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Updated November 2023

Whether you're an amateur decorator or a design expert, everyone needs stylish tiles. Not only are they durable and unique, they’re a practical way to make your space look more personalized and high-end. But with trends constantly changing in the decor industry, homes need remodeling every decade or so— but possibly even more often if you’re a design-lover with an addiction to “Property Brothers”.

Well, fortunately, there’s no need to envy all those stunning bathroom upgrades or that swanky kitchen backsplash.  If you love hoarding tiles, like we do, it’s time to take advantage of the 2023 Black Friday Tile Sale and Cyber Monday Clearance Tile sale.

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Get ready to load up on this season’s top tile trends. Discover amazing deals on a variety of designs: marble, wood, slate, stone— you name it. To get the inspiration flowing, here are some of the most popular tiles for 2024 and beyond.

Textured Backsplash

Textured Mini Brick Crema Marfil And Glass Mosaic Tile 

Textured Mini Brick Crema Marfil and Glass Mosaic Tile

3D textures are in high demand right now. That’s why so many people are upgrading from their flat-surface tiles to something a lot more visceral.

The kitchen backsplash is a brilliant place to lay these textured tiles. Adding drama and sophistication to the space, their 3D illusion is très chic.

Sea Glass Tile

Ocean Glass Cloud Amber Mosaic Tile 

Sea Glass Cloud Amber Mosaic Tile

Inspired by an aquatic paradise, this monochrome sea glass tile creates a calming atmosphere.

Use it on the bathroom walls or the kitchen backsplash to create an oasis in your home. In this stunning bathroom remodel, the sink basin and vase are textured with an ocean-ripple effect. There are countless ways to construct this sea-like theme.

Hexagon Tile

Recycled Glass 2" Hexagon Mosaic in Blue Wood Color 

Recycled Glass 2" Hexagon Mosaic in Blue Wood Color

Don’t be such a square— how about a hexagon? Sometimes it’s refreshing to try something outside-the-box, like these hexagon tiles. Ideal for countertops or the kitchen backsplash, these tiles put some flavor into your home.

They offer an upscale, geometric quality to give your space a trendy edge. Choose from solid colors or intermixed earth tones based on the surrounding color palette in the room.

Mother of Pearl Tile

Pearl Ribbon White Marble and Mother of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic TilePearl Ribbon White Marble & Mother of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile

Arrowhead Pearl Marble Mosaic Tile
Arrowhead Pearl
Marble Mosaic Tile

Crafted from nature’s finest, Mother of Pearl is pure elegance. Its creamy, sparkling luster is made from nacre, the material produced by oyster shells. Basically, it’s like coating your room with a mosaic of pearly textures.

Capturing the pizazz of Caesar’s Palace and the spirit of the seashore, Mother of Pearl tiles are a work of art. So if you’ve got a seasoned taste for design, and are eager to prove it, this precious tile is calling your name. Use it for the bathroom, the floor, the kitchen— even the shower walls.

Recycled Glass Tile

White and Beige Mix Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

On a budget? Go for green-friendly tiles. You’ll be saving two important things: some moola and our planet. Thanks to recycled glass, your home remodel can be part of a larger effort to protect the environment.

Even if you’ve never recycled a day in your life, it’s never too late to consider doing it. After all, when you host guests, this responsible decor choice does give you bragging rights. Who wouldn’t feel proud to say, “and to your left, you’ll notice tiles made from 100% recycled class.”

Wood Look Tile

Rovere Gris 

Rovere Gris Wood Look Floor Tile

Maybe you prefer decor without the frills? Thankfully, there’s faux wood. More affordable and low-maintenance than real wood, this convincing look-alike is made of porcelain tile.

These panels create a warm, down-to-earth feel for your space—a classic way to say “home is where the heart is”. But best of all, faux wood tile is incredibly versatile. Whether you want an aged oak effect for your Man Cave or light birch panels for your powder room, it’s time to bring your imagination to life.

Wood look tiles belong almost anywhere in your home. For starters, consider building a wood accent wall in your bedroom. This urban-chic style will upgrade the space with a more contemporary appeal.

Marble Luxury

 Silver White Matchstix Marble Mosaic Tile

Silver White Matchstix Marble Mosaic Tile

A favorite among home-decor lovers, marble is the Hercules of tile design. With its statue-like beauty and expressive features, it’s the ultimate piece of fine architecture you’ve been missing.

This season, set your sights on Bardiglio: a cloudy, deep-grey marble made in Italy’s Tuscany region. They’re a classic choice for floors and countertops, but more recently, marble walls are making a grand statement.

Black and White Tiles

 Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile

Nero Marquina and Thassos White 6 Inch Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile

If you love minimalism, black and white tiles will suit your modern taste. Crisp and clean-cut, they can transform any boring space into a magazine-worthy sight.

Beyond the changing trends, there’s something that stays classically fashionable about the black and white theme. Always fresh and exciting, it has that Art Deco kind of look, lending a whole new level of integrity to a space.

Consider hexagon marble tile— a unique geometric twist on the usual black and white theme.

Subway Tile

Mallorca Blue 2.5x8 

Mallorca Blue 2.5x8

Standing as the most popular tile trend right now, subway tiles are a must-have for 2020.

This style has emerged from the underground world of transit stations and industry buildings to the cozy world of home decor. And boy are we happy! Giving your space a dash of city style, subway tiles are the leading choice in any remodel plan.

They’re most commonly used in household bathrooms and the kitchen backsplash, but if you’re a trendsetter, you can absolutely apply them to shower walls.

The time to tile is always now. With miles of styles this season, the choices are endless and so are the design possibilities. That’s why we hoard tiles (and so should you). Discover up to 65% off all tiles from Black Friday through Cyber Monday at Tile Club!


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