Green Tile Trends

Wondering how to use tiles to create a stunning abode that charms everyone? Offering both visual allure and great functionality, the envy-inducing green tile trend is a fantastic way to transform your backsplash, floor design, fireplace surround, and outdoor space. No matter your design style of choice, tiles are sure to steal the show in any room of the home with their distinct and timeless appeal.

Round White Ceramic Sink with Black Faucet on La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Tile Wall Background

Ready to refresh your home anew? Our La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Tile makes a case for embracing green in all its glory.

When designing with tile, homeowners tend to lean toward white, cream, beige, gray, and flax colors as they offer a neutral base that’s understated and elegant. But there’s a scene-stealing tile trend that’s having a major moment and we are loving it!

Green is the color of nature, so it's no surprise that it can be soothing and provide a sense of renewal. When used well  - especially with its vibrant hues- this earthy tone has style power! Perfect for both modern and traditional interior esthetics, the wide variety of styles and shades of green tiles allow you to achieve a wow-worthy design finish. 

Vintage gold and green bathroom with Chateau Tundra Sage Green Ceramic Subway Tile

Sage tones, like our Chateau Tundra Sage 3x6 Ceramic Tile, lend a calming and fresh look that is neither clinical nor dull—and if you’re thinking of making a bold move, deeper greens deliver a vibrant and intriguing finish—perfect for an eye-catching backsplash or accent wall.

We’ve rounded up six ways you can design your home with green tiles, hoping to inspire you to create something even more magical.

  • Backsplash

White has always been the go-to color for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. However, there are many different colors to choose from when it comes down choosing your perfect shade! These functional spaces don’t have to be completely spartan. If you’re looking to add an element of intrigue, a backsplash tile design offers you the freedom to creatively experiment with unexpected shades. Lately, different tile colors are all the rage and we can’t stop getting enough of them!

Bathroom accent wall with white emerald glass hexagon tile

Looking to make a bold style statement? Allow our White Emerald Weaved Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile to do what it does best: steal the show! Formed by a striking emerald hexagon mosaic and a whimsical white weave pattern, its pearly effect is a surefire way to infuse radiant flair into your bathroom setting.

Green tile trends have us utterly smitten, and we love how they instantly add just the right amount of pizzazz. From refreshing mint green and sophisticated hues like sage and olive to botanical and dark moody greens, this invigorating color is nearly close to perfect. And in bathrooms, green sits just right, transforming an otherwise plain space into something far from basic. 

Speckled Emerald Green Squares Glass Pool Tile

This Speckled Emerald Green Squares Glass Pool Tile forms a perfect accent finish that draws in the eye and makes your kitchen backsplash the focal point of the room. 

Speaking of tile backsplashes, green porcelain can set your bathroom apart both aesthetically and practically. Always a classic, porcelain backsplash tile is a great way to add color and pattern to a space, but also offers exceptional durability. What's more, they are easy to care for and maintain their alluring quality for years to come.

Style Tip: Want to make your green tile pop but worried about it overtaking your space? Fret not. A brilliant way to inch out of your comfort zone is to use neutrals like gray, white, and beige to contrast against bright green backsplash tile. Surprisingly, green is a soothing color that gives off a punch without being too loud, especially when paired with subdued elements.

The natural presence of wood tones can soften the look of your bathroom or kitchen, and when paired with green backsplash tiles—say a deep green marble subway with wooden cabinetry—both work wonderfully together to create a relaxing yet elegant finish. 

  • Shower surround
  • Anyone can agree that the core of a well-appointed and aesthetically appealing bathroom is a fabulous wall and floor tile. After all, you use the bathroom to start and finish each day, and the right tiles have the power to single-handedly transform the room’s overall experience and express your unique style. 

    Blue glass subway tile shower wall

    The Stardust Marine 2x8 Glass Mosaic Tile gives this shower design a beach vacation feel all year. The traditional rectangular shape of subway tiles adds just the right touch of sophisticated flair. 

    Green, being a summery and refreshing color, is sure to accentuate the look and feel of any bathroom setting. And aside from adding flair and an elevated feel to an otherwise utilitarian space, surface finishes like glass and porcelain provide stand-out qualities such as durability, resistance to scratches and stains, and minimal amount of upkeep. 

    As far as we’re concerned, floor-to-ceiling shower tiles are a cornerstone of luxury. And the right shade of green, whether patterned or solid, can add elegance and personality while simultaneously holding up to the wear and tear that comes with daily showering.

    Green ceramic picket tile bathroom wall

    The wide array of shower wall tiles today reflects every possible aesthetic: from modern to traditional to opulent. We love Palisades Bahia Picket Ceramic Tile's invigorating picket shape!

    Subtle green glass tiles for a pared-back look? Dark moody green marble tiles for a hint of drama? Or vibrant green pint-sized penny tiles to embrace your maximalism? There’re ample opportunities to create something magical. Additionally, pulling the shower wall tile through to the floor tiles the whole scheme together and prevents a disjointed feel.

    To evoke a spa-like aesthetic, sage green tiles are a winner in our book. Muted but not dull, soothing sage has an earthy feeling to it that’s bound to spruce up any bathroom and equally complements natural wood tones as well as black or white cabinetry. Plus, we love how muted greens pop alongside gold accents like the mirror, sconces, and hardware. 

    Bold and bright greens aren’t for everyone, but if you desire a shower surround that instantly draws attention, why not opt for a shade bound to make your morning a lot more exciting? Keep the rest of the space fairly simple to set it apart and allow your bold shower surround to take center stage. 

    Style Tip: When considering complex designs, patterned green tiles provide an opportunity for a load of visual interest and dynamism. However, keep the size of the bathroom in mind as elaborate patterns may be challenging to implement if there isn’t enough room to allow the pattern adequate repetition. 

  • Accent wall
  • Thanks to a variety of tile products, a wonderful approach to giving a room bountiful character and flair is by creating an accent wall. From dazzling marble to distinctive mosaic patterns, you can customize your feature wall with a captivating green tile in a way that’s unique to your home. A tile accent wall can serve as a jaw-dropping focal point or as a backdrop to draw attention to a particular feature in the space. Plus, a high-quality long-lasting and long-wearing surface finish that doubles as a decorative feature adds great value to your home. 

    Laundry Room Makeover with Recycled Glass Green Leaf Backsplash Tile

    Who says accent walls should be reserved just for living rooms? Our Green Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic proves that tile can add pizzazz just about anywhere in the home, including the laundry room

    When used as a decorative pattern or to cover an entire wall, colorful tiles can infuse a room with a vivid sense of style. If your taste veers towards neutral paint and furnishings but still wish to make a style statement, a single wall of your chosen tile is enough to transform the feel and look of an entire room. And with an abundance of creative tile options and various shades of green, you can go as subtle or as bold as you desire.

    Green bathroom accent wall with ceramic subway tiles in a herringbone layout

    Did someone say bold color and added dimension? The La Riviera Quetzal Ceramic Subway Tile’s punchy green hue, semi-gloss finish, and handcrafted appearance are sure to bring the best out of your bathroom design. 

    Furthermore, if you feel your overall design lacks depth and dimension, adding a healthy dose of texture by way of an accent wall is a fantastic way to give the room more visual rhythm. This can be accomplished by enhancing the visual tactility of your wall using tiles with a 3D finish

  • Fireplace surround
  • A green fireplace surround can help create an out-of-the-box tile design that best suits your distinct style and converts a generic architectural feature into a striking conversation piece. Better yet, green tiles introduce a punch of color while maintaining a sophisticated and understated quality. 

    A muted surround paired with neutral base furnishings can infuse a contemporary finish while a moody tile can add a sense of earthiness when paired with white and wooden tones. And in modern spaces characterized by simplistic elements, a green fireplace surround easily draws the eye and prevents the room from looking drab while still adhering to the less is more vibe. 

  • Flooring
  • Often the largest surface area to cover in a room, floor tiles can replicate almost any look you fancy and act as the base foundation for your home’s design. The best part is, tile’s durability, hardwearing, and ease of maintenance properties make it a sensible choice for your high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room. Green on floors is pleasing to the eye and injects visual interest and texture.

    Mint green ceramic picket tile

    Refreshing Mint Picket Ceramic Tiles creates a one-of-a-kind look with its cool shade of green.

    Your choice of floor tiles should be cohesive with the ambiance you are looking to create. Whether you want to keep things subtle with pastel green floors in the kitchen or use a bold pop of green in a hallway, with so many options available, green tiles can help you create a floor design that is utterly unique and charming.

    If you have an open-space concept that combines the living room, kitchen, and dining area, instead of using the same floor tile throughout, you can set your living area apart with a green border around the center tile to establish the look of a rug. 


    Pale Aqua Herringbone Glass Tile

    Incorporating sea green tones in bathroom settings is a trend with lots of momentum—paired with bright white walls and natural wood cabinetry, the resulting look is sure to strike a coastal design vibe with a rejuvenating influence. Whether laid on walls or floors, Aqua Herringbone Glass Tile creates an opulent and inviting atmosphere that perfectly ties into both subdued and vibrant aesthetics. 

  • Outdoor design 
  • In exterior spaces, solid or patterned green tiles evoke a breathtaking aesthetic that’s absolutely phenomenal. Ideal for gracing patios, decks, pools, pathways, and other areas, stunning porcelain tile, for instance, is particularly dense and strong enough to stand up to unpredictable elements while maintaining its original color for years to come.

    Fountain Feature into a Swimming Pool with Opal Shimmer Mixed Squares Glass Tile

    Laid on walls surrounding the garden or to highlight water features, tiles form a look that's curated and complete. Our Opal Shimmer Mixed Squares Glass Tile help take your distinct style outside!

    Walls and floors have a stunning selection of outdoor tiles, which will help set the tone for the perfect year-round garden retreat to unwind after a hectic day or host alfresco barbecue parties—while reducing the time and effort needed for upkeep. Whether arranged in classic squares, timeless herringbone pattern, or striking hexagon format, green tiles can create a characterful and welcoming exterior environment that’s in sync with the rest of your home.

    From traditional designs to cutting-edge modern styles, green tile trends offer a remarkable combination of enduring beauty and function. Tile Club’s wide range of tiles includes unique patterns, textures, and shapes—perfect for your next dreamy oasis. 

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