The Top 5 Bathroom Floor Tile Pros and Designs

Have you ever wondered why tile is the go-to material for bathroom floors?

There's so much to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect flooring material for a new bathroom or remodel. It needs to stand up to  heavy traffic, high moisture and humidity levels in addition to wear and tear. At some point, all homeowners face the same question: what should I do with my bathroom floors? Enter tiles: the perfect option that outperforms other materials in appearance, longevity and maintenance.

Whether you’re creating your dream bathroom from scratch, or just looking for minor cosmetic updates for your existing space, tile is a wise choice for bathroom flooring needs. However, there aren’t just many functional benefits! With styles ranging from modern to traditional to farmhouse to eclectic and more, bathroom floor tile designs provide you with endless aesthetic possibilities. What more can you ask for, really?

What makes this bathroom truly unique is the Carrara Circles Micro Mosaic flooring. The ethereal snowflake pattern on luxurious white marble embellishes your floors with a durable finish all in one material.

There are many functional benefits of tiles with different colors, patterns and textures for stylish floors to set your bathrooms apart. If you’re rethinking your current bathroom floors, or are deciding which material is the best for your space, here are five reasons to love bathroom floor tiles!

5 Benefits of Bathroom Floor Tiles

1- Water Resistance? No Longer a Concern.

Cozy farmhouse charm, an easy to clean surface and a nonporous finish ubder the standing bathtub - this Whitewashed Wood-Look Porcelain Tile has it all. Resembling distressed wood without the risk of water damage, this tile brings a relaxed feel to any bathroom floor.

Do you want the beauty of the outdoors inside? Wood-look tiles have a lot to offer! Imagine all of the aesthetic qualities you’ve come to love about hardwood without the risk of warping or damage from water. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Tile flooring is a highly durable choice for your bathroom remodeling projects - be it a walk-in shower, the area around your bathtub, guest bath or an ensuite bathroom. Wood-look floor tiles lend a warm, restful feel to bathrooms without the fear of water damage.

 Geometric black and white picket tile floor

Contrasting black and white tiles, modern elongated hexagons, and a stunning diagonal layout. These tiles create an artful surface that is more than just a water-resistant flooring for this sleek bathroom. Pair our Palisades black tiles with white for contrast!

Your best bet for a durable, low-maintenance material, tiles can transform the look, feel, and functionality of bathroom floors. Your floors will hold up even under the most demanding conditions when paired with high-performance water-resistant grout. All you need to do is enjoy your bathroom floors without worrying about splashes leaving behind any marks or damage. 

So, what else do we love about bathroom floor tiles? Read on to find what’s next. 

2- Slip-Resistance? Tiles Have You Covered. 

When finished and sealed, Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile is beauty and function combined. The number of grout joints in the small honeycomb pattern allows for extra grip underfoot. This feature decreases the risk of slipping and falling on wet floors.

When it comes to the bathroom, safety is as important as durability. Wet environments like showers and bathtub surrounds present a high risk for slipping and falling. While not all tiles are slip-resistant, there are plenty of options that are both beautiful and safe to choose from.

If you still haven't found the perfect rug for your bathroom, consider your search ended. This Curved Basket Weave Marble Mosaic floor adds a luxurious appeal and unique textural quality to this bathroom floor like a large chic bath runner.

When choosing between large-format and mosaic tiles, mosaics win the day for non-slip flooring. Available in a wide selection of patterns and designs - from retro penny rounds to intricate floral patterns to textured finishes - mosaic tiles reduce the risk of a fall on wet surfaces. On the other side, large tiles with a textured or matte surface can also add grip, meaning more reliability and safer walking surfaces. 

3- More Design Options Than You Can Imagine

Our Moroccan Star & Cross Tile is a gorgeous way to add dramatic old-world beauty to your bathroom design, not to mention that the etched pattern functions well as a slip-resistant surface on wet floors. 

Your bathroom floor tiles don’t have to be boring to handle water and slip-resistance every day. Bathroom flooring should be low-maintenance and strong, but gorgeous, too! Whether it’s the relaxed vibe of a cozy farmhouse, or high-end classic decor with luxury marble stone, the sky's the limit with bathroom tile flooring! 

Designed from the highest quality marble stone, Nova Chevron Bardiglio Marble Tile exudes class with a truly iconic zigzag layout. The symmetrical V-shaped design adds a sense of length to a small bathroom floor while grout lines provide slip resistance. 

Want a sleek, contemporary look? Consider larger style tiles with a textured finish or geometric mosaic patterns. Interested in creating a rustic-style bathroom ambiance? Wood-look marble or porcelain tiles add that welcoming vibe. Do you like getting a sense of what’s trending in the design world? Check out The Hottest Flooring Design Trends to help you to spot your favorite look for your next bathroom flooring!

4- Easy to Clean? Tiles Win Hands Down

Firing tile at a high temperature and with great pressure makes our Kasai Carta Sakura extremely low maintenance - it's easy to clean, non-absorptive and does not require sealing.

Most tiles are non-porous, meaning they won’t absorb water or bacteria in areas that get wet frequently. That makes bathroom tile flooring notoriously easy to clean since it doesn’t trap dust and other allergens. No need to worry about mildew or mineral build up in your fresh new shower or guest bath! Not only providing ease of cleaning but also better air quality - a bonus for busy households with children, pets and high traffic. 

Our Weaving Flower perfectly highlights the flooring area in this otherwise neutral guest bath while avoiding any dirt that might sink deep within other materials. 

Keep in mind that tiles such as glass, ceramic and porcelain are non-porous by nature, meaning they will not require sealing or other special finishes to prevent absorption. On the other side, natural stone tiles can also become non-absorptive when finished with a glaze or sealant. A penetrating sealer keeps water, soap, and other substances from seeping into the tiles. Sealant also keeps your grout from absorbing water that can lead to mold or discoloration - so no need to scrub!

Whether your tile needs extra protection with a sealant or not, rest assured that tile bathroom and shower floors are easily wiped clean to keep them looking stain, dust and allergy-free.

5- The Perfect Match for Radiant Heating

Give your bathroom a large floral old-world design with Luxor Micro Mosaic Tile while combining it with radiant heating for cozy floors. Stone tiles are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These qualities make them a perfect match for radiant heating and a win for your energy bill.

Who doesn’t love stepping out of the shower onto a heated floor? Tiles are an excellent conductor of heat, making them a natural pairing for underfloor heating systems. They conduct heat much better than laminate or wood flooring. Other materials might crack or become damaged over time due to expanding and contracting with the heat cycle. If you're tearing up your floors already, now may be the ideal time to install underfloor heating along with beautiful floor tiles. 

Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to step out of the tub onto this gorgeous Excalibur Bardiglio & Carrara Waterjet and feel the warmth of radiant heating under your feet? 

With excellent thermal conductivity and the ability to handle temperature fluctuation better than other materials, tiles are tough enough to stand up the demands of any heated bathroom flooring. Picture stepping into your bathroom on a chilly winter morning and your bare feet are warmed by the floor beneath you with an attractive tile design that elevates your morning routine!

Check out our blog post on The Best Heated Flooring for a Cozy Home to gain more inspiration on how to design inviting tile bathroom floors you’ll love to walk barefoot on!

This bathroom with Taco Melange Black flooring checks all the marks for function and beauty - it stands up to wet conditions, frequent cleaning, and looks good while doing it!

Have we convinced you that tile is a great choice for bathroom flooring?

Enhanced durability, resistance to water, ease of cleaning, thermal conductivity and so many more. The many benefits of tiles make them a preferred choice for bathroom floors with a wide array of options that meet virtually any budget and style.

Take advantage of tile’s functional and aesthetic benefits and reach out to us with any questions to get started.

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