative projects. They share every step along their journey, with eye-popping before and afters, and things they wish they would have known before tackling a new project and, often, a whole new skillset. Enjoy this round-up of powerful women doing what they love most: teaching DIY tricks to the online masses.

The Honest Home 

This DIY bunkbed is also a playroom thanks to the ball pit in the base!

How much fun is this ball pit bunk bed Molly built as one of her early woodworking projects? Image via @thehonesthome_
What if you could single-handedly imagine, invent, and implement amazing playrooms, bedrooms, and more inside of your family home? This is exactly what Molly of The Honest Home does on a daily basis. The self-proclaimed DIY addict started dabbling in home design and renovation two years ago – but honestly, by the quality of her completed projects, you’d think it was more like ten years ago.

Every image on her grid has a story. While she teaches others as she herself continues to learn, one thing is clear: with guts, determination, and excitement anything is possible. The result of her remarkable can-do attitude? Literal endless inspiration for her more than 340,000 followers.


BEFORE - Honeybuilt Home created this DIY mantel and fireplace surround


AFTER - Can you believe this white stone fireplace was completely DIY?

From framing to installing the hearth, to installing the stone - Molly created this impressive DIY fireplace for a cozy living room covered in her touch. Before and After images via @thehonesthome_ 

In Molly’s own words: “I taught myself how to use power tools because I was so frustrated at the cost of having anything updated in our home. It’s amazing what two years, a little knowledge, and a lot of guts can help you build!”

She shares before and after shots of her builds on her feed, along with her experiences tackling new projects like installing floors or building bunk beds from scratch.

See? A real class act in taking power tools into your own hands and making stuff happen.

Frills and Drills

Lindsey Dean of Frills and Drills DIYed this laundry room makeover

Lindsey DIY'd this beautiful and functional laundry room, adding a farmhouse utility sink and lots of storage to create an organized space for chores. Image via @frills_and_drills 

The next modern-day homemaker is Lindsey Dean of Frills and Drills. The name of this hardworking mama’s account in itself is a testament in itself – the only frills you’ll see in her grid are ones that spruce up the spaces that she carved out with her own two hands. 

While Lindsey’s feed is full of light-loving spaces both in her own home and her clients’, the truth is, the way she was propelled into finding her new niche came after an all-too-familiar encounter that other new moms often face: a loss of a purpose in the first place.


BEFORE - this dark and drab bedroom was in need of a Makeover


AFTER - DIY Shiplap Bedroom Accent Wall in Navy Blue and White

Talk about a transformation! Lindsey created this bedroom makeover with a navy shiplap accent wall, exposed beams, and new floors! Image via @frills_and_drills

If there’s one thing that we truly love about this mama turning the boy’s club on its head, is her ability to be so transparent and inspiring all the while building remarkable rooms herself. Her posts - and Instagram stories illustrating each step of the process - have created such incredible inspiration and education that she’s grown her account to over 1 million followers!

In one post, Lindsey Dean opens up about her own journey to connect with her followers and give them the OK in finding their passion:

“Being a mom is hard. Being a wife is hard. Everyone needs something from you all the time. And sometimes I just need something for ME. I’ll never regret picking up that tool and just going for it. DIY projects are the fuel that sets my soul on fire and I hope whatever your fuel is that you find it!” 

That right there is the true work of a woman who deserves celebration during Women’s History Month.

Hunters of Happiness

Hunters of Happiness shows off her custom work station

Elise Hunter shows off her impressive workstation where she makes the magic happen! Image via @huntersofhappiness

If there’s one power tool-loving, ultra-cool chick out there, it would be Elise Hunter of Hunters of Happiness. Yes, we do love a good play on words: that aside, Elise’s grid is chock full of women’s empowerment. She showcases not only the crazy cool interiors she renovates and creates herself, but normalizes the use of power tools for women in general…Including her very own adorable daughters. 


BEFORE - Hunters of Happiness adds striped walls to this home office

AFTER - Hunters of Happiness created this home office / vanity from scratch
Elise shows off the before and after of this glam office/vanity space she created for herself with a blue and white striped wall and customized built-ins. Image via @huntersofhappiness


While her projects are stunning, she confesses that she started her journey completely from scratch. In her own words: “2 years ago I had never picked up a power tool  And now I’m obsessed. I’ve learned a lot about building, tools, and carpentry over the last two years! But I’ve learned even more about the human spirit! The hardest part is STARTING. The rest is just learning in progress! I hope if you’re here you know you can just go for it too!”

Honey Built Home

Honey Built Home created a DIY Board and Batten Wall for a Modern Nursery

Christine built this gorgeous board and batten wall for a cozy nursery for her daughter. Not only did she DIY the accent wall, but she built the bed from scratch, kicking off her home makeover journey. Image via @honeybuilthome

Can we talk about how Christine of Honey Built Home somehow always has something good roasting? (Pun intended thanks to her gorgeous new outdoor BBQ area!). This Registered Nurse-turned-DIY-Maven has home improvement in her blood. When she was growing up, she would tag along as her Dad’s apprentice when he went to work building other people’s homes. This led to her spending most of her childhood ideating about her dream home, until one day, as an adult, she realized she could take those dreams, and make them a reality with power tools!


BEFORE - Honey Built Home wanted to make over this backyard patio


AFTER - Honey Built Home learned to lay bricks and mortar to make this built in BBQ

Before and After - how impressive is this built in BBQ she created to transform the back patio? She added masonry work to her already impressive portfolio, learning how to lay and grout the bricks in place after constructing the frame from scratch.  Image via @honeybuilthome

Yes, this ambitious mama and nurse superhero decided to say ‘why not me?’ to building things in her home, and well, the rest is IG history. When she and her husband moved into a fixer-upper a few years ago, it was her chance to put in the work. While she so obviously had the skills, she now spends her time reassuring all of us women how it’s okay to feel imposter syndrome and how to start regardless.

We love to hear that these women are not only taking on building projects on their own, but actively encouraging and teaching other women to take up tools and learn along with them.

As Christine mentioned in one of her dozens of inspirational posts: 

“2 years ago today. It all started. I decided to stop waiting and start creating a home that I LOVE. The “then and nows” are pretty powerful, but most powerful are the lessons I learned as I enjoyed the process, embraced the messy, made mistakes, fine-tuned the craft, and continued to try! And you can do it too! But really! You. Can!”

Making Pretty Spaces

Making Pretty Spaces uses antique mirror glass tile for this chic at-home bar

You know we love a good bar! Jennifer designed and created this basement bar with an antique mirror glass tile to create a chic space to gather. Image via @makingprettyspaces

Buckle up for this next awe-inspiring lady, because she has quite the resume to inspire you! Jennifer of Making Pretty Spaces is more than meets the DIY-obsessed eye. She served as Air Force Officer after graduating from the Air Force Academy then went on to own (yes, own!) her very own Crossfit. As if that wasn’t enough, 5 years ago she started up the blog, Making Pretty Spaces, and scaled it to teach thousands of women how to use tools to make projects in their homes that they can be proud about. 

Phew. Talk about ambition! That perfect balance of grit and style is exactly why she’s on our list for 21st-century homemakers!


BEFORE - Custom build the perfect entryway bench? Why not!


AFTER - After building this custom bench for her entry, Making Pretty Spaces found the perfect wood stain

Looking for that dream piece for your home? Jennifer decided to make her own! Image via @makingprettyspaces

Here’s a quote by the power tool lady herself that we think sums things up perfectly: 

“I believe women should be able to create homes we love. After all, these are the spaces in which we raise our families, host our friends, and spend the majority of our lives. I also believe we can create beautiful spaces with our own two hands. My advice? Don’t be afraid to just start. It's not about building the perfect room—it’s about creating a space you’re passionate about.”

Mallory Nikolaus Home

Mallory Nikolaus Home uses her workshop for her Monarch Revival home remodel project

Mallory shows off the space where the magic happens - her garage workshop!  Image via @mallorynikolaushome

While DIY projects, and renovating her home, is nothing new for Mallory of Mallory Niklaus Home – she’s a definite OG in the space – her stunning designs warrant a shoutout. She has been working through her home, the Monarch Revival in Tennessee, creating a completely custom space for her family.

While you can scroll through and find some luxe rooms that will have you in awe of her skills, Mallory is also a grounding force for her followers. She doesn’t shy away from tapping into the emotional side of life and connects with her community on what’s happening for her to inspire them to move forward, embrace feelings and be, well, a human.

Creative, crafty, and kind? That’s a female powerhouse if we ever saw one!


BEFORE - This empty room is nothing but pure home remodel potential


AFTER - Mallory Nikolaus Home created a DIY Home Theater with Art Deco Style

Mallory went straight for aspirational with this amazing home theater she created from scratch! Check out the before and after of this impressive and luxurious DIY project. Image via @mallorynikolaushome

Her most recent project instills definite design envy into our hearts: A home theater. In her own words: 

4 weeks ago, we ripped out the old carpet and got to work. I worked on [the theater] every-single-day. It turned out better than I imagined. Seeing my kids face light up with every completed step kept me going when I thought I bit off more than I could chew. YOUR encouragement pushed me to keep going! I am forever grateful for the kind words and support as we made this little dream of ours a reality!”

Her kid’s rooms are just as impressive - transporting her children to a galaxy far, far away with a Star Wars bedroom, or to Hogwarts for a Harry Potter-inspired space. Check out her feed for more amazing room transformations!

Builds By Kristen

Builds by Kristin personalized her workshop with greenery and neon

Builds by Kristin personalized her workshop with greenery and neon. Image via @builds_by_kristen

What do you get when you mix a woman on a mission with a 110 year old house? Builds by Kristen - a deeply inspiring account that is filled with crafty cool DIY renovation ideas that document Kristen’s own journey to perfecting her recently purchased, century-old home, and some other pretty unique spaces as well!


BEFORE - How would you turn this school bus into a custom camper?


AFTER - This cute custom camper used to be a school bus!

How amazing is this before and after of Kristen’s bus transformation? With van life and camper remodels taking over, she shows off this impressive school bus transformation into a home on wheels! Image via @buildswithkristen

If that alone isn’t enough to sway you to check out this 21st-century homemaker, rest assured that there is way more on there than just this home. A true DIY Queen, Kristen even took to renovating her own workshop and a school bus. Yes, a whole school bus. How cool is that? It’s even stylish!


Dwellaware makes over her jungalow style home with DIY renovations

Amanda has been transforming her home with DIY projects like this floor remodel to add to her jungalow style! Image via @dwellaware

One look at Amanda of Dwellaware’s grid, and you’d think that she’s been a professional interior designer and home renovator her entire life. However, once you dig through – okay stalk – all of her gorgeous posts, you soon realize the oldest DIY post is only dated about one year ago. 

Indeed, this force of home style and DIY power only started creating massively inspirational content and shaking up the traditionally masculine field of renovation a mere 12 months ago. That alone is cause for us to celebrate her this Women’s History Month. Oh, and the fact that she’s completely humble, cool, and kind adds to that, too.


BEFORE - This blank dining room wall had nothing but potential


Dwellaware overcame her fears of nail guns and miter saws to make this terra cotta-colored board and battern wall in her dining room

Amanda overcame her fears of nail guns and miter saws to make this terra cotta-colored accent wall in her dining room. Image via @dwellaware

Here’s what Amanda recently shared that feels so empowering we needed to add it here for you:

“DIY is a healing process. Through the challenges and wins. You find yourself on the other side of it Changed, Grown, and Accepting of it all. I’ve always loved DIY, but for years I kept the disappointments and successes pretty private. But now I share it here showing all the parts & journey with You. To hopefully empower, and show you the pure humanity in the process of birthing a design & DIY vision.”

Go on, get your dreams. 

Blushing Bungalow

Blushing Bungalow is turning her starter home into her family's dream home with DIY remodels

Madison has been putting her signature touch on her bungalow to create a one-of-a-kind handmade home. Image via @blushingbungalow

One of the more charming DIY accounts out there, Madison of Blushing Bungalow documents her journey to creating the perfect home out of a small bungalow. She and her husband bought the quaint bungalow solely based on their budget. While some may see it as a great starter home, Madison took charge and decided with some design savvy it could actually be her dream home!


BEFORE - this dark kitchen gets a complete makeover


AFTER - Blushing Bungalow transformed her kitchen, creating butcher block counters to DIY light fixture dupes, floors and fixtures

From creating butcher block counters to DIY light fixture dupes, floors and fixture, every inch of this cozy kitchen remodel bears Madion’s stamp! Image via @blushingbungalow

Fearing no elbow grease, and diving fully into the DIY world of home design, Madison spent the past 3 years proving it is possible to make a home you love on a budget!

Here’s a little snippet about her inspiring journey:

“Three years ago my husband and I bought the only house we could afford. It is a tiny 700 sqft. bungalow and we have been slowly building a home where we can make memories and grow as a family….DIY isn’t always straightforward. In fact, I’ve never had a project go smoothly. But, through that, I’ve gone from amateur DIYer to a confident builder. Starting is the hardest part and that’s why I will be right by your side! With every project done, you and I will grow together. Nothing feels better than knowing you created something you love with your own two hands. “


There you have it: The most awe-inspiring, DIY women of Instagram. These truly remarkable women are setting out every day to show other women that power tools, renovations, and remodels are not solely for men. In fact, with passion, purpose, and playfulness, women can do just about anything in the space. 

As a women-led company, Tile Club loves seeing these empowering women take on power tools and challenging builds. We’re proud to work with many other woman-led businesses in our Platinum Pro trade discount program!

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