2024 Kitchen Tile Trends To Know

Plain beige backsplashes and predictable patterns? Not in 2024! Our kitchen tile trends 2024 selections are kicking boredom to the curb with bold colors, playful patterns, and textures that’ll make your culinary haven extra spicy. Ready to turn your kitchen into a feast for the eyes? Keep reading to discover the delectable details of this year’s kitchen tile trends. 

This kitchen boasts a natural and textural fiesta with playful hex mosaic tiles dancing across the breakfast nook and backsplash, proving blandness is on permanent vacation this 2024. 

Earthy Elegance with a Sustainable Spin

This year, kitchen tile designs are channeling Mother Nature with a touch of fiery flair. Think terracotta warmth, sun-kissed browns, and earthy oranges - a trend that brings the outdoors right inside your home. Imagine walls adorned with vibrant hues and organic textures, creating a space that’s bursting with life and earthy decor. 

Our Luna Arc Caramel tile is a perfect example of this trend in action. These beauties aren’t just about looks, though. Their vibrant red-orange hue dances on the wall, adding a punch of personality while remaining oh-so-elegant. Just look at how it perfectly complements the crisp white cabinets and fresh green decor details. 

The great thing about this trend is that it goes deeper than just aesthetics. Sustainability is taking center stage in 2024, and that means giving traditional hardwood planks a break. Sure, real hardwood is great, but you need to check out amazing wood-look alternatives. 

Our Japandi Slat Wall tile, disguised as wood with stunning accuracy, offers the same warmth and beauty without harming a single tree. Plus, it’s also ultra-durable, so you can forget about worrying about spills and splashes. This porcelain tile is basically an upgraded version of wood! 

Artistic Bohemian-Inspired Visuals

Carefree and a whole lot of artsy - that’s what this bohemian-inspired kitchen design trend is all about. Loaded with varied textures and materials or splashed with vibrant colors, kitchen spaces are about to become a paradise for lovers of tasteful maximalism with this trend. 

Ditch the design rulebook and break the mold with terrazzo backsplash tiles. These tiles are the black and white confetti cannons of this bohemian kitchen, bringing playful chaos and vibrant personality. 

While maximalism might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can still embrace the bohemian spirit in your kitchen without going overboard. Opt for muter floral patterns, rustic wood accents, and a touch of biophilia with plants to create a natural, balanced look. Pastel colors can also add a pop of bohemian charm without overwhelming the space.

For an easy way to bring in the boho vibes, consider our Amira Taupe Tile. Its delicate floral motif adds a finely tuned bohemian bliss, aligned with the organic modern bohemian principles. It’s a fresh take on bohemian interiors where soft minimalism replaces the usual explosion of colors, while maintaining the usuals like natural lighting, well-curated decor, and biophillia. 

Unique Textures

Embrace the beauty of imperfection with the look of hand-cut zellige tiles. These tiles go beyond visual impact, offering a sensory experience that’s simply unbeatable. Inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles and designed with a hand-crafted touch, each tile boasts its own distinct flair, adding personality to your kitchen space. 

With zellige tiles, there’s no need for complicated and elaborate design schemes. These tiles can do the talking and sparkling, all on their own. Take a peek at this kitchen bathed in the soft glow of Lake Moon tile on the backsplash. The subtle variations add interest without being overbearing, while the irregular surface gives the kitchen a curated and sophisticated look. And that herringbone pattern? It does a wonderful job of elevating the whole space, making this tile a one-stop shop for instantly creating a kitchen that wows. 

And for those of you who crave more texture and pizzazz, the Luna Arc Celadon tile is calling your name. This option still boasts the hand-crafted look but with an added textural punch. Each tile has a sculpted surface that catches the light and adds depth to your walls, effortlessly. The soft, calming green palette also goes well with the wooden cabinetry, creating a kitchen that’s both cozy and captivating.

So, are you team subtle zellige or team carved drama? Whatever your preference, these handcrafted gems are ready to weave their allure into your culinary have, transforming it into a space that reflects not just light, but, most especially, your individuality. 

Quiet Luxury With Midnight Blues and Blacks

Remember the all-white kitchen reign? We’re sure you do! This year, kitchens are trading their clean-cut charm for a touch of sophisticated drama. Think midnight blues and inky blacks. From walls to floors, accessories to furniture, and even tiles, these deep hues are taking the spotlight, offering a chic upgrade without the bling of golds and silvers. 

Scared that dark colors will swallow the light and make your kitchen feel like a cave? Not at all! 

Dark hues offer a quiet kind of luxury, perfect for creating an upscale feel without resorting to flashy decor. Just look at this wet bar - proof that blacks aren’t a recipe for gloom. The black tiles on the backsplash practically shimmer with their metallic sheen, adding that quiet, high-end feel. The choice of lighter-colored cabinets and countertops balances the space, while the use of strategically placed lighting amps up the luxe factor. 

Hopping on this trend does not mean it has to be an all-or-nothing deal. This kitchen pops with a refreshing mint green on the cabinets while still sporting a black Retro Star mosaic tile on the backsplash, showing you can still experiment with other colors while embracing the dark side. 

If you still feel hesitant about bold blacks, midnight blue might be your perfect compromise. Its elegant depth offers a mysterious touch without the full darkness of black. And even if midnight blue feels too intense, you can still jump on the trend with mosaics featuring swirls or veins in that charismatic hue. 

Consider our Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile. Staying true to its fancy name, this exquisite tile has a moody blue shade, complete with an intricate pattern that whispers “deluxe” in the most sophisticated way. Add this beauty to your kitchen, and you’ll be effortlessly riding the wave of quiet luxury, no full-on darkness required. 

Mix and Match To Perfection

Kitchen design trends 2024 motto is the more eclectic, the merrier! This year, we’re taking a more delightful rebellion against the mundane and uniform. We’re talking about a mishmash of different materials, textures, and colors, turning every kitchen into a masterpiece of individual expression and creativity. 

Imagine the earthy warmth of wooden countertops sitting next to the cool, sleek lines of stainless steel cooktops. Or visualize walking on a vibrant kitchen floor that boldly contrasts yet complements the natural stone on your kitchen walls. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your tiles too! Now’s your chance to unleash your inner design diva and mix things up. The “mixed and matched” look can be easily achieved by sticking to one color family and playing with various shapes and patterns within that spectrum. 

A stellar example of this approach is this kitchen backsplash that flawlessly marries Moroccan-inspired solid cross ceramic tiles with its decorative star tiles variety. The solid green tiles lay down a striking canvas, allowing the decorative cross tiles to inject a dose of character, culminating in a design that’s nothing short of spectacular. 

Yet another way to incorporate this trend into your kitchen’s aesthetic is by focusing on texture. Opt for a unified color palette but explore the different tile textures within it. The combination of the handmade-style ceramic subway tiles from our Luna Collection is a perfect example. 

Mixing and matching textures in this tile collection, like using the Luna Arc Blue Tile and the Luna Blue Tile, results in a chic navy backsplash that exemplifies a blend of taste and excellent execution of transition. This design approach not only maximizes the impact of your interior but also demonstrates how varying textures can bring dimension to your space, proving that a well-thought-out kitchen design can make all the difference in your home’s heart. 

Goodbye Matte, Hello High Gloss Tiles

Move over matte - this year, kitchens are getting a serious shine upgrade with high gloss tiles. Forget just using them on backsplashes; think floors and even the entire wall - the more gleam, the better! 

But it’s not just about the wow factor - although, let’s be honest, the way light dances off these jewels is pretty mesmerizing - they’re also incredibly practical. A quick wipe-down is all it takes to clear off any dirt, stains, or splashes, making them the ultimate choice for kitchen backsplashes. 

Here’s a pro tip: Strategic placement of high gloss tiles in areas with ample natural light will do wonders. The more they catch the sun’s rays, the more their dazzling sheen will come alive, taking your kitchen’s sparkle to the next level. 

For those with a taste for understated chic, lean into simplicity with our Groove Pink Gloss Tile. When harmonized with sky blue or any pastel-colored cabinetry, you can expect to craft a sassy kitchen area, further amplified by the touch of brass finishings that lend a subdued, luxe vibe. 

However, if you’re someone who thrives on grandeur, our romantic Mermaid Dust glass scale tile is bound to set your design heart aflame! Ideal for your kitchen’s wet bar or backsplash, these mosaics add an irresistibly sexy vibe. Imagine mixing cocktails under the mesmerizing glow of these tiles.. It’s a space that demands attention, perfect for hosting unforgettable soirees or simply enjoying a solo sunset drink in style. 

Statement Range Hoods with Statement Tiles

For 2024, the defining element in your kitchen might just be perched above the stove. We’re talking about kitchen hoods - those highly functional yet often overlooked elements of kitchen design. This year, they’re not just there to ventilate; they’re seizing the moment, evolving from mere functional pieces to fetching focal points. 

With a treasure trove of materials, shapes, and finishes at your disposal, you can easily find a kitchen hood that not only resonates with your kitchen’s existing decor but also casts a daring style statement. 

Take, for instance, this impressively regal white hood rimmed with golden embellishments. It brings together a heady mix of functionality and luxury, sprucing your whole space with its high-end allure. What’s more, its striking elegance perfectly matches the shimmer of the gold picket glass mosaic tile on the backsplash. Coupled with a marble countertop and a few more touches of gold here and there, you’ve got yourself a kitchen that exudes refined taste. 

But, if your tastes steer clear of all that glitz, but you still yearn for a hood that’s far from the boring stainless steel look, let’s veer rustic. Consider a wooden hood enclosure that steps right out of a chic farmhouse fantasy like the one above. 

What’s a better way to amp up its charm, you might ask? A backdrop of elegant Norwegian rose pink marble mosaic tile, of course! The soft, warm hues of the wood beautifully balance out the cool, chic vibes of the pink backsplash, emanating a homey yet stylish ambiance. 

Eat-In Kitchens For Families

No longer just a pit-stop for a quick bite, kitchen islands are blossoming into tailored masterpieces of home design. They’re evolving into a full-pledged culinary command centers, complete with storage, seating space, tech smarts, prep space, and enough personality to make your jaw drop. 

Undoubtedly surfing the wave of hottest kitchen design trends 2024 list is this kitchen space. From the island and backsplash to the hood, it’s adorned with our ravishing Emporio Black Onyx Tile. But can you spot another key trend at play here? Hint: toned-down splendor. 

Industry experts are predicting a surge in kitchen island additions and expansions this year. And guess what’s making a splash in this island revolution? Tiles! In this trend, customization is key. With options to personalize every inch to fit both practical needs and aesthetic preferences, your kitchen island can become as individual as your morning cup of coffee, tailored just the way you like it. 

Here’s a kitchen designing tip that will surely help you with your future kitchen tiling projects: If the thought of using lively hues, textures, or patterns in your kitchen makes you hesitate, going for a tiled kitchen island is a commitment-light way to introduce such elements in your designs. It’s the perfect place to experiment without the pressure of a full-scale kitchen transformation. Love what you see with this lush kitchen island? Get the look using our Santa Barbara Emerald Green Cross Ceramic Tile. 

Solid Materials For Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen style radar is buzzing with solid-surface and veined backsplashes that double as striking art pieces. Crafted from resilient materials such as quartz and marble, these refined tiles are the epitome of class and individuality. The intricate veining weaves an engaging visual narrative, turning your kitchen backsplash into a sleek, showstopper. 

Do you fancy the look of marble and quartz but finance is raining on your parade? Our Emporio Tile Collection is here to save the day with its marble-esque design. Got a thing for the beach? Take our standout performer, Emporio Blue Onyx. It’s your ticket to a captivating coastal vibe without the hefty price tag. This porcelain imitation of marble is also a sensible choice as it offers longevity, ease of upkeep, and affordability rolled into one uniquely stylish package. 

Maybe you lean towards a classier, clean-lined aesthetic? Then say hello to the Emporio White Onyx - your tile match made in design heaven. Picture a kitchen like the one above, where this tile graces both the floor and walls. The soft white shade with super subtle veins exudes effortless chic, perfectly complementing the baby pink and brass accents. It’s like a page ripped straight from a magazine, bringing timeless elegance and a touch of glam to your culinary area.

Breaking The New By Using the Old

We’re experiencing a noticeable surge in vintage decor, with a pleasing revival of trends that dominated interiors decades ago. Especially appealing to the vintage-at-heart, 2024 is the year kitchens are taking a ride in the time machine, and we’re enjoying every bit of this stylishly nostalgic adventure. 

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a healthy dose of nostalgia amidst the fast-paced madness of modern life? In addition to the modern design trends, kitchens are donning tiles that whisper of bygone eras. Think bold geometric patterns straight out of the 70s, playful florals reminiscent of 50s diners, and maybe even a dash of Art Nouveau for good measure. 

A perfect example is the kitchen pictured above, featuring a marble mosaic backsplash tile that embodies the symmetrical elegance and flowing curves characteristic of the 1800s. It's not just about replicating the past – it's about reinterpreting it with a modern twist, creating a space that feels both familiar and fresh.

And that’s it, the hottest upcoming kitchen tile trends 2024 has to offer. A new year is the perfect excuse for a refresh, so explore our tile collection today and find the perfect piece to revamp your kitchen!

Author: Lindsay Fluckiger

Madison 18/04/2024

Loving this high gloss tiles! I love the aesthetic and it’s easy to clean too! And yes to more functional kitchen islands – love them too!


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