Small Bathroom Trends: How to Choose Tile and Bathroom Accessories for a Boujie Bath on a Budget

Ready to remodel your small bathroom? When space is limited, you’ll be relying on pure creativity to plan a design that's both functional and fashionable—and most importantly, makes your bathroom look bigger! But as we all know, renovations are expensive. So if your taste calls for Dom Perignon on a Budweiser budget, you’ll need to be clever about choosing the right tiles and bathroom accessories, taking your space from cramped to chic.

With a few these affordable remodeling ideas, you can turn that basic water closet into a spa deluxe! Here’s how to design a luxury small bathroom on a budget.

These Small Bathroom Remodel ideas can help make your space feel bigger!

Check out these tips to make a small bathroom feel more spacious, from glossy glass backsplash tiles in silver glass hexagons to increase natural light, to storage tips to maximize your space!

Whether you're looking for affordable remodeling ideas to renovate your home to settle in for the long haul, or you're looking to invest in home improvements that will get the best return when you're ready to sell, these bathroom renovation ideas will provide the best bang for your buck!

Small Cottage-Style Bathroom

Tribeca Mixed Planks for Wall

Got cabin fever? A cottage-inspired bathroom offers a charming experience-- even when the space is small. To create this theme, stick to a white-and-wood color palette, accented with fresh touches of wood textures.

In this stunning example, the walls are laid with a mixture of white and earthy wood look tile. For the floor, blue wood look porcelain planks or herringbone works well for this country house theme. We’ll also applaud the elegant wooden vanity, wood mirror frame and industrial-style sconce — perfect for a small farmhouse bathroom.

For the finishing touches, you can use glass jars or stylish trays for items like cotton balls, toothbrushes, and other toiletries.

Tropical Bathroom

White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile
Bahamas, anyone? For the outdoorsy type, this tropical bathroom is a breeze. Capturing the freshness of the tropics, the green and white rectangles make you feel like you’re sipping a piña colada in your own bathroom. And of course, you’ll need splashes exotic plants for an open-air feel.
To make this small bathroom look bigger, the designer skips the cabinet altogether and instead, uses glass and wooden display shelves. Resting on top, toothbrush holders and mini plants-- both practical and pretty! It’s a clever space-saving design, leaving room for a larger leafy potted plant without adding more clutter.
You can play around with these small bathroom ideas, maybe try some Feng Shui, until you find the right Zen. Remember...it’s all about positive energy.

Rustic Bathroom

Gems Agata

Calming and woodsy, this rustic bathroom is fit for an oasis. Although it looks pricey, this dream is achievable with some patient DIY work-- and no, we’re not kidding. Using Egyptian sand colors and natural textures, you can tame the wild in your home.

The goal here, basically, is to recreate nature. The simple shelving isn't too dramatic -- a theme that’s echoed throughout the space. Clever, no? 

Contemporary Hipster Bathroom

If you love vegan food, Urban Outfitters and organic coffee, this small luxury bathroom idea is for you. Inspired by the spirit of the city, the space is built with industrial-looking materials and copper accessories.

Mallorca Black 4x4

To conserve space, the designer installed a narrow bathroom sink with thin walls to avoid the bulky look of a storage vanity. Then, there’s the fun urban details: the copper mirror frame & matching faucet hardware, and subtle soap dish. Trendy and minimal.

Luxurious and Modern Bathroom

Herringbone Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile

Looking for a spa experience? This luxury small bathroom is ideal for people who love lounging. Meditative and trance-like, you can unwind in this contemporary space. 

A few neat tricks make this small bathroom look bigger. Let’s start with the two mirrors; they trick the eye into the feeling of more open space. And by decorating with real flowers, there’s an even greater sense of serenity to tie the room together. And let’s not forget that statement vanity! A dash of bold color really brings the luxury to this otherwise muted space.

Another trick is using earth tones, like Mother of Pearl tile and grey floor tiles. This neutral color palette makes it easier to coordinate with the bright blue focal point. Bravo!

Tiny Bathroom

Neutral Blanco Soho
Neutral Blanco Soho

You don’t need to be Houdini to make your small bathroom look bigger. It’s about knowing the designer hacks.

Since this space is so tiny, the designer works with a main focal point: the modern wooden sink. This centerpiece adds a pop of color to this clean, white theme without going overboard. As for the wall, the 3D textured wall gives a funky, cosmopolitan look.

And for storage space, the designer chose traditional floating shelves. This trick lets you display items without seeming like a hoarder (hard to avoid with a small bathroom).

When you’re remodeling a tiny bathroom like this one, avoid anything bulky like dark cabinets or mats. That’s why this designer chooses a floating sink— a style that leaves more floor space— brownie points!

So to solve the age-old question, “Does size matter?” we're delighted to answer “no”— at least when it comes to your small bathroom. Rule of thumb is that when space is limited, less is truly more. Always keep the design clean and minimal by focusing on smart, skillful arrangements to keep the area looking spacious. This way, if funds are tight, you can still get that Boujie bathroom on a budget.

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