Feature Wall Ideas for Any Home Aesthetic

You’ve definitely heard home design experts and HGTV gurus talk about a feature wall! This home decor buzzword is a trend we expect to see stick around, offering an amazing way to make a statement in any room. 

Creating a “feature wall” refers to giving one wall a different color or finish as a way to draw the eye. Wondering why this trend is here to stay or how to create it in your own home? We’re sharing our favorite tips to replicate this design feature in any space and for any home aesthetic!

What makes a feature wall?

The feature wall is one of the hottest home design trends out there. We’re seeing a rise in this trend as homeowners and designers become more experimental in their decor choices, offering a look for any personality with a variety of colors, finishes and textures. Not only will a feature wall add interest to a room, but it acts as a functional design element that gives your space a unique finish!

Accent Fireplace Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Grey Wood Color

Put the “wow factor” in your feature wall with recycled glass. This recycled glass herringbone mosaic style brings the natural beauty of wood texture with the durability of glass— the best of both worlds. It’ll inspire your space with elements of nature. The earthy, muted color palette allows the recycled glass tiles to evoke a clean, spacious feeling.


Why add a feature wall?

Highlighting one wall in a room is a great way to spice up your space! By breaking up the predictability of a single color or texture, an accent wall offers something fresh—a standout element that adds definition and style.

Aesthetic benefits 

A statement wall also offers subtle transformative benefits. Depending on the finish or shade you choose, it can create the illusion of a larger room. For instance, accenting one wall in a lighter color can bring a chic twist to a smaller space. Another option is to add a patterned wall in a small living area to add drama and personality. It offers more room to play with color, texture, and pattern than only relying on furniture to decorate a room that may already feel small.

Functional benefits 

An accent wall can help define space in an open-concept home for a specific purpose or use. One of the most common examples is to have a feature wall that designates the living area. By placing the couch beside the feature wall— either focusing on the fireplace, television or any special spot— it helps elevate the room as a whole.

Use matching decorative items such as candle holders or accent pieces to compliment the feature wall. Including elements that echo the color or texture of the feature wall will create unity, boosting the impact of the design. 

Searching for feature wall ideas? No problem! We’re sharing our favorite ways to incorporate this amazing trend!


Feature wall ideas

Make your entrance memorable with a tiled pattern wall! Accent walls are perfectly executed as a transitional space, bridging rooms together or drawing guests in through the front door. Using a dramatic statement accent in your entry is an amazing way to introduce your decor style from the first step inside.

 Natural and Neutral Entryway Accent Wall with Teadrops Wooden Beige & Athens Grey Marble Mosaic Tile Waterjet


By focusing on a neutral earth tone, the design will blend effortlessly with other elements in a rustic room like wood floors and neighboring walls. The Teardrops Wooden Beige & Athens Grey Marble Mosaic Tile Waterjet adds a touch of mid-century nostalgia with the oval print, and is a great alternative to wallpaper in a high-traffic area! The mosaic style adds a transitional element that feels welcoming and leads into the rest of the home with style! 

Stone Entryway Accent Wall with Carrara Gator Etched Subway Marble Tile

Get your guests talking about this stunning gator-etched tile. Designed from Bianca Carrara marble, the premium Italian stone features a white base with light grey veining. The reptilian pattern offers a unique quality that’s worthy of a grand entryway and leads naturally into a home focused on stone features. 


Fire up your Mantel Decor 

Accent your fireplace for an elegant focal point! The fireplace is the heart of any room, designed to gather around in style. It makes perfect sense to accent such a central element with materials that make a statement and inform the design for the rest of the room.

Fireplace Accent Wall with Pure White Mother Of Pearl Tight Joints Square Mosaic

This accent wall uses our Pure White Mother Of Pearl Tight Joints Square Mosaic to create an eye-catching focal point with shell detailing that catches and reflects the light. How perfect is this for a central feature in your living room?

Kasai Notte Kintsu Fireplace Makes for a Statement Wall as a Dramatic Focal Point

Bursting with style, this Japanese-inspired Kasai Notte Kintsu pattern steals the show. The black porcelain with a distressed wood finish adds drama and luxury as the focal point in any room.

Elegant Living Room Decor with an Statement Fireplace in Lexington White Marble Mosaic Tile

This glistening mosaic tile brings your space to life, adding a fresh and fashionable feel! This elegant Lexington White Marble Mosaic Tile fireplace showcases a durable and fade-resistant material that will stand tough against scratches and heat.

Inspire your office wall

Switch up those boring white walls for something more eclectic! Adding a statement wall to your workspace provides more inspiration than a plain, painted wall, leading to a fresh approach to an office wall.

Inspirational Office Space with Tango Ivory Wave Tile Walls

The Tango Ivory Wave porcelain tiles have a fabric-like effect, forming the illusion of a wave. Crafted in porcelain with a polished finish, these tiles have a sleek surface for that high-end designer impact. Perfect for an office space, bathroom or kitchen, this dynamic tile will make a special feature wall in any room!

Office Accent Wall in Grey Limestone Chevron Etched Subway Tile


The Grey Limestone Chevron Etched Subway Tile tiles feature a fabric-like pattern etched into the limestone for a whimsical yet luxurious effect. This gorgeous chevron tile adds a contemporary touch to your space with elegant texture and a subtle pattern.


Elevate where you eat

A kitchen or dining room is the perfect place to execute a well-placed accent wall! Similar to the idea of a kitchen backsplash, it draws attention to the heart of the room, whether that’s the stove or dining table! Creating a dynamic focal element is a great way to break up an eat-in kitchen with cooking and dining area all in one.

Brick Brooklyn Natural City Chic Meets Rustic Dining Room Feature Wall


The Brick Brooklyn Natural creates a textural wall that will transform any space into a contemporary loft with a natural finish! 

 Moroccan Star & Cross Etched Marble Mosaic Tile Kitchen Accent Wall

How about a feature wall in your kitchen? This exotic quilt-inspired tile is crafted with intricate Morrocan designs for an authentic look. Made from marble stone in complementing tones, it’ll pair well with almost any neighboring wall.

Whether your decor style is rustic, modern or vintage, there's a feature wall for any personality! Personalizing your feature wall starts with a creative idea and finding the right tile makes all the difference. Use the Tile Club collections to unleash your imagination!

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