Warm Up with Fireplace Tile Ideas

“There’s no place like home for the holidays,” sings Perry Como in his famous Christmas song. Because “for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home!”

Even if you don’t like winter or celebrate the holidays, now is the perfect time of the year to enjoy your home. Put on your ugly festive sweater, gather around the cozy fire, and enjoy all the warm holiday drinks your heart desires. 

And for you Santa lovers, wintertime also means that the jolly man in red is on his way soon! Your fireplace will need special attention for an attractive, festive design so you can create that warm welcome Santa deserves. After all, he’s coming to make our wishes come true, right?

Calacatta Gold Elongated Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Dressing up your fireplace mantel for the holidays is sure to be exciting; however, don’t overlook its surround. Now may be the perfect time for a quick tile makeover to spruce up a fireplace that’s looking dull and outdated. Before Santa slides down the chimney, get inspired by these fireplace tile ideas and get ready to update your design!

Frosty Hues of White

You can let your fireplace glow with the festive spirit while white marble brings that ‘old world’ classic charm to your room.

Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile
Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile

The preeminent material for the timeless and elegant look, white marble has always been among the favorite materials for fireplace tile surrounds. It’s a great choice for classic lovers who want their design to last an eternity. The crisp white and unique grey veining patterns of marble provides a perfect backdrop for any color décor over your mantel that will stand out and make a bright statement. Shiny accessories such as gold ball ornaments, a classic red garland or even some red berry branches over a white fireplace would be eye-catching enough to turn your mantel into a true focal point. Oh, and don’t forget about the red stockings too!


If you're looking for a tile fireplace design that no one else has, get creative and mix-and-match the same pattern in different colors and shades.

Babylon Collection TileClub
Mixture of our Babylon Collection

This example of mix-and-match tile for a modern fireplace surround should charm the boots off Santa with its alternating color patterns and textures! You can easily add a sleek design punch to your room’s décor with a fireplace like this. For a warmer feeling in winter, this unique style can be balanced quite easily with a few candles over the mantel, delicate monochromatic cutouts, and holiday ornaments scattered about. A beautiful mosaic fireplace can very well set the stage for perfect romantic vibe while you enjoy eggnog by the fire with your loved ones. 

A Natural Stone-Style Update

With a nod to the past but aesthetic in the present, the stone-style fireplace tile offers a trendy way to have a timeless setting.

Chateau Blue Square Ceramic Mosaic Tile
Chateau Blue Square Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Who doesn’t like sitting around a traditional stone fireplace and listening to the sound of crackling fire? You can achieve this traditional look with marble tiles or a balanced mosaic pattern that adds instant age and character to your fireplace. That feeling of a regal retreat will put you in the mood for the cozy days ahead.

This fireplace has the makings for a perfect mantel for adding decorations, with its wide and deep surface area. Enhance your mantel with a pretty green wreath, a bountiful garland with pinecones, or maybe with some large candle holders to complete your holiday look.

Glitzy Glass

Glass tiles turn a fireplace into a true gem.

When you need some extra color or shine in the room, glass is a spectacular way to get it. With a modern look and appealing color options, glass tiles around the fireplace reflect both daylight and forks of flame. If you like to see the beauty of flickering light all over the room, you may also consider tiling up the entire wall!

Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Grey Wood Color
Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Grey Wood Color

Want more glamour and shine? What if you don’t have a mantel as seen in the photo above? Not to worry! Show that your fireplace also appreciates the holidays by adding some removable adhesive hooks for hanging gold & silver accents and Christmas stockings. (Or whichever decorations fit your religious and holiday traditions!)

Stylish Patterns

Fed up with of your old fireplace and want to get little creative? Maybe it’s time to play with some patterns and grab some attention. 

Your fireplace will be the perfect spot to use a tile you love and spice up things without upstaging everything else in the living room. Simple subway tiles installed in zigzag patterns or herringbones is an affordable yet stylish way to fancy up a fireplace. Small mosaic tiles with patterns will also give your guests something to look at - a piece of art other than just a fireplace. Having an attractive fireplace, you may start feeling impatient to open up the gifts sitting around fire! 

White marble herringbone mosaic tile fireplace surround for an elegant living room 

Lexington White Marble Mosaic Tile

If you will be writing a letter to Santa this year, don’t forget to ask for beautiful tile. Your fireplace is the perfect spot to make a statement and turn your home into a cozy haven.   

To spark your imagination with more options, don’t forget to check our collections for more Marble Mosaic tile ideas! We’re certain that you’ll find something to make your fireplace merry, bright, and beautiful this year. Happy Holidays!­­­­

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