Cottagecore Interior Design Made Easy

Amid all the trending interior decor styles that come and go, there’s one that stands out as being perhaps the most welcoming. This style is all about embracing a simplistic, feminine and rustic look in design. Born of a desire to return to a slower way of living, it resembles the peaceful feeling of an English or French countryside. Think of lovely florals, watercolor paintings, vintage furniture, the scent of freshly baked bread, and you’re halfway there.

We’re talking about cottagecore homes today - one of the interior design buzzwords that emerged in recent years thanks to TikTok trends, and the growing Gen Z subculture that fantasizes about escaping to an idyllic scene of cottage life. And it’s easy to understand why cottage interiors have become such a phenomenon. As our lives get increasingly complex and busy, we yearn for aesthetics that celebrate a calm, tranquil, and more natural way of living. 

Creating the perfectly cozy and lived-in look, Gems Hex wood-look tiles channel the cottage interior aesthetic by turning your walls into a woodland oasis with lots of natural textures! Pair with Tribeca White planks for a whitewashed wood-look floor, or check out our other hardwood alternative tiles!

Part romantic and part nostalgic, cottagecore decor takes place in the present while reclaiming the past. And no, you don't have to live in a country home to pull it off! This delightful and darling decorative style is inspired by pastoral living but has been thoroughly updated for modern use. When it comes to your wall and floor surfaces, tiles have a lot to offer that will help you capture all that this style encompasses. 

Do you love a warm and cozy feel for your interior? Are you interested in incorporating the outdoors into the inside of your home? Do you dream of living a rural lifestyle, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! 

From amazing wood grain effects that create a cozy look to floral patterns for a true ‘modern rural fantasy’ in your home, you’ll love what these cottage-inspired tile designs have to offer. 

So, where do we begin?

3 Tile Design Must-Haves for a Cottagecore Aesthetic

To get you started on this trending aesthetic, it’s good to go over these 3 elements of a true cottagecore home design.

1- Choose Calm But Warm Colors 

Beige is anything but boring when you pair warm cream-colored marble tiles with a classic basket weave pattern for a country kitchen backsplash you will love!

One of the key characteristics of this style is the airy feel it creates despite the use of sturdy furniture and textiles. It’s the calm but warm feel that you want to achieve by using pastels and neutrals, although bold colors can sometimes be incorporated as accents. To make up the foundation of a true cottage interior, opt for heritage colors such as pale greens, pastel blues, eggshell whites, soft pinks, and creams.

2- Opt for Larger Format Tiles

It doesn't get more country than using our Japandi White porcelain tiles  to achieve an open feel while also achieving a fully finished look. These shiplap wall tiles have all the warmth of natural wood but without the drawbacks! 

It is not a surprise that these homes are designed with the principle ‘less is more’. Remember that typically cottages are historically small, cozy and well-loved homes. While small mosaic tiles can add gorgeous impact in such interiors, large format tiles will give your space a more open and airy feel—which is exactly what you want in a cottagecore design. If you're using patterned tiles, stick to smaller areas like a backsplash or accent wall so as not to overwhelm your space.

3- Use Textures for a Cozier Look

We love the way exposed beams pair beautifully with the textured finish of our Picchetto Rustic Natural tile, creating the very much at-home feel in this country-inspired kitchen.

Having a lived-in look is part of cottage interior design, as this aesthetic emphasizes a comfy, cozy, countryside home. While layering textures with velvet pillows, fluffy throw blankets, and plush wool rugs work great in living rooms and bedrooms, it becomes a challenge when it comes to decorating the kitchen and bathroom areas. We recommend looking for tiles with embossed patterns or raised relief designs to add visual interest and depth to your design.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the tile design must-haves for a cottage-inspired home, let’s dive into the most stylish tile designs that will help bring this delightful style into your space.

Year-Round Florals

No cottagecore-style home is complete without including some florals—bonus points if you can bring in flowers that bloom all year round! Perfect to replicate the romanticized scenes from countryside homes, tiles with floral design are a great way to create a cottage-like homely feel no matter the size and room.

This maximalist take on pattern is full of nostalgia and modernized with the polished finish of Camelia Dolomiti Bianco & Glass Mosaic Tile. Perfect to make your outdoor kitchen backsplash look like spring all year round by adding fresh flower motifs while creating a bright scheme for a country home. 

Nature is King 

The cottagecore home aesthetic, after all, is defined as a design trend that lives in sync with nature. If you’re not into plants or florals, don't fret! Instead, there are other ways to bring the outdoors inside such as incorporating the colors of nature. But remember that country interiors don't scream, “Look at me!” Allow the soft shades of pale greens and blues to cover  your bathroom walls, showers, living rooms…like a warm blanket.

We love designing with Mallorca Green ceramic tile as it represents the relation to the gardens and fields that surround traditional cottages. The refreshing green palette with muted and earthy, ceramic is the perfect choice for a water-resistant backsplash that pays homage to nature, which is a key element of cottagecore style.

The More Rustic The Better

Vintage furniture is a must for cottagecore homes, using materials that age beautifully as they settle into a home. What’s more, these homes are not seeking perfection but find a characterful warmth in imperfections. In short, the more rustic and imperfect, the better!  With that in mind, tiles with beautifully worn, rustic finishes are the way to go for creating an interior that’s all about creating a personalized, authentic environment that promotes comfort, self-reliance, and tranquility.

Authenticity is key in this nature-inspired bathroom with our Japandi Maple Slat Wall Tile. This porcelain tile provides a low-maintenance alternative to the popular wood paneling while the linear wood effect curates a sleek look for modernized country-inspired homes. 

Tile & Open Shelving

Naturally, cottages don’t have a ton of storage space - floating open shelves line the kitchen walls instead. But if you’re not into using them to hold pots and pans, consider open shelves to display your favorite decor elements such as picture frames, potted plants, or even cookbooks. The best way to add the final touch to your open kitchen shelving? Install a decorative backsplash to turn the area into a chic and elegant focal point without trying too hard! 

Want to spice things up? We love the way our icy Frozen Dreams glass tile serves as the most remarkable element in this country-inspired kitchen. Perfect to create a design that trends towards the more glamorous side and takes a neutral cottage-inspired decor to a new level! 

Emphasizing Sustainable Materials

When living in the countryside, it’s all about acknowledging the importance of interacting with the natural world and using sustainable materials. Luckily, you don't have to live in a country cottage to practice this eco-friendly mindset - recycled glass tile is the cornerstone of cottagecore aesthetics where you want to combine beauty and sustainability. By choosing recycled glass tiles for your next remodeling project, you can get a step toward living a simpler, more eco-friendly life in harmony while enjoying a cottagecore design aesthetic. 

Perfect for a down-to-earth aesthetic that places an emphasis on natural patterns with a low maintenance surface - Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic gives this bathroom a rustic chic twist that feels bright and airy!

Inspired by the need to achieve a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle and powered by social media, today’s cottagecore interior design trend is here to stay as one of the hottest decorating trends. 


If you’re ready to take a step toward creating a simpler, more fulfilled home decor in harmony with nature, it might be the time to embrace this decor style. 

You don't have to live a cottagecore lifestyle to embrace and enjoy country interior design. For a home that is inviting, warm, cozy, start by picking your favorite tile design and bring the charm of a rustic retreat into your home today.

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