The Top 3 Home Renovations with the Highest ROI

We can all agree that a fresh look or upgrade can drastically increase our home's appeal. Not only will it improve your day-to-day life and impress family and friends, but did you know it can also increase your home value when you’re looking to sell? It turns out a proven way to boost your home value and maximize your Return on Investment is to introduce some stylish new tiles within your interior space, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. 

White Deco Tile Bathtub Surround with a Free Standing Tub

As more property buyers opt for a turn-key purchase and not a never-ending to-do list, a newly refreshed and updated bathroom plays an essential role in raising the value of your home! This White Deco Fan Glass Mosaic Tile is a showstopper — not only does it offer incredible durability, it adds a subtle flair of sophistication. 

Why’s that?

Whether you’re getting your home ready to list during one of the biggest real estate market booms of the decade or planning to remodel spaces that will have a long-term impact on your property value, remodeling these key areas can give you a better bang-for-your-buck immediately, and in the future. And when you’re getting your home prepared for a sale, it’s ideal to keep costs down and profits high, while creating lasting value that entices potential home buyers

How Adding Tile to your Kitchen and Bathroom Can Increase your Home’s Value

We’re sharing some key ways to get the best remodel ROI for your home whether you sell or stay!

Focus on what buyers want

When thinking about selling a residential property, it’s crucial to keep up with what features and layout trends are highly desirable to buyers. The best way to stand out from the crush of properties hitting Zillow at the same time is to focus on some of the areas and terms that will immediately grab a prospective buyer’s attention.

Properties that boast ‘recent upgrades’, ‘new flooring’, ‘updated kitchen’, ’renovated bathrooms’, and other such terms are automatically more desirable to agents and buyers alike.

Today’s informed prospective buyer wants a convenient house design that offers attractive upgrades and amenities, while keeping utility costs low. Essentially, buyers are more likely to look for a home that involves less work on their part.

Hardwood Floor Alternatives with Porcelain Wood Look Tiles for a High ROI When you Sell your Home

More importantly, when people feel like they’re paying “top dollar” for a new residential property, they want high quality home finishes and fittings that correlate with this perception of cash spent. The 2021 market continues to be geared towards move-in ready houses (also known as turnkey homes).

Fixer uppers will always have their place, but your average buyer isn’t looking to get into real estate investing or want to take on a home that needs lots of love - they want a house that’s as close to their Instagram-fueled home dream as possible, and they are ready to weigh the list price against the list of amenities to feel like they’re getting the most for their money.

However, even if a home isn’t 100% move-in ready, there are certain improvements that are guaranteed to attract buyers. Some of the most popular house features potential buyers pay close attention to include:

    • Kitchen updates: good quality tile floors and backsplashes, an upgraded island or bar, modern and spacious cabinet storage, and fresh paint. 
    • Bathroom updates: good quality tiles and grouting, upgraded vanity, walk-in showers and a bathtub.
    • New floors: upgraded floors in the entryway, mudroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Ultimately, sprucing up these significant parts of your home takes the stress out of negotiations and makes it a little less overwhelming to close on a new property. 

Why choose tiles to improve your property value?

Floor and wall tiles are not just a source of beauty and sophistication, they’re tremendously functional and easy-to-maintain. They are also a fantastic addition that can significantly boost the value of your home! Unlike laminate - materials that can easily turn off a buyer thanks to their limited lifespan - tiles and hardwood floors are consistently ranked top among materials that rank high in property value.

When it comes to deciding between flooring materials, beautiful tile floors have an equally strong draw to hardwood floors - and at a fraction of the initial cost and long-term maintenance! 

As today’s housing market continues to fluctuate wildly, it’s worth bearing in mind that potential buyers are savvy — in addition to appearance, they are looking for quality before they consider making an offer. 

The inherent quality of the flooring itself is a selling point — well-crafted marble or porcelain tiles, for example, offer excellent durability, - they’re impact-resistant and long-wearing, and will also continue to look stunning far longer than other flooring materials. Home buyers see a gorgeous floor that they will not have to replace or refinish in the near future, and in return, the floor becomes their own investment.

That beautiful meeting ground of high-quality, value, and low-maintenance is an attractive selling point, whether you’re shipping for new flooring you intend to enjoy for years to come, or looking for a minimal investment with maximum resale value.

Basic rules for choosing kitchen and bathroom tiles

Wall and floor tiles like glass, porcelain, or natural stone can present your home in a favorable light and greatly increase its value. Firstly, they are much more durable than other materials used to cover interior surfaces. They can last a lifetime!

High ROI Bathroom Renovations Before Selling your Home

A successful home renovation focuses on these merits: beauty, functionality, and value. Our Pearl Gray Herringbone Glass Tile offers just that — superb quality with a gorgeous look!

What’s more, they’re a perfect option for keeping the important areas in your home hygienic, a much needed feature especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Regular sweeping or mopping with water equals stress free maintenance!

  • Kitchen floors and backsplashes
  • If you’re looking to target one of those three key areas for a pre-market home makeover, you’ll want to carefully consider which type of tiles are best suited for the job. 

    Patterned Kitchen Floor Tile with Marble Mosaics

    Looking to make a lasting impression? The Grey Sparkle Waterjet Marble Mosaic Tile is a true definition of timeless quality and exquisite style. Allow the floor to take center stage by pairing with neutral kitchen cabinets and appliances. 

    With real estate experts weighing in that flooring may be the single biggest factor when it comes to your return of investment (ROI), making the right pick for your home and budget isn’t always cut and dried. For a kitchen space, the heart of the home where we spend time gathering over meals with family and friends, you’d need to install a surface application that’s hardwearing and easy to maintain. 

    In addition, backsplash tiled areas are regularly subjected to moisture and grease, so it makes sense to select a tile that’s not only beautiful but practical, too!

    Refresh your Backsplash Before Listing Your Home on the Market to Maximize your ROI

    Add punctuating style and elegance with our Silver Diamond Glass Mosaic Tiles in a shiny metallic finish. 

    Generally speaking, the best material for floors and backsplashes should be:

    • flame resistant
    • stain resistant
    • water resistant
    • scratch resistant
    • easy to clean and maintain
    • mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant

    Unlike painted drywall, adhesive wallpaper, or laminate flooring, tile is the only material that manages to check off every one of those boxes.

    It is these features that make it very appealing to homeowners or those who are looking to buy. When selecting tile material, its ROI is largely determined by who installs it — and if you can do a professional DIY job, the return on investment will be higher. 

    In regard to aesthetics, the greatest advantage of using tile is that it offers design versatility. There’s a vast selection of colors, patterns, textures and price points to fit any interior scheme and every budget. Marble, for instance, adds unsurpassed sophistication to any interior that effortlessly finds its place in modern, traditional, contemporary, and transitional settings. 

    Adding a marble kitchen backsplash or entryway floor is a gorgeous way to add a luxurious detail to high-impact areas of your home!


    Traditional Basket Weave Kitchen Floor with Neutral Marble Tiles


    High ROI Kitchen remodeling ideas to consider before selling your home

    As the heart of the home, it makes sense to choose quality materials for your kitchen, whether you’re planning to list right away, or researching long-term investments to make in your forever home. Buyers especially pay  extra attention to this high-use area, and are particular when it comes to their preferred design style.

    Coffee Nook with Textured Marble Tiles and Floating Shelves

    Mosaics, subway tiles or patterned designs are sure to create an eye-catching backsplash, and stand out more in a crowded market. Here, our Textured Carrara Honeycomb Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile makes a big punch along with freshly painted blue cabinets for an attention-grabbing coffee nook.

    For this reason, you may want to stick to floor, backsplash, and countertop materials that offer timeless style and stand the test of time. For greater beauty and versatility, opt for large floor tiles to maximize style and minimize grout lines. Your floors should act as a canvas so that prospective buyers can easily picture how they would inject their own personal style into the space. 

    Zillow’s Sellers’ Guide lists a backsplash as a must-have remodel choice when preparing your kitchen to function as a selling point - 

    If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, adding one can be a big upgrade, and it should cost only a few hundred dollars. It’s a DIY project many homeowners can handle. As far as choosing materials, subway tile is not only popular but also very affordable.

    Whether you opt for playful color, or timeless neutral hues for your kitchen, there are a wealth of subway tile choices that are affordable, stylish, and versatile enough to suit any home.

  • Bathroom floors and walls 
  • Installing the right bathroom wall and floor finish could be the investment that makes it stand out to potential buyers. With a staggering number of products on the market, tiles remain the best option for moisture-heavy areas of your home. 

    Porcelain Marble Look Tiles add Calacatta Marble Patterned to your Bathroom Floors and Walls

    The natural look of stone plus the benefits of porcelain tile! This Emporio Matte Calacatta Marble Porcelain tile is guaranteed to bring character and substance and turn your bathroom into a truly tranquil and soothing space. 

    According to HGTV, a minor bathroom remodel has an average recoup rate of 102%! They list a bathroom renovation as their #1 pick for the Top 15 Home Updates That Pay Off. Prospective buyers will see a fresh and new bathroom - crisp grout, fresh tiles, new appliances - and the allure of a recently upgraded bathroom will entice buyers to make an offer.

    Providing the ultimate combination of beauty and practicality, tiles are an excellent pick if you’re on the look-out for a bathroom floor that’s water and moisture resistant, hard-working, low-maintenance and durable. Even if you’re not planning to move right away, choosing a surface finish that won’t warp or break thanks to water, weather conditions, or cleaning products proves to be a great long-term investment in your home.

    Savvy buyers looking for value, quality, and beauty have done their research and are particularly attracted to porcelain tile. Highly dense and more durable than ceramic for high-traffic areas, porcelain outperforms many materials and will hold up to the test of time.

    Even better, porcelain can provide a realistic wood grain or natural stone effect at a fraction of the cost, while making a lasting impression on future homebuyers. As mentioned above, the lifespan of tile is vital as you head into a competitive real estate market. 

    Our Celebrity home designers, Tiffany Brooks and David Bromstad knew that adding a bathroom to their Rock the Block challenge house would greatly improve the property value - and they were right! Their bonus room turned downstairs bedroom with ensuite bathroom was such a major boost to their property value that it nabbed them the episode win - see how they used Tile Club to transform a powder room into a full bath with walk-in shower on HGTV’s Rock the Block!

    High ROI Bathroom remodeling ideas to consider before selling your home

    You can bet that potential buyers who come through for showings have HGTV spa-like bathroom images in mind. Rightfully so, as this is the ultimate space people go to seek a little “me time”. The bathroom should not only look good, but the material finishes should match the purpose of the room — a tranquil, soothing, and calming retreat that allows one to unwind and clear the mind at the end of a long day!

    Tuxedo Bathroom with Black Ceramic Subway Tile Shower and Porcelain Wood Look Floors

    There is no advantage to settling for inferior materials if you’re looking to up the value of your home. Here, HGTV designers used Mallorca Black Ceramic Subway Tile with a stylish twist that offers striking appeal that’s sure to catch the attention of anyone who steps into this room. 

    Not every home buyer is a design aficionado, but taking the time to beautifully style and tile the bathroom makes a world of difference. Thanks to updates in floor technology, durable porcelain tile with a stone or wood effect exude organic appeal that lends an atmosphere of relaxation. 

    Wood Look Porcelain Floor Tiles

    Retro Blanco Hex floor tiles capture the beauty of natural timber while providing the optimum durability of traditional tile, so you can give the bathroom a timeless and charming feel that only hardwood can convey without compromising on practicality.

    Removing old, dated, and chipped tiles and replacing them with fresh, new ones in a neutral color palette creates understated elegance that gives great importance to the bathroom. Large format tile on both floors and walls are always a brilliant idea — they create less grout lines which, visually, is pleasing to the eye, and gives the room a hint of modern luxe.


    As market trends continue to shift wildly, one thing is for sure - buyers are looking for a property that’s attractive, both in terms of price and personality. Freshening up key areas in your home can prove essential to getting the most bids and the best offers in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Homeowners are looking past the numbers on the bottom line to make investments that will last a lifetime, and recently updated properties offer the best bang for their buck, the most compelling living situation, and the best long-term investment. You can hit all three with our key upgrades to get the best ROI on your home!

    Merle Hompton
    Merle Hompton 13/10/2023

    Focusing on home renovations with the highest ROI is like a smart financial move that also makes your living space better! 🏠💰 Whether it’s a kitchen upgrade, bathroom remodel, or adding curb appeal with a new front door, these improvements not only enhance your daily life but also pay you back when it’s time to sell. It’s a win-win for your home and your wallet! 💸✨ #HomeRenovations #SmartInvestment Refer to this related site https://www.cmrconstructions.com.au/

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